Kristina's Gift

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Kristina Fox is a novice at the Medicine Career. There, she'll learn that she has a marvelous gift that goes beyond the imagination. Comission by Lurkiemagoo.

Chapter 1
Chapter 1

Chapter Description: Kristinna just knew her old best friends are going to be with her in the same Campus. But her plans to spend a good time with them will have an un expected failure, that will ruin her first day... and change her entire life.

Hello, readers, my name is Kristina and this is the story about how a mysterious power changed my life forever. It’d be quite hard to explain, but I’ll do my best; I expect you follow me all along in my wicked and exciting story.

Everything started when I entered college, to study Medicine. At first, I was so nervous for taking this new step in my life, but then I rejoiced when I learned my best friends from High School, Nicole and Shannon, were going to be in my same Campus.

Oh, well, let me first introduce you Nicole: She’s 20, just like me, and I’m proud for having such beautiful friend. She has bright orange hair that highlights her deep honey eyes, and perfect white skin, with a slight pinkish tone. Of course, she has a hot body, especially for her curvy legs and short breast, but I prefer her because of her personality: she’s very little positive, outgoing, and never seem to worry about something, no matter how terrible it seems; she was one of my strongest supporters all along High School, and she was who hurry me to take the exam to apply the Medicine career. I had never considered myself that intelligent, since I prefer passing the tests by making some special favors to my teachers, and they can’t resist my requests to approve the exams. So, I thought Nicole had a crazy idea... Me? Studying to be a doctor? That sounded impossible to me. But she helped me to realize my own potential, and she helped me to study for the exam, that I actually started to believe I could be a great doctor in a future... and it worked! I managed to pass the exam without cheating, and now I was listed to study the Medicine career with a Scholarship sponsored by the Government.

Ah, and my other friend is Shannon. If I had to choose a companion to get lost in a desert island, I know it’d be Shannon; it’s impossible to get bored with her around. She’s ironic, naughty and irreverent as nobody else. And of course, she’s very beautiful too, and she has a lot of pretenders. She has blonde-copper wavy hair, always looks slender and sophisticated, and her only sight can kill. And also in the sexy department she’s good equipped, with a solid and prominent butt, and hard round breasts.

Well, I had moved to the Campus and it was Friday, and that same day I knew my friends were going to stay in the same zone that I: They had passed their tests too, and now we would be able to prolong our friendship even at the College! I couldn’t stop feeling blessed by that learning.

But then, I received another new: Jeanne Hudgens, my old High-School rival, was going to be hosted in a building near mine. I remember how she stole me one or two guys that were crazy for me. That cunning bitch was my worst enemy in High School, and if was not for a good move I could do, maybe she would have been able to steal my mate for the Graduation Dance.

I thought those bad moments with her had been passed to the forgotten, but now I knew a new chapter in our animosity was going to start.

Whatever, I tried to not let that new learning darken the good news. My period had started just a day ago, so I had to be on the best mood possible. I knew my friends were going to arrive at Sunday Night, so I decided spending the weekend on organizing my new home. My roommate was Jamie, a serious but friendly girl, who was really excited to start classes; she was in the Medicine career just like me, and I didn’t surprise we would be schoolmates also in the same groups. I was surprised on how a nerdy girl like her was that beautiful, since she had a good physique, big blue eyes and silky yet messed up jet black hair. Well, I started to machinate a good plan for her, maybe if she had the interest of joining to me and my friends, I could offer her a look change, only for fun; she was not the kind of girl I’d be ashamed to hang around with. But that’d be later, when she had demonstrated she deserved to be my friend; for now, I looked at her only as a good source of homeworks and exam answers.

And finally, my first day at College started. I woke up early to look the most beautiful possible. I admit I felt proud of myself when I looked at myself into the mirror: my perfect round breasts, firm ass and attractive natural tanned skin; I licked up my fleshy lips and threw a kiss just for myself, as I bowed towards myself, pressing my boobs against the mirror. Then, and only for fun, I posed grabbing my own long brown hair, letting it fall on my shoulders and addressing it on exotic figures. But, well... it was enough; the day was going to be long and I’d have the night just for me and the girls.

So, I took my cell phone and sent text messages for my two friends. I had planned the perfect startup for the day: an intimate chat to learn all the new gossips, and it was going to be in one of the most important buildings of my Campus: the public showers. I had made a deal with one of the guards, and he agreed in giving me chance of taking a bathroom for private usage, only for that day.

When the girls arrived to the spot of our meeting, I was already wearing my towel; they seemed to be very surprised for the idea, and I smiled at them and invited them to enter, while they presented stupefaction faces. We took the three showers from the bottom, in part because we were somewhat afraid some people enter to the showers, even we knew we had locked the doors pretty well. The showers were separated about 4 meters one from the other, and protected by polarized plastic walls, but our heads were able to stand out from the glass. In other words, we could see the other’s head and shoulders, but the rest of our body was well-protected for the other sights because of the polarized walls; naturally, the walls were not jet black or such, they were actually blurry transparent, so we could in theory see the others’ body, or at least their bodies’ silhouettes, blurry of course. It created a very intimate space, so we were feeling really comfortable, and it was a perfect time to share the last gossips from the summer.

We took our towels off and entered at one time to the showers, hanging the towels on the outer door handles. The water was perfect hot and soon a steam wave filled the stalls and the steam started to sensually mist the plastic walls, delineating our sensual bodies through.

The chat started, animated, and the first in talking was I, naturally: "Hey, Shannon, I heard that you dated Billy Coxban."

Shannon, who was shampooing her head, answered with an annoyed voice: "Oh, yeah, that fool. I thought I was never going to date somebody who never changed his socks in my whole life."

Nicole and I laughed funny, that willing petulant attitude from Shannon was maybe her funniest trait. I didn’t know why, but I felt blushing and my nipples erecting; that was not usual for me when I take I shower, but I think maybe the intimate ambient and conversation was making me get excited.

"And Nicole... how about you?", I asked, turning to see her. Since she’s the shortest from us three, only the top of her head stand out from the stall. "What about Tony? Are you still a couple?"

Nicole took her time to answer, so Shannon said: "Come on, Nicole! Talk now or we’re going to turn into raisins."

I felt worried about Nicole, so I let Shannon read my lips: "Maybe something went wrong with Tony."

But then Nicole said:

"Ah, Tony. Well, we broke up", calmly.

"Oh, I’m so sorry, Nicole", Shannon said.

"No problem", Nicole answered. "I cut him off."

"Yeah?", I asked. "He seemed to be a good guy."

"Well, if he was that good, we’d be still together", said Nicole, smiling. "I found him too boring for me."

"Uuuh", Shannon said, naughty. "I always knew our Nicole had special needs... Come on, that Tony was a stud!"

I laughed loud, while Nicole and Shannon smiled giggling, exchanging a complicity look. "Well... In fact. He was", Nicole admitted.

"Come on, come on, tell us more!", Shannon urged.

Nicole was a very outgoing person in every way, but until today I didn’t know I was going to learn something about her sex life. The hot water from the shower was making a delicious pressure on my shoulders, and along my excitation for listening her story made my crotch expand from the inside. I tried to dissimulate by looking to other side, and I also could realize I was not the only one excited; I could see Shannon’s eyes shining and her lips trembling while waiting to hear her story.

"OK, OK", Nicole started, giggling. "Our last date was at night. He was driving the BMW and he had just picked me up at home. We said goodbye to my parents (I got to admit, he always acted as a gentleman in others presence) and then we head to the Rocky Point that’s uphill... I didn’t know what to expect, since you may know, I have made it only once, but he was quicker than I expected... in a single flash I felt how his big hand unbuttoned my blouse, and his hand hunting inside my breast...!"

Nicole’s narrator ability was perfect. Shannon and I was totally absorbed by her story. I felt my anus comprising, trying to held the deep arousal that her words were creating on me. I was totally relaxed, and I felt the steam condensing over my buttocks; I didn’t know how to dissimulate, so I tried to act natural. I turned to see Shannon just to learn she was in the same predicament as I; I looked at her bowing her long neck and with her eyes closed, in a deep pleasure sensation, enjoying the story at her best. I knew she was not going to pay me attention, and probably she knew I could see her; but maybe she trusted in I just ignored her and she was going to do the same with me... So, I forgot Shannon and focused on the story.

"... His hand went down to my legs, while still kissing me in the neck; I could feel his other arm caressing my back all along" Nicole’s voice was getting clearer and more disturbed, like she was reviving that moment in her mind, like her voice came from deep inside her heart... was she in the same arousal state as we were? "I started to lay down on the seat when I heard his pants unzipping and in a moment I felt her warm dick on my face..."

That last phrase was deep on us; I had my eyes closed but I could clearly listen Shannon’s moan on the other stall... Then, I noticed what I was doing to myself; I realized I was touching my vulva with my hand. Rubbing it, actually, frenzy. Yes, I don’t know if it was only the narration or the nebulous warm ambient where we were, but I couldn’t do anything against my body’s will. My brain needed a more source of stimulation in order to improve the sensation, and I don’t know, my only idea was contemplating at my friends’ bodies. I turned to see the walls of their cubicles and they were almost totally covered in condensating steam; that transparent layered could overcome the polarized plastic surface, and I could contemplate almost clearly their female bodies.

Yes, I took a good view on Nicole’s short and well-built body, with her boobs big as melons, with bright pink nipples, and the slender tall Shannon’s figure, with those delicious athletic thighs and her perfect waist. For the movements of their bodies and their hands positions, it was rather obvious they were also masturbating, while Shannon using both hands and Nicole was bent down, touching the wall with her other hand ... I knew it was wrong, so I closed my eyes and enjoyed more of the story.

"... He took my thighs with both hands and snatched away my panties, that were already at my feet level, and made me open my legs wide. Then, his penis started pumping delicious, while I was shivering in pleasure, with my mouth open, almost tearing the seat covers off when holding them with my fingers..."

Nicole was alternating a minute of the story with 10 seconds of moans and sobs; of course, it was so hard for her standing strong with the rhythm, because of her own arousal. Shannon and I were having the best fun; I started to caress my abundant pubic hair, feeling a funny sensation because I felt it as straight as the hair from my head. I opened my eyes to avoid laughing, when I noticed something strange... my friends’ silhouettes on the stalls were a little shorter than before. I tried to raise my head in order to see Shannon’s, but I had to step in tiptoes for that... why? And even I was at her same height, I couldn’t see it. That was pretty odd... I looked at Nicole’s cubicle and found her definitively shorter.

"... His balls were in my mouth while he had his tongue already inside my vagina. I grabbed his buttocks with such strength I almost made him scream inside my cunt, but then I felt his fresh teeth’s almost reaping my clit..."

The narration was getting hotter and hotter, so I couldn’t stop masturbating. But beyond those words, there was something much strange. It was not Nicole’s voice. Nicole’s voice is high-pitched, but not that high-pitched. It almost heard as a chipmunk’s voice; almost as a... kid’s voice. Was that maybe a sound effect from the steam..?

And then I could appreciate more my own body changing... It was not only sexual pleasure what I was receiving; it was more than that. I felt tickles around my body and also an increasing pressure on the top of my head. And it was not the hot water that the shower was squirting over me. I took my hand to my breast to massage it and increase the pleasure... but even I felt my nipples erected as missiles, there was little more than that... my breast had shrunk!

I looked to the wall and I could see it getting higher and higher very slowly... but it was not the wall..! It was me! I was getting shorter, about 1 cm. per second. I looked at the showers and saw my friends’ breasts and buttocks deflating, her legs getting skinnier and her silhouettes shorter and shorter. But the show was still going on.

Nicole’s story was coming to its end, and I could hear Nicole and Shannon’s voices exhausted, almost reaching an orgasm. At the same time Tony squirted his semen in Nicole’s eye, they both came, with me catching up them lately... then we could rest and appreciate only the soft shower’s whisper.

To dissimulate and regain forces, we remained about 1 minute with the showers off. I thought in that moment my body was going to grow up, because of the lack of the others elements: the story was finished, the orgasm had been reached, the masturbation session was over; and the water was off... but after 60 seconds, nobody had changed. I inspected my body and, full in fear, I realized it was the one that I had when I was 12 years old... what had happened?! I looked at my friends’ silhouettes through the plastic walls, and even the steam was dispelling away, I could verify the horrible truth: they hadn’t regained their actual bodies either. Nicole’s silhouette was about the one of an 8 years old girl, and Shannon hardly was more than 5.

I wondered what was going to happen when they realize what had happened to their bodies. Then, as in slow motion, I looked at them slipping the door open and raising their hands in order to reach the towels from the inside. Were they aware? Were they trying to hide their disfigured body from the others’ sights. I imitate them and I reached my towel, the green one, and hurried to get out of the shower before they do the same. But what I saw broke my heart: their little, chubby hands were not able to reach the towels, due to their new short heights; their hands searched on the air, and their fingers opened and closed once and again, only to discover the towel was out of their reach.

But what happened after that was the most disconcerting of all: my two best friends jumped out from the shower, in all-new, kiddy and ridicule bodies, with a big giggling smile on their faces.

"Oh, Kistinna", said the little Shannon, looking at me and giggling. "you hid ou towies!", said, in a cute childish voice.

She was totally naked and, as I thought, she was about 4 or 5 years old; her face was far from the elegant girl I always knew; she had freckles, a missing teeth and her hair was a disaster. And she was stubbornly running to me, with her bare feet stomping on the floor and her little skinny arms open. What the hell was happening?!

Next, I could see Nicole walking, with her pretty pubescent face (she was 8) and covering her private parts with her hands, calmly asking for her towel... I surprised learned Nicole was a tall girl (for her age) when she was 8 years old. What was happening with the girls? They didn’t even seem to realize they had been... regressed. Even their behavior seem to correspond to their ages, with Shannon being an active, naughty little girl, and Nicole a timid and insecure pre-teen.

I decided to act naturally even I was freaked out as hell... Was everything my imagination...? I walked to their stalls in order to take and handle them the towels, and when I passed after them, I couldn’t avoid taking a peek on their little tushies, that were cute and childish, nothing like the sexy and desirable curves from their adult bodies. And their chests were, of course, flat as tortillas, with only two plump peach buttons on the upper part. Finally, Shannon’s vagina was risible at its best... Everything was too absurd!

I didn’t know what to do; I only gave them the towels and ran away to the lockers. There, I took my clothes and put them on; they almost didn’t fit on me, and I couldn’t go to take my class in that form. I remembered I had programmed taking breakfast with my friends, so I had a little more time. I canceled the breakfast and I managed to come back to my apartment without being recognized by anyone. There, I sat down on my bed and there I stayed, hugging my knees with my arms, deeply disturbed, trying to forget all that had happened. I don’t know how much time passed, when I heard the door of my room opening; I had forgotten locking the door! For sure it was Jaime; what was she going to think about me?! Would she recognize me!

"Oh, you’re still here, Kristinna", she said, totally natural. "I thought your first class was at 7 a.m."

Had Jaime looked at me? I raised my sight to see her, and she was turned round, taking some books of my table. I looked at my hands, at my skirt, at my dress... everything was just like before. I had regained my actual age!

I don’t know how I managed to survive that day. I remember sitting to receive my first day classes totally abstracted, without listening anybody. The events from that day revolted in my head like an endless wave. I didn’t answer my cell phone when my friends called me; they sure would hate me for having their lives ruined. When I came home, the automatic answering machine from my phone delivered me a message with Nicole’s voice: “Kristinna, We’re sorry if you felt offended for what happened today. We respect your decisions. Remember, we’ll always be your friends”. It was Nicole’s voice. I mean, Nicole’s real voice, just as I remember her, as an adult.

I took for dinner only a sandwich that Jaime gave me. She was worried about me, also. She took my temperature and gave me an aspirin. I started to feel relaxed. It least everything was reversible...

At night, When I went to sleep, all those images came again to my mind: Nicole’s boyfriend having sex with her, the little Nicole’s buttocks after the regression, and the silhouettes of my friends masturbating on the showers... and of course, the regressions; the regressions that made me feel guilty. I knew I had to discharge all that tension... but maybe if I do that, something terrible was going to happen. My cunt was itching, thirsty for more caresses. If I wanted to keep my sanity, I knew I had to do that; to exorcise those terrible images. Maybe if I do that, something terrible was going to happen. I took one of my hand to my right breast, and the other to my vagina. Maybe. And just maybe. with a finger I started to scratch my crack. If I wanted to know what was going to happen, I had to do that. My finger slipped to my clit and I started masturbating.

[size=4]TO BE CONTINUED[/size]



End Chapter 1

Kristina's Gift

by: malom_shlasters | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 27, 2010


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