A Brief(s) Weekend

by: malom_shlasters | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 22, 2014

My step-sister has such annoying bad habits that I'll use my magic power in order to make her percieve the world from other perspective. An opportunist Transformation will start her adventures.

Chapter 1
The beginning

Chapter Description: This is how I came to the decision of transforming Griselda.


My name is Theo and this is my story. Actually, this is not my story. I’m going to tell you what may happen to naughty girls, like my step-sister, Griselda.

I live with Griselda in an apartment at the center. Yes, since my mom married with another man, she’s my stepsister and she’s 21, but she looks just like a little girl, and she behaves like one. Griselda is short (about 5’ height), and her body looks tiny; she has perfect white skin, black straight hair, big green eyes and pinkish lips, and her features make her look like a kid; her innocent expression only increases her resemblance to a little girl. The only, and decisive, way to distinguish her from a little girl is her huge breast, what remind me she’s actually a young lady.

But her behavior is unacceptable: although very intelligent, she’s lazy and untidy; she tends to spend a lot of time addressing her to look beautiful, and she spends much money buying the fashion accessories, but she spent most of her time on bed, watching TV, and doesn’t care about cleaning her room. Her bed is always covered in clothes and some candy packages. Even I, his older brother and only authority, constantly order her to clean her room, sometimes she’s sort of paranoid and yells at me when I dare to talk her.

But the worst part of her behavior, and what finally took her to live an unforgettable experience, is her strange fetish. Griselda doesn’t take a shower so often, and she constantly wears the same underwear for about 3 or 4 days. It’s a shock for me having to treat with her dirty panties. But the worst is that I have found her in some occasions stealing and wearing MY underwear.

I know you wouldn’t believe it, but I beheld her performing the mischief three times: the first time, I was about entering the laundry room when I saw her searching on the clothes basket, and then taking one of my briefs out and storing it on her purse. Next time, I came home earlier than expected and I could see her by the window; she was sat on the sofa, watching TV with my white briefs on. And one week ago, I decided to investigate an strange disappearing of some of my briefs and I entered to her room while she was sleeping. I found her on the bed, covered with the blankets, apparently sleeping with her deep blue t-shirt on. But when I removed the blankets, I found her guilty: she was sleeping as usual, with her legs spread, wearing nothing on her bottom but a pair of my white briefs. I didn’t know what to do; I tried to take her off by pulling them by the elastics, but when I saw her toes writhed and that she frowned on sleep, I desisted. I decided, that couldn’t continue and I’d have to talk to Griselda.

Next morning, I talked with Gris so seriously. I ordered her to not taking my briefs again, and I explained her how underwear is a private thing that should not be used by anyone else. Griselda made a shy face, like she was listening to me so seriously. Even I knew she was laughing on the inside, and she wouldn’t stop putting my briefs on in order to satisfy her naughtiness.

So, I started to think in a proper action that would help for Griselda stop putting my underwear on without my permission.

What I haven’t told you is that I have magic powers. Yeah, that’s right; I’m gifted on transforming reality at my delights, more or less. So, I designed an intricate plan to punish Griselda and correct her bad attitude.

As I imagined, after I attended to a business travel the whole week, I arrived at home at Saturday, totally exhausted. It was maybe 1 or 2 a.m., and I opened the entrance door silently. I knew Griselda might be sleeping at that hour, and being that earl, I had the advantage to check her behavior. Yes; I had told her that I was going to arrive at Saturday, but I didn’t tell her at which hour, so I imagined she was not prevented of my inspection.

I went into her room, moving silently, and I removed the blankets: There was nobody inside. Where could she have gone to?

I suddenly had an idea. I went to my room, silently, and I found her, sleeping on my own bed. As usual, she was sleeping topless, with her big spongy breasts exposed, and she had her legs clumsily spread and the bed was disordered. But this time, her crime was even more evident: she was only half-covered by the blanket, so I could easily find that she had my white briefs on again. It was a perfect in fraganti scene: Griselda was snoring loud, with a satisfaction expression on her face, as her big breast inflate and deflate along her breathing, my white briefs leaning up of the blanket, with the elastic waistline with my name written in with felt-tip pen...

Unexpectedly, I was no furious. I was softened by her apparent innocence, by the fact that she believed to have accomplished her mischief with nobody finding her. And I was also satisfied that I had been right when I guessed she was not going to accomplish her promised. And I was excited too, for having the chance to educate Griselda.

I untied my tie slowly and bent towards to kiss at my step-sister’s brow. Then, I surrounded her body with my arms, wrapping her inside the blankets. And then I lifted her on my arms and took her to her bed. It was a candid scene: I, walking to her room, with her tiny beautiful body on my arms, her tits hiding blandly on the blanket, her bare feet hanging out of the cover, and my expectations of justice.

I sat on her bed, before depositing Griselda on, and I cradled her, mumbling a song. She was light and tiny, just like a little girl; I kissed her brow, moved her hair away, and contemplated her innocent naughty face once again before putting her on the bed.

For sure, Griselda would not suspect anything until she woke up. Smiling, I returned to my room. There, I quickly performed a quick magic pass, which would have the desired effect at morning. When Griselda wake up...




End Chapter 1

A Brief(s) Weekend

by: malom_shlasters | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 22, 2014


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