Charlie's last Egg Search

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Chapter 3
PART 3 (Episodes 6,7)

Chapter Description: The last part of Charlie's race is full with adventures and magical effects... Might he overpass the expectations and finish this race against time?? What will be his prize for becoming the Absolute Champion?


“I became a girl!”, shouted Charlie, looking at his reflection at the water: a naked fragile 17-years-old little girl. The Easter Bunny Girl could pass as easy as Charlie could (once becoming a girl), and taking the egg, she explained: “Girl’s bodies are lighter and more agile. It would be an advantage.”

Charlie yelled: “But I don’t want to be a woman!!”. “Charlie looked so pretty when (s)he was angry”, the Easter Bunny girl thought to herself.

“Don’t care,” said the Easter Bunny Girl. “I will fix that when you finish. Now, let’s go; 04:20 minutes; 2 eggs left.” Charlie said goodbye to the platypus, and managed to exit from the cave, with his new naked slippy little girl body.

“Now, let’s turn around and go through the meadow. There might be another egg.”, said the Easter Bunny Girl. “OK... I will win”, Charlie giggled girlishly. Looking at his new girl body reflected into a pond, Charlie felt a little excited, looking his own woman curves. “I am a very beautiful girl,” thought, “I would even be the beauty of my town”.

At the meadow, Charlie asked the squirrels and foxes for the next egg, but they didn’t answer. Then, Charlie crossed the wheat fields, but she couldn’t find anything. At distance, she saw a farm. “Gotcha!”. And after a long run with the Easter Bunny Girl at her back, Charlie found the next egg beneath a hen.

“This one was so easy!” giggled Charlie. “Yes, honey,” the Easter Bunny Girl said, “but you are late: Only 02:00 left!” Charlie knew maybe without her new girl body she would have arrived too much later. Hurrying, Charlie took the GREEN EGG, and her body started to grow littler. Loosing balance and looking as the objects around got bigger and bigger, Charlie knew her body was the one of a 4-years-old naked baby bunny girl.

“Goo, Gaa, Woo.. Whoo?”, babbled baby Charlie. The Easter Bunny Girl understood: “How can this help you? You are a little baby, so now you can pass through so narrow places.” The Easter Bunny Girl picked up baby Charlie on her arms and wrapped her quickly in a diaper. Then, whispering at Charlie’s ear, the Easter Bunny Girl confessed: “As this secret passage”, and she opened a tiny trap hidden on the floor of the farm. “It’ll lead us again to the green; let’s hurry.” Charlie dropped easily in that hole, and advanced with crawling; using her magic, the Easter Bunny Girl transformed into a little pink bunny and followed Charlie.

On the way, they found a dwarves’ mine, where those bearded little people were extracting metals. “Here we will find the last egg,” the Easter Bunny Girl said. “1:30 minutes left”.

Charlie crawled with her tiny legs, looking on every gems cart, without founding anything. “Wat wil I do?”

But then, she noticed a little dwarf kid was following her, deeply in love with the diapered baby girl. Charlie turned around and looked at his ugly, but sweet face.

“Doo Yu hav somtin to me?”, Charlie asked to the dwarf. The dwarf blushed, and nodded his head, agreeing. He was so embarrassed, and was hiding the Charlie’s gift... Charlie kissed in the cheek the tiny dwarf, who stood amazed and showed the object to her: It was a golden crown with emeralds, and a little BLUE EGG on the top. Charlie took the crown and put it on, and then said goodbye to the dwarf, disappearing by running through a passage of the cave; the little dwarf gave a little swat to Charlie’s buttocks as she was running away, and stood stock still, staring lovingly at her.

“Only 00:50 minutes left, Charlie,” said the bunny, as they were crawling at full speed through the secret passage. “We must hurry and come back to the starting point.”

“Wy didnt da spel workd?”, asked baby Charlie. “It will work when it’s necessary,” the Easter Bunny Girl explained.

Passing the narrow part of the corridor, Charlie could stand up on feet again.The spell of the BLUE EGG worked, and Charlie’s body became again a boy’s, but a 10-years-old one, without any rabbit feature; the diaper grew around his hips, fitting perfectly.


Passing the narrow part of the corridor, Charlie could stand up on feet again. The spell of the BLUE EGG worked, and Charlie’s body became again a boy’s, but a 10-years-old one, without any rabbit feature, but still naked.)

“Only 15 seconds left,” the Bunny said. “Let’s go upstairs,” ordered, indicating a stair that leaded outside.


“5 seconds”. Carrying all the five eggs, Charlie hurried towards the mouth of the tunnel.

“3 seconds”. Charlie could see the light over the tunnel.

“Only 1 second...”. And Charlie’s head leaned out, again on the green. “I did it!”, Charlie said.

“Yes, Charlie!”, the Easter Bunny Girl congratulated him, lifting him in her arms, as they both danced around the green.

“You are the ABSOLUTE CHAMPION!!” said the Easter Bunny Girl, kissing him in the cheek. Charlie felt the maternal warmth of the hug. “But...” said the Easter Bunny Girl, putting him back on the ground,

“... You have found the first five eggs, but not the sixth one...” Charlie stood intrigued. “A sixth one? You didn’t tell me anything about a SIXTH EGG”. “Yes, I didn’t,” confessed the Easter Bunny Girl, “but that’s because this sixth egg doesn’t have a use for anything...” she said, taking out a shiny GOLDEN EGG.

Charlie couldn’t stand to be without the GOLDEN EGG. “But I’m the Champion! I want every egg!” The Bunny Girl held back the egg: “Yes, you are the best... But this egg is so bad... You won’t want to see what it does.” Charlie was more and more intrigued... “Yes, I want it! I’m the EASTER KING!” Crying, Charlie rolled through the green.

Looking at the pathetic scene, a 10-years-old boy, diapered [B](AV: Naked)[/B], rolling in the green, the Easter Bunny Girl came closer, smiling pleased. “OK, darling. I will give you this egg...”, and she blinked an eye to Charlie. “But I will only give it to you if you want it MORE THAN ANYTHING.” With that girl caressing his chin, Charlie couldn’t resist...

“YES! I WANT THAT GOLDEN EGG MORE THAN ANYTHING IN THE WORLD”. So, the Easter Bunny Girl put the egg in Charlie’s hands.

Charlie took the golden egg and a golden shine illuminated all the green. Between the light, Charlie’s body, and the Easter Bunny Girl’s one were transforming.

Charlie’s 10-years-old boy body started to grow bigger, [B](tearing up the diaper)[/B]: his breasts enlarged, growing round and firm; his hips and buttocks grew fresh and fleshy, at unsuspected well-shaped curves, and his face developed finer features. Charlie’s penis shrunk again, until it disappeared, giving place to a growing crotch that transformed soon into adult woman’s genitals. Again, a pair of bunny ears grew on his head, and a cotton tail sprouted below his back... Charlie’s body was totally reshaped as the one of an adult woman.

The Bunny Girl’s body grew younger, until she transformed into an 8-years-old little girl. Her rabbit features and the hair disappeared, and she remained totally naked.

Charlie was now a new Easter Bunny Girl, dressed with a sexy white leotard and silk gloves and stockings. He was an adult woman, exquisitely made-up and dressed, a glamorous mistress. Amazed, he looked at his new body at the pond, enviable breasts and sculptural woman legs with firm thighs... but with nothing between them. Charlie licked her gloss fleshy lips, nervous and excited with her new face, sensual adult woman features, green eyes and blonde, long straight hair. She was maybe the girl of his own dreams.

“I’m sorry Charlie, but that was my hex,” explained the naked little girl; “Once I was just like you: I only thought about winning, I didn’t take care of my religion, God or anything else. Like you, I used to be the best runner at the Easter Egg Search. And, just like you, I was fooled and transformed into an Easter Bunny Girl... Now and on, you’ll be the one who will hide the Easter Eggs... And every year you’ll have a little chance of finding and testing a boy or girl, as ambitious as you, to break the spell.”

Charlie looked at her new body, so angry... how humiliating!”

“Goodbye, Charlie. God bless you...” said the little naked girl, and turned around to walk away...

Until Easter Bunny Girl Charlie, totally furious, took her in her arms, laid her over her knees, and proceeded to spank her into a sweet and deserved revenge.

[color=#FF0000][size=4]THE END[/size][/color]



End Chapter 3

Charlie's last Egg Search

by: malom_shlasters | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 5, 2009


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