The Longhart's best Christmas

by: malom_shlasters | Complete Story | Last updated Dec 21, 2015

Mary and Herbert Longhart are now almost elders, but they always wanted to have a son. This Christmas Eve her adult daughter has come to visit them... Mary feels it is the last chance for Santa grants them their wish.

Chapter 1
Ms. Longhart's question

Chapter Description: This Christmas Eve Mary Longhart feel all her dreams broken, as Santa didn't granted her wish of having a son. Will Santa fail this Christmas again?

The Longharts were a happy family. Mary and Herbert Longhart had only one daughter; they took their decisions too fast and decided taking a surgery for not having more children. But they always dreamed about having a son. The couple is now too old for having another child: she is 45 years old and he is 47; their daughter, Allison, is 24 years old but she’s still single (and she doesn’t seem in a hurry to marry). Allison lives in another city, but during the Vacations and Christmas Eve, she travels 500 km to spend the celebrations with her parents. The Longhart family didn’t expect that year’s Christmas would change their lives forever.

It was December 24, at 11.35 p.m. After having dinner and spending family time together, our family go to their rooms to rest until the next morning.

Every Christmas the same thing happens, but Mr. Longhart never knows... Ms. Longhart puts her dressing gown on and then walks down the stairs and checks carefully the extra gifts she and her husband set under the tree every year: boy’s toys, for the boy they never had. Tonight the winter had been harsher than before... Ms. Longhart, Looking to all the presents she bought, and feeling a wave of desperation, hated Christmas. She and her husband ask every Christmas for the only thing they want: A SON, but Santa never fulfills their request... But this time, Ms. Longhart felt how the cold assault of winter penetrated her bones, making her chill in the unavoidable sensation of elderliness... If Santa won’t grant our wish this year, he would never grant it...

Mary waited for a couple of minutes, hopefully wondering that Santa had heard her feelings and had decided using her magic to bring that son the couple had always wished. But nothing happened. Mary grumbled, feeling stupid for believing for a flashy moment in Santa. Then, she walked to the table where every Christmas they put the cookies for Santa Claus, and she started to eat them furiously *. After that, she drank the whole glass of milk without taking a breath. A while after she did that, a raging wind blasted through the chimney and the fire was extinguished, leaving the hall in darkness. An amplified laugh echoed through the Longhart household: HO HO HO HO HO...

Ms. Longhart started to feel strange after that... Then, a sharp headache brought her to her knees. Amazingly, Ms. Longhart noticed she was shrinking: her breasts started to deflate slowly, then completely flattening, as she grew littler; the wrinkles of her skin deleted slowly; she was getting littler and littler second by second; but gladly, she started to feel healthy, less tired, and strangely hyper. After the shrinking ceased, Mary emerged from the now enormous dressing gown, and felt coldness throughout her now naked kiddie body. But not everything was that bad: Mary felt littler, and consequently, more agile. She felt her muscles were now reacting more rapidly. Despite being still in darkness, Mary tried to jump; she now found moving her body as easy as doing nothing. And she felt an urgent need of playing around.

Mary tumbled and jumped around the hall for about 2 minutes, thinking: “Oh my God, this is wonderful! I feel healthy like never before.” But after that time passed, the lack of fire in the room started to make her chilly. So, Mary moved her little legs to approach the fireplace, and stoke the coal in order to light the fire again. As the fire appeared, Mary started to heat herself, feeling the most comfortable sensation she had ever felt.

But the curiosity of looking at her new body had started tickling her, so Mary got closer to the crystal-covered table to look herself reflected. Surprisingly, Ms. Longhart realized she was now about 5 years old...



End Chapter 1

The Longhart's best Christmas

by: malom_shlasters | Complete Story | Last updated Dec 21, 2015


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