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A Brief(s) Weekend

by: malom_shlasters Last updated Sep 22, 2014

My step-sister has such annoying bad habits that I'll use my magic power in order to make her percieve the world from other perspective. An opportunist Transformation will start her adventures.

A Brief(s) Weekend - Getttin' it started!

by: malom_shlasters Last updated Sep 22, 2014

Second half of "A Brief(s) Weekend" story. Griselda has been turned into a male briefs for her bad habits. Now, she has to serve as a good underwear to some people, and with that, learning an important lesson and becoming a better person.

A diaper hero(ine)

by: malom_shlasters Last updated Jan 31, 2014

Julie used to be a normal 16-years-old girl, but an encounter with the indian hero Shikhandi, gives her the opportunity of becoming the hero that everybody (and specially herself) needed. A new Diaper Boy is in town!

A diaper hero(ine) - Raid in the Regression Lab

by: malom_shlasters Last updated Jan 31, 2014

This story takes place after the end of A Diaper Hero(ine): But it's pretty much a stand-alone. Julie (aka Diapered Boy) is trying to catch the remants of the evil organization once menaced the city. But she will find the wonders of science...

Adapting: The Adventures Of Kiki-Chan

by: malom_shlasters Last updated Aug 16, 2014

Michael Barrows, a 21-years-old boy, is sent to Japan as an exchange student. There he will live in a luxurious shogun castle, owned by madam Hiru, a regressatrix obsessed with creating the perfect japanese girl. Gradually, Michael will experience assuming a new identity: the little Kiki-Chan.


by: malom_shlasters Last updated May 13, 2009

Arizona River High School is featuring a new discipline system that consists in a special treatment to fix immaturity issues. Join Breeze Harper, member of the Cheerleader Council, and follow her work as immaturity therapist with the use of the brand-new Age Regression Waters

Arizona River's secondary school Sex Ed class

by: malom_shlasters Last updated Apr 26, 2009

Arizona River's secondary school students will met Ms. Berkeley, her new Sex Education teacher. They'll learn sex themes must be taken in an open attitude and free from prejudicies, or they'll transform into what they are really.

Aventuras de una Trusa (Adventures Of A Brief)

by: malom_shlasters Last updated Sep 22, 2014

Segunda mitad de "Mi Hermana, Mi Trusa": Griselda ha sido convertida en una trusa de hombre, por sus malos hábitos. Ahora tendrá que servir de ropa interior a las personas y, con eso, aprender una valiosa lección y volverse una mejor persona. This is the Spanish version of "A Brief('s) Weekend - Gettin' It Started".

Bart's Job Interview

by: malom_shlasters Last updated Aug 4, 2014

A short regression story featuring the characters of Bart Simpson, and Mindy Simmons from The Simpsons, and Janine Melnitz from Ghostbusters... Bart's in a stressful job interview, but Mindy has a better job for him in her mind...

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