The Longhart's best Christmas

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Chapter 4
Longharts' Best Christmas Ever!!

Chapter Description: Santa returns to the Longharts' house to give them the best Christmas ever.

Through the chimney Santa Claus came down, strangely floating. It was like a dream: the fatty red old man with his silver long beard. Herbert couldn’t contain his emotion: "SAN... SANTA... YOU!!"

"Yes, Herby", said the sympathetic old man. "You and your wife have been so good this year. Umh, all the years, really. And I’m sorry for the late."

Herbert was so nervous, without knowing what to do.

"Oh, yes: MY WIFE! I will go to wake Mary right night. She can’t loose..."

Santa rubbed his beard with his gloved hand and laughed a little more:

"Ho, ho. You won’t find your wife in your bed."

Allison had come and asked angry to Santa: "Why not?! You... What have you done to my mother?!"

Santa couldn’t stop laughing, but stayed gentle:

"My little girl. I have only fulfilled the perennial wish from your parents."

Allison looked shyly to the floor, trying to hide. Santa continued saying to Herbert:

"I have brought you a little boy. A son for you to love him, raise him, and take care of him."

Herbert looked amazed to the little boy, who raised his eyes to find the ones of his father and agreed by moving his head up and down. Herbert felt happy, but disconcerted too:

"But, why do you say I won’t find Mary?! Why do you say it, Santa?", exclaimed, nearly fainting.

"Ho, ho. You won’t find your wife in your bed... Because you’re holding her hand right now." Answered Santa.

Herbert looked surprised the face of his new son and discovered of her wife’s features. Herbert didn’t know how to say, and he could only have a laugh, a laugh of real happiness.

"Mary, my Mary, is it you?!", asked, lifting the boy in his arms and contemplating him fascinated.

Santa looked satisfied the scene, while Allison seemed so nervous and doubtful. "Yes, Mary is now your son. You can love her now in the form what you ever wanted." Said Santa, tapping the Herbert’s shoulder.

"But... But couldn’t it be the same? I mean, why couldn’t I have a son... and Mary too?"

Santa closed his eyed and agreed with the head, while caressed his beard. "Herby, I decided to go that why by two reasons...", said Santa. Herbert turned around to listen interested, still hugging the little boy. Allison seemed a little interested too and she got closer.

"The first one: your wife had wanted seemingly to have a son... But really, Mary was only focused in the boy, in the masculine world. She wanted to experience the way of boys, and if I had let your wife live through his son, that won’t be good. So, I made of her a new boy, and it seems she liked", explained the Christmas spirit.

Herbert embraced his new son, and he laughed and embraced him too, while both laughed. Allison contemplated them, moved by the soulful paternal love scene, slightly blushing.

"But I will say: Mary must start again from zero, so she won’t be able to talk again about her past life", informed Santa to the boy. Mary understood why he couldn’t explain their family all the situation before.

Santa turn around to her, taking her by surprise and making her look to another place.

"And the second reason for the transformation is: You, Herbert and Mary: you didn’t educate your daughter in the right way", said Santa.

Herbert looked Santa, intrigued and a little angry.

"Yes: as you always wanted a boy, but you never had it... Until now. So you treated your daughter Allison like a boy. She couldn’t develop her femininity, because you were only waiting for see boy’s abilities on her", and turning to Allison, Santa asked her: "Allison, have you ever had a boyfriend?"

Allison looked to the floor and said no by nodding her head. Herbert, totally frozen, stared Allison, realizing he didn’t took care enough about his own daughter.

"Daughter, I... - Tried to open the talk.

"Father, you don’t need to...", Allison interrupted him.

Daughter and father stayed in silence, only watching each other, and the floor. But Santa stood between them and said to encourage them:

"So: I think you’ll have a lot for talking. And I am happy for helping you on this way:...", stated Santa.

Interested, Allison and Herbert prepared for listening him. Santa continued:

"I knew you, my little Allie, couldn’t enjoy your own femininity, nor founding a good boy for you due to the same problem. But I think I killed two birds with the same stone: Now your father got a son, but the family is still uncompleted...",

Mr. Longhart and Allison looked each other’s eyes, and then to Santa.

"What are you trying to say?", asked Herbert to the old man.

Laughing a little and tapping his belly, Santa said with a great smile:

"Now, Allison, you can enjoy your womanhood on the best way: being a good mother for this new boy... and being a good wife for your father. It will be a whole experience", finished.

Allison stood still a few seconds, getting accustomed to that new idea, that new possible life. Herbert could only stand looking his daughter, hoping that made her a little happier. With crying eyes, Allison finally exclaimed:

"I... I can’t believe it... It’s like a dream... The life I always dreamt about", said, with a rush of raw happiness. And then, looking Herbert, expressed: "You, dad, you’re a very good husband. Mom always said it..."

Then, turning to look the new boy, who was only in the arms of his father, couldn’t resist her emotion:

"And you, will be my child", exclaimed, extending to arms, where Herbert delivered that God’s gift. "I will be your mommy", continued, hugging the boy. "Don’t fear, my dear: I will take a good care of you", finished the new mom Allison.

Mary felt it was so strange, and she blushed unexpectedly. Allison grimaced looking Mary’s lovely nervous face, turned around her eyes and said: “Uh?” Herbert laughed about his new son’s shyness and joined his new family in the warmest hug; embraced by his two parents, Mary giggled a little, feeling all their love and care. Mary started to laugh too, and soon all the family, and then Santa too, laughed and cried of true happiness (Santa didn’t cried, though; he only laughed).

The Longharts enjoyed a little more of the hug, while Santa got away, laughing and giving the farewell to the Longharts:

"Goodbye, my dear Longharts: Mary, Herby, Allie; I hope you like the gift", said Santa, as he climbed up the chimney to go back to his sleigh. "I have to come back to my home in North Pole. It has been an exhausting night. But I’m pleased to see you. Ah, and I almost forgot..."

As Santa moved around his hand, all the present of the room returned jumping to their boxes and closed them from inside, like if they were regressing time. All the packages remained as nobody had touched them ever.

"... Now you’ll have a good Christmas in family. HO! HO HO!", Finished Santa, while jumping up to get out from the chimney.

The Longharts stood together at the window, watching the Santa’s sleigh flying away to the horizon with the beautiful sound of the bells of the Santa’s reindeers, and kept saluting that miraculous old man, as he went all the way back to home.

"So, Allison, we will need to move to your home."

Allison, who was carrying Mary on her arms, answered his new husband:

"Oh, dad. Don’t care about that. I wanted to say you: I was fired from my job."

Herbert felt a little disappointed, but Allison him:

"No. That’s fine. I hated that job; but I heard this town need a new literature teacher. I think I will apply for the job. And I brought all in my suitcase, so I can move to my old room. Or..."

Mr. Longhart felt a little nervous, and said Allison: "Er... Daughter...

Laughing, Allison lifted a great weight over his father’s shoulders:

"Oh, dad! You always joking. I only want to be the best mother and housewife of the world."

Mr. Longhart breathed alleviated and passed an arm behind his new wife’s shoulders. "So, Allison, we need to get used of this."

Looking that the boy was still naked, Herbert walked around the hall, looking for something to cover him.

"It seems Santa forgot turning mom’s clothes in boy’s clothes", said Allison, picking up her mother’s underwear.

That night Allison dressed up her son, Mary, with a little boy’s brief that Herbert founded well hidden in the closet, and all the new family -father, virgin and boy- tuck up in the same bed and slept lovely hugged the three. All their wishes seemed to be fulfilled. And, as the reader will imagine, the next day was THE LONGHARTS’ BEST CHRISTMAS.

[size=4]THE END[/size]



End Chapter 4

The Longhart's best Christmas

by: malom_shlasters | Complete Story | Last updated Dec 21, 2015


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