La Aventura Parte II (Beyblade x Pokémon: The Diapered Adventures)

by: malom_shlasters | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 31, 2014

Beyblade's adventure continues. But now, a new adventurer will join to our heroes... Follow-up to Beyblade: The Diapered Adventures: IN SPANISH ONLY


Capítulo 1

The Bladebreakers meet Ash, and together they will return to the forest where Kai was regressed. Sinister pokémons with weird abilites are on the lurk... This way the adventure will start again!!

Jan 31, 2014


Capítulo 2

With the aid of their girlfriends, the boys get prepared for the adventure ;)

Jan 31, 2014


Capítulo 3

Ash and Max lost their way in the forest. They will have to support each other if they wanna survive...

Jan 31, 2014


Capítulo 4

Emily and Misty are having problems at the Pokémon Center with baby Kai and baby Tyson. Meanwhile, Ash and Max almost arrive to Palette town.

Jan 31, 2014


Capítulo 5

Ash and Max meet Professor Oak

Jan 31, 2014


Capítulo 6

Ash, Max and Oak spend the night at Ash mom's house. Meanwhile, Rei will fight Mariah to see who gets regressed...

Jan 31, 2014


Capítulo 7

Ash, Max and Oak arrive back to the Pokémon Center. But their girlfriends's attitudes won't be the ones they expect.

Jan 31, 2014


Capítulo 8

Ash, Max and Kai are back in diapers and looking for Rei. But the Rocket Team gals will stand in their way...

Jan 31, 2014


Capítulo 9

Kenny and Hilary arrive to the laboratory. Max and Ash are still captive by the Rocket Girls.

Jan 31, 2014


Capítulo 10

Max and Ash sissy education will start in the hands of the Rocket Team. Kenny will clash with Oak for Hilary's affections.

Jan 31, 2014


Capítulo 11

Basically, everything ends here. Let's see what are our heroes' fates in the end.

Jan 31, 2014

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