Special Mentoring

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Chapter 2
(2-1) A Taste Of Infancy

Chapter Description: After his first night with Marissa, Tom wakes up to find an unexpected change. Also, a surprise visit and Tom's first embarrassment.

It was late in the morning. I’m sure I rolled in the bed for a couple hours before the rays of the sun hit my eyelids through the curtains. Opened my eyes and looked at the ceiling. It was a stranger ceiling. Then, I remember everything that happened last night, and I still couldn’t believe. I had gone in my first day with my student Marissa, and now everything was different. I didn’t recognize the ceiling of her room because everything was dark last night, but now I started to feel anxious.

I began to stretch my limbs, but everything felt odd, like out of place. I realized it was not only the sun that had waken me up but also the sound of running water. I tried to get up but only manage to rock in my own back. What was happening? Was it the sleeplessness from last night? Some sort of exhaustion? It didn’t take me much prove I couldn’t properly control my body. But, if I could reach Marissa… oh God, I needed to see her. I missed her so much. Maybe she could do everything go right again.

The water was still running with a relaxing sound. I could also listen far away soft music in the air, some pop ballad tune sung by a woman. After a few tries, I managed to reincorporate and get in fours on the bed. I crawled a bit until I could see the bathroom’s door half-opened. The running water was no doubt the sound of the shower. The thought of seeing her naked in the shower provoked some weird sensation between my legs; I guess I simply missed her too much. After all, just like I told her last night, I wanted to be with her together.

So, with renewed vigor I began to crawl on the bed; I wanted to join her at the shower like any other happy couple I had seen in movies and TV shows. But as soon as I started to crawl, I realized something was wrong. It shouldn’t have taken more than two crawls to reach the edge of the bed. The size of the mattress was decidedly wrong. What was happening?

I raised my head and looked to the faraway shower. The space between the bed and the shower looked like a long cliff to me. I stood there, on my fours, confused for about 10 seconds, then turned to look at the wall. I saw myself reflected in the mirror. But it wasn’t me, was it? I couldn’t believe it. I raised my hand and nodded my head just to make sure, then blinked two or three times. On the bed there was nothing but tiny baby, completely on the nudes.

I raised my hand again, hypnotized, and beheld my present body: I was a little thing, short and chubby, lined in velvet, pinkish pale skin. I looked like a roll of meat or a shar-pei dog, with puffy folds of skins like love handles all around my legs and arms. My face was practically unrecognizable, with big eyes and puffy cheeks, and I was almost bald, with only a soft layer of light brown hair. And no matter how aghast I was, my face didn’t reflect the dread I was feeling. Just sheer infantile astonishment in my wide opened brown eyes.

I felt like screaming in that very same moment, but something in my brain quieted that idea instantly, maybe knowing in the inside my vocal cords wouldn’t even respond. But anyway, screaming wasn’t even necessary, as a second later, something came out of the door of the bathroom. I had to instantly raise my face as soon as I saw my angel coming. Now larger than life, Marissa came out of the shower wrapped in a white towel up to her breasts. She was happily humming along the song on the air, and looked at me with no sign of surprise at all, as she finished rolling another towel around her hair.

“Good morning, baby”, she said, looking me just for half a second and then she turned round to look at her in the mirror.

I simply beheld her, in amazement, as she finished drying her face and armpits with a hand towel. Without paying any attention to my situation, she just took some cosmetics from the dressing table and started to apply the makeup base on her face with a little brush. I stayed on my fours, looking at her in the mirror; she was still humming, focused on her task, but maybe she was also able to keep an eye at me in the mirror. That thought was enough for me to calm down a little.

After half a minute, Marissa put down the brush and the makeup and turned round. She stopped humming and snapped her lips. Now, she headed directly towards me. I was instantly frozen and disarmed. I couldn’t believe I was looking at my student so big, and with the makeup on, she looked even more attractive, the same Marissa from every class I remember.

She didn’t hesitate at all to put her arms under my armpits and raise me.

“How are you, baby?”, she asked, in an affectionate but firm voice. “What are we going to do today?”

She took me on her arms and carried me to the opposite side of the room. There was a little table on the corner and she deposited me there, face upwards.

“Hold on a bit, alright?”, she asked, while I just looked up to her. She saw me for a second and smiled, and then she went away, disappearing inside the closet.

I stayed laid down, clumsily shaking my limbs waiting for Marissa, but I grew impatient. I managed to turn and look and over the drawer I saw baby stuff, including a can of powder and some baby clothes. I had a chill when I thought of myself being subject to that stuff, but then I felt Marissa coming out and that instantly caught my attention.

I looked over and saw her crossing the corridor, a few times, first in underwear, then in a t-shirt and pants, and finally she put some shorts and flip flops. She was still wearing that towering towel on her head. I was anxious to be close to her again, but girls are always so slow in changing.

Marissa sat down on front of the mirror and began to polish her toenails. But the doorbell suddenly rang. Marissa hurried with her pedicure, but after a few seconds, , the bell rang again.

“There I go!”, she announced, in a loud voice.

The ringing was followed up by some loud knocks on the door. I raised my head and I was able to look at the glass of the entrance door. There was the silhouette of a woman with short hair, knocking insistently.

Marissa removed the towel, messed up her hair a little and went on flip-flopping to answer the door.

“Hey”, she answered, opening the door. “Hi, Silvia”.

I didn’t expect to see Silvia. She was Marissa’s only friend in the classroom. Silvia was a skinny girl with short hair, around Marissa’s age. She had always been weird and perhaps a little crazy; she was much of a loner, very much into the hippie/alternative fashion and worldview. That day she was wearing a teal blouse, jean shorts, Converse tennis shoes and sunglasses.

“Am I too early?”, she asked, in her characteristic deep voice.

“As always”, Marissa answered, in a good mood, and invited her in.

“I still haven’t decided what to wear”, Marissa said, as they headed to the room, where I was.

I almost felt my heart stopped as I saw them enter. I couldn’t believe I had come so far: I was on front again my two stellar students now, only now as a naked baby!

“Give me a minute, ok?”, Marissa asked, as they enter, and headed towards the closet.

“kay”, Silvia said.

She looked around impatiently for a while, then her eyes went to lay down on my tiny existence there on the changing table. She looked confused for a couple seconds, before she asked.

“Is that Mr. Greer?”, she asked, like it was nothing.

“He is”, Marissa answered, from inside the closet, where she was sorting her clothes.

Silvia giggled a bit and then come directly towards me. She had her classic ear to ear grin, which people always found a little creepy, although I knew she was actually good-hearted.

“He’s such a sweetheart, don’t you think so?”, Marissa said, as he arrived, putting her hand on Silvia’s shoulder and looking down at me, proud and satisfied.

Silvia just kept beholding my little nude body, almost like holding her laughter.

“I’ve always thought he was cute”, Silvia said, smiling. “How old is he?”

“Mmmhh…”, Marissa doubted. “I think he’s about to turn 6 months”.

“Really?”, Silvia said, amused.

I just stayed there the whole time, laid down, looking at Marissa and Silvia alternatively as they spoke, terrified of what they would think about me.

“He needs a change too”, Marissa announced then, like she suddenly remembered something. “I forgot the diapers, I’ll be right back, would you start cleaning him for me?”

“Sure”, Silvia said, confident, and Marissa went back to the closet.

Silvia came over me with her sweetest smile. I opened my eyes wide and tried to back up, as she down psycho smile.

Her hand soon grabbed my ankles and even when I tried to resist, she had no problem on lifting them up, exposing my little buttocks, as her other hand reached out for some baby wipes.

“Let’s take care of you, Mr. Greer”, she mumbled.

I began to shake, feeling the humiliation of being manipulated naked by my former student. But her hold was strong and she didn’t let me escape. As I saw the baby wipe coming to my butt, I shut my eyes strong and tightened my cheeks together.

Soon, the cold and wet lick of the baby wipe made me shiver, as she passed the cloth right over my crack. Again I tried to fight back but with no avail, it was only my arms and torso shaking while my legs and feet were completely locked on its place by Silvia.

“There you go…”, she whispered to herself, as she kept on cleaning my privates. “We’re almost done”.

I was horrified at the idea of her hand going beyond the surface of my cheeks, but after some struggle, my baby strength began to wade, and I loosened. I saw Silvia folding the last wipe, and with little effort, she gave a final pass over my crack, only this time she managed to get it between my cheeks, cleaning it safely.

“Aand we’re done”, she announced, in a low voice, as she put me back on the table.

I laid down, tired, but to my surprise, after a few seconds I started to find the new sensation of freshness quite pleasing. Seconds later, Marissa arrived, holding an open diaper on her hand. I felt like I gulped and tightened again. That thing looked so tiny on her hand I couldn’t believe she was going to put it on me.

“Now we’re going to dress you up, little gentleman”.

Marissa took my ankles, each one with each of her hands, and raised them, exposing my privates.

“Hold”, she asked to Silvia, and she held one of my ankles, with indifference.

Marissa was quick to slide the little diaper under my hips. Then she took a little canister out of the drawer and squeezed it to cover her hands with a gooey cream.

“This is a bit cold, Tom”, she warned, without much care.

I held my breath, scared, and soon, her long fingers were dancing all over my privates, rubbing them with the protective cream. I felt so aghast about her dexterity and carelessness she was doing her job. I was being handled all over by the girl I had fallen in love with, but those were not the conditions I wanted. It was the first time she touched my penis, a shame it was nothing but a ridiculous baby wee wee now.

Then, Marissa took the can of powder and powdered my tushy profusely, while she and Silvia watched. I couldn’t see much from my point, but I was pretty sure now my little butt was completely covered in a thick crust of white powder like flour.

“Almost done here…”, Marissa whispered, rubbing the excess of cream off her fingers. Then, she closed and taped the diaper and Silvia and her let me go.

“So niiice”, Marissa said in the end, looking at me with a smile, and I was left, now completely diapered, down on the table again.

“Ah, I think I know what I’m going to wear now”, Marissa said, and she walked to the closet, while Silvia watched.

“Hey, don’t forget the kiosk closes at 3 pm”, Silvia warned.

“It’s still early”, Marissa answered from the closet, “or do you want to go somewhere else before?”

“Well, I was thinking about going to the boutique in the way there”, Silvia confessed. “It’s way too crowded after 1 pm”.

“Oh, you really feel like?”, perhaps Marissa was too far away, or her nose too deep into her pile of clothes, but she was having a hard time to make herself heard. “Well, maybe we could go tomorrow. I need to buy a new one for Monday”.

Silvia was getting tired, so with some effort she bent down and took me on her arms.

“Let’s go, baby”, she said, carrying me through the room all to the closet.

“Would you come over?”, Marissa asked.

“I could”, Silvia agreed.

Marissa came out from the closet with a blue tank top on and she was pulling a green miniskirt down. Her hair was already dry and as she went to the dressing table, Silvia carried me over.

“Well, then we go to the kiosk”, Marissa concluded, without turning to Silvia, while she grabbed her hair and began to do her ponytail. “Hey, we can also take the baby to the fountain”, she said then, lightly.

Silvia turned to see me and made a silly face.

“Wee… you like it, Tommy?”, she asked. I was puzzled.

“I bet he will have fun”, Marissa said, applying her lipstick.

Silvia patiently waited until Marissa finished her makeup, and in the meanwhile, she took a look around. She frown, mystified, when she saw something suspicion on the floor, next to the bed. Silvia put me on the bed and bent down to pick up the thing.

“Are these Mr. Greer’s briefs?”, she asked, puzzled.

Marissa instantly turned, to see my now oversized white briefs on Silvia’s hand. Marissa rolled her eyes, while pushing her lips upwards, and couldn’t help to grin softly.


Marissa closed her lipstick and put it on the table, then she reached for my briefs, which Silvia handled without hesitation, and stuffed them inside her purse, which was over the dressing table.

“So, are you ready?”, Marissa said, checking at herself for last time into the mirror.

“Sure”, Silvia said, shrugging. “Taxi?”.

“We can go on Mr. Greer’s car”, Marissa said, standing up and heading to me. “Now we only need…” she began.

She took a tiny yellow t-shirt from the drawer, it had a funny drawing of a baby bear with a diaper and rattle in the front.

“Can you…?”, she asked. Silvia lifted my arms and Marissa pulled down the t-shirt until I was dressed.

“Theeere you go”, Marissa finished, pinching my cheeks softly. Then, the two girls went to the door, with Silvia carrying me, while Marissa took out my car keys. Then, as we left the apartment, Marissa locked the door behind.



End Chapter 2

Special Mentoring

by: malom_shlasters | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 4, 2018


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