My Girlfriend and I: A Hero's Destiny

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Chapter 2

Chapter Description: The ceremony continues for Theo. Will he be drown on the purifying waters of Guadalupe? Or will he emerge out of them transformed?

Once inside the bathroom, Guadalupe guided her boyfriend –now, a little naked 9-years old rascal- upstairs, until we made it to the cabin where the tub and the shower were.

As she opened the sliding door, I turned to my side to contemplate in the mirror the new little body I had acquired: Completely bare and tender, my skin a middle tone between pinkish and tan, and completely free of body hair; my tiny penis, shrunken because of the cold, and my wrinkled little ballsack hanging like a perfect bag on my tender boy thighs.

Behind me, in feet proud and ruling over me, Guadalupe’s body up to the neck, her firm and opulent breasts leaning by the neckline of her loose green t-shirt; her elegant hand, with long and fine fingers and nails resting on my shoulders, without leaving me any second, and at chest’s height her big and sensual hips showing off under the black belt with a big buckle she wore over her white mini-short pants, that left exposed her sweet and juicy thighs.

But I actually had no time to think about that, because Guadalupe very son pushed me through the door, and before I could think, my bare feet were on the pink floor of the plastic tub. While I tried to dominate my instinct of getting out, my girlfriend opened the faucets while she mumbled a vague song. A stream of hot water started falling on my head, and as she saw me shake when I suddenly felt wet, Guadalupe held my hips with her right hand.

“Laralaa, Laralaa”, Guadalupe hummed, meanwhile her other hand messed my wet hair, like she was washing a baby.

Overwhelmed by the weird situation, I looked away, but very soon later I shook again, when I felt a soaped hand rubbing my face.

“Tee hee”, Guadalupe smiled, caressing my face and neck while she soaped me, but I rebelled. “We’ll make you so clean, handsome boy”.

Her hands and the soap foam ran by my shoulders, as she continued humming with complete naturalness. Resigned, I raised my eyes, concentrating in feeling the shower experience: The hot water running over my skin, the steam penetrating my body, and then Guadalupe rubbing all my chest… It didn’t took much time until I felt really good and comfortable.

It felt really good… I raised my eyes, to aim a lovely stare to my affectionate girlfriend. Under the shower, I could barely see her, but her face, round and beautiful, her wide mouth and the closed eyes as she completely surrendered to the task of showering me, looked bigger and more precious than ever…

I felt in love again. But in a way I had never experienced before. Or had I?

“Laralaa… Lalaaaa…”, she kept giving me her mellow voice. She was no doubt, the most good and beautiful woman had ever existed. Now, I felt melting under her hands, as they ran once and again over my little kid’s body, covering me in soap. My little ridiculous penis instantly erected, shaking with every time Guadalupe caressed me between the rubs… Like it was a reduction massage, I felt lighter, and little by little, I felt my girlfriend’s hands every time bigger over my body.

“And now let’s wash your tushy”, Guadalupe said, squatting on front of me.

As soon as I felt her to approach, I blushed. Suddenly I remember: I was naked in front of her. But now, I was barely one third her size! Had I rejuvenated YET AGAIN?! By my height, I could say now I was probably… Six or five years old!

Feeling menaced by the well formed woman in front of me, I covered my privates with my hands, and without barely thinking about it, threw a tantrum. My kid face would be ridiculous then.

“Come on, Theo…”, she said, without losing any enthusiasm. She took a little toy from the floor, a purple starfish-shaped sponge, and squeezed it two times before my eyes, making a funny noise. “This will take just a second…”

And in fact, it took only a second for Guadalupe to take me by surprise and hold me by my waist, while her other arm extended with the sponge in hand, to start rubbing my buttcheeks.

“Hey!”, I squealed.

“Hush hush... I’m almost done”, she said, patiently, and then I let her keep on washing my butt.

Now, my body felt weird as she poked me. I felt my waist covered by a spongy layer of fat, my fingers were now way shorter and plumper, my arms and thighs felt smooth and robust, like covered in fatrolls. I felt my face swollen, and my cheeks that big that clefts formed on them. Now, for her for sure I looked like a… Probably a 3 or 2-years old?

“Now turn round, baby”, Guadalupe warned me, in a calm tone.

“Buut...!”, I complained, with a so high-pitched voice not even I recognized it as mine.

Guadalupe frown, and she raised a finger.

“Theo, turn round and crouch. I want to wash you well.”

Her tone was scolding, but at the same time calm and firm, like she really wanted to make me some good.

I turned round and crouched, putting my hands in the tub floor, and raised my butt, aiming to the ceiling. The sponge instantly raised and started moving around my eyes, first covering completely my buttocks. I shut my eyes tight to not feel. I felt the needs of pooping... Or maybe not that, but something weird and very similar, that made me tremble on the inside.

My ridiculous penis erected again, but this time I felt burning in the inside… What my girlfriend was doing to me was so inappropriate… Again, I felt like melting, like I was getting littler and littler on her hands. She covered me whole, I was so little and she was so big…

The sponge on Guadalupe’s fingers got in between my buttocks, and with soft caresses she rubbed a little my butthole. I shut my eyelids and felt my stomach to tremble. That was so embarrassing… My knees bent and I almost fall, but Guadalupe’s loving hand held me.

“Easy, my darling, I’m almost done”, she said, very sure.

A couple more rubs, and the sponge went out, leaving my tushy completely fresh and clean.

“Oh, and here too”, she added, in a rush.

I felt her fingers, holding the soaped sponge, pushed my scrotum, covering my penis and it with lots of foam. Then, Guadalupe took the sprinkler and rinsed everything. I was still with the butt aiming upwards, and just before she finished, I felt her thumbs in my hips, and soon all her fingers over my buttocks.

“Muack!”, Guadalupe crouched down and deposited a smooch in my butt. “That’s it”.

She tapped my butt twice, and then she asked me to rise. To my surprise, or maybe not really, as I tried to get up back on my feet, I lost my balance and almost fall down…


… If it wasn’t because Guadalupe’s timely arms held me. It was incredible, but now I was so little she could lift my in her arms with complete easiness. She wrapped me inside a towel, and carried me to the door.

“That’s it!”, she celebrated. “Now you are all clean, my handsome baby”, she told me with love, and gave me a big smooch in my cheek.

As we went out of the bathroom, I could look at us in the mirror, in a quick glance. A sweet and pretty 21-years old girl, in all her beauty, walking with her graceful legs, almost bared, wrapped in boots. She was carrying on her arms a little baby that was probably 6 months old, perhaps even less, with smooth and freshly washed skin, the round and infantile face, big innocent eyes and scarce hair in the head.

“Now, let’s get you ready to sleep…”, I listened to a mellow voice in my ear.



End Chapter 2

My Girlfriend and I: A Hero's Destiny

by: malom_shlasters | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 4, 2018


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