Arizona River's secondary school Sex Ed class

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Arizona River's secondary school students will met Ms. Berkeley, her new Sex Education teacher. They'll learn sex themes must be taken in an open attitude and free from prejudicies, or they'll transform into what they are really.

Chapter 1
Enters Mr. Berkeley

Chapter Description: Ms. Berkeley has to treat with MarĂ­a, a catholic college student whose immaturity will lead her to transform into what she is really...

“come on, boys and girls, this will be your special final sex education class!!”

The bell rang, and the boys from the 8th grade school of the Arizona River elementary school. As in every group, in this group there are different students, some of them good, some of them bad, and some of them stupid. But all of them will have to treat with the sex on its lifes.

As they entered the room, Conny distracted talking with Ronnie, the basketball leader, so she was pushed by Marko, one of the problematic students of the school.

“Move that glasses, nerd!”, said Marko, as he pushed Conny, and she almost fell on the floor pushed by the students tsunami. As costumed, the gang members -Marko, Pops and Robert- hurried the students by pushing them, until everybody got inside the classroom. The girls, as usually, yelled at them, asking protection to James, their guardian; of course, he couldn’t do anything. The last student entering in the classroom was Bayender, the classic shy guy of the class.

Mrs. Robinson, the sex educator, waited as her students sat on their places, and then said goodbye: “I’m sorry, students, but this class I won’t be your teacher. Say hello to your new teacher!” An expectation aura spread in the classroom as the new teacher, Ms. Berkeley, appeared in the classroom: she was a 28-years-old woman, curvy and slim, dressed in a scientist gown and glasses, a black t-shirt and mini-skirt; she was wearing stockings and high-heel black shoes. As you can suppose, the students felt automatically sexually attracted to her new teacher; compared to the boring 50-years-old, fat and short Mrs. Robinson, they were now in the Sex-Ed heaven.

“Hello, students”, said Ms. Berkeley, delibaratedly spreading her long straight black hair with her fine hand, with her fingernails painted on red. “I’ll give you your most important sex class.” Ms. Berkeley clicked her fingers, and a pair of not-so-attractive plump female nurses (about 43-years-old) wearing uniforms appeared throught the door. “These women will be my assistants, in case of emergency”.

As Ms. Berkeley turned round to write in the blackboard, almost every boy from the classroom bended down, looking at teacher’s excellent butt. Suddenly, they felt a strange sensation in their stomachs, and as the teacher turned round again, they quickly took their places.

“Well”, said the teacher, showing what she had wrote in the blackboard, “this will be your SEX education class. So we will talk about...”, then she underlined the word, and blinking an eye to the classroom, said “SEX”, in a loud voice. Most of the students laughed loud, because of the unexpected teacher’s joke. But suddenly, they feel like reducing in size. So they suddenly shut up.

Miss Berkeley walked through the classroom, swaying her perfect curves. “Well... who can tell me something about sex?”, asked, with a smile. The first student of raising up her hand was Mar“a, a mexican exchange students. “I can tell you, teacher”, commented, “that sex is bad and it should not be taught at school”. Ms. Berkeley raised one brow, and the whole classroom silenced. “Well, miss Fernandez”, said, “It seems you know too enough about sex”. Mar“a was a tan skin and black hair girl, tied on pigtails; she seemed too serious and sure about herself as she said: “Nobody should know about sex”.

Students couldn’t believe the way Mar“a was talking... but, far beyond, they couldn’t believe what was happening to Mar“a. The classroom could say as the student’s school shirt started a little to approach at Mar“a’s elbows. Well, that seemed. “Why not?”, asked Ms. Berkeley, still smiling. Mar“a continued, explaining in loud voice: “Because sex is bad; that made us loose the Eden”. Mar“a had been educated most of her life in a catholic college, and all the classroom knew that. Students stood freezed, as they realized Mar“a’s shirt was not getting larger... It was Mar“a herself getting shorter... or better, younger.

“Well, maybe you don’t know sex is necessary for reproduction and it’s an important affection factor”, explained Ms. Berkeley. Mar“a was there, standing against her, and getting more and more furious; but as her fury grew up, she grew down; “Sex is only a pleasure search! It is a sin!”, shouted. Mar“a was originally a 15-years-old girl, but in that moment she seemed to be a 13-years-old girl... and regression was getting quicker. Mar“a’s shirt was touching her elbows now, and her socks were advancing to her knees; Mar“a’s chest was flattening too.

“Well, honey, Sex is a normal part of life”, said Ms. Berkeley, “Every people must face that”. Mar“a started getting red from the fury. “That’s a blaspheme!!”, shouted, closing her eyes, “People must live pure and virgin!! Sex is the devil!!”, continued, spitting out saliva. Now her body was almost totally flat, the shirt was hanging from her arms and her socks were in her knees; Mar“a’s features seemed to be a 11-years-old girl ones. Students couldn’t believe what their eyes saw.

“It is moment for you face it”, said Ms. Berkeley, calm, “You’re a sexual being, and you must take care of sexual health”. This time Mar“a dyed totally in red, blushing by that accusation. The regression accelerated, and three seconds after, Mar“a was an 8-years-old little girl. Full of fury and humiliation, Mar“a start walking, full of tension; “You’re the devil itself!!”, shouted Mar“a to Ms. Berkeley, running to the exit, where the nurses were standing.

What happened after that was too quick to be described: Mar“a was a 6-years-old girl, running to the door, founding that so hard, cause she was stumbling with her own, now too big shoes and clothes; soon, her hips became as short that her school skirt slipped down, falling through her legs. Students saw Mar“a’s legs getting out from the big socks and then she was a barefeet 5-years-old little girl, wearing pink panties (with a chastity belt) running to the door, covered only by her large shirt. Mar“a stumbled, looking at her classmates’ worried sight. Embarrased by the exposure, the transformation got faster... Her features seemed to be not the ones of a 14-years-old girl; now they could be compared with the ones of a kindergarten angry baby girl. Mar“a kept running to the door, that was almost 7 years away, but she found she was advancing slower and slower...

Mar“a was only three-years-old, and by the moment she reached the line of the door, that the nurses were guarding, Mar“a got free from all clothes, free from walking abilities and free from speaking. The plump nurses caught Mar“a in midair, as she leaped to pass through the door. Now in her arms, she was nothing more than a 2-years-old tanned skin and black hair baby girl, crying in desperation.

Students directed their sight again to Ms. Berkeley, crossing again the way sown of girl’s clothes... “Now, you can see what an immature attitude against sex can do”, said Ms. Berkeley, standing triumphant; “There are another bad attitudes against sex; you’ll know how to fight against them in this class; and maybe it will be painful if you experience them.”

The students attended to the sex-ed class, trembling by the sight of Ms. Berkeley’s sexually attractive body.




End Chapter 1

Arizona River's secondary school Sex Ed class

by: malom_shlasters | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 26, 2009


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