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Charlie's last Egg Search

by: malom_shlasters Last updated Jun 5, 2009

Charlie wants to win the Easter Egg of this year at any place. But the Easter Bunny Girl will test him in a very different way... Will Charlie be able to pass the test and proclaiming the Absolute Champion?? There's some magic implied...

Kristina's Gift

by: malom_shlasters Last updated Jan 27, 2010

Kristina Fox is a novice at the Medicine Career. There, she'll learn that she has a marvelous gift that goes beyond the imagination. Comission by Lurkiemagoo.

La Aventura (Beyblade: The Diapered Adventure)

by: malom_shlasters Last updated Jan 31, 2014

Bladebreakers adventure into the unknown, and one of them will get back to its past. IN SPANISH ONLY. I didn't write this story, it was written by a friend.

La Aventura Parte II (Beyblade x Pokémon: The Diapered Adventures)

by: malom_shlasters Last updated Jan 31, 2014

Beyblade's adventure continues. But now, a new adventurer will join to our heroes... Follow-up to Beyblade: The Diapered Adventures: IN SPANISH ONLY

La Educación de Sailor Vegeta (The Education of Sailor Vegeta)

by: malom_shlasters Last updated Mar 20, 2011

This is an EROTIC tale, a crossover fanfic with Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z characters. Sailor Moon resurrects the Vegeta Planet and Vegeta is chosen to be the guardian of it. Haruka and Michiru's duty is to transform him into Sailor Vegeta and teaching him the power of the female-to-female love. **Yuri and Loli explicit content. One Shot. SPANISH ONLY.**

Lost Children

by: malom_shlasters Last updated Nov 8, 2008

Three orphan teenagers confabulate to take revenge against an unfair school director in the Halloween night. But they don't know this night they will face the unknown and the supernatural...

Mary Jane Watson: Insect Princess

by: malom_shlasters Last updated Oct 21, 2008

Mary Jane Watson, under Insect Queen's name, is sended to underground drainages, in a hunt against Lizard's new experiment. Comission from... I don't remember who :P

Mi Hermana, Mi Trusa (My Sister, My Briefs)

by: malom_shlasters Last updated Sep 22, 2014

Mi hermanastra tiene algunos vicios tan molestos, que tendré que usar mis poderes mágicos para hacerla percibir el mundo desde otra perspectiva. Una oportunista Transformación será el inicio de sus aventuras. This is the Spanish version of "A Brief('s) Weekend".

Mis Tías las Brujitas

by: malom_shlasters Last updated Sep 22, 2014

Spanish version of "The Dreams in the Aunts' House".

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