Baby Sakura (Naruto Fanfic)

by: malom_shlasters | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 23, 2011

When Sakura tries to learn Tsunade's beauty secret, she turns into an infant by accident! Fortunately, Naruto would be there to support her. IN SPANISH ONLY


Sakura's Regression

Sakura looks for the secret Beauty jutsu.

Feb 28, 2011


The Sensei Dismay

Kakashi learns about his student's transformation.

Feb 28, 2011


Kakashi and Shizune go on shopping to buy Sakura's baby clothes and accesories ^^

Feb 28, 2011


Naruto's Revelation

Naruto realizes what happened to Sakura

Feb 28, 2011


Little Sakura's Fate

Naruto and Kakashi have to make a choice.

Feb 28, 2011


First Night Together

Kakashi and Naruto have to take care of Sakura for first time.

Feb 28, 2011


Sakura's parents need also to know what happened to their daughter.

Feb 28, 2011


One Weekend Alone Together Part 1

New Year special. Kakashi goes on a mission and Naruto is the only one to take care of Sakura. He will have to fight his desires to go to the New Year festival, though

Feb 28, 2011


One Weekend Alone Together Part 2

Naruto's second day alone with Sakura. They decided to visit the Great Konoha Zoo. Also, the ending of Hinata's story.

Jan 31, 2011


Kakashi Chronicles

Kakashi's secret missions trying to cure Sakura's regressions. And a timeskip.

Mar 29, 2011


Sakura's Return

2 years later, mysteriously, Sakura has regained her teenage mind. What will happen now with Naruto and her?!

Mar 29, 2011


Apr 23, 2011

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