A diaper hero(ine)

by: malom_shlasters | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 31, 2014

Chapter 6
A *sisters?* Weekend (Part 2)

Chapter Description: Julie and her sister are still on their weekend alone. They decide to spend that Saturday night out at the mall. But their male forms could attract some good, and some bad things...

(Julie and her sister Karla, both in their male forms, resolved to go out to the city to have some fun and watch for criminals)

“Hold a second”, I suddenly realized. “We can’t go out like this, we’re naked”.

“Let’s get some clothes!”, Karla said, running to the closet.

She opened it and started bringing clothes out, looking for something fitting.

“I don’t think this is going to work, just look at this”, I said, picking a discarded pair of stretchy pants from the floor. “These are so girly! We can’t go on incognito with these”.

Karla walked away, took a look on the pile of clothes, and seemed to agree.

“Mmm… That’s right”, she said, crossing her arms and holding one elbow, while thinking. “Ah! I have an idea!”, she suddenly said, with her eyes shining.

Then, she ran to the window and opened it.

“What are you doing?!”, I asked, when she took her leg out through the window.

“The Harrisons’!”, she exclaimed, while trying to get out. “They’re about our current ages!”

That was right! The boys from our neighbor family, the Harrisons, were two kids about 12 and 8. But what was Karla trying to do about that?

“Kar…. Karla! Where are you going?!”, I asked, looking how my naked sister boy started to climb the branch of the tree next to our window.

“Let’s go to the treehouse!”, she proposed. “I have some stuff there!”

“Hold a sec, you are naked!”, I admonished her.

“There’s no one on the yard!”, she answered. I got her voice coming out from her little bum, already getting away by the window.

“But-- why the hell do you plan? You have boy’s clothes in the treehouse?!”, I asked again, confused.

“No, you moron!”, Karla answered, turning round. She had already got on the branch and was crawling on it to get to our treehouse. “But the Harrisons’ are drying on the yard!”

I looked through the window. She was right again. They had a hanging out on the yard. I was surprised on how quick she thought, I wasn’t able to follow her.

“Hey!”, I said, getting on the branch too and following the little boy’s ass. “But how are you--?!”

Wonder Boy didn’t answered this time. She had gone into the treehouse and was looking for something on the big chest we kept there.

“What the hell are you doing?”, I asked, when I could go into the house and found Karla handling a stick and a piece of string. “Karla, what’s all this for?”

“I told you! I got everything I need here!”, she said, excited. “Now, where did I put that hook?”.

Again, I was impressed. In matter of seconds, she had half-done a kind of fishing rod, and it was obvious what she tried to do with it.

“Do you think this is right?”, I asked, while I saw her working.

“I don’t think they’ll miss their clothes. They have many”, she said, without taking her eyes out of her work. “It will be only a one-night borrowing, it’ll be so easy”.

I decided not objecting anything else. He had solved our problem in just a few minutes, and it was admirable. I think it was better to encourage her inventive, and ultimately I didn’t think I could do nothing to stop her.

“There you go!”, she said, after just a couple of minutes, holding the improvised rod and operating it with her arm.

The hook flung towards and hooked on a wooden frame. “Ha ha! It works!”, Karla announced, jumping in excitement.

She was about ready to go out and start fishing clothes, when I stopped her.

“Great work, Karla”, I greeted her. “But I think I got to do this. I’m more flexible and better in acrobatics, you could fall from a branch and break your head.”

Karla had already her bare foot on the branch, looked at it, and answered, not without a little disappointment.

“Awww… Ok, you’re right”, she said.

“It’ll take me a second”, I answered, and tapped her head. Then I took the long rod and walked through the branch.

The moon was full and lightning was dangerous, I didn’t want they to see me so I cloaked myself behind the leaves and let only a part of my arm and the rod to lean out.

“Here I go!”, I announced.

And stretching my arm I threw the rod as precisely as I could. The hook didn’t reach anything, but I knew I just needed a little practice. After four or five tries, I finally got near the cable they used to hang the clothes. After a couple more tries, I hooked a pair of boy shorts, “Carlos”’s size.

“Hey, I got it!”, I said, while Karla applauded.

Next I picked the string as quickly I could and brought the shorts to the house.

“Try them on!”, I said to my sis. “And watch out for the zipper”, I added then, joking, “don’t forget now you have a boy’s peepee”.

“These ones have only a button”, Karla said, putting them on. “Hey! They fit me!”, she said later, modeling them by turning around. “Is my butt bigger now that I’m a boy?”.

“I’m afraid yes. You are a chubby one!”, I laughed. “Hold a sec, I’ll get you a pair of briefs”.

It took us like 15 minutes, but I could fish a complete set of clothes for my sister and I.

“Hey, these ones are still wet”, I complained, touching a pair of cotton briefs.

“Don’t worry!”, Karla answered. “I got a hairdryer here, ha ha!”.

We rushed to dry the clothes with the hot air machine. Everything was going perfect, and it was so fun our plan was working.

I wore a boy’s t-shirt with a Monster Truck design, a boy’s leather coat and baggy jeans. Then went to the mirror and got my hair dressed the way I thought a boy would do.

My sister got khaki light fabric shorts, a red shirt and a jacket, plus a red baseball cap.

“So cool!”, Karla said, looking herself in the mirror. She had just finished brushing her hair and applying gel; she had decided for a ‘spiky’ hairstyle. “We look like badasses!”.

It’s not what I would say, since still her male form was short and chubby, but she had some attitude about it. I was just loving that boyish mettle my sister was acquiring.

“Hey, but what about the shoes?”, she asked next.

“I think these ones will make it”, I answered, taking out a couple boxes with tennis shoes that looked sort of unisex.

After getting ready, we left a message on the answering machine, went out of the house and locked before we went to the street.

“This is great!”, my sister said, walking fast and spreading her boyish arms to feel the wind. “Where are we going to go first?”, she asked later.

“Well, we could visit the mall”, I proposed. “There’s the movie theater, arcades, shops. And it’s near enough to go by walking!”.

“Yippie!”, Karla exclaimed funny, jumping and running fast. “I can’t wait to arrive!”

“Don’t forget we must be at home by 12 am!”, I advised, while running to follow her.

Finally, we arrived to the mall. It was very crowded, and no one seemed to notice us, so we could blend like we were regular boys.

“Let’s watch a movie!”, Karla asked, soon.

We walked to the movies, bought two Extra Big popcorn baskets and like 4 liters of cola, and watched Expendables 2. Why this? We usually watch adventure films, but we don’t know why this time we were very attracted to that movie filled with idiotic machos.

When it finished, Karla was still mimicking the machine gun sound effects with her mouth, and we couldn’t stop talking about everything that happened on screen. I had never had that much with a mindless action and violence. It’s not the kind of things I had felt attractive ever. “Or… Who knows?”, I asked to myself.

Remembered I had been interested on mindless action movies; or, more likely, deep inside myself I knew I had always been, but every time I had the chance to sit down and see: or I was with other girls and I knew I shouldn’t show interested on it, or when I was alone, I felt I should not like those movies.

But that night, in a theatre room filled with men, and with my sister and myself being male, I think felt freed and could enjoy a dumb action movie like that. I felt something strange inside myself, like the feeling of learning something about me my own mind had always denied and tried to hide. The travel was indeed, interesting.

However, I was taken out of my thoughts by my sister, who was excited to visit the arcade center.

“Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!”, she repeated with masculine excitement.

Karla had always liked the arcades, so it was not much of a surprise he wanted to drag me there.

Once we went in the arcades, she ran to buy tokens for her favorite games: the redemption ones, that gave one ticket for a point, so she would be able to exchange her fun and skill for prizes. I was not very interested, so I only watched her as she competed in the Whac-A-Mole machines, later she went to try the Arm wrestling machine, then throwing balls into holes.

I smiled and felt a little weird by watching what used to be my sister now had the form of a regular boy; I think I wondered much about it, to the point I lose sight of her for a second. When I woke up from my daydreaming, I saw a lot of kids heading to a place behind the machine, so I followed them.

When I could take a look, Carlos was on center of them, and there was a crowd of boys more or less my age (the male one) around her. Next to my sister, there was a little girl about 7 or 8, wearing a white and red dress, goldilocks and girly shoes. Soon, the leader of the boys talked loud to Karla:

“Hey, I was about playing that game!”, he said, angry.

“Oh, no. Troubles”, I told to myself, getting nervous.

“She had put her token on it before!”, my brave sister said, pointing at the ball machine, while the little girl trembled on her side. “You can’t play now, she’s first!”.

The kids seemed furious about it, and didn’t want to learn reasons.

“Hey, I told you I WANT to play first”, said the leader boy, stepping towards with a fist risen. “ME AND my friends”, added, pointing at the group of little bullies. “So, just move, you boogerface”.

But Karla was not willing to hesitate.

“I told you she was in first. She wanted to play and she has the right”, Karla elaborated. “It’s fair. So don’t make a trouble”.

I was proud at Karla standing strong against injustice, but at the same time I feared something bad would happen, in our weekend alone. And I had not come with a plan to intervene.

“A Trouble?”, the bad boy said. “So YOU want troubles with us?”, yelled, almost screaming.

Trembling, the little girl hid her eyes behind Karla’s shoulder, but Karla stood firm.

Fortunately, in that moment I felt something behind my back. The man who was the manager of the arcade center had come to see what was happening, and put his stare on the bully group. Under his eyes, the bullies soon desisted and went out of the place, yelling.

As the manager went away, I soon rejoined my sister, only to see how she comforted the frightened little girl and wiped her tears.

“Don’t let those idiots to make you afraid”, she said to the girl. “Justice is on your side”.

The girl felt a little better and started to play balls with him. I was contemplating them proud, when another girl came.

She was, well, about my current age as a female, was wearing black spandex pants, brown boots, a purple blouse and a jacket. Her hair was long, black and straight, had green eyes and was very pretty on face. She seemed a little aghast, but when she arrived started to calm herself.

“Uh?”, she exclaimed, noticing my interested. “I heard something bad was happening here… But it seems everything’s fine right now”.

I just nodded, while she walked toward the other girl, and exchanged some words with her. They just had finished playing, and the little girl now looked happy as never.

“So, you helped my little sister?”, the bigger girl asked to ‘Carlos’.

Karla just nodded, proud.

“Oh, thank God… I mean, thanks a lot”, she said, putting a hand on my sister’s shoulder. “I had just gone to the bathroom, when… Well, the manager told me something had happened, and you could be…”

The big girl interrupted herself, as she saw the little one smiling. Then, she turned to Carlos, smiling:

“Uh, what’s your name?”

“Carlos”, my sister answered, without doubting a moment. “And this is my brother”, she pointed next, aiming at me.

“I am… Er… Tom”, I only managed to answer.

“Aaahhh…”, the girl said, turning to me. “Well, thanks a lot to both, for protecting my sister”, continued, stretching her hand to hold mine “I’m Trixie”.

We shook hands, and I felt a little weird when she touched me. I think I had never shaken hands with a girl; and in this body, I think I felt her hand finer and more delicate it felt sort of strange. I think I blushed a little, even.

Then her little sister came on front of her, and Trixie hugged her from her back, placing her hands along her shoulders.

“And she’s Cassie”, the big girl cleared.

Then, she rose her eyes and looked at me, smiling. Again, I felt something weird, and I could even speak.

“Are you from here?”, Trixie asked me, getting up. “I don’t think we have ever met”

I honestly didn’t know what to answer. I think I said no, I don’t remember; for some reason, I started getting really nervous.

“We are regulars here. My sister loves coming to play at the arcades”, Trixie told. “We’re friends of the manager.”

Seemingly, she noticed I was not reacting much, so she changed topic.

“Well… We’re still not going home”, Trixie said me, getting a little more careful. “Are you?”

I turned to see Karla in ask for a suggestion, and she hit me with her elbow; it hurt a little.

“No, we’re not”, I said, still a little tense.

“What if we take a walk together?”, Trixie asked next, seemingly fun at my reaction.

I don’t know why I was getting more and more nervous. But I knew we were on a mission. Who would an actual boy react? I think it was my duty to accept.

“Yeah, let’s go!”, I said.

Unexpectedly, Trixie went by my side and took me by the arm, leading me to the exit. Behind us, Carlos and Cassie followed us.

We went to walk out of the mall and took a good walk. Night was cold and windy, and the darkness of the ambient was only dimly lighted by the malls outer lamps. Trixie told me everything: Where she lived, the school she attended, about her family, her hobbies and costumes. I didn’t say very much, I only tried to make up some of my actual information but covering the fact I was a girl disguised. For my surprise, she seemed very receptive to everything I said.

On our backs, it seemed Cassie and Carlos were talking equally much, but Carlos seemed way more outgoing and cheerful with her little friend, contrasting to my shyness and nervousness. I was worried about Karla revealing too much of our secrets, but I also think at the same time I was a little envious of her natural charisma working on another girl.

A drop of sweat ran down my temple when I started realizing Trixie was putting maybe too much interest in me. And I recognized clearly her expression; I had seen it before, in my stupid school friends: Trixie was hitting on me, and probably in love.

A chill ran through my spine when I realized in my current form I was a 12-years-old boy, and she was about 16. I always thought girls were more able to feel attracted to older boys, but this one… Well, I started remembering myself on the mirror; I actually realized maybe I was too handsome for a boy. I mean, my powers had come from a Divine Powersource, it was not a surprise for me being as handsome as a demigod. But, was that a probable disadvantage?

Fortunately, Karla interrupted me, when she and her friend ran surpassing us, heading excited towards a sports store.

“WOOW!!”, said my little ‘brother’, excited. “Look at this!! Look here, Tom!!”.

The bubble between Trxie and I burst, and we pretended we were just talked like regular friends, then we walked to see our siblings.

“Yeah… What is it?”, I asked, with my hands in my pockets.

She pointed at the counter on the shop, were there was a hyper-sophisticated limited edition skateboard my sister had always told me she wanted to buy. It had a purple board with a Skull design, red wheels, and golden accessories.

Unfortunately, it had never been released to our town, but now… It seemed we have had big luck since there was one!

“It’s the Skull Board! I have to get it!”, Karla said, and began taking out her wallet. She had saved months to buy that board, so I smiled as she went to the store with Cassie. I opened the door for Trixie, and with a big smile she entered, followed by me.

Karla ran like crazy, looking for the clerk to ask for her Skull Board, but he seemed to be nowhere! My sister went to look out every place in the store, and disappeared again from my sight. I just sat down to wait, and Midori sat next to me.

Sadly, when we started to relax, something unexpected happened again. A bunch of kids entered as a crowd to the store, yelling and making distasteful noise. I recognized instantly. They were the same bullies from the arcades.

I tried to calm down and not to make Trixie afraid, and while my little sister was missing, I hoped the boys to leave before she appeared. But, for our bad luck, Carlos quickly came back to scene, screeching excited. She had found the store owner and began pulling his shirt asking for attention.

“Please, please, sir! I want the Skull Board!”, my sister said, once and again.

Quickly, I asked Trixie if she wanted to take a look at the tennis shoes and clothes, and she obeyed.

Meanwhile, the bullies had noticed Carlos’s presence, and put angry faces.

“OK, OK, yeah, hold a minute, I’ll be right back”, the owner said, disappearing again behind a door.

He was apparently too busy carrying some boxes with sport stuff to a warehouse. He didn’t seem to listen. Karla’s excitement was, though, too big to contain. She only seemed to come back to reality when little Cassie pulled her sleeve, repeatedly.

Karla took a moment to notice and then she turned round; the bad kids were there, and were approaching; Cassie was almost crying on fear.

“Hey, what you doing here?”, the leader bully said. He was a black boy wearing a black shirt, black jeans and a cap of the same color. He had his head shaven, an earring on his right ear and seemed very aggressive.

“That’s not your business”, my sister said, calmly and without any aggression.

The bullies seemed infuriated again, and a few of them started mumbling something.

“Ah?”, the leader said then. “You want that Skull Board from the counter? Well. You won’t have it. I was going to buy it. So, just lose yourself.”

Karla was angry. It was the same stupid argument from the last time. The boys were clearly territorial machos. They didn’t want the board, they just wanted to take it away from any other person who actually wanted it. Karla was not going to let them win.

“I came first, and I have the money already”, she said, defending. “The owner knows it. So, you’ll have to buy other thing. If you want”.

The black kid came closer, putting a very intimidating face. I didn’t know what to do. Trixie was still at the clothes, unaware of what was happening at the cash register; Cassie was almost pissing on her dress, and the bullies looked about to attack.

“I told you to go away, idiot!”, said the black boy, giving a violent push at Karla in the chest.

I almost covered my eyes. Getting into a fight was nothing good, but I didn’t know if Karla was going to be able to resist. She could easily send to the hospital every one of those kids with a single punch. Then, we’d be involved into a public scandal.

But fortunately, Karla contained herself. She was moved by the push, but stayed firm on her place. I suddenly understood my sister was more mature than what I had thought: She knew bullies wouldn’t be able to hurt her, so there was nothing to fear. She only needed to resist in her place.

“Go!”, the black kid said, pushing her again. But this time, she didn’t move a bit.

The leader showed some surprise, stepped back, then said to two henchmen: “Take her out!”.

I was about sitting up from my seat, when I found Karla not impressed at all. The older kids came to her and tried to put a hand on, but she easily resisted. Next, a few sounds came out from the warehouse, and the black boy seemed alerted.

He was seeing the kids weren’t going to be able to hurt Carlos, and the owner was approaching. So he ordered his henchmen to stop.

“Whatever, leave him with his toys”, said, snapping his fingers. “We’ll take the board later, and give him a good beat”.

The kid and his gang went out of the store, and the owner came to Karla.

“What did you want?”, he asked gently.

Then, Karla repeated and walked with him to go for the skateboard. In that moment, Trixie came from trying clothes, when she saw her sister kind of disturbed.

“Cassie, what happened?!”, she asked, worried.

The little girl broke to cry and told her everything about the bully’s return.

“.. And they said they were going to beat Carlos!”, finished, weeping.

Trixie hugged her as a good sister, but seemed still worried. She quickly took out her cellphone and opened it.

“Don’t worry, Cass, nothing’s gonna happen. I’ll call mom and she will come for us”.

Cassie was still in shock and couldn’t stop weeping. Inbetween babblings, she said something like ‘Mom is working, she won’t come’, then Trixie seemed to realize something and got even more nervous.

Until I came. I placed my hand on her shoulder, and promised:

“Put the phone down. Nothing’s gonna happen.”

I told her in a serious yet relaxed tone. One that could convince anyone, even to the most coward of the chickens. She turned to me and looked me with her big green eyes.

“Are you sure, Tom?”, she asked, more like she couldn’t believe she had already believed me.

I had fought way bigger threats than a bunch of boasting kids. So, yeah, I was entirely sure.

“Yes”, I told her. “They’re not going to hurt anybody. As long as I will be there”.

I gave Trixie and Cassie a moment to calm down, then Carlos (with the same calm and relaxed attitude) joined us, and we went out of the store.

As we walked, I exchanged a few words with Karla:

“No fights as we’ll be able to avoid them”, I told her. “I don’t want the girls to get more scared”.

“I know”, my sister answered.

I knew she knew. She had proved being aware of her powers and duties, and she was the best and wisest partner I could get. I smiled.

We were heading again to the mall, when expectedly, the group of bullies appeared again on the road blocking our way.

“Heeey”, the leader said, in a cynic smile. “Hello again! Remember what I told you?”.

The boy seemed to be calmer again, while he was clearly still an asshole; and his friends shared the attitude. I noticed he also seem more cautious because of my presence, and realized he had never noticed I was with Carlos.

“Oh, yeah, I know you”, my little ‘brother’ said, calmly. “Now, why don’t you let us pass?”.

The black kid took his calmness as arrogance, and again took an intimidating posse.

“Give me the board”, he demanded, aiming at Karla with his index. “And you’ll pass. Get it?”

Karla didn’t seem to give a crap, and stood still with her arms crossed.

“The board’s mine, I’ll never give it to you. Get it?”.

The leader seemed getting desperate. While, the other bullies actually looked like they were a little surprised of my sister’s resistance.

“Give it to me. Or I’ll beat the crap out of you and take it from your greasy fingers, idiot”, he demanded, while breathing anxious.

Karla was, again, unimpressed. But also, a little tired of the boy’s stupid game.

“I’d want to see you come and get it!”.

The black boy took like five seconds to digest the answer. Then gradually snapped out. He walked calmly to my sister, apparently with no idea what to say, or how act, and suddenly he made a violent gesture like he was going to punch her.

“Give me the f**cking table!”, he screamed.

Cassie’s legs trembled. I felt Trixie grabbing me by the shoulder, terrorized.

“Hey, hey!”, I came out to say. “Heeey…”, I said, spreading my arms trying to calm down everybody. “OK, OK, just won’t make a problem of it.”

The black kid noticed me again, a little skeptic.

“Uh, a problem? You ARE on a problem”, said, getting a little calmer, while aggressiveness was still boiling inside him. “Your brother has decided to mess up with the wrong guy… The wrong guys, you see?”.

He was trying to convince me on how bad he and their team were. But I didn’t lost my temper.

“Okey, no problem. I understand”, I said, calmly. “You are the ones who rule here, no problem. My apologies”.

The black boy vaguely smiled, kind of believing me. Everything that seemed adulation was of his taste.

“You gotta apology more than that if you want us no kick your freaking ass”, he stated. “Just give me the board now.”

He crossed his arms, trying to look reasonable, but it was obvious even he knew that was not going to work.

“Well, he bought the board”, I said, clearly.

“Is that my problem?”, the boy said, raising his voice. “I advised him not to buy it. I warned him but he didn’t listen. You get it?”.

He had gotten serious again. I tried to negotiate.

“Ok, you’re right on it”, I said. “But still, we paid much money for the board. You should give us at least… One chance”, I proposed.

The black kid seemed to be reasoning, but not very convinced.

“A chance?”, he mocked. “A chance for what?”.

I didn’t know much what to answer, until I see one of the boys of the gang (a fat boy with a stupid cap) had a basketball under his arm.

“You play basketball?”, I asked, feigning curious.

“What do you think, blockead?”, the irritating fatso answered. “I simply like carrying balls with me for nothing?”.

“He didn’t ask you”, the leader silenced. Then he turned again to me. “We’re a team”, he said.

“Okay”, I conveyed. “I figure out you’re good”.

The kid put a bored expression. He should have thought I wanted to flatter him.

“But we bet we can beat you”, I said, quickly.

The kid seemed amused.

“Ha!”, said, about to laugh. “You and. This little booger, and the two chicks?”, then his friends and him laughed and mocked at us.

“Me and my bro”, I answered, simply.

The black kid went aggressive again.

“Quit kidding”, he said, intimidating. “We’re here for the board”.

“I told you we won’t renounce at it”, I remembered. “But we’ll put it on a bet”.

“A bet?!”, the black kid said, seemingly surprised. “So what do you want from us to bet?”.

Karla and I looked between us.

“We don’t want anything from you”, I said. “You’re right we offended you. Letting us to keep the board is enough for us”.

The leader reasoned and soon seemed to be convinced.

“Yeah, yeah”, he nodded, sort of comically, and then turned round to his gang. “So what’s the rules?”.

“The one who scores five first gets the board”, I said.

“Piece of cake!”, the leader joked, as he led us to the basketball court.

The girls seemed quieter because of our attitude, but they were still trembling because were escorting us from our backs, like keeping us for escaping.

We finally arrived to the court, the kids threw their jackets to a bench and begin to take their places, while at the same time mocking at us between them.

“Did you notice those are not the clothes they were wearing at the Arcades?”, Carlos asked.

“Don’t get distracted”, I said, while stretching my legs to get ready. “We’ll win easily, but I’m sure they won’t play easy on us”, I adviced.

Carlos nodded and soon we were protecting our basket.

“Okay, idiots”, the leader announced, holding the basketball and getting into the center. “Ball is on!!”, she screamed.

“I’ll attack and you protect”, I said to Karla. “Let’s go!”

The rival team began bouncing the ball quickly. They were sort of mock playing to us, like they were not playing seriously. They know they were five of us, the complete team, and as they were more they had more chances to make mistakes.

First the fat boy came, moving the ball like an idiot.

“You want it, asshole? You want it?”, he kept repeating, totally concentrating on being an idiot and not in playing.

With extreme ease, I caught the ball from his hand and sprinted to the basket.

“The f**ck are you doing, cockface?!”, the leader said to the fatboy, angry, while he sent other two henchmen to take the ball from me.

The next dudes were better, but it was easy for me tricking them by turning round, first one way, next to another. I quickly got ahead, where only the leader and a tall boy were waiting for me.

“Getit! Getit!”, the black kid ordered.

The tall boy raised his hands, while his leader came to attack me. I was about shooting to the basket but the large hands of the henchmen didn’t let me aim, and suddenly the black boy tackled me to the ground.

“We’re on!”, the black kid said, quickly getting up and grabbing the ball.

“That’s not fair!”, Trixie claimed, from the bench.

“Shut up, bitch”, the fat boy said, walking next to them.

Then, the black kid plus the two henchmen ran forming a team, approaching to our basket. Karla stood alone, to protect the basket.

“Move away, booger!!”, the black kid said, running towards him.

Karla didn’t obey and squatted like a sumo; the black kid ran even faster, and was about to jump when… Karla jumped at the same time, crossing her arms and interposing them as an armor!

“Ugh!”, the black kid said, being blocked like he had hit a brick wall.

He fell to the ground and the ball bounced, while Karla sneaked under the other boy’s legs and managed to reach the ball and bounce it, quickly surpassing them.

“Karla, here!”, I asked, raising my hands (yeah, I actually forgot to call her by her male name in that moment).

The fat guy turned, surprised, and saw Carlos running by the middle of the court.

“Hey you!”, said the fatso, running to my sister, but was unable to match her.

Karla threw the ball as soon as she could and I received it. The tall boy was still on the way, but with relative ease, I stood still, grabbed the ball with both hands and after a short hop I shoot and dunked it very quickly.

“Three Points!”, my sister called, excited.

But on the other side, the black kid didn’t seem glad. He walked aggressively towards my little sister, with the other two henchmen at his back. The killer instinct was on his eyes. He stopped on front of Karla, and with a fast move grabbed her by the neck of his shirt.

“You should have not do that!”, the leader said, enraged.

Karla held her blaze, with serene but firm eyes, and answered:

“It was a legal move”.

On the benches, Trixie covered her mouth and Cassie covered her eyes. I ran to Karla with the ball under my arm. I knew the leader was about to explode.

“Oh yeah?!”, the leader said, and furiously discharged a powerful punch to my little sister’s face.

Cassie cried loudly, from the bench. I grew aghast. The boy was a complete bastard! He had no pity on attacking a little seemingly inoffensive kid with all his strength.

“Eh? Yeah?”, the leader kept saying, trying to make Karla afraid. “What do you think about that now?”.

“Are you going to give us the board?”, the fat boy said, turning round and walking at me, who was keeping the Skull Board next to the wall.

But Karla just slowly rose her head, with the mouth stained in blood, and a hard and terrifying look on her boyish eyes. The black kid looked at her, showing some surprise.

His grasp loosened quite a bit, then suddenly and a little nervous looked back to the henchboys and ordered:

“Let’s beat the crap out of him!”, said, in a hurry.

“Don’t move and let me pass”, I ordered the fatso, who was still walking to me, with a stupid bully smile on his face. “Go away and don’t touch the Board”, I adviced.

The fatso only emitted a loud giggle, and rushed towards me.

Meanwhile, the other boys lunged over Karla, willing to punch her ‘til get tired.

The girls on the bench were screaming and crying. It was time for action.

The fat kid was almost on front of me, when I dropped the ball, feigning surrender. As I thought, the obese boy ran to me trying to trip me. So, with a calculated move I kicked the basketball with all my strength, direct to his belly.

“Uuuuugghh!”, I only heard. The pain was coming from the depths of his stomach.

The fatso kneeled and felt to the ground, unable to get up again.

Meanwhile, the pack was throwing several punches to Karla’s head, while having her grabbed from the arms.

“Take him down!”, they were saying, punching and scratching my sister.

… Until Karla grew tired. And with a powerful raise of her arms, she shook the bullies up of him. Shocked, the boys flew away repelled, and crashed on the street.

Equally surprised, the black kid turned to Karla and saw her walking directly at him.

“Hey… Don’t dare, dude!”, the boy said, but he was clearly unable to fight.

He took a look around, nervous, looking for someone to help him. But the other goons had hid away, just like the tall boy from the other side of the court.

Soon, the black kid was cornered against the wall, and hit it when he tried, in vain, to keep walking backwards. Karla was almost on his face, and almost made him to fall down to the floor. She aimed her hands at the boy, like he was going to strangle him; terrorized, the black kid covered his face with his hands, and then…

Two minutes later, we had beaten up every bully on the gang. And now, they were all naked on the court, with the leader and the fat boy hanging of their briefs on the baskets.

Karla and I shook our hands to clean the dust on them, while we inspected at the pile of clothes we had collected.

“This is the anti-robbery seal”, I said, looking at one.

“I told you they had stolen them from the mall“, Karla reminded, giggling.

Cassie and Trixie came to hug us, and together we went to return the stolen clothes to the store, and turn the thieves to the authorities.

It was almost 8 pm, and the lights were already far behind us, when Trixie, Cassie, Karla and me, walked up the hill. Karla was riding her new Skull Board, and the little girl ran behind her, happy. Meanwhile, I was receiving all the compliments from Trixie.

We sat down on the top of the hill to see the moon, and kept conversing half an hour. Lower on the hill, there was Karla sit next to her friend, who seemed equally interested on him.

When finally the time to say goodbye came, I simply told Trixie I had to go. But when I was about to get up, I felt her fine hand over mine.

“Tom”, she whispered, suspiciously serious.

“Yes?”, I asked. I enjoyed being a gentleman to her.

“I love to have known you”, she said directly. Her words just froze me. There was so much on them; I heard them like she had deposited her very own soul -one thirsty of love and passion- on them. I had never been with a girl in that kind of mood.

Like in slow camera, I saw her beautiful face approaching to me, her lips exuding a sweet and glossy perfume. Suddenly, I felt something deep inside of me, and my thirst was quenched when, against my will (or that’s what I believe), I moved forward, to match her lips with mine. The girl rushed kissed me, and it was delicious.

As soon as I felt her lips on mine, I closed my eyes and felt the delicate and tortuous borders of her mouth. The kiss was slow and made me feel her breath. She was TERRIFIC at kissing! I sucked a little her lips, unable to resist, and she finished by caressing my cheek with her hand. She half opened her eyes, and told me something romantic, but I can’t remember what. Then, she let me get up.

Amazed, I called Karla and after saying goodbye once again, we walked home.

I couldn’t concentrate in nothing else during the walk back home. I didn’t know why I had kissed her, but I gradually started accepting what I had wanted to deny minutes ago: That deep sensation that was running to my body, was nothing more than the weird feel of my hard and erected cock. I had some difficulty walking home, it kept erected all the way.

[size=4]TO BE CONTINUE[/size]



End Chapter 6

A diaper hero(ine)

by: malom_shlasters | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 31, 2014


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