My Girlfriend and I: A Hero's Destiny

by: malom_shlasters | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 4, 2018

I'm an archaelogist looking to decipher one of the most important prophecies of mankind. The only obstacle? My girlfriend. Will I be able to show that I can be the greatest hero of mankind, or simply a baby? Reportedly based on/inspired on BoJay's Tarzan's AR comic book sketch .___.

Chapter 1

Chapter Description: As I arrive to mysterious archaelogical zone, I'll be endowed with a great mystic gift. Just to be taken back to my world, transformed in an unexpected way.

The Moon governed on the horizon as I continued my travel on my Jeep. The Mexican sierra was quiet and lonely, and I was sleepy because it was almost midnight. Soon, I would enter the pyramid zone, to which I had went in hopes of finding the true about a mysterious prophecy I had dedicated a lifetime of study.

I was snoring when suddenly a flash of light almost blinded. Another car on this zone? Impossible! The light didn’t went out and everything around me became a fluid white light. Surprised, I turned the flywheel, but I learned it didn’t respond. Furthermore, the car stood still, and suddenly it started to levitate, where I saw a huge light pyramid was forming. Weirdly enough, an inverted shiny pyramid.

I realized my body was rising; I had abandoned the Jeep, and my own clothes were seemed to detach from me as I elevated more and more, towards that pyramid… First, they were my shoes, later my feet slipped out of my socks, my shirt was stripped open, then my pans and finally I detached from my briefs, that fell floating to the ground as I elevated naked, with arms and legs spread, into the light…

Could this be the meaning of the prophecy…?

A weird voice answered me:

“You have made it so far and now you’re here. Now, you’ll learn if you have what it takes, to become the hero this world is waiting for…”

I couldn’t break out of my surprise, when suddenly all this world of light exploded, leaving me lost for a few minutes…


When I could finally open my eyes, I was again standing in the ground, in a familiar place. The ceiling seemed higher than usual, and I felt disoriented. I looked at my hand, just to check they were still there, and then the rest of my body… For my surprise, my legs and feet were bare, and totally absent of hair, my body was only covered by a sort of poncho or serape, split in two, with a rope belting around my hips.

I took my hand to my head and I found it was crowned by a kind of olive crown. The clothes had some strange indigenous inscriptions, and with great joy, I could decipher them: All the enigma was solved in my mind!

“Wow!”, I thought. “I have inside me all my ancestors’ wisdom! Now I’m the hero that will save this world!”

The work of my life was completed, the mystery solved, and now I had given a gift from the gods.

I was so rapt I –still don’t know why- started screaming and hopping, unable to deal with my newfound happiness.

“YES!! I DID IT!!”, I exclaimed.

But then, another figure entered the room I was in… Suddenly I realized where I was. It was nothing but my girlfriend’s house! (More than 1,000 kilometers away of my study zone; why had I appeared there?!).

The sexy Guadalupe was now in front of me, tall ans slender, her hair long and black dyed in dirty blond, wearing white denim short pants, black boots and a green t-shirt, as well as her signature glasses.

“Who is making such disturbance?”, she asked, going into the hall. And, looking around, she finally focused in me, and walked towards. “Wait… Theo?”

I almost fall down when I realized of something completely weird: She seemed way so tall, looked so much older than me (I’m actually 7 years older!!), to the point my brow barely reached her hips height… Her curves, more modest than anything, now seemed to me unusually big, and her legs, if always long and well-shaped, now looked way taller than before.

Intrigued, I turned around to see the full-body mirror of the hall, and speechless, I found reflected a face that didn’t feel like it belonged to me… On the crystal surface, I saw my own face, only with the kiddy and plumpish features, on top of a chubby and hairless body, of a 9 years old boy!!

Before I could get over my dismay, Guadalupe leaned, resting her hand on her knee, and looked at me, almost face to face…

“What are you doing here? You were supposed to be in Mexico”, she wrinkled her nose, disapproving. Then she extended her arm and picked my tunic with her fingers. “What’s this weird thing you are wearing?”

Unable to explain everything by the moment, I could only shout out of my lungs:

“This is my mystical cape!!”

The explanation obviously didn’t satisfy her. She held me with another hand, and pulled my clothes:

“What is this stupid thing?”

I tried to get away, but she had me really well held, what made my poncho move away, exposing m crotch and showing that I wasn’t wearing any underwear.

“Get off me!”, I begged, moving my feet desperately on the rug, trying to escape. But her hold was that strong it only made me yaw on the rug. “I gotta go!!”

“At this hour? You’re crazy if you think I’m going to let you go!”, Guadalupe said, angry, and with aplomb, she hugged me by the wrist with an arm, to lift me from the floor easily.

“Enough! Stay still!”, she ordered, as I kept struggling.

“I have to fight evil!”, I shouted. “The future of Mexico lies on me...!!”

“Don’t be a fool”, she said, and as I didn’t calm, she reached the rope on my hips with her long fingernails.

With great strength, she pulled me from the floor and lifted me all over, walking backwards as I swam in air trying to escape. She sat on the couch behind her, and laid me down on her lap.

“Please, calm!”, Guadalupe ordered, holding my wrists in one hand. “It’s enough of this immaturity!!”

“Noooo…!!”, I bawled and kicked over her legs, unable to free myself.

“Then, I got to give you a lesson!”, Guadalupe exclaimed, angry.

Without thinking twice, she lifted with her index and thumb the rears of my poncho, exposing my bare buttocks, she raised her avenging hand, and gave a strong swat on my naughty tushy.

“AAWWW!!”, I cried, in pain, shaking as I tried to escape desperately.

“You want one more?”, she asked, furious, and gave me another powerful spank with an open hand.

It hurted like a whip, so much that I could get strength enough to slip my wrists out of her hand, and crying, I covered my buttocks with my hands to protect them!

“Ah, no!”, Guadalupe answered, and she held my wrists again, taking them back to their position. “I told you to calm!”

I shivered in fear, tears coming out of my eyes, and curled my toes, waiting for the final spank. The last swat cam with a strong impact, making all my butt to shake, but I endured with strength:

“AWWWW...”, I cried.

Then I rolled for a while over Guadalupe’s lap, while she simply kept holding me by my wrists for I wouldn’t fall down.

“Shhh, shh…”, my girlfriend mumbled, after a couple seconds, as I kept crying. “This is all for now… You can get down.”

She then held me by my hips and lied me on the floor carefully. I sniffled, and noisily wiped my tears, rubbing my buttocks to dispel the pain.

“That’s it. No crying”, Guadalupe cheered me, looking me in the eyes. “You see it’s easier this way, if you obey?”

I nodded, with my eyes still pearling in tearless, as I put myself together.

“Getting out at these hours? Such crazy ideas you have, kid…”

Calming myself, I turned my face to the mirror, staring fascinated that kid’s face now was mine. But before I could notice, my girlfriend had knelt on front of me, and her hand reached the rope of my hips again!

“Now let’s take these ‘tinky rags away”, Guadalupe announced, skillfully untying that belt of mine.

When it fell to the ground, the beautiful girl sneaked her hands between the flaps of the poncho, splitting it quickly, exposing my bare chest, belly and everything else. As soon as she let it go, it fell to the floor, leaving me completely naked.

Embarrassing on seeing myself nude and so little on front of her, and unable to present and objection, I simply crossed my legs and looked around, nervous, side to side, looking for another clothes to wear. But she was already picking my poncho up.

With a theatrical gesture, she picked it and took it to her nose, then sniffed it:

“YUUUCK!”, she said, covering her nose. “This is going right to the garbage can…”

“But... BUT...!!”, I tried to say.

But I couldn’t say a word, and suddenly found Guadalupe right in front of me, with her face over my chest:

“Mmmhhh...”, she said, sniffing it so close she tickled my skin. “… I don’t like what I smell.”

I still as I could, almost trembling in fear, until I felt Guadalupe’s hand laying on my chest. My girlfriend caressed it slowly, feeling its smoothness… And then, she took my by the hips.

“We got to give you a shower!”, she exclaimed, turning me round to take me to the corridor.

I could only walk forward, as Guadalupe was pushing me. To the front, there was the bathroom door, and I started asking myself if Guadalupe was really thinking on giving his boyfriend a shower, like he was a baby. Blushing, I stopped a little and turned round, with the intention of asking her, and begging her not to putting me through that humiliation.

But as soon as I turned round, I found Guadalupe’s amused face, that before letting me speak any word, she answered me with a swift kick in the butt, more like a push:

“Come on, hurry! Don’t be such a lazy-ass!”

Unable to complain, I gave a couple more steps towards the door, until Guadalupe put her hand on the knob and opened. And with her hands, she guided me inside.



End Chapter 1

My Girlfriend and I: A Hero's Destiny

by: malom_shlasters | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 4, 2018


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