The Longhart's best Christmas

by: malom_shlasters | Complete Story | Last updated Dec 21, 2015

Chapter 2
A new predicament

Chapter Description: Ms. Longhart finds out her new body, that will bring her new joys... and new problems. At least, she can enjoy every Christmas gift, until she is caught...

... But not only that: she was a male child now! Mary looked someway like her little brother looked in her childhood; she had a little ridiculous penis (testicles included) instead her female organs. Mary didn’t know if feeling terrified or pleased... She told herself: “no, this can’t be good; I’m not a boy, I’m a mistress... Oh, what happened?! This must be a mistake!”

But strangely, soon the doubts in her head were replaced with another wave of thoughts. One side, after a whole life, she was totally accustomed in being a woman, but... Mary always loved the boys’ strength and boldness. These ideas made an electric shockwave on her head; she was really confused, and she didn’t know what to think: Was it a dream?

But, suddenly, as Mary took a look in the big (now bigger) hall, her doubts disappeared as quickly as a glance: there, under the Christmas tree, lighted only by the chimney, there was a great amount of Christmas gifts, colourful and lovely wrapped with funny and bright drawings. Strangely excited, Mary ran all across the hall, without caring her -or his?- all new, soft, fragile and naked body. She only wanted to found out what mysterious and funny objects might be trapped within those boxes... But... Why? Mary couldn’t remember what toys she had put in the boxes... Why?

A second later, Mary decided that it didn’t matter. She took two medium boxes in her arms and started scratching off the decorative paper with her fingers. Mary was feeling pleased about that sound, and she couldn’t explain why, but that neither seemed to matter. Mary felt more and more euphoric as she started to watch those objects, and she finally pulled them out from their cages.

What she saw seemed to come from a movie or fairy tale: a large shiny wooden train, fully decorated in bright colours, with plastic wheels and a real whistle. Mary contemplated the train, charmed with all the ways she was thinking she would play with it. But she put it in the rug, and took a look at the other gift: it was a pair of cowboy leather boots, what strangely fit in their feet exactly. Mary raised and watched down the beautiful boots: they were sewed with short golden cords, the brown leather was shining on the surface, and a golden star was inserted in the ankle.

Mary felt the urgent need of playing with those toys, so she put the train on the floor and bowed over it, holding it with in her hands. Mary started to run over the wooden floor while pushing the train to make it advance, and strangely she didn’t care about how ridiculous will look a boy wearing solely a pair of boots and running with his bum aiming to the sky. She only thought it was a really funny game, and started to make odd -like “choo-choo”- noises with her mouth, as she played to make the train dodge all the obstacles (the other presents) on the floor. She didn’t even take care about how noise might be making the metal tips of her boots.

After spending a good time playing, Mary sat on the floor to rest a little, and stood hypnotized, looking at the tip of the boots, while she waved her toes inside. When she raised her sight, she noticed a thing that left her frozen: a massive gift box, standing at the left of the Christmas tree. It was a really huge box, decorated with western motives. As she saw that -still in love with the cowboy boots- Mary stood up and ran straight to that box, quickly ripping off the envelope colour paper and trying desperately to open the box. Those violent attacks must have done a lot of noise...

At last, Mary could look inside the box, and what it contained made her lose her breath: It was a horse head... a wooden horse head. With her eyes shining, Mary tried to pull the horse head out of the box, pushing against the floor the rest of the box, trying to set free her mount. As she finally got it out she looked: a red horse-shaped rocking chair, made out totally of varnished wood, with great silvered wheels bumping on the floor. Mary couldn’t help emit a screech of happiness, as she literally jumped over the saddle, rocking and rocking, making the horse bump on the floor, producing even more noise and caressing her tushy with the soft hide of the saddle.

While she rode once and again the horse, Mary felt something she had never felt -at least, not without her husband-: She felt all her new masculine energy, the freedom and raw wild emotion; she felt she could do whatever she wanted -not like before, in her modest housewife previous life-: No more moderation! No more modals or shyness..! The world seemed to be now a wide open space for every adventure she started to imagine. As Mary lifted up her boots from the floor, she felt like floating into the outer space, totally free. The things seemed to be perfect, but...

Suddenly, a nearly supersonic scream emerged behind Mary. She looked back quickly, without stop riding, and she saw her young daughter, wearing only a pink thong (with a red cherry draw, relative of Christmas) and bra, entangled in an unbuttoned pink shirt, standing at the gate that goes from kitchen to the hall. Mary haven’t had thought the consequences of her (oh, no, HIS) actions, as she started ripping off the gifts with her (his) new body. Her daughter must be surprised... angrily surprised. Mary stood looking Allison without knowing what to do. Allison was apparently in the same situation, but she passed her sight through the whole hall, looking to the torn boxes, and a stranger boy wearing and playing with the toys. Her gestures began to change from surprised to angry (Allison never had a quiet temperament), and suddenly she rose up her arm, running after the boy: "You, little brat. You stole my parents’ gifts"

Mary jumped off from the horse saddle attempting to escape from her own daughter, who now seemed too much bigger, and angry. As Mary’s feet touched the floor Allison was nearly over her (him). Mary thought in running; her (his) body felt now too lighter than the old rheumatic nearly-grandmother housewife she had been minutes ago. Allison was over her (him), trying to catch her with open arms, but the boy was quicker; Allison could only reach the boy in his naked bum in a sound spank with her open hand. But with a boost of energy Mary left back Allison, redirecting her steps to the gate that lead out from the hall.

Without stop running, Mary scrubbed her now red bottom as she planned what to do. Allison slipped on the rug, falling to the floor violently, between her floating golden long hair. As Allison tried to restrain, she screamed to the upper room:

"Dad! A thief sneaked in house!"




End Chapter 2

The Longhart's best Christmas

by: malom_shlasters | Complete Story | Last updated Dec 21, 2015


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