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Special Mentoring

by: malom_shlasters Last updated Jul 4, 2018

Thomas Greer is a young University teacher, he's been alone his whole life, but an encounter with a brilliant student will change his destiny forever.

My Girlfriend and I: A Hero's Destiny

by: malom_shlasters Last updated Jul 4, 2018

I'm an archaelogist looking to decipher one of the most important prophecies of mankind. The only obstacle? My girlfriend. Will I be able to show that I can be the greatest hero of mankind, or simply a baby? Reportedly based on/inspired on BoJay's Tarzan's AR comic book sketch .___.

The Longhart's best Christmas

by: malom_shlasters Last updated Dec 21, 2015

Mary and Herbert Longhart are now almost elders, but they always wanted to have a son. This Christmas Eve her adult daughter has come to visit them... Mary feels it is the last chance for Santa grants them their wish.

A Brief(s) Weekend

by: malom_shlasters Last updated Sep 22, 2014

My step-sister has such annoying bad habits that I'll use my magic power in order to make her percieve the world from other perspective. An opportunist Transformation will start her adventures.

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