Lost Children

by: malom_shlasters | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 8, 2008

Chapter 2
An old mansion

Chapter Description: Justin and Rick get ready to assault the mansion. Rick's sister Jenny, have a strange feeling for all this.

That night, the streets were covered in monsters, witches, fairies and werewolves; that night was too busy, lightened by the candling pumpkins, and yet so scary.

And for some men, it was a sad night. A sad date. Mr. Michael Bergsom, an afroamerican mature man, was hidden on his mansion’s basement that night, like every Halloween. Those neon lights and wacky disguises... They made him lose what he more loved in his life. But, even tough he was hiding too deep beneath the ground, on that night that malicious was phrase was still pursuing him... TRICK OR TREAT...

A teenage vampire and an ancient mummy emerged from the shadows, under the full moon. At the distance, a raging werewolf’s howl showed them the way.

With singular quickness, and getting away from the patrols’ lights, the two monsters introduced between the bushes from the mansion.

“How rich house this old man have!”, said Justin.

“And how old it is!”, answered Rick, low.

Justin’s figure was dim lighted by the moonlight. He extended a hand.

“Now, quickly: lend me the spray paint”, asked Justin.

Rick reacted and searched inside his cape’s pocket, delivering Justine the can.

“Alright. It’ll be perfect” said Justin. “Now we just have to wait the right moment.”

Rick was patient by nature, so he just stayed there, sit between the bushes, counting the seconds. But Justin’s mouth didn’t stop in all night.

“Have I told you the time that elder made me clean all the bathrooms??”, repeated Justin once and again, increasing his anxiety; “have I told you when that old bastard made me cut the grass one complete year??”

It was 1 a. m. The night had finished. Cassandra and Timberland walked down the street, taking Jenny to the dormitory.

“I think we got more candies than last year. It is time to get joyful”, expressed Timberland. Jenny didn’t answered.

“Come on, baby.”, continued Cassandra. “I know you love candies...”, said, holding a bunch of mint candies in her open hands.

But Jenny didn’t answered.

Till... Jenny suddenly stopped moving. Her candy basket fell to the floor, spreading the candies everywhere. Jenny stood still, frozen, without moving any muscle. Only listening.

“Jenny...”, asked Cassandra, terrorized. “... are you OK?”

But in that moment, Jenny unfreezed.

“My Brother... I hear my brother is calling me!!”

Those words remained floating in the air, while Cassandra and Timberland stood in their place, and Jenny was, in seconds, one kilometer away. The girls knew already her friend was a little strange; but they didn’t know what to do.

[size=4]TO BE CONTINUED[/size]



End Chapter 2

Lost Children

by: malom_shlasters | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 8, 2008


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