My Girlfriend and I: A Hero's Destiny

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Chapter 3

Chapter Description: The night's not over yet for Theo, he's clean and ready to take part to the next ceremony, that will invest him according with his new status.

Where she was taking me? Her house looked so big now!

Guadalupe carried me to a little table, covered in soft towels. With great care, she laid me down on the table, now in my babyish body, spreading the towel she had wrapped me into like I was a cabbage. I looked above me, looking for Guadalupe. To my surprise, my angle of view looked so altered; she looked like a colossus to me. So much, from my new perspective, her breasts, that now rested just on front of me, looked so big and round I could barely see her face.

"I’m coming back. Please, don’t move", Guadalupe told me.

I saw her turning round and I saw the biggest butt I had ever seen, noticed the now very prominent jiggling of her tits, she wiggled her hips, walking away from me.

How could it be?! I was her boyfriend, not a baby!!

I tried, with all my strength, to control my body. There must be a way I could get out of there! I should be able to grow, to recover my true form!! But my little and powerless body reacted erratically, I could only bawl and fist my hands, kicking my legs in the air in a future attempt to grow, to run away.

I began to feel frustrated (maybe because she was no longer with me) and kept on kicking; until I felt stupid, watching my tiny and useless penis, with the little sack of soft and wrinkly skin completely round and bloated, resting on my fat tummy.

I felt so embarrassed… Yesterday, I was holding my woman in my strong arms, making her love like a tiger; now I should be simply a joke for her.

"Ghh-ghaaa…!" I babbled, in desperation.

But Guadalupe responded to my call, and came back very soon. She was carrying on her arms some objects I knew: A box with wet towels, a baby powder can, a tube of cream and a big disposable diaper. It was baby stuff!

"Come ooon, my baby, let’s diaper you", she said, mumbling in a ridiculous fashion.

I kicked again, trying to defend, but her hand easily wrapped around my ankles, and she raised them. While, with her other hand, she let rain a cloud of white powder, that laid on my buttocks and scrotum.

Angered by the treatment, I started growling and shaking on the table. But Guadalupe’s hold was unbreakable:

"Ah-ah. Don’t make it hard, Theo", she told me, indifferent. And she anointed her finger with a little portion of diaper cream, white and shiny.

I felt a chill running by my spine as soon as I felt it touch my buttcrack. The pomade was so cold I shook and screamed in a loud voice, about crying. My God, my voice was really the one of a baby!!

"Hush-hush...", my girlfriend said, calmly, and then I felt her other fingers lying on my butt and around.

The cream, formerly very cold, started to warm up with the contact of her fingers, which she moved soft and pleasantly over my butt, like she was giving a massage… I stood quiet and relaxed, feeling her long fingers wrapping me around, the big nails putting pressure over my tushy, and the cream covering the soft and smooth skin of my buttocks, my taint, until my scrotum and groins…

I opened my eyes and rose my sight, seeing my soft belly and my navel, and under it my penis, even littler than my testicles, so tiny that my girlfriend could easily pinch it with two fingers, Completely impotent under Guadalupe’s power.

"Coochee cooche…!" My girlfriend said, tickling my foot with her long-nailed finger.

My reaction was quick and unexpected: I giggled in the cutest way a baby can, the kind of laughter you only see in commercials, kicking the feet and twinkling my toes. Unwillingly, a squirt of urine emerged from my peepee, moving in a perfect arc, that fortunately Guadalupe dodged by moving apart.

"Oops, little accident!", she said, not losing temper, and quickly wiped my penis with a baby towel.

I was so embarrassed for what had happened (Now I was losing control of my bodily functions!), that I stopped giggling, and instead, I rested quiet and serious, a little nervous for what she would think about me.

Then I turned round, and saw my girlfriend picking something up. Under my surprised eyes she rose, and showed me in full, the big disposable diaper she had for me, opening her eyes wide like she was acting surprised just like me.

"Now I am going to put your diaper on…" she announced, cheerfully.

In that instant, the phone (conveniently set next to the changing table), rang.

"Oh, hold a second" Guadalupe interrupted herself, extending an arm to take the phone and answer. " Hello?"

But I didn’t have to worry, as my girlfriend didn’t waste a second. She pressed the phone between her arm and shoulder, tilting the neck to her right, and with her hands now free, she took my thighs, lifted my bum from the table and slid the diaper under my waist. Everything without stop talking by phone.

"Yeah? Mom? No, I couldn’t..." she conversed."That’s because Theo came… Yes, I know… He arrived by surprise".

I was surprised and intrigued by the conversation. With my legs raised and the diaper under my both, my groins into the air, the little and wrinkled penis aiming to my navel.

"Yeah…? U-hum? You want to talk with him?" my girlfriend asked, unexpectedly. Then she brought the phone right to my face."Your mother-in-law".

I took the between my clumsy hands, and did my best to say something intelligible to my mother-in-law…

… But before I could articulate a single word, I had Guadalupe’s face nuzzling on my tummy!

"Coochee coochee cooo…!" she exclaimed, and then she blew on my stomach making a loud noise.

"Gghhoooghoohhaa… " I could only giggle, in my high-pitched baby voice, to the speaker, while kicking my legs, trying to contain my laughter.

Then Guadalupe took the phone away instantly, I could hear on the other side of the line, the boisterous nasal laughter of a woman, altered by the electronic noise of the phone.

Guadalupe put the phone again under her ear, and hurried to cover my privates with the diaper, while still talking:

"Yes, mom… Yeah, I just gave him a shower, now I’m putting his diaper on. Later I’m going to give him his bottle and then to the bed...", She listed. And then, with a tired voice:"Yeah, I love you too… Bye".

With a sigh, my loved girlfriend fastened the diaper tapes over my hips, and hung up the phone. As she finished, she looked at me satisfied, and held my ankles each with one hand:

"And now baby’s ready…!!" she said, in a funny voice, as she pushed my feet up and down, making me bend and extend my knees, like I was running.

"Who is my handsome baby…?!" she asked, once and again, smiling big at me and making me rock.

The motion I felt on my feet, and seeing Guadalupe’s face smiling in a funny expression to me proven to be very entertaining, and moved me to giggled again and again…

"HEHEEEHEEEHEEHEEE…" my high-pitched baby voice was so cute and funny, almost.

"Hee hee heee", Guadalupe laughed with me, happy.

And as she finished playing, she took me by my hips, and lifted me up. I put my bare chubby feet on my ground, but I knew I couldn’t stand by myself. Fortunately, Guadalupe was holding my hand and thus I gave two little steps, looking down and trying to keep the balance.

Meanwhile, my girlfriend took a little t-shirt from a drawer. It was clearly a baby’s t-shirt, it was blue, made out of flannel, and had the picture of cute teddy bear holding two balloons on the front.

"Hello… Let’s dress this handsome baby up" she said, rising my arms and putting me the t-shirt.

After she finished, she took me in her arms again, and cradled me a little. Everything looked so big from that height; I looked down, amazed.

"Well, Theo… You must be hungry" she said, then. "I’m going to give you dinner…"



End Chapter 3

My Girlfriend and I: A Hero's Destiny

by: malom_shlasters | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 4, 2018


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