Lost Children

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Chapter 4
Through the corridors of the dark mansion

Chapter Description: Rick and Justin are trapped in the mansion. But... How did Jenny got inside??

“Where are we?”, asked Justin, regaining conscience.

“I don’t know. It seems to be an abandoned tea room.” explained Rick.

The room was almost dark, only lighted by the weak Rick’s lantern. There was resilent dust everywhere, covering old tables and covered portraits.

“I think it’s time to get away from here. It has become so dangerous”, said Rick, worried, while helping Justin to get up.

Justin looked around and got a step away from Rick.

“What are you thinking, Rick?”, said Justin. “This is great! Look all this!!”

Rick did not catch the idea.

“These things are maybe antiquities!! So...”

Rick realized, by examinating that old stuff on the room... There were some beautiful, ancient things. Silver teacups, gemboxes, romantic portraits in gold frames.

“We can take some of these things. It’ll be a good prize.”, exposed Justin.

“But... That would be stealing.”, answered Rick.

Justin embraced Rick by the shoulders.

“Oh, Rick. Look by this side... Mr. Bergson expelled your sister unfairly. It is fair if he pays the money for the admission of a new school.”

“Ok, that makes sense, Justin. But still it is so dangerous. Bergson may catch us.”

“Man... Look at this room. It’s covered in dust. I assure you nobody has entered here since ten years ago. Nobody will come to take a look; we will escape safely.”, said Justin.

“Mmmhh. That’s ok, but let’s hurry, Rick. Only two items.”, agreed Rick.

Rick took a luxurious tea-pot and store it under his arm; Justin took a collection of matrushkas.

“Now, let’s get out of here”, said Rick, opening the door. But it didn’t open. “It is locked.”

“Permit me...”, offered Justin. And he tackled the door, opening it easily.

“Perfect. Now, let’s go! But... in silence.”

The door leaded to a corridor, and at the end of it there was a hall.

“This mansion is so big. But we must be in the first floor. The exit door must be near.”, said Rick, advancing through the corridor. But as they passed the hall, a strange sound, like a crushing glass, discovered them. Instinctively, the boys looked at their behind. On the shadows appeared a familiar figure...

“Jenny??”, asked Rick.

He was right. It was his sister Jenny, disguised as a skeleton; she had gotten in the mansion, inexplicably. The girl seemed no longer shocked or ghastly. She looked like a self-confident perverse girl, with an enygmatic smile.

“Oh, man”, said Justin, trembling. “What has happened to her?”

“I have no idea. We just...”, and soon Rick realized he was disguised as a vampire. “It is me, Jenny... It’s Rick!”

Jenny didn’t seem affected by the revelation.

“Oh, my god, Justin.” said Rick, sad and embarrased. “I told her I was going to be working. I just cheated on her!...”, finished, at the point of crying.

“But... what is she doing here and why she is...?”

Jenny walked straight to the boys, but when she meet them... she passed between them, running throught the corridor.

“Ha ha ha ha ha”, Jenny laughed, insanely loud.

Rick felt a chill, and a great worry for his sister.

“Oh, my God, what did she drink? Police is going to catch us!” said Rick, still crying.

Justin ran after her.

“We have to catch her and get outta here!” - said to Rick, who started to run too.

[size=4]TO BE CONTINUED[/size]



End Chapter 4

Lost Children

by: malom_shlasters | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 8, 2008


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