The Journal of June Summers

by: LJM | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 22, 2014

June Summers had contracted a virus that would regress her in age. Now she writes her experiences in her journal from beginning to end. And without a cure to save her, how will she survive? What will her family think about this? What will her future be like? (Chapters updated due to the unexpected removal.)


The beginning of the nightmare

Feb 1, 2012


June begins to except the virus as she goes to her first group meeting.

Mar 15, 2012


The third week and June is feeling a little better about this virus while she puts together a bucket list.

Apr 25, 2012


June starts to work out and meet up with someone that shares the same AR Virus as her

May 28, 2012


It's the fifth week since June got the AR Virus and she had received news of her end regression. The results are bad. Really bad.

Jul 6, 2012


June now has to tell her grandchildren about the virus. What shall she say and how will the kids respond? Also, she's making friends with one of the patients in Dr. Kurtos's meeting.

Aug 1, 2012


June continues with her now younger life. But suddenly she is feeling different with one of Kurtos's patients. Does she have a crush on him?

Sep 22, 2012


June admits her feelings to James while telling the truth to the folks at the gym. What's about to happen? What will their response be?

Oct 21, 2012


June manage to find a surrogate mother to take care of her, but there's a problem with that.

Nov 22, 2012


Junes wants to see if Samantha is healthy enough to be the surrogate mother while she gets ready for her date with James. Meanwhile, the first signs of teenage regression starts to show. What's bound to happen for the coming weeks.

Dec 27, 2012


It's the eleventh week for June Summers and she's regressing through her teens. What's going to happen to her?

Jan 21, 2013


June gets comfortable in her new mother's home as she regresses further and further to infancy.

Feb 20, 2013


It is the final week of the AR virus as June enters the final stage of her regression.

Jan 22, 2014


Years Later

Ten years have passed since the AR Virus incident and June has a better, happier life.

Jan 22, 2014

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