A diaper hero(ine)

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Chapter 9
A Hero's reward + Epilogue

Chapter Description: Julie's life will change forever.

Hi, I’m Julie.

It has passed two weeks since me, my sister Karla, and our new friend Princess Juanita gave the Coup de Grace to crime, stopping the terrorist organization that wanted to attack and conquer our beloved city.

Police caught every criminal involved, even our oldest enemies, and they were sent back to trial and finally to a new prison from which they could never escape.

Knowing finally the city, our family and friends, and even ourselves were now free from harm, was the best reward we could have after 1 year of fighting crime. The day after the final battle, we slept 20 hours without interruption. As he had promised, Shikhandi didn’t come back to our dreams. We missed him a little, but that change in perspectives gave us the sweetest and more peaceful sleep in months.

As we woke up, we ran to give a big hug to our mother and grandma, that looked us surprised on how we had slept that much, and how affectionate we were by the wake up. But we loved so much our little family, and now everything was back as it has to be.

Next two weeks, we had a peaceful regular life, regularizing our sleep patterns, and attending all our school obligations just like normal good girls. We passed more time with Mommy and Granny, and they were so happy to see us return!

We had quitted patrolling, with not even a need of telling the other. The crime on the city had seemingly disappeared. Of course, our reliable police chief announced the detention of Doyle and the other terrorists (including Lady Batelo, who, as we scribbled on our message for the police, was the little baby girl on the floor… I figure they made DNA exams or something) and gave open greetings for the Diapered Hero and Wonder Boy because of their help. Sister and I could not be happier.

Now, the elephant on the room. Because those two weeks, I had an elephant in the closet. Day by day of my new happy life, I dedicated a couple of seconds on thinking if I had to tell granny about my secret. But, how would I do that? Wasn’t everything over already? We had beaten crime, and now we could scrap our identities forever. Right?

I thought about that for days. Of course, criminals would someday rise again, for sure. We would probably have to wield our diaper and briefs again and go out kicking asses. We were so happy now… But being a boy and a hero was a temptation we knew we would fall again for one day.

But, would tell our family about it change anything? Well, at least, we were in the right terms with them now. And I knew I could trust granny. But, as much as I toyed with the idea around in my head, there was always a guilty pleasure on holding my secret to myself. Perhaps egoistic, perhaps much romantic.

I didn’t even talked with Karla about it. She had matured so impressively, she already knew. It was going to be my decision, she had to make hers.

But that happened one afternoon. Everything was so casual; I plain walked to my room in barefeet, took my magic diaper out of its hiding and walked by the corridor to my grandma’s room. The door was wide open, as always; granny had nothing to hide. She was there, sit on her favorite chair, reading a book with the window open. As I entered by the door, she raised the eyes form her reading to me:

“Ah, hi, Daughter”.

I smiled wide, and with no much prelude, took my thumbs under my miniskirt, grabbed my panties and crouched a little.

“Granny, there’s something I want to show you”, I said, clearly.

I started to pull my panties down as she raised an eyebrow, quiet. The underwear went right through my shoes and I left it on the floor, then opened the diaper and proceeded to put it on, passing it under my skirt.

Granny’s eyes were wide open, as I performed the ritual just like always. It didn’t take me five seconds to clip it over my waist, and as usual, the magic started.

Grandma’s mouth gaped wide as the magic glow filled my body, transforming it while I stood up looking at her in the most natural way. Ten seconds later, the transformation was over, and I was a 12-years-old diapered boy, in woman’s clothing. I simply stood looking at her eyes, smiling wide, as I knew exactly what she was thinking.

Surprise, Shock, Confusion, Curiosity, and finally, Epiphany, happened one after another in matter of five minutes, with the predictable questions:

“Has it been you all this time?”

“How the hell do you do it?!”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Weren’t you afraid?”

“How does it feel?”

I answered every one of them just by total sincerity.

And the clear interjections came:

“I just can’t believe it!”

“Oh my God, you were about to die!”

And finally

“I’m so proud of you!”

Then, the impredictable one:

“My God! I never had a grandson… You’re now the closest thing I have to one”.

Had granny connected the dots and realized Karla was my assistant, for sure? Well, if she had done it, she was sensible enough to not even suggest the thread.

I chuckled, charming her with my male face, and then she spread her arms for me. I ran towards her, glad as always, and jumped into her arms, drowning my face in her breast.

“Oh, my daughter!”, she mumbled, caressing my head with the sheerest granny love. I raised my face and gave her a good smooch on the cheek, as she kept on cradling me, accepting me for what I had turned into.

An hour later, we were still there, sitting on front of the other. And granny, now entirely calm and accepting, confessed in a serene tone of voice:

“Julie: This is actually a pretty serious thing”, talked to me.

I knew. And she knew I knew. She stopped for a moment, resting her head on her knuckles.

“You’ve been into big troubles…”, she began, a little as a scold; but soon, she realized and changed her tone of voice. “… And I thank God you’ve been gotten come out safe”, concluded.

I was sit there, just waiting to see what else she thank about it. After thinking a little more, granny asked:

“Have you thought about coming out?”

I considered all things for a minute.

Telling mom? I had no idea. As I had always been closer to Granny, Karla was always the one who got along better with mom. It had to do with our pasts as a family; when I was little, mommy worked full-time, so I passed most of my time with granny. After Karla was born, things changed and mom dedicated more to her new baby, while I kept being more attached to granny. It’s not that I didn’t like mom, actually the total opposite, I adored her… But because of all that, I tended to trust grandma the most, as I knew her better.

I didn’t know what to expect from mom if I revealed to her, that’s why I always took my grandmother as a confident priority. But as for Karla… Who knew? She could actually even had told mom about her secret (even mine!) and probably I had no idea about that. Maybe telling mom would force the things into Karla, maybe she didn’t want to say a thing.

I finally, decided to take an advice:

“You mean mom?”, I asked, calmly.

Granny soaked her lips with her tongue, looked at me, and answered:

“No. I mean everyone”.

I felt shocked by her idea. I had never imagined she would even consider that option. As a great family member she was, I thought she would decide to keep things in family and advice me to not tell anyone else. But, now I thought about it… Granny was a perfect citizen model too; probably she thought keeping in honest terms with the city and the police was the right thing to do.

Hold a sec! Maybe she didn’t think anything of that! Maybe she thought I had the plan of coming out to everyone!

I just nodded, still a little fearful. Granny reacted like she was a little surprised, and settled in on the chair again:

“Alright”, she said. “But I think it could be a nice idea”.

Granny was moving forward as quick as a train (for my taste) and got me a little nervous.

“R-Really…?”, I asked, confused.

“Sure”, she said, calmly. “You’ve been doing so much for the city, you deserve a reward”.

“A reward”, I told to myself. I had never thought about that. I had always thought my reward would be doing the right thing and nothing more. And I felt happy with it. Justice had become my addiction, and I didn’t think anyone else would care.

“But… It can be dangerous too”, I dared.

“Not more than how has it been til now”, she said, coughing a little.

I just could not follow up her thoughts!

“When they know everything you’ve done for the city, they will give you a statue!”, Granny started, convincing. “And much more. Don’t care for security, police will cover that up. You deserve it, Julie; you’ve literally given your life for us”.

I covered my mouth, impressed. I felt no breath. I had never even considered anything of that until this moment. Suddenly, I felt like I wanted to cry, and started twisting my fingers nervously. Granny hurried to get up and hold my hands.

“Julie: You are an amazing person. There’s no one who had accomplished what you did”, she talked me, in a sweet voice, while passing one of her soft arms behind my shoulders. “Do you understand? Julie, you’re an extraordinary girl, better than other in the world. You’re too much good for the life people have been giving you up today… I think it could be your time to become what you’re grown to be”.

Grandma talked in a soft manner, so strong, so convincing and inspiring, yet with deep love and wisdom, not like she wasn’t forcing me to do anything. I knew she desired only the best thing for me. Once again, I broke out crying, and let her embrace me on her bosom.

I rested close to her there for some minutes, just thinking and thinking... I didn’t want a special life; I didn’t want to grow up and go; I just wanted to stay with my granny. But every time, Shikhandi’s words came on my ears: “You will turn into what you’ve grown to be”, now repeated by Granny.

What about if being a hero was more than kicking people’s butts, and saving people from immediate danger. What about the other? Shikhandi herself, had became a leader for her people. She became a symbol, a model. How much good would I be able to do by revealing myself with courage? How many other girls I could inspire by showing what people can do only with the firm intention of doing good.

There, with my face on grandma’s breast, my face caressed by her fingers, I realized know I knew it. I was not a kid anymore. I had become what I had to be. And now I could not keep feigning anymore. I could not keep that life. And what if I just kept feeling miserable, hating myself, and feeling worst than the others? What if I actually deserved everything grandma was telling me about? It was time to get real. I had to get my face out of my mother tits and show what I really was made of to everyone.

I simply raised my head, and looked my grandma with the face of the man I had turned into. The look in my eyes told grandma everything.

Everything went on two days. As I told you, grandma was a model citizen, and through her long life she had had many friends that grew to be important members of the community; she remained in very good terms with most of them.

After asking me permission many times, she decided it was better to start putting things in movement. So, she called the city’s mayor himself, to reveal you the plan. The mayor had no to motives to disbelieve us, and listened our whole history during two long hours. He decided a great celebration for the Diapered Hero had to be held in one week, and grandma and he would coordinate everything, to conclude with the shocking reveal of the Diapered Hero’s real identity reveal.

It was a weird week, that happened probably too quickly, but I had the chance to consider and reconsider, realizing I was doing what I had to do, and being as brave as the hero I was. Everything seemed to be normal at school, but I just couldn’t tell anyone of what was happening; with those ideas in my head, I plain didn’t talk to anyone in the whole week.

At home, we kept it as a secret too. I think Karla had suspects about what was happening, but she didn’t ask me a thing; and if she had done, I would have told the truth. We were still sleeping together, so there was no secret between us.

The night before the event, I simply could not sleep at all. At 1 am, I roamed around home and went to sit down on the kitchen, nervous of what was going to happen. It seemed Granny had the same trouble, because she joined me in a minute. She heated up a tray of chocolate chips cookies, and we ate them together, while sharing some good moments of our life together.

“Julie, I remember when you got your first tricycle”, Granny began, delighted, “Your mom had worked all Summer to buy it for your birthday, and the first thing you did with it was run it towards a wall!”

I lowered my face and masked a smile, feeling a little guilty and a little naughty.

“It broke up very quickly, but that didn’t prevent you for riding on it”, she retold. “You kept on playing for 4 years with that broken tricycle! It’s just like nothing could stop you!”

We finished in genuine laughter by remembering every funny thing we had lived together. Some I didn’t remember, some things I thought granny had forgot, and with everyone of them I discovered new things about myself: I was reckless, but generous; I was righteous, but never cared about what people said about me; I had went away with many things most people would have felt guilty or embarrassed about it, yet I had remained fair and humble; perhaps too much humble.

I learned I was probably a native leader; I learned with or without a diaper, I could manage to do things most people couldn’t; I learned I had raised the best sister ever, and I learned I had more in common with mom than what I thought.

It was a magic night. On front of the window, with the start enlightening us, everything felt like a new beginning. Before going to sleep, granny held me in her arms larger than life, and told me everything I was going to be perfect tomorrow. I went back to bed not feeling longer nervous; I actually could not waited until next day.

It was 10 am when we arrived to the big celebration. Mom, Granny, Karla and I, again as family, nothing to fear this time. The luxury of the festival surprised us much; with security agents around, big complex structures and fine tables, food and music. Granny turned to me and smiled, her eyes like saying “All this is for you!”.

There were diaper ornaments everywhere, to let clear this party was for the hero. We were offered VIP tables, even the secret was still safe.

“Wow”, Karla said, as she crossed the special line. “How have we come to that?”

“You know, I got some friends”, Granny granted.

The area was filled with people; probably the whole city was there, from the kids from school to the important politician and business men, and of course the police department, to the common people. And everyone shared the same joy about it. We had a great dinner that we enjoyed much. Until at some moment, the mayor got up to give a speech.

With a champagne glass on their hands, everyone turned to listen, and he opened like this:

“The Diapered Hero.

There are not enough words to thank him for saving us day by day. From the confused people who menace our harmony. From our prejudices about what we don’t understand. From ourselves, because of picking the wrong priorities on our lives.

There has never been a purest, bravest person, with such regard for human life and dignity. With such strong ideals, and such passion and selflessness to surprise by showing them day with day.

The Diapered Hero is what a citizen has to look up to…”

And so on, and so on. The thing finished with a collective toast, and then everyone broke up in a cheerful applause, and the mayor thanked us for being there.

After that, the party went more festive even. A light orchestra played and everyone started to dance to the beat. Even I danced with Granny, and Mom with Karla. Around us there was everything in abundance: families having a day together, fun and games for kids, friendship for all of us, a celebration of our culture and achievements, and high ideals reflected on the authorities.

It was a perfect festival for anyone, and sort of a Utopia we felt glad of having helped to build. I can’t extend on how much and how many hours we passed dancing, laughing, having fun and loving each other. But as of 3 PM, the tribune was put for a special announcement of closure.

Granny and I knew exactly what was up to, and separated from Mom and Karla discreetly. We went to the back-stage, talking about what we were going to do. Soon, the mayor came and saluted Granny with a kiss:

“Ah, Beatrice. So glad you are here with us”, he said, sincere. Then he turned to me. “Ahh, you must be Julie…”, he introduced with a charming smile.

I nodded blushing a little, and to my surprise he knelt down on front of me, and lowered his head.

“Miss Julie, I can’t begin to thank you in name on the whole city and the nation”, he said, holding my hand. “You are the single most valuable person I’ve ever known, in terms of human ideals”, he finished, kissing me in the hand.

I got up a little freaked out, but he accompanied me in my reaction, and we both laughed together.

“Here, come on, please”, he lead us to the stage to prepare. “My Lady: You are excellent already”, said goodbye, “now, just let everyone know”.

I went into my dressing room, and stood up in front of the mirror, while grandma undressed me.

“I’m not sure on how everything’s gonna happen”, I said, while Granny affectionate pulled my jeans down.

She raised her eyes to me:

“They are going to love you”, she simply assured. “They actually love you right now. They just don’t know you yet”.

Her concept was so high, yet so precise, it left me thinking. For the first time, I was going to let people know me. They already knew me, they simply didn’t know who I was.

The ceremony host, a famous and gentle adult man with a slick look, his hair, shoes and tuxedo perfectly slick and clean, stepped inside the dresser and told us:

“Julie: Whenever you’re ready”.

Then, he went out by opening the curtains. On the outside, people was already gathered around the scenery. Everybody expecting something big to happen, somebody great to arrive. The expectation was so big it could be sliced with a knife. I stepped up and looked to myself on the mirror: I was naked from head to toes, as we had agreed I would introduce myself just the way I was.

The host was already opening the ceremony on the outside, pronouncing the words:

“And now for you, our beloved city gathered around here. We have a very special guest. One could not be received with bigger honors…”

I gave a step forward, with Granny on my back. We were still behind the curtains so we had no idea how the crowd was going to look like. But Grandma was there with me, holding my hand, so I had nothing to hear.

“And now you will know it!!”, the announcer said, receiving an incredible ovation. After a few seconds, he continued: “Allow me to introduce…”

I held my breath and felt my knees trembling, as the curtain opened to reveal more than 10,000 people under the platform standing 8 feet from the ground, every one of them waiting for me to come. And slowly, my naked female body was revealed to all of them.

“THE DIAPERED HEEERO!!”, the host roared.

And I walked reluctantly to the center of the stage, followed by Granny. As soon as I came outside, a cold wind unleashed, giving me the goose bumps. As I trembled, I raised my sight to meet my audience. Everyone was there, quiet and gazing at me. I would have not been able to speak a work even if I tried with all my will. I had never seen as much people together, and all of them waiting something from me.

The host pleasantly made a vow to praise me, while I stood there, breathless, my body stiff and trembling. (Were my schoolmates somewhere on the crowd, taking a look on my nude body?)

And suddenly, the whistling began! A surprisingly positive reaction, with whistling and applauses various, like they were cheering me, pushing me to go forward!

I started cracking my knuckles, my thighs trembling, without being able to move, taking a look around, nervous, without knowing what to do. Then I looked down to my crotch; there it was my pubes visible to everyone… And suddenly remembered the plan!

With no much elegance, I sort of coiled in my place and spread the legs. The audience wowed, waiting for the next thing!

Then, Granny came to my back, crouched, and started putting me my diaper on. As she did it, I raised my eyes again, frozen in my place, to see everyone’s face and decipher what they were thinking; they looked like confused, analyzing the situation, like they didn’t know what was happening or what to expect… Yet, they expected.

I raised my eyes to the sky, waiting for everything to pass, and right when I heard the diaper’s tape clipping, I closed my kids.

I had no idea of what was happening outside. Just stood with my eyes shut, my arms and legs spread, until the magic did its effect. I concentrated on feeling how the magic energy started wrapping my body, and shaping it into what everyone expected to see; didn’t even hear the surprised scream of the audience because of contemplating the strange phenomena.

I opened my lips and breathed, freely, as the warm sensation of Shikhandi’s power took over me, just like many times before. The soft breeze messed with my hair, calming me, and I could take that very moment to myself, with no worries of what people would think, say or believe. As my breasts started to flatten, my delicate body buffing up, my vagina shaping into a boy’s cock; I was being me, on the inside. And when I opened my eyes, I was a boy already. And the big picture opened to me.

An entire city shouting, claiming for me and hailing for its hero. I contemplated all of them, from the youngest baby to the eldest man, applauding and crying excited to my view, the one of the Diapered Hero. And my heartbeats accompanied that sweet music of victory. A shot of adrenaline ran through my body as I realized now I was what they were expecting to see. Nothing but myself, the raw Julie.

I raised my arms in a triumphal way, and everyone stood up from their chairs, applauding moved! There were hugs, tears, commotions, all of because of me!

Again, I pumped my fist, greeting everyone, and revealing myself as the person who had fought for them on shadows and now finally revealed itself. Everyone went crazy, and the uproar was that big I thought the stage would crumble because of how Earth was trembling on it.

From behind, the host came to me, and crouching he spoke to the microphone:

“TODAY”, he said, to quiet the audience. “We will finally decorate our ultimate hero with the biggest honor the Nation can: The Medal of the Universal Hero!”

The audience exploded in applauses while the Host pinned the valuable medal to my diaper, and I finally breathed out, euphoric, with my chest puffing up in pride. Somewhere, in that crowd, Karla and Mom were, probably very surprised.

As he finished, I gave one step. Then another. And then, I began running in circles by the whole platform, frenzy, shaking my arms to salute everybody. The audience went even crazier by seeing me in action, as the strong and dynamic hero I had always been. The camera flashes dazed me as they snapped thousands of pictures of me.

I couldn’t repress myself more and started throwing kisses to the audience, which was still charmed by my appearance. Everyone began laughing, and I saw tears of joy on every face of my public.

Suddenly, Grandma came to my back and passed her arm around my legs; with not much of an effort, she sat me on her arm and lifted me to the heights; I sat there, shaking my hand to every single person watching.

From that height, in a long look, I could find all the people I cared for around me: There were my teachers, my friends, relatives, and my schoolmates; there I found Mom, impressed and praying; then Karla, cheering me for my decision while jumping excited; there was Juanita, very little and cute in her kids clothes, on his mother’s shoulders; there was Nancy, my best friend, with her jaw hanging to the floor; there was her mom, looking at me with her eyes on tears; there was the girl I saved from being raped; there were Trixie and Cassie, admiring solemnly; there were all the people I had saved from the terrorist bomb; and finally, there was Darien, applauding, screaming and cheering for me like none other on the crowd.

That was it. That was my hero’s reward.

With pleasure, while Grandma rocked me on her arm, I let tears of happiness flow by my face, and with a sleight of hand I took my diaper off and raised it to the sky. Everyone on the public raised a fist to it, watching it gleam under the sun, while hailing for it and calling my name:



I shook my diaper on my hand, showing it to the whole audience, as the trophy it was… A trophy of mine, but for all of them. With the brightest smile I ever had drawn, I moved my hand back and threw the magic diaper to the public.

I sat there, with me naked bum on Granny’s arms, shaking my bare feet, my penis erected proud, while the chants of my people filled my ears like a hymn, and their grateful faces dazed me like the Sun. The diaper flew over them, with no hint of where it was going to land. I rose naked to greet them, while their applauses wouldn’t stop…



At next morning, as the sun set, my sister and I were awakened by something that fell over us. We raised our heads to see Granny and Mom knelt on our bed, bare feet, their legs spread around us. They had a very serious look on their faces, and in a quick movement, they took the tips of their skirts and lifted them up.

“We want to confess you…”, they talked to the unison.

My sister and I covered our mouths agape on surprise, as they exhibited to us. Under Mom’s skirt there was a big and bulky adult diaper; and under her skirt, Grandma was wearing a pair of extra large man briefs.

“… All this time we’ve been closeted fans of the Diapered Hero and Wonder Boy”.

It was matter of seconds for us to break up laughing and throw ourselves in their arms.

“We were fans of you too!”, Karla and I revealed at the same time, while nuzzling their bosoms.

We rolled on the bed, cuddling, laughing and kissing, as the loving family we were.



End Chapter 9

A diaper hero(ine)

by: malom_shlasters | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 31, 2014


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