Charlie's last Egg Search

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Chapter 2
PART 2 (Episodes 4,5)

Chapter Description: Charlie meets the Easter Bunny Girl, and she dare him to a final Egg Search, with limit time. Helped by the Spell Eggs, maybe Charlie could finish and become the Absolute Champion.


Charlie was in a part of the forest he hadn’t seen never before. It was a quiet spring green; animals and flowers spread were everywhere, and with a so bright gentle sun shining on the blue, blue sky.

But he quickly noticed: the blue egg wasn’t with him. Desperately, Charlie took a look around, looking for the egg, but soon a voice answered him:

“Welcome, little Charlie.” Charlie turned his head to the place were the voice seemed to be coming from: the hole of a tree. “Do you really want to be the winner?”

Charlie came closer, but he wasn’t courageous enough to step on front of the hole.

“Yes, I want it all more than anything.” Charlie answered, and desperately asked: “Do you have an egg?”

“Ohhh...” The voice answered, so theatrically, “That’s what I wanted to hear”. And a pair of bunny ears came out from the tree; Charlie watched as a strange figure came out.

Amazed, Charlie took a look at the figure: She was a kind of woman, wearing a bunny costume, or so he thought at first glance.

Charlie recognized the pronounced feminine curves of a woman about 25-30 years old. But the female body was covered with lightly grey plushy fur. The bunny feet seemed just like the ones of a bunny pyjama: just a plain platform with two or three toes

And the paws of the bunny girl weren’t human hands, or bunny paws either: there were just like mittens: only a little thumb and the rest of the fingers were fused together. Strangely, below the paw Charlie could glimpse finger silhouettes (was she a girl into a bunny suit?). The bunny girl’s whole body was covered with soft plush, but the strangest of all was her head: it was covered by the fur, and above the head were surging a pair of big bunny ears, but in the place for the face there was something like an oval hole, a beautiful woman’s face leaning out, according to the age suggested by the body. Bunny Woman’s face was totally gorgeous: soft white skin, big round, expressive, black eyes with slim brows and large eyelashes, a sharp soft chin, ruddy spongy cheeks, and full, precious soft bright lips.

And the bunny girl had a great breasts too, soft and bouncy, so Charlie couldn’t help stand amazed at her body prettiness, and he walked around her, looking that pair of shapely beautiful legs, and those perfect buttocks (over the dress, but clearly watched). Charley looked the little moving bunny tail over that butt... Was she really wearing a costume?

The voice of the bunny girl took out Charlie from his ecstasy: “Why are you looking such interested? Don’t you have a race to win?”

“Oh, yes! I forgot!”, Charlie said, coming back to his situation, “Do you have the blue egg? Give it to me, quickly!”

The bunny girl took out the egg Charlie was looking for, and rolled it on her pointer finger.

“Be quiet, little champion. The race will start when I say”, she said.

“What are you talking about? This race is on!”, pronounced Charlie, nervous.

“And this is not the first egg... This is the fifth one,” said the Bunny Girl, and when she said that, the egg disappeared, leaving a little smoke cloud.

“Oh, please, stop kidding. And give that egg to me!”, begged Charlie, “The other guys will take the advantage; I don’t have much time...”

The Bunny Girl stared at him with a serious expression.

“Don’t you understand? The race is over... And you are the only winner”.

Charlie felt excited, but he couldn’t understand what she meant. “Do you mean...? Am I the...?”, Charlie babbled.

“Even before starting the race, the other participants were disqualified... You were the only who deserved the victory”, the Bunny Girl explained.

Charlie started to take seriously the words that girl was telling to him.

“And who the hell are you?”, Charlie asked finally.

“Naturally...” smiled the Bunny Girl, “...I am THE EASTER BUNNY.”

Charlie felt strangely funny, but betrayed too... He was a big boy, he couldn’t believe those stories. “Oh, please...”, he said, tired, “... Give me the egg, I need to finish the race”. But the Easter Bunny Girl stood still. “Charles: I’m not fooling you”, said the Easter Bunny Girl, “but if you don’t believe, it is your problem.” Walking to Charlie, the Easter Bunny Girl announced: “But face it: you still have to finish the race, to win the title of the ABSOLUTE CHAMPION. Now, go and find all the five eggs I have hidden...”

“I don’t see anybody around... Do you mean this is a solo test?”, Charlie asked. He was starting to take the Bunny’s challenge as a personal goal. “Yes,” answered the Easter Bunny Girl, “but it is not that easy... You’ll have only ten minutes to find all the five Easter Eggs I hid around the bushes, and come back here”, finished, taking out a pocket clock and indicating a cut down tree, where she sat. “Then, you’ll be the ABSOLUTE UNIVERSAL CHAMPION and you’ll win... My sweet body.” finished the Easter Bunny Girl, with a naughty smile.

Charlie felt so excited; that prize wasn’t contemptible at all. “Are you ready...?,” the Easter Bunny Girl asked Charlie.

Charlie felt as excited as earlier... It was the same search, but now his enemy would be the time. Remembering his best times of finding objects, he found that his best time was 16 minutes and 15 seconds... but that was at the eve... With this sunny day, he would find so quickly the five eggs. “Yes, I’m always ready,” announced Charlie, so excited, “Let’s start”.

“Good boy!” the Easter Bunny Girl said, suspiciously smiling. She took out a toy pistol and fired to the sky “Go, Charlie!”


Charlie ran through the greens, looking for the bushes where the eggs could be hidden. Behind him, the Easter Bunny Girl was following him, giving him indications of time and places, and carrying a basket under her arm.

“This is the cherry bush. 09:46 seconds left”. Charlie jumped into the cherries bush, where his sharp sight found a YELLOW EASTER EGG. “I have the first one!” shouted Charlie, excited. But when he picked up the egg, he noticed something strange was happening to his body... Suddenly, a pair of rabbit ears sprouted out on his head, and a spongy tail grew above her buttocks.

“What the hell...?!”, he yelled, shocked. “I forgot to tell you,” the Easter Bunny Girl explained: “every Easter Egg has its own magical spell, which will help you to win the race”. “And how are these weird ears supposed to help me to win?” Charlie asked, annoyed. “Ears and tail are not the only thing... You’ll be as agile as a rabbit now”. And it was true; as Charlie started moving again, he felt his moves more precise and graceful. “Now, I will store the egg: give it to me,” commanded the Easter Bunny Girl. Charlie threw her the egg and she put it into the basket. “There are no more eggs at the green, let’s head to the forest; 09:12 minutes and 4 eggs left”.

Hopping quickly, Charlie and the Easter Bunny Girl arrived at the forest: Charlie searched at the bees’ hives, under suspicious rocks, and inside a cave, but the next egg didn’t appear.

“08:20 minutes and 4 eggs left.”, announced the Easter Bunny Girl. “But, where can it be?”, Charlie asked himself. “Why didn’t I think of that?!”, said suddenly, and he hopped to the top of a tree. Inside a nest, there was a WHITE EGG. Nervous, Charlie took it, and leaped out from the top of the tree; the Easter Bunny Girl accompanied him. But, as he was falling, Charlie’s clothes still hung on the trees. When Charlie touched the ground, he was completely naked.

Hiding his private parts, Charlie asked: “And now, why am I naked?!” Storing the White Egg in the basket, the Easter Bunny Girl explained: “Your body has become slippy, so your clothes slipped from you. It will help you to get into the tightest spots.”

“But I don’t want to be naked, can you...?”, Charlie begged. “OK, I will give you something,” the Easter Bunny Girl said... And a big white puffy baby diaper magically appeared around Charlie’s hips. “That’s better than nothing”, the Easter Bunny Girl, looking at the embarrassed Charlie, like a little baby. “Let’s get out of here, we have to look at the river; 07:51 minutes; 3 eggs left.”

True, the “slippyness” helped Charlie to pass easier between the trees of the forest, and they arrived so quickly to the river. There, Charlie looked at the trees, between the rocks, and even he submerged his head down the water, looking for the next egg. But he didn’t found anything, only beavers and kelp.

“07:10 minutes; 3 eggs left”, announced the Easter Bunny Girl.

“Oh, no...” said Charlie, nervous. “I can’t think about a place where... Unless..:”, and Charlie remembered a strange peck beaver he saw underwater. “It is a platypus! They are ovoviviparal... So they lay eggs...”

Submerging again in the river, Charlie swam until he found the cave of the platypus, where a couple of tender eggs were laid on a nest... next to a PINK EGG. Charlie tried to grab the egg extending his arm, but the cave as too narrow... He tried with as hard as he could, just as he was running out of air, the slippyness helped him so much, so at the last moment, he could reach the egg with the tip of his fingers; the egg shone with a magical power... And Charlie could enter the cave, while his diaper ripped up and dropped behind him. Inside, he saw his body was getting lighter and more delicate... He felt his penis shrinking, and his breasts enlarging... In the water he saw her long blond hair, and feminine features.

[size=4][color=#FF0000]TO BE CONTINUED[/color][/size]



End Chapter 2

Charlie's last Egg Search

by: malom_shlasters | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 5, 2009


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