A diaper hero(ine)

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Chapter 3
An intruder in my headquarter

Chapter Description: Julie's (a.k.a.: Diapered boy) career reachs new heights, and she becomes her city's most famous hero and teen idol. But with fame, paparazzi came; this night she'll have to face an unexpected intruder on her headquarter. The boyish hand of justice will have to set a punishment.

Hello, this is Julie again. It passed one month after my first heroic entrance as a diaper hero. It’s impressive how my popularity grew since that incident.

Only by stopping that crime, I became recognized in the TV media as “The diapered hero”, and soon everybody in the city had knowledge of my existence and facts. Most newspaper described me as “a skinny but energetic boy, dressing only a bulky blue diaper, from the Big Boy’s brand”. TV notice channels offered drawn descriptions about me (they were so right about my height and physique, but no one of them drew well my face). Girl’s magazine featured me in the front cover; well, it was an idealized drawing of me, just like silly girls like the boys to be: more muscled than I’m really, short blonde hair, perfect teeth and seductive smile, wearing a great diaper… Bleh, they didn’t even resemble to my real other self.

One day I was walking with my friend Nancy and other girls, when we passed on front a magazine stand, and what do you guess they did?, They actually shouted excited only by looking a new girl magazine where I did feature! They bought an exemplar of the magazine, and as we walked they read to me that magazine, that contained “every information and secret about your youthful diaper hero”… Of course, everything on it was bullshit! It contained only fantastic and romantic stories about “my” origin (it said that it was not a diaper, but a Greek thong imbued with the Hercules’s strength), a few fanfiction adventures and interviews with girls who had been my friends and even one girlfriend (girlfriend?! Yuck! I don’t even like girls), and two full-color posters featuring an actor characterized as me. I couldn’t believe how stupid were the girls getting excited by those stupid magazine, they even fought to see who would win the poster!

And it’s not necessary to say that the Big Boy’s diaper brand sells increased in a 490%.

Well, you can say I was enjoying the benefits of fame and fortune, but I was not. Yes, I felt happy to see I had done something good for the community, but I never wanted to become a star and having merchandising of mine selling to everyone. That’s just numb.

Now I’ll tell you that I was not satisfied with my first triumph over evil, so I decided to keep on training and fighting crime. Every night I worn my diaper and went out to train, first in my sister’s treehouse, like the first times, and gradually I roamed through the neighborhood, training my speed and leaps by jumping from roof to roof. I had no longer fear for being seen by any neighbor, since they already knew that there was a diapered hero watching for them. During those training weeks I had no rest, and my strength and reflexes got even sharpener. That virile exercise favored me and I was feeling day to day more prepared and confident. Every night, after finishing training, I climbed again through my house’s tree and walked through the branch as a high wire, to enter through my open window and get in my room again. There, I used to take off my diaper (that commonly after training finished dirty and covered in sweat) and then take a shower in my bathroom for freshening up. After that, I use to wash my diaper and hanging for it dries. Next night it would be totally dry and I would resume my training.

It was my routine the first two weeks, and my mom nor my grandmother or sister discovered my hero’s life. My dreams with Shikhandi, by the way, became less recurring.

But at third week one night I was patrolling my neighborhood when I saw something suspicious: it seemed to be two men at one of my neighbor’s backyard, and they were doing strange things to his car. I imagined they were car thieves, so I approached carefully by the house roof, and when they were unscrewing the car’s tires, I jumped on the car’s top. That made a lot of noise and the men surprised; I think that looking an athletic diapered 12-years-old boy coming out of nothingness and standing self-confident in the car’s roof under the moonlight, made them be enough afraid, and they ran away without saying a word. I followed them by the rooftops, until I saw a police patrol intercepted them.

Next morning it appeared on the radio: two car robbers captured by police when they tried to escape; but the most important: It seemed that the noise I made when I jumped on the car’s roof made the family’s man wake up; he noticed something was happening on his backyard and called the police; they eventually captured the thieves. And that man said I could take a rapid look of me -a seemingly naked agile boy- climbing his roof.

The fact is that the newspaper’s titular was “A CAR THEFT STOPPED BY THE DIAPER HERO”. And my name again sounded through all media. And my friends went crazy… again. But my idea was being a constant presence in the city, and not a sensationalist newspaper star. So I proposed myself making as much justice as I could.

Next week, I expanded my horizons by taking walks to other neighborhoods. It was easy to me; I had learned to climb roofs without making any noise, to sneak through the shadows without being noticed and walking dark alleys for surprising my foes. I had a new success when one night I caught a gang of bad boys painting graffiti on a hospital’s outer walls. They were many guys, but it was no difficult to me making them runaway: I stood on the hospital’s roof and threw them stones with perfect accuracy, so they threw off their paint cans and ran away.

That new apparition of me featured only at the radio, as a gossip, but that week offered me more surprises. Soon I passed from stopping graffiti to fight drug dealers. I had heard that some boys of my school were saying that guys from other schools knew how to get drugs, in a neighbor colony. I decided investigate for myself, and it took me three days find the distribution net on that the neighborhood. The second day I beaten up a local drug dealer and under my physical torture it revealed who were they bosses. By third day, the gang had left a message where they menaced that “nobody, not even the diapered hero” would stop them, what, as you may guess, made my name sound strong on radio and TV, upgrading my prestige to the one of a real detective.

But the gangs didn’t expect I knew everything about them. So, as a boy, I called police in an anonymous inform when I told them all about that gang and how to stop their activities; and I added, as my sign: “this is a gift from the diapered hero, remember”. One week after, the gang had been totally disintegrated and their members caught by the police and sent to jail.

That’s the way I conquered the city’s respect… the girls still had me like her teen idol, but the most strange is that even the boys from my school started to admire that courageous diapered hero, that was nothing more than me. It started with the boys from elementary school, first-graders whose superhero “Captain Underpants” had been displaced and now they had started to admire “The Diapered Hero”. I watched in a T.V. Report that a lot of boys had started to abandon their uniforms and wear only diapers and red capes and play to be superheroes; even some little girls had joined the game of being “The Diapered hero”.

But then older boys and girls showed interest in the superheroes.

“Hey, he’s a real life superhero, like Kick-ass”, said Robert, from my sister’s classroom.

And soon even Arnold (coolest guy in my classroom) and boys from upper grades started to talk good about the Diapered hero.

“That dude got balls; he’s what our city really needs”, said Arnold. “I’d not wear a diaper, but I think that is what separate superheroes from average guys.” And nobody said anything against that!

The only thing that disappointed me is that Darien, the boy I secretly love, never showed interest in my other self. Well, I’d love that he show interest in me, but I started develop the idea that I was really doing everything for him.

Last week I had stopped about three minor crimes more and every one of them appeared on TV and newspaper. I really started becoming that city’s superhero. My dreams with Shikhandi had returned, and he said I was doing everything right. My agile legs and quick butt movements had become the terror of the criminals.

But what I want to tell you happened two nights ago. I was returning from a normal patrolling night: I climbed up the tree and balanced through my treehouse’s branch until I reached the window and got inside my room. But I think I forgot to close the window or I didn’t closed it fully (it had been a hot night and I was burning). Continuing with my routine, I detached my diaper and threw it to the floor, feeling the fresh breeze caressing my buttocks. Then I crouched and opened my dresser to take the underwear I’d wear after taking my shower. I put it in the bed, opened the door of the bathroom and got inside to take a refreshing shower.

My masculine torso and legs were shining in sweat and the cold water made me feel better; I washed my toned body with soap and took too much careful on it; I was really proud of my virile muscles, so I spent about 20 minutes inside the shower.

When I had finished, and feeling revitalized, I took the towel, dried up myself and then hung it on the shower tub. But as I, naked, went out of the bathroom, what did I see…? First, there were a lot of boy clothes on my room’s floor, and none of them belonged to me! I didn’t see my Boy’s diaper nowhere. And when I looked to the bed… I got shocked! On it there he was: It was Juan, the hateful brother of my friend Nancy. The 8-years-old plump boy was naked, or to be more precise: he had taken my delicate girlish panties and put them on. And the guy was… yuck! He was touching himself over the panties!

Furious I stood on front of him. He seemed surprised at first:

“Oh, you’re finally here… You are that Diaper guy about everybody talks about, but… Oh, man! You’re so naked!”

Listening at his stupid dialogs, I walked straight to him and held him quickly by his wrists. His fat boy’s face showed up a little scare:

“Hey! What do you think you are doing?”, he asked.

And I told him: “who… are you? And what are you doing him?”, I asked him, angrily.

That plump silly boy struggled with me, and then said: “Hey, I saw you passing by my house and I decided following you…”, he said, getting frustrated because he couldn’t get free from my grasp, but even though he didn’t show any respect: “I saw you entering by the window and I decided doing the same…”

That boy was a total idiot, so I spread his spongy legs with my knee and indicated his erected penis, under the girl’s panties.

“Oh, come on, men: I know you like that stuff! I just found them over your bed”, said disrespectfully. “Now let me go, dude! I gotta go home!”

But that boy had gone too far. So I sat on the bed and made him turn round.

“Hey! What’s your problem? I just wanted to have fun!”

He had driven me mad! And I always thought he deserved a right punishment. So, with strength, I pulled down the panties (MY panties) that he was wearing, pressing his testicles and introducing the panties’ string in his crack.

“Oww!! Are you crazy?! Let me go!”, Juan said, struggling and feeling the pain he deserved.

I rose my hand and spanked his butt three times, as I yelled: ”You naughty fat boy! How did you dare doing this?!”

In that moment I was 4 years older than him, and I had a well toned and strong athlete body, compared to his fatty and untidy body. I pulled his short blond hair and kept swatting at his buttocks, what had turned red after four spanks. Judging by his cry, the punishment was having results.

“No! Please, dude, I beg you: no more swats!”, said Juan, trying to cover his buttocks from my swats. But the hand of justice wouldn’t forgive his crimes that easily. I gave him three more swats in his buttocks and stretched even more the panties on his buttline, so he started to cry:

“Pleaasee!! I just wanted…! Take this me off!!” cried Juan, struggling to take off my panties. I had thought about the best punishment for him, but I’d need help. I took Juan’s legs with my arms and dragged him under the bed, making him stand upside down on the floor, on front og my desk’s mirror, while I kept on spanking him and pulling the panties up.

On the mirror, he could see how I, an older naked boy, angry and with a big penis between his legs, was spanking him in his sore bottom, while he was wearing loose girl’s panties. It must have disturbed him enough. But I had a better idea.

“You like little girl’s panties?” I asked him, while he disagreed, seeing his reddish plump face in the mirror, “Well, It seems yes, so why don’t you become one?”.

Slowly, my desk’s figurine turned to him, and my panties started to shine over Juan. He saw, terrorized, how the panties started to adapt to his butt and reducing it size. Crying Juan’s face started modeling into a littler one, while his wiry blonde hair slowly grew longer and finer, and his body fat contracted over itself. And dangerously, the panties were getting littler and childish, pressing Juan’s genitals under them in order to make them fit inside: yes, Juan’s penis eventually got plain and hid under the panties, until it became into a childish vulva.

Soon, Juan’s fat body (about 1.20 meters) became into the one of a 5-years-old little blonde girl with milky and soft skin, wearing cute Lilo & Stitch panties, that fit perfect to her peach hips. He would hardly reach the 80 cms. height, so I lifted her up in my arms.

“How do you feel now, little princess?”, I told Juan, in order to humiliate him.

He only cried like the little baby he was now and hid her face on my shoulder. Funny, I tapped her fragile back with my hand and cradled her, whispering in her ear:

“Oh… are you silly? How silly you are! aren’t you, Juanita?”, I asked, kissing her, while she tried to move away her spongy cheeks. I cradled her until she got calmer.

Then, I laid down Juanita on the bed and take out from my desk one of the diapers that I was storing for one friend’s baby shower. Juanita was crying in my bed, and as she had pissed, I took her panties off and spread baby powder on her butt, after drying it with a baby wipe. Then I diapered the little girl and rocked her in my arms, until she stopped crying. Juan had received his punishment.

I put my diaper on, and after that I carried the baby out of my room and got in my sister’s treehouse, then I calmly came down with her by the stairs, and I made Juanita stand on the grass. She looked too much pretty and spoilered with that cutie girl’s face, soaked in tears. I indicated Juanita she’d have to walk to her home (it was two streets away and it had been a calm night, so she wouldn’t have any problem). Juanita cried again and as I spanked her she ran clumsy across the street. I still followed her with the sight until I saw she was about arriving home. My virile justice application had worked perfectly; I was sure that had made him learn the lesson.

Then, I got into my room again, just to discover that… My little sister Karla was there, wearing her yellow pajama, waiting for me! She just signaled me with her index, totally speechless; yes, a diapered 12-years-old handsome boy had taken the place of her sweet dear 16-years-old big sister.



End Chapter 3

A diaper hero(ine)

by: malom_shlasters | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 31, 2014


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