A Brief(s) Weekend

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Chapter 3
Getttin' it started!

Chapter Description: Griselda has been turned into a male briefs for her bad habits. Now, she has to serve as a good underwear to some people, and with that, learning an important lesson and becoming a better person. After being washed on the laundry, Griselda as found and worn by a strange man.


By when the washing machine finished its cycle, I was safe away from there. The experience of being washed and then dried had left Griselda dizzy and dazed. But now she could perceive her renewed clean body odor.

“Mmmhh”, she thought for herself, “at least now I’m a clean brief. The smell of a clean male brief doesn’t compare with anything else”.

And there she was, lying on a pile of clean clothes. Interested, she decided to try to take a look to herself. Awesomely, her “eyes” were at the top of the briefs. Of course, there were not actual eyes, but the fact is that her sight sense had an angle that let her see a little down herself. So, she tried to peek at her clean cloth body, and what she saw was something strange:

“That’s odd. I think I’m not the same briefs than before”, she thought.

And she was right. Her “body” looked a little different now, with some blue stripes in the waistline and a double sewing on the center, the “y”-shaped fly section. And the legend on elastic the waistline, with her name on it, had disappeared. She was a different brief now, but why?

Griselda tried to remember what had happened in the washing machine. She remember being rolling once and again inside the machine, while washing. Yes, she remembered gazing in the whirlpool some more clothes: ties, shirts and even a cap. But, what else...? Yes! Now it was clear for her!

The scene came very clear to her memory. She had seen another pair of male briefs, swimming in the whirlpool along her. With nothing to hold to, Griselda remembered making an effort in order to hug that handsome brief, and she managed it. So, she spent the last part of the washing cycle hugging to that soft, celestial briefs, as they were together were spinning and getting cleaned... and that other briefs looked exactly like she looked now. What had happened...? Soul transmigration, perhaps?

At least, now Griselda knew that the laundry load belonged to a man; that explained the shirts and briefs on it. But. What had happened with her former “body”? The image of a man finding a pair of male briefs with Griselda’s name written on it made her chill... “It’s such a good revenge, Theo. Revealing my fetish to another guy?”

But there was still time, and Griselda thought she could still do something. She inspected the pile of clothes in order to find her former body... but after two minutes, she received a good new: The other briefs were nowhere to find. They just had seemed to have vanished! Maybe that was not transmigration... Maybe the very both briefs got fused into one, and that new one looked just like the second one... For sure, that was confusing. But Griselda had not time to think in anything else, because a person got into the washing room.

On the top of the pile of clothes, Griselda could take a look to the new visitor: It was a guy, about 24-28 years old, and he looked like a slacker. Griselda enjoyed looking at his handsome, yet messed up face: he had deep green eyes and a lazy expression, but he was very attractive. A thin red mustache and beard attempt, and long dark red hair make him look somewhat similar to the Nirvana vocalist. Griselda couldn’t help blushing on the inside, since the man had a nice body too: his chest was wide and had rough masculine hands. He was wearing a simple t-shirt and a red shirt over it, jeans, tennis shoes and a wristband, but he was overly manly and attractive for her. Why hadn’t she met him before? Maybe because Griselda didn’t use to wash the clothes; she always left that task to me.

The boy had brought a basket with him, so Griselda was now almost sure that he was the original owner of the briefs she found. And that make her get excited: Now she was going to be that boy’s underwear! Griselda’s heart [?] was beating accelerated when the guy approached to the pile of clothes. Griselda felt being warmly held by her hips when the boy took his briefs (now Griselda) by both sides from the elastic waistline, and then he carefully deposited them in the basket. Then, he began piling the other clothes and went out of the washing room carrying the basket with him.

With Griselda being transported inside the basket, the guy went out of the floor, then walked downstairs and went out of the building. “Where is he heading to?”, Griselda thought. Maybe he was not a resident of the same building, and probably for that reason she hadn’t met him before.

The boy crossed the street and went to the apartment building that was on front of Griselda’s.

“OK, mystery solved”, Griselda thought.

Actually, Griselda felt the road was too long, and she was desperate for being taken out of the basket, since all the other clothes were heavily piled up on her. The guy signed in the reception and then went walking upstairs. There, he was saluted by a clerk:

“Good morning, Tim”. Oh... so, his name was Tim.

Soon, the guy arrived to what appeared to be his floor. Tim stood on front of a door, put the basket down, took a key off and opened the door. It was, now for sure, his room. It was not a very luxurious apartment, but at least it was clean and ordered (something about her room that Griselda can’t be proud to). Tim carefully took his clothes out of the basket and stored them on shelves.

“Oh, no, fun is over!”, Griselda told to herself.

But fortunately, Griselda was not placed inside a shelf; instead, she, along some other clothes, was placed on the guy’s bed. What was he planning? Griselda knew it all when that guy came with a towel and took her clothes off right in front of her.

“Oh! He’s going to take a shower!”, Griselda thought. “And then... he’s going to wear me! Yes!!!” Griselda was genuinely excited about that.

And as she guessed, Tim had a great body. Griselda felt aroused about his broad back when he took pulled his t-shirt off, and then she about died in excitement when the guy pulled his pants and underwear down to reveal a solid sexy butt. Then, Tim hung his towel on a shoulder and walked to the bathroom stall, where he was going to take a good hot-water shower.

For Griselda, the waiting was eternal, since the guy had left the door open and through the transparent bathroom walls she could look that guy’s sexy silhouette while he was taking a shower. And he took a good shower!

Finally, 30 minutes later, Tim came out of the bathroom, with his towel on, willing to put on some clothes.

“Oh, boy! Look at those abs!”, Griselda giggled, excited.

For that moment, Griselda had only seen his body from his back... But soon, she was going to meet him in the most intimate way possible.

Griselda went breathless when that sexy guy threw the towel away, revealing a big and precious penis. Of course, Griselda had seen penises before, but now she knew she was going to know them just like never before.

Tim took Griselda like before, with his rough masculine hands, and slowly he put her on. For Griselda, the sensation of being a pair of briefs worn by a man was beyond expected, and that make her notice some more of the sensations related to her new “body”. While being put on, he felt the soft fret from the male buttocks just like being caressed on hers; she remembered before being “spanked” by me, and that confirmed her than the rear of the briefs served now just like her former butt.

But the most interesting was on the front; adjusting his new underwear, Tim quickly took the part of his penis that had left out of it, and with his hand help, he placed it comfortably inside the briefs. For Griselda, it felt just like having her face rubbed by a man’s cock; yes: as Tim’s dick remained inside of the briefs, Griselda felt it caressing the surface of her face.

Enjoying his touch, Griselda grew pleased; Tim then walked to the shelf for look for some socks, and his penis gracefully moved, “kissing” softly her new mouth, cheeks and lips, which corresponded exactly to the “y”-fly of the front of the briefs, while feeling the warm sensation of having her butt stuck to Tim’s. Yes, that was very arousing, but Griselda just waited him to not walking so carefully, or she’d be actually “slapped” by his long penis. That idea made him laugh.

Tim sat down on the bed in order to put his pants on. And in that position, Griselda realized another, interesting, sensation: the bottom part of the briefs, where Tim’s balls were hanging, corresponded exactly to her vulva. There, Griselda could feel the hot touch of Tim’s testicles, and even a great part of his perineum and his penis’s base. She felt a warm chill while touching Tim’s scrotum with her cunt, and she moaned on the inside. Yes, she was that vixen!

When Tim finished putting his clothes on, Griselda was still enjoying from the continual touch of his private part. But she also hoped for that get some more interesting. As she perceived Tim was walking to the door, she realized something even stranger: even though she, just like every good briefs, was covered by Tim’s pants, she had retained in an odd way her sight. Yes, for strange it appears, she could see through the pants and beyond them, and so she could perceive the environment just like being a camera on Tim’s hips.

Tim put on the basket his dirty clothes and then went out of the apartment. There, he walked to the stairs, where he was intercepted by other guy.

“Hey, at last I’ve found you!”, the other guy said.

He was a tall, muscular and bald guy, between 25 and 30 years old. And he was so happy of having found Tim. He tapped Tim on the shoulder, and gave him a smile.

“Oh, yeah, man, sorry”, Tim answered, “I had to go to the other building since the washing machine was failing... I’ll be there on 15 minutes, Matt”.

“OK!”, said Matt, and he finished walking the stairs.

When Tim was about walking down the stairs, Griselda unexpectedly felt a delicious spank on her tushy. She giggled as she felt aroused, but... what had happened? Tim had received a spank by Matt... but why?

And by the way, where was Tim going to go in 15 minutes?

Griselda had not much occasion to think about that. The downstairs was a sensual experience, by the rubbing of Tim’s groins with Griselda’s face. Griselda concluded that she was enjoying very much travelling with Tim, specially being that intimately bond at him. She loved every zone of his male body; she loved every wrinkle of his skin and every little tickling hair of his scrotum. Tim was starting to sweat, and his strong body odor began to enervate her, like a marvelous drug. When Tim got to the last step at the stairs, he pulled his briefs’ rear out of his buttline; Griselda’s imaginary nipples got erected as he splitted her buttocks apart.

“I’m going to be out of my apartment for the rest of the day, so don’t charge me extra”, Tim said to the receptionist. “Here’s the key; you can go and lock the door in 15 minutes”.

The clerk agreed and received the key, and then Tim returned to his apartment.

When Tim opened the door, Gris felt his cock growing hard against her cheeks; Tim got into the room walking quickly and opened the door of the bathroom. Gris felt a blow of wind when Tim pulled his pants down, and then his gentle fingers on her lips when Tim introduced his fingertips in the briefs, in order to take his penis out. And next, Griselda wasn’t aware of what was going to happen, but she just felt like a big penis was penetrating into her mouth. It was very strange, but that was the exact sensation!

In order to pee, Tim had taken his penis out by the y-shaped fly, but for Griselda, it felt just like a big penis entered through her mouth, between her lips. Griselda was enjoying the wrinkly feel of his flaccid penis, when something disgusted her; with the relaxation of his sphincters, Tim had farted loud. As near as it was, Griselda couldn’t stand the stink; she’d like to cover her nose, but on her new form she wouldn’t have been able to. But it ended quickly; when Tim finished peeing, he shook his penis twice, and then carefully he started introducing his dick into the briefs again; again, Griselda giggled for the prolonged contact and rubbing with Tim’s soft penis, and as it got into the briefs, Griselda felt again like she was swallowing that big dick. But when it finally was again fully inside the briefs, it spilled one or two urine drops on Griselda’s face. A great way to ruin the whole experience.

Tim went out of the apartment and then headed to the next floor. A door opened and Matt appeared on front of Tim.

“Perfect. Come in”, Matt said.

Tim sat down on the table and Matt offered him a drink. They took a snack together and talked for about 1 hour. Under the lamp light, the heat was growing, and soon Griselda was covered in Tim’s sweat. The mixture between his odor and the sweat steam was sensual and intoxicating.

Soon, even Tim realized about the heat. “Whoa, it’s really hot here”, Tim said, wiping the sweat from his forehead.

“Do you really know what’s hot..?”, Matt said, leaning forward. “THIS”.

And unexpectedly, Matt kissed Tim in the lips. And Tim accepted it. Griselda couldn’t believe it: Tim was gay! And possibly Matt was his couple. Well... judging for the last hour chat, it was obvious he was. What was going to happen now?, Griselda asked to herself. But she knew the answer...

Soon, Tim was in Matt’s room, and the bald man threw him to the bed, mouth down. Griselda felt the rude pressure from Matt’s hands when he pulled Tim’s pants down. Of course, Tim’s penis was hard as rock, and it even menaced with going out of the briefs. And Griselda liked it; soon, Tim’s briefs were exposed to Matt’s big hands.

With strong hand, Matt squeezed Tim’s buttocks, feeling them stretch between his big fingers; and then, he tapped the butt twice. Almost farting in emotion, Griselda was happy of that vigorous foreplay, and Tim too. A squirt of pre-ejaculation fluid sparkled Griselda’s cheeks, and his solid penis continued dangling all over Griselda’s face. How much would Griselda have loved be able to lick that hard cock!

Soon, Matt was feathering Tim’s buttline, still over his underwear, carving on it with the palm, like making the crack get deeper. For sure, it was a pleasant ass massage for Griselda, whose nipples and clit had (whatever they were now) went erected soon. She felt like a fire tongue caressing her sex when Matt deliberately grabbed and rubbed Tim’s scrotum over the underwear. That meant a direct clitoral stimulation for Griselda, who was at the edge of feeling an orgasm.

Griselda’s eyes glowed shiny when she heard Matt’s jeans zipper running down, and she knew her probably big cock was at her rear. As Tim turned round to see his man, Griselda could see he was wearing briefs also, and his dick was a monstrous bulge still covered by the cotton surface. Matt pushed Tim by the shoulder firmly, and then he bowed down in order to reach Tim’s rear.

After that, Griselda couldn’t see anything, but she soon felt a hard banana right on her crack. Thank God! They were willing to enjoy sex in underwear! And she was like in the middle of a threesome!

Griselda felt a cold vacuum on her stomach as the cock was coming. Matt’s cock came from up to down, rubbing all over Tim’s crack, still over the underwear. But for Griselda, it just felt like being anally penetrated. Griselda’s moans quickly turn in genuine pleasure and pain screeches, as she felt Matt’s huge cock drilled once and again her anus. Matt held Tim’s buttocks, squeezing them, and soon Griselda and Tim were both wheezing on pleasure. Matt continuously spanked Griselda, and fleetingly rubbed his dick on her cunt, like trying to penetrate the brief itself. They were 5 minutes of intense pleasure, and Griselda was reaching the anal orgasm, when the men decided it was time.

Matt helped Tim to turn round, and he soon pulled off Tim’s briefs, leaving the guy totally naked. Griselda, dirty in sweat, condensed flatulences, excrement particles and seminal fluids, was thrown to an isolated corner of the room, and she made a wet sound when she fell on the floor. But the sensation had been great. Fortunately, from her position she could still contemplate the guys and their sex activities.

The accomplishment of their sexual act was enough to satisfy them, but then they made it once and again, and Griselda’s desires found no room to be satisfied. How much would she have loved to be penetrated instead Tim! How much she desired to lick and suck their cocks! But that was fantasy. Now she was nothing but dirty briefs lying on the floor of the room.

The guys had sex all day, and night was cold. Nobody was that gentle to remember taking care of an innocent pair of briefs lying on the floor. Griselda manage to calm her consciousness and sleep a little. It had been at first a very exciting day, but now she was realizing that, as every brief, she was not special and easily disposable. She was only a cover to hide the nakedness, but the real interest was in the flesh, not in a dirty cotton membrane.

The day came soon, and with it, the needing of a new washing. Griselda’s first day as a pair of briefs had been good and then difficult. But her real problem was just about to start.




End Chapter 3

A Brief(s) Weekend

by: malom_shlasters | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 22, 2014


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