A Brief(s) Weekend

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Chapter 2
The transformation

Chapter Description: Because of her bad habit of stealing clothes, Griselda is going to get transformed by me in something that she hadn't expected to be on her entire life.


From my room, where I was lying on, I could hear Griselda’s yawn. It was 9 a.m. and I had waked up 1 hour ago, only for the excitement of contemplating what was going to happen. So, I was on bed, bare-chested, with my head on the pillow, my hands on my nape, and about giggling while waiting her to receive her surprise. And I didn’t even have to be there. I heard Griselda’s clumsy bare feet steps heading to the bathroom that’s on the corridor on middle of our rooms; for sure, she was still sleepy, and she closed the door loudly.

The door was closed, but, of course, I didn’t have to be there to see what was happening. I reveal I have a telepathic bond too, and I can know exactly what other people see; so you won’t be surprised because I’m going to tell you the entire story that experienced Griselda alone.

Griselda stepped on a wooden box in order to reach the bathroom mirror; yes, she’s that short. She rubbed her eyes and moved away her messed up black long hair. She was now wearing her deep blue t-shirt and no bra, but she had still my briefs on; she rudely pulled its rear out from her crack. Yeah. That nasty. Since my door was closed, she probably didn’t know I had arrived last night, so she was not afraid of being caught.

But only a second later, the subtle transformation process had started. Griselda stood on the box a little more time, trying to wake up, and then she turned her head up and looked at herself inside the mirror. At first, she didn’t realize anything strange. But, as she went out from her stupor, she started to notice it slowly: it was not her face what was reflected on the mirror.

Oh, my God!” She screeched, “I have a briefs face!!

I laughed loud from my room; the magic had worked! I have had that exact idea, since Griselda is sometimes so rude and refers some middle-aged men to have “briefs face”, when she describes her probable boring sexual life and she guesses their underwear preference.

But now, she was actually making mock of herself. Yes, Griselda’s face looked exactly like a cotton briefs. Slowly, she tried to calm down, first touching the mirror surface with her kiddy hands, and then, taking a better look at her new face. Although she had still her long black hair, her face looked just like a white cotton surface, with the distinctive “Y”-shaped fly on the middle; and at the top of her face, on the hair roots, there was a visible elastic waistband.

But, for a strange reason, Griselda was still able to see, just like when she had eyes, and she could breathe by her nose. Even talk, even hear.

Unable to believe what she was looking at, Griselda took her hands to her head, and very slowly caressed the surface from her briefs face with her fingertips. It felt just like touching actual briefs. Afraid, she moved her hands away quickly. Then she started to breathe intensively... “What the hell was happening?!”

But then, she started to notice that something else was happening. Her hands start to feel silky, and Griselda took a quick glance at them: the skin was feeling odd, and it was acquiring a grayish color. And then, when she took another look into the mirror, Griselda found that her neck was getting white and fluffy, just like her face. Griselda’s nails disappeared, fusing with the cottonish texture that was ascending now to her arms; and when she lowered her sight to see her toes, she saw they were getting white and fluffy too.

Full in panic, my step-sister tried to run away. She turned to the door, and tried to step down from the box, but she felt her legs now were too soft and weak, and her first step make her fall on her knees. Feeling heated, Griselda tried to take her t-shirt off, but she found that the task was impossible to complete; the t-shirt was turning cotton, and whitening, and it was now fusing with her fabric-like arms and neck. In the center of her chest, the “Y”-shaped fly was now appearing.

Desperate, Griselda looked at her crotch;

“Yes! The briefs! They were the answer!”

As quick as she could, Griselda pulled my briefs down with all her strength; they descended only to the middle of her butt, that was still fleshy and round, revealing part of her crack. But it was futile: now the briefs were fusing to her cottonish legs. Feeling full in guilt, Griselda contemplated again the elastic waistline, that had still the name of the briefs owner written with a with felt-tip pen:


But then, she started to perceive the letters blurry... Was that an eye fail? No! That was real! The legend on the elastic waistline were changing. And soon, the name on them was replaced. Now it read, so clearly:


The bathroom door opened slowly, screeching, and Griselda turn her head up to see the person that was on the door. And she found me. I stood on front of my step-sister, contemplating her; Griselda was lying down on the floor, with her butt and her whole body slowly turning into a pair of briefs. She tried to crawl towards me, but soon she felt her body was feeling empty. Just like a briefs waiting to be filled up. Her hair was also growing backwards, in order to finish the transformation. And soon, it happened.


Griselda’s body shrank, fusing together into a middle-sized pair of white cotton male briefs, with its distinctive and masculine “Y”-shaped fly on the center.

And Griselda was totally unable to move. But she was still able to perceive with her all five senses. I walked towards her and picked her up from the floor. And as I took her from the waistline, Griselda felt just like when someone pulled her from her hair. Yes, that was so strange. How was she still able to feel?

In order to clean the briefs from the dust of the floor, I tapped them twice on the rear. And Griselda moaned softly, feeling just like when someone spanks her on the butt. Strangely, she learned that even she was now lifeless briefs; the parts of the briefs still corresponded to the sensations of some parts of her regular female body.

That was interesting, but she was still confused, and angry. Of course, she was now not able to talk; but she tried to express herself, shouting inside her mind. For her fortune, with my telepathic powers I was able to listen to her.

“Hey, you! What happened to me?!”, she shouted, hysterically.

I giggled, taking my time to answer, while Griselda’s emotions grew chaotic inside her.

“Don’t worry, sister”, I told her. “Everything’s gonna be alright”, I answered, telepathically.

Of course, Griselda was not satisfied with my explanation. She was going crazy inside there, and replied:

“Oh, My God, Theo: You did this to me?! What the hell are you thinking?! I’m your sister!”

I laughed in a good mood, before answering.

“Yes, Gris. But I told you to not taking my briefs again without permission.”

Griselda felt contradicted and didn’t know what to answer.

“But...! But you...! Nobody gives you the right of turning me into... Well, into a pair of briefs! Change me back right now!”

I laughed again, this time feeling very funny about her. But she continued complaining:

“Theo, That was enough fun! Get me out of here, please! Please!!”

I just couldn’t stop laughing, since my sister was now an hysterical pair of briefs struggling in my hand. I got up and, with her in my hand, walked out of our apartment.

“Where are you taking me now?! Please, Theo, stop!”, Griselda complaining.

I arrived with her at the building laundry. That’s the room where people of every apartment wash their clothes, underwear included, in the washing machines that are for rent. I felt Griselda trembling on my hand; she was still able to see and listen, so she knew exactly where we were.

“Theo... You’re not going to do what I’m thinking, eh?”, Griselda warned, very afraid.

I giggled again, creating a spooky voice with the background sound of the washing machines.

“This is for good, sis”, I said, “You need a very good discipline, and this is going to be only the beginning”, I finished, chuckling.

A laundry load was almost complete and I opened an empty washing machine in order to introduce an extra cloth. Quickly, I turned the now-briefs-Griselda inside the machine, and I pressed the button to continue the washing cycle.

“Theeeeooo, Pleeeeaaaseeee...!!”,

I heard Griselda’s voice fading away inside the washing machine, and then I could see her turn and turn, just like the diryy male briefs she was now, by the window machine. The soap was impregnating her so well, and she was getting so clean. I couldn’t help imagining her just like the cute young girl she used to be minutes ago, rolling naked inside, once and again, in the strong tides of the washing machine.

Of course, she was going to be OK. But the most interesting was going to happen when she go out of the washing machine...




End Chapter 2

A Brief(s) Weekend

by: malom_shlasters | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 22, 2014


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