A diaper hero(ine)

by: malom_shlasters | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 31, 2014

Chapter 10

Chapter Description: Whatever happened with Julie and her family...?

The door opened from the inside to receive the guest. Mrs. Amy Andrews, an adult woman in her latter 30s, showed up wearing a white thick bathrobe, her auburn hair straight and wet, falling on her back.

She opened her eyes and drew a perfect smile as she saw her expected guest: Juanita was a charming 5-years old girl, green eyes, her blonde hair tied in a ponytail.

“Ah, Juanita, glad you are here”, she said, crouching to exchange a kiss in the cheek with the little girl.

Juanita was wearing blue leggings, rainbow-colored socks up to the knees and a denim mini-skirt. On her upper body a purple cotton blouse frilled in the bottom, a light denim jacket and her arms covered with fingerless long gloves like sleeves. A pair of Converse tennis shoes completed her fashion girl look.

“Nice to see you too, Mrs. Andrews”, Juanita said, smiling with her teeth, and blushing a little as she smelt the delicious shampoo fragrance that emanated from the woman.

“Come on, let’s go in!”, the exuberant mistress invited, cheerful, opening the door for Juanita to enter.

“Excuse me”, Juanita said, crouching to cross under the mistress’s arm and come inside.

Once she was in, the housewife headed to the staircase. Juanita walked behind her, and the camera followed them as they walked upstairs.

“Carlos’s waiting for you…!” Miss Andrews said, in a singing fashion, as she leaded her little guest.

Then, as they arrived, Miss Andrews turned to the camera and smiled, then she pushed the door to let Juanita come in.

The camera walked inside next, panning the bathroom, where there were two different tubs, aligned perpendicular. In one of them, there was a little kid, about 8-years old and entirely naked, sat on the bathtub, with his short brown hair wet and covered in foam. As soon as he saw the two females coming by the door, he stood up, showing himself naked and foamy, the water under his calves. Miss Andrews began helping Juanita to undress; as she took her shoes up she was helping them affectionately with her jacket.

The camera moved towards the other tub, where there was a naked teenager girl with her grandma. The mistress, a large woman, was sit on the tub with her legs spread (her toes leaning out of the water), her granddaughter sit in between of them.

The camera approached and focused into the girl, who saluted while smiling with the teeth, a nervous and little embarrassed look on her eyes.

“Hey, Julie!”, the cameraman said. “How have you been?”

The teenager talked to the camera, as it zoomed in an extreme close-up, covering her face, her wet hair and her bare torso:

“Ah, well, I’m doing very well”, she expressed, while her grandma tidied her long straight hair with her fingers. “Dealing with fame and everything, as you can see. But I think that’s alright!”, she finished, in a somewhat forced gesture giving a thumb up.

The camera panned to her grandma, showing the whitehead woman with her massive belly and breasts entirely out of the water, totally devoted to her granddaughter’s hair.

“What about your relationship?”, the cameraman asked. “I mean, there are many unconfirmed rumours about you and a guy named Darien”.

Julie covered her eyes with her soaped hands, while still smiling, and made a weird beeping sound.

“Ohh, yes”, she explained to the camera, somewhat still embarrassed. “Well, yes, I’m dating him and he’s my boyfriend! And he’s GREAAAT!”, Julia added, excited, while rattling her wrists. “You know? He’s the boy I’ve always been into…”

The camera panned again, catching a flash of Julie’s grandma rubbing her back with soap, then turned again to the other part of the room. Ms. Andrews had finished undressing Juanita and the kid, already naked and with her hair loose, ran to get in the tub, with her hands covering her chest.

Miss Andrew’s walked then into scene, her back turned to the camera, and let the bathrobe fall to her feet, revealing her naked figure and giving us a look of her plump round butt. She walked to the tub too, where the camera could catch a flash of Juanita’s little tushy as she got into the tub. The two kids held hands excited, and seemed to talk between them, and next the mom came on front of the bathtub, raised her leg and walked into.

Next, the camera started panning out to reveal the whole landscape. On one side, Ms. Andrews sit on the tub, with the two little kids sit on her legs, the woman embracing each one with one arm; the kiddies playing around with the water while the mistress gave them wet kisses in the cheeks and then everyone proceeded to turn to the camera and smile and shake hands in salute. On the other side, Julie had put on her knees, and her grandma was leaning towards, washing her butt with her soaped hands. The cameraman made a gesture to Julie, who had her hands grabbing the front edges of the tub and covered in foam, and then she turned.

“Wanna give us a words, Julie?”, the cameraman asked, as she again looked a little embarrassed to the camera.

“Yeeesss!”, Julie answered, bouncing her knees a little, while her grandmother looked very concentrated on washing and pouring water on her ass. “Greetings to all my fans!! I’m having just a great life here, let them know!!”, she finished, shaking her hand, her tits bouncing all around.

She threw a couple kisses to the camera, and the cameraman took a moment to surround a little to show Grandma Beatrice, very territorial, keeping on scrubbing her butt crack with soap, her eyes entirely focused on it, with not even giving a look to the cameras.

Next, the camera zoomed out again to give a final landscape of Julie and her family in their intimate moment. With the camera set, Julie put one elbow on the edge of the bathtub, and her chin on it, letting a sigh out before saying:

“But, you know… Being a hero is a hard job!”

Her granny seemed to make a big effort for not bursting out in laughter, and sketched a smile on front of the camera while she diligently kept scrubbing her granddaughter’s butt.




End Chapter 10

A diaper hero(ine)

by: malom_shlasters | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 31, 2014


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