My Girlfriend and I: A Hero's Destiny

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Chapter 4

Chapter Description: Thrown into her girlfriend's world, Theo will have to find himself and make the final decision of his life.

In the outside, everything was dark and calm. The very hall was. With silent steps, Guadalupe walked to the couch and sat, sitting me down on her lap. I raised the most I could, with my scarce baby strength, until my face stood on front of her breasts. I left my head rest on them, feeling them big and swollen, and soft as pillows. They were way bigger than how I had felt them before.

Guadalupe’s hand took my nape with tenderness, and moved my face apart. Her other hand lifted her T-shirt’s tip and pulled down her bra’s cup. She lowered, bumbling, one of her breasts upon me.

Immediately, I felt a primordial appetite taking over me. Without even thinking, I closed my eyes, breathing on her sweet aroma… I approached my little mouth to my girlfriend’s trembling pinkish nipple.

“That’s it, my love…”, Guadalupe whispered, intimately.

My toothless mouth where just about covering her breast, when I felt her holding it, and raise me.

The nipple poked me right in the lips, I felt its texture, tender and covered in fleshy cracks, like a raspberry. With circular motions, she caressed my lips, starting to harden and erect. And in a quick and voracious moment:


I opened my mouth as big as I could, covering completely the areola, and I suckled; I sucked avidly as I could, feeling I extracted quickly two, three, squirts of hot and sweet, fragrant milk, coming out of that firm and tender flesh.

Like lightnings, they shocked my reality. And then, it came no longer in squirts, but in a continuous strong stream that let it go from its center like it was the milky way, filling me completely, and letting me yet with hunger of more… Meanwhile, my adult girlfriend’s gentle hand caressed me in the nape, soft and slowly…

“Shhh... Shhhh...”, she said, as she cradled me on her arms.

I was enrobed in her body heat, drunk on her odor, and hypnotized by her voice as I kept on suckling, feeling as connected to her as we were the very same flesh…

My mind was transported again. I was travelling through the universe, back in the center of the galaxy. In that warm world.

I saw myself again, in my original body, as an adult and fully dressed, holding hands with Guadalupe. She was wearing a vaporous pink dress, that waved with the wind; her hair, long and wavy, honey-colored, fluttered around her.

We were flying upwards, holding hands we spinned, climbing to the sky… I couldn’t behold any other thing that her beautiful woman face, looking me in the eyes, as it shined in happiness… And I started her back, my masculine face, with a smile…

We start going faster and faster, we ascended to stratosphere, we were already crossing outer space’s dark line. Guadalupe started to shine, bright and golden as a sun; meanwhile, I burned.

As I kept ascending, the violence of the ascension started ripping my clothes off; first, my shoes fell to land, my feet slipped out of my socks, then my pants gave up away, my shirt opened, and I finally escaped from my white briefs, flying naked in space, next to Guadalupe. But she was still unharmed, covered in her protective aura, the light that emanated of her.

We made it out from Earth, and we left it back, until arriving to the dark void of space, her light being the only thing that guided me and let me see. We were still together, hand with hand, but I felt like I was separating from her… In fact, I was flying away, yet I saw her bigger and bigger.

My girlfriend was growing and growing… She seemed to rise over me… Her dress covered her body every time less and less; her precious legs swelled and started expanding to infinity; her thighs flourished, huge and fleshy; the breasts were freeing from their chains, bursting against the thin translucent cloth covering them…

"What’s happening?!"

I saw my own hands. They were alarmingly little... In my arms, my virile muscles were deflating; the hair on my arms retreated back inside my skin. Now I understood what happened: I was getting younger! Then, I raised my sight again to her…


She kept looking me in the eyes. But now she was so big and her face was so away from me, she could only see me down, without any expression, in a superiority stare, like I was a little insect…

Her dressed finally ripped away in a thousand pieces, that rained over my like a storm of petals.

Like flowers bursting, her breasts opened their away, gigantic, covering light-years of distance; the legs extended, capable to crush one billion men under her bare feet; her juicy thighs spread slowly, eclipsing the sun behind her; the buttocks, rotund and monumental, their silhouettes shining like planets in dawn. And in between her legs, an aperture started to shine over me.

Her body was now as big as a statue, a giant monument, infinitely superior to me. I raised my sight, feeling doomed and insignificant… My own face was now the one of a kid, helpless and scared of the immense feminine power above me.

Guadalupe keep growing and growing more, getting away from me, unreachable… Until the only thing I could see where the soles of her big bare feet, taking off to the center of the universe…


My body was still getting younger. I was soon little and plump, my penis had shrunk, so little and useless, incomparable to her giant feminine attributes. Without her, I was soon again a little naked baby, scared and forlorn.


Desperate, I extended my little arms upwards, hoping Guadalupe pitied of me, that she turned round and comeback… But she was too far away already.

With a sigh, I saw her there above. Her feminine body was so away from me, now I could see it only as a distant star, the only light shining in my darkness. My pathetic sob lost in darkness, soon, all the light had gone away.

And then, about to disappear, I was left alone for a moment. Without her to guide me, I realized. I rediscovered myself. Tears ran through my face. I was no hero. I was not a grown man. I was only a little baby, I had always been. And she was not going to come back, not for herself. Not until I accepted I was completely useless and dependant of her.

Finally, realizing, I raised my voice, in a final scream, towards the darkness that lied over me:


And then, in a clear hit, I was pulled upwards, accelerating like I was flying in hyper-space. My naked infantile body ascended quickly, meeting soon my giant women’s feet; I passed the long calves, the knot of her knees, the precious thighs… And between those, I headed towards the huge inverted pyramid, welling light under it, in long mobile strings, that attracted me, trying to pull me into.

I left myself go, and I accelerated until I entered.

For an instant, I could see her face, contracted in a solemn loving expression, as I got into her cosmic vagina. Her half-closed her eyes, let her lips opened and let a moan go, in profound existential pleasure, as I submerged in that warm and powerful light, becoming one with her. She found the true and primordial pleasure of being a woman. The pleasure of having me, a man, as her prisoner forever.

In that instant, I opened my eyes. My heart was beating steadily, and I breathed fast, trembling.

"Hush-hush…" a soft voice came to my ears. "Nothing happens, baby, I’m here…"

My infantile lips were still wrapped around the nipple of the woman I loved. Her fine fingers caressed and curled, once again, my nape’s hair. I rested my neck over her big swollen breasts, a pillow to my size. All her body, hot and fragrant, trapped me. I closed my eyes, tired, and suckled a little more. The mother’s milk flowed again, warm and safe, all through my throat.

On my girlfriend’s lap, I closed my eyes and tried to sleep...

I couldn’t forget the truth, or escape from it. I was a fool. A useless. A loser. I had always been. But I had accepted it. And she loved me because of that.

Now, turned back into the baby I had always been, trapped in Guadalupe’s breasts forever, I had underwent my final sacrament. I had chosen between being a man and a baby. And defeated by the woman’s greatness, I had chosen my only, natural state. The one of every man. But I was now HER baby. I had reborn on her. Guadalupe’s love had given me a new body, a new flesh, inexorably bound and dependant of her. And I was unable of moving a single muscle to change that. I loved it. Onwards, I would depend completely on her, and adore her as my goddess. I would stay with her forever, enrobed by that victorious flesh her breasts were.

I chirped, and got comfortable. I was little, warm and vulnerable. I couldn’t aspire for nothing more. Her breath next to my ear, the beatings of her heart, relaxed me. My penis, tiny and flaccid, completely unable to be of use for her, laid pressed tightly her thigh, trapped in a perpetual caress that was more than enough to satisfy me, even I knew I would never be strong enough to scratch the surface of her invincible womanhood. I would live forever on the crumbs of her charities.

I had consecrated, but not as a hero. She was completely right: I was a fool when I thought I could be something more than what I was. A little useless baby, in my girlfriend’s arms. And I accepted it happily. In Guadalupe’s lap, as she kept on caressing my hair, I closed my eyes and slept...

Minutes later, I snored deeply. Guadalupe entered in the room she had prepared for me, she carried me in her arms to my cradle. With all her care, she laid me down, then she retreated and contemplated me from the bars: I was little as a watermelon, wearing only my blue t-shirt and my diaper, my arms and legs were bare until the feet, the skin smooth and soft. My face swollen with babyfat, and my tummy soft and filled with her milk. My thumb in my mouth, still sucking with energy, even in my sleep…

Guadalupe felt touched. She bowed over me and wrapped me with a cover. She crouched on my head, and deposited a noisy smooch on my temple.

"Sleep well, my handsome baby" she said, and caressed my head two, three times more, with her long fingertips…

Then, she turned round and went to the door. She turned round once again to check me, and finally, turned the lights out and went away.

Over my cradle, a mobile with astrological signs: The moon, the Sun, the Starts, a Pyramid, hung and slowly spun around, in a soft and precise dance.

Meanwhile, next to my window, thrown there by my loving girlfriend, my mystic cape had left forgotten in the trashcan out of our house.



End Chapter 4

My Girlfriend and I: A Hero's Destiny

by: malom_shlasters | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 4, 2018


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