Mary Jane Watson: Insect Princess

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Mary Jane Watson, under Insect Queen's name, is sended to underground drainages, in a hunt against Lizard's new experiment. Comission from... I don't remember who :P

Chapter 1
Mary Jane Watson: Insect Princess

Chapter Description: The whole story

Another hunting night in Manhattan. Mary Jane Watson, former Peter Parker’s girlfriend, runs again in her crime hunting, under the “Insect Queen name”. After her actress’ practice, she arrives at 12.00 a.m. at her apartement, puts on the spandex black and yellow leotard, her boots and gauntlets and after a little make-up, she’s ready again to hunt down urban criminals.

Mary Jane climbs to her building’s roof and then, with heroic speed, climbs down the stairs, stalking between the dark streets.

Her mission tonight is stopping Dr. Lizard’s dreadful experiments; Mary Jane recieved the information that Lizard attacked Cryogenic Labs, stealing cryogenized umbilicals cords, maybe for extracting their stem cells. Now, Mary Jane stalks at the underground drainages, where the slippy lizard has his laboratories.

As she mimics a cockroach, she introduces between the tubes, looking for her enemy’s lair. After two hours, she has searched in half Manhattan; suddenly, using her moth’s scent sense, she finds a gooie way, that may lead her to the Lizard.

The drainages are dark and humid, but that doesn’t afraid our heroine, who keeps on crawling throught the narrow tubes, hoping find the Lizard and punishing him. She know insects are her slaves, so she doesn’t fear vermin. At one point of her journey, she starts hearing grumbling sounds, like something scaly slipping throught the tubes; Mary Janes hurries heading to the sound’s origin, but it moves constantely. Now, she’s almost sure of having looked a scaly tail turning at one nook.

Mary Jane hurries, trying to sneak, but as she looks around the nook... she suddenly feels something piercing pinches her left buttock. Surprised, Mary Jane looks back, and she sees the same tail turning the corner. Mary Jane follows it again, and she finds, finally, the entrance for the Lizard’s lair.

Mary Jane crawls until she finds the entrance, finding a stair that goes down, but she doesn’t find Lizard’s track; however, she has just seen Lizard’s tail getting inside, one moment ago. Dr. Lizard’s lab is full of strange machines and laboratory items, and she knows those experiments can help humanity, but she knows Dr. Connors is still working in her wicked genetic experiments; so, Mary Jane knows she must find a way of saving doctor’s mind, and at the same time, punishing his inner monster.

The lab is so dark, with only a few flickering lightbulbs lightening the scene, remarking the misty path and making the atmosphere more lurid even. The constant sound of the dropping water increases Mary Jane’s inner tension. Walking carefully, she founds herself on front of a mirror: she looks at her long red hair, straight as ever, and her sexy 25-years-old woman body, sexier now by her leotard, that leaves so little to the imagination, sticking to her breasts and crotch, and revealling her sexy legs and buttocks. Mary Jane is looking at his face: the big green eyes, her fine lips and her sexy freckle, as suddenly the mirror crushes in one thousand pieces, and a familiar creature appears: it’s the Lizard, all covered in bright green scales, with his thorn lab coat and brown pants, opening his sharp-theeted mouth to bite our heroine.

Mary Jane jumps back at the right moment, and Connors closes his mouth biting only the air. Mary Jane prepares to fight, confroting the Lizard hand-by-hand. Mary Jane awaits for his attack: “Come on”, says, “It’s time for resolving this”. The lizard runs trying to tackle MJ, but she manages to dodge his attack: “Too slow, says” as she prepares to deliver a kick. But she surprises as she looks that, next to missing, the Lizard runs away, heading to his lab’s center. “Not again”, says Mary Jane, following the Lizard, “I have been searching for you all night; you won’t escape again”.

The Lizard enters to a heavily enlightened room, whose center is a great machine, that constantely lights and darkens. Mary Jane contemplates the machine, and then she finds The Lizard, who is pulling down a lever. As the lizards activates the system, Lab’s doors closes shut. “OK”, says Mary Jane, “I see you have not intention in running away”, preparing to fight. But another thing happens: machine’s core gets more and more brightly, emiting a buzzing sound, and doing its bright fill all the room.

Mary Jane’s sight is briefly blinded, and she cover her eyes with her hands, but after 5 seconds, the machine turns off.

“It seems your machine didn’t worked”, says Mary Jane, defiant, “Now, it’s time to attack”. The Lizard’s face shows confidency, and he stands on front of Mary Jane with her defense down. Mary Jane runs to the Lizard, preparing to throw a heavy kick, but as she starts running, she feels a little strange, like weakened; even though, she thinks “The show must go on”, and jumps to the lizard throwing the jumping kick. Suddenly, the lizard appears getting faster, and he dodges MJ’s kick by turning around. “He is too quick”, thinks Mary Jane, still in the air. Dr. Lizard throw his tail against Mary Jane, who’s still in midair, and the girl is too confused to evade the attack. Lizard’s tail gets inserted between Mary Jane’s liotard part that covers her perineum, catching Mary Jane in midair, and keeping her hanging.

“Come on!”, says Mary Jane, embarrased, “Let me go”, shouts, struggling against the lizard. But the Lizard is pleases, and his tail enlarges to keep him far from Mary Jane’s attacks reach. Mary Jane then feels strange again: suddenly lighter. Mary Jane manages to roll, still impaled in Lizard’s tail, and with a tumble she escapes from his hook tail. Mary Jane lands succesfully... easily. “What’s happening?”, says Mary Jane, “I’m actually not that good in gymnastics”.

The Lizard is distracted, so she finds a minute to take a look at her body: her breasts looks a little shorter than before, and her boots almost reaching her tighs, being under her knees before. “Oh, my God... He’s shrinking me!”; equally, her gloves covers a larger part of her arms.

Lizard jumps again, trying to capture Mary Jane, but she manages to crouch oportunally... But, she feels strange again... “I’d have to have crouched more than I did to dodge Lizard’s attack... What’s happening to me??!”. MJ feels weaker, and she knows she cannot keep on fighting in that situation. As the Lizard slips on the floor, MJ runs to reach the lever, and by stepping in tiptoes (“why??!”) she pulls down the lever and opens the door.

Mary Jane is escaping from the Lizard; with her boots covering her groin, and the gloves advancing to her armpits, she have to run at her maximum speed to finally find the mirror again. She looks herslef (“is it really me??!”) at the mirror, impressed: she’s know less than one meter height, and her features are the ones of a 7-years-old little girl, with her breast as plain as a boy’s and no more curves. Fortunately, her spandex suit has the property of enlarge or shrink equally, otherwise Mary Jane would have been stooded naked at the mutant’s mercy.

Her infantile features are now full with fear... “Now, I realize...”, thinks, in her panic, “Dr. Lizard have had been working in an Age Regression serum...”

Mary Jane’s look in the mirror another shadow getting near... It’s another familiar enemy. “Hello, ms. Watson...”, says the Vulture. “It seems you have been the first test subject in my colleague’s experiments”. The lizard appears, joining to his friend. “I think you’re now in a big problem”, says the Vulture, laughing, “The first tests has always secondary effects...”

Mary Jane listens how Vulture’s voice get further, as she starts to shrink even more... “Who heroe would be capable of saving me...?!”, tries to shout; but instead, from her mouth only exhales a baby cry.




End Chapter 1

Mary Jane Watson: Insect Princess

by: malom_shlasters | Complete Story | Last updated Oct 21, 2008


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