Lost Children

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Chapter 5
Jenny gets insane

Chapter Description: Jenny suddenly get crazy, running through the corridors of the mansion. Would Justin and Rick be able to catch her before they're catched by the police??

In his insanity, Mr. Bergson got out from the basement, approaching the first floor.

“My Garden. My grandsons...” was repeating, endlessly, as he walked, dizzy, throught the corridors. “I killed you... and you’ll kill me now...”

Bergson remembered that that same, that fatal Halloween night twelve years ago, a scream awoke him at 00 o’clock. A car crash on front of his house. Fearing the worst, Bergson ran as quick as he could, only to found... Brian, Shandra and Garden, his grandchildren and his daughter, killed by a drunk driver. He felt insanely guilty, and taking the corpses on his own hands, he dragged them inside the house, hid them in a tea room and locked it away. The disguised children’s screams, the pumpkin’s lights and the “trick or treat” phrase accompained his tears and cry.

“Where has she gone”, asked Rick.

“There, the next hall”, said Justin. “Let’s hurry”.

When they came, they found the hall lighted by a pale moonlight that passed through the window, covered by misty curtains. Under that light they found something...

It seems to be... Jenny’s disguise. In fact, that was Jenny’s single-piece custom. That implied Jenny was now running naked by the mansion.

“More troubles..:” started Justin, when they heard the echoes of a crazy laught far away.

“There!”, said Rick, finding the place where the laugh was coming, “upstairs.”

“Troubles”, said Justin, while running in search of Jenny.

“I don’t think so”, Rick tranquilized. “They’re only two rooms in the upper floor. And only one exit.”

Rick and Justin managed to find the first room and entered. It was a female room, decorated with pink and purple curtains.

“It must be... Bergson’s wife room?”, asked Justin.

“Maybe teenage daughter’s”, explained Rick. “Jenny... Jenny, are you here??”, continued calling her sister.

“There! Behind the closet!”, stared Justin.

A naked laughing Jenny was standing behind the closet, hiding her nakedness.

“Oh, man...”, said Justin, beholding Jenny’s naked body. Her breasts and privates were covered by the closet, and her butt by her long blonde hair. But she still set the fire on Justin’s mind.

“Jenny...”, called her Rick, extending a hand. “Jenny, it is dangerous; let’s get out of here, now!!”

The boys had encircled Jenny.

But Jenny didn’t took Rick’s hand. She laughed at them, and run to cross between them.

“Catch it!”, said Rick. “Gotcha!”, said Justin, almost hugging her body.

But in that moment, the unexpected happened. As the boys were catching Jenny, her body suddenly got shorter and shorter, evading the hug.

“He he he he”, an infantile laugh crossed them. Rick and Justin looked at themselves: they had their hands empty. And as they looked back, a naked little 5-years- old girl was getting away, running at great velocity. It seemed to be... Jenny at 5-years-old.

“What the hell..?!”, exclaimed Justin, feeling amazed.

Rick didn’t waited, and ran after her.

“Jenny!! Jenny, you won’t escape!!”, shouted. “I was to take care of you since you were a baby!!”

Justin couldn’t help following Rick.

“She’s heading to the other room”, said Justin.

“Jenny!”, continued Rick demanding her to come back.

[size=4]TO BE CONTINUED[/size]



End Chapter 5

Lost Children

by: malom_shlasters | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 8, 2008


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