A diaper hero(ine)

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Chapter 6
A *sisters?* Weekend (Part 1)

Chapter Description: Julie has a new ally and partner! And this time she will be able to spend a whole weekend with her. Beautiful memories of sister?hood in this episode.

I’m Julie again. Remember my last adventure? If you don’t, I’ll remind you I got into a very hard situation when my heroic diaper failed during a battle, I stood naked on the alley opposed to a bad men gang! Luckily, Sikhandi sent me a helper, a powerful young boy wearing a pair of white briefs. To my surprise, he was no other than my sister Karla, who had been granted the power to transform too!

Now, I’ll told you what happened later. Together, we went back home as good sisters and slept together in my room, holding hands under the watch of Shikhandi. As we sank on our sweet dreams, the great Indian Hero came to our encounter:

“You both have proved being brave and worthy”, said. “Therefore, I have decided allow you both to keep your powers, and keep on fighting for good as a couple”.

In that moment, my Magic Diaper appeared, floating on front of my face.

“Julie, you will be the Diapered Hero, I grant you the diaper to transform yourself”.

The diaper landed on my hands, where I held it like it was a treasure.

“And for you, Karla…”, Shikhandi began.

Karla stood straight, mute in expectation. And when the God raised his hands, it was holding on them a little pair of white cotton briefs, with the Y-shaped tie facing to her.

“… I’ll give you this magic briefs, for you turn into Wonder Boy, the strong and courageous boy”, the God finished, stretching the briefs once and again.

The briefs then floated towards Karla, who received them on her palms, and contemplated them captivated.

“Remember, little lady, you will have the privilege to use it only for the good. I hope you wear them wisely”.

Then, he explained my sister Karla more about her new mission. My little sister looked serious and determined as never, and Shikhandi noticed that pleased.

Then, after finishing giving his advices, the gentle divine figure said goodbye to us and went away. As he disappeared on the horizon, we were free to roam over the heaven clouds wondering about our next adventures, happier than ever.

Sunrise woke up from our dream, and the first thing we did was hugging. Now we were closer than ever and we were going to share the task of fighting crime and bringing peace to our people. The hug longed as we laughed and almost cried in joy, and we bounced together knelt on bed. Finally when we got tired, we just stood on front of the other looking at the other’s face in complete happiness.

Suddenly, a door ring took us out from our little heaven.

“Girls!!”, the unmistakable voice from our grandma got into our ears.

Interested, we ran downstairs to see mom and granny, who were at the main door about going out, with a lot of baggage on their feet.

“Julie, Karla”, mommy said, tapping our heads as we stood on front of them. “Granny and I are going to be out this weekend, we got to solve some business on other city. Please take care of your sister”, said to me, “and Karla, don’t be naughty.”

We both giggled in secrecy, while mom and granny went out and got into the car. There, we stood out of the porch and waved hands as they went away. And when their car lost in the horizon, we couldn’t do anything but quickly turn our head to look the other, giggling in excitement.

As quickly as they feet could, Karla came back to the house. By the moment I could follow her, I followed a trace of clothes climbing upstairs: first the shirt, later her shoes, socks, pants, underwear… When I arrived to the second floor, I saw Karla was on front of the full-body mirror already pulling up her white boy briefs.

As the briefs elastic fitted to her hips in a clap, my sister went to watch, amused, what happened into the mirror.

With her mouth open, Karla saw how her goldilocks began to shrink back to her head, her fine lips glossed out, and her whole features went younger; her eyelashes shorted and her eyebrows, the opposite, went thicker.

Soon, her face had turned into the one of a 6-years-old little boy. Meanwhile, her height diminished and her shoulders went broader. Finally, when her soft white briefs filled, he found the transformation had completed.

“Wow! Wow!”, she screeched, excited, watching her new male form. “I want to do it again! Again!... Julie, do you have my panties?”

But I wasn’t willing to let her play with something that important.

“Karla…”, I called her, in a demanding tune. “Remember what Shikhandi told you: This is not made for playing, but only for use when it’s necessary.”

“Awww…”, my new “little brother” said, making a cute grimace, “… Well, I think I should get familiar with the… er… transformation process, don’t you think? Just to get accustomed”.

I smiled, softened.

“No-uh, girl”, I told her, waving my finger, “You’ll have plenty of times later.” I had the task of guiding my sister, I was not going to be easy on her.

“Mmmm… Ok”, Karla said, finally accepting it. “But isn’t wrong you call me a “girl” now?”, she added, funny.

“Er… Then why I’m supposed to call you?”, I asked.

“I don’t know”, said my sister, inventing. “maybe “Carlos?”, she added, with the cynic face only a real boy could deliver.

I laughed , and turned round to walk by the corridor.

“Ha ha, okey then… But now that you’re already transformed, and we have the whole weekend all for us both, we better take advantage of it.”

“Mmmh? What you have planned?”

“Follow me and you’ll know.”

The little boy followed me as I went to the garage. And after removing a few car blankets, I showed her my project.

“What is this?”, she asked, staring at the pile of metal tubes and weights I had hidden.

“We need to train you”, I answered, taking out the most tubes and metal pieces I could and I carried them to open space. “You mind helping?”

My sister joined and finally we got all that junk in a wide space in we could work with it.

“I bought this a week ago”, I finally explained. “This is gym equipment. You know, for exercise. We only have to put on this together and we’ll have a great Training Saturday”.

“Cool!”, my sister said.

It took us like three hours, but Karla (Carlos?) was too helpful and finally we got parallel bars, weight-lifting facilities and even an obstacle field. Basically, we turned our big hall into an authentic gym.

“Weh! We finally finished!”, I said. “Now, wanna try?”

“Yess!!”, Wonder Boy said, excited.

“OK, take it easy”, I said, messing with her hair as I went out of the hall. “I’ll go to change”.

I went back to my room, took of my clothes, put the diaper on and transformed while walking back. For the time I came back, I was transformed into the Diapered Hero.

“Wow!!”, Karla said as she looked at me. “So that’s how you look as the Diapered Hero?!”

I suddenly felt confused. Then, I remembered general public had actually never saw me as the Diapered Hero. So, even for Karla, it was a surprise.

“Um, yeah…”, I said. “Do I look cool?”, I asked, blinking and eye and striking a masculine pose.

“Ha ha ha”, Karla laughed. “You look rather skinny and weak. I thought you were going to be more impressive.”

“Mph!”, I growled.

It was not like Wonder Boy looked stronger than me, but Karla had a point. I remember how easily he beat up thugs twice his size. He had superhuman strength, there was no confusion.

“Hey”, I complained. “We got different powers. My strength is agility. Take a look of this!”

Then, I performed a perfect leap without even charging, and very easily I grabbed the parallel bars with my agile hands.

“Amazing!”, Karla screeched, excited.

“Surprising, isn’t it?”, I asked, proud, while riding with my other arm to the bars and swinging my bare feet on the air. “Time for some acrobats!”

My sister watched impressed as I twirled on the bars. Then I took some impulse and stood on my hands, with my feet and my big plastic diaper aiming to the ceiling.

“Look how I stand here!”, I shouted to Karla, myself impressed with the ease I could accomplish the acrobat. Also, it was very convenient being a boy with short hair now, because nothing was blocking my sight.

“Hey!”, Karla screamed, and came running. “I wanna try too!”.

“Tee hee”, I giggled; it felt so good seeing how Karla was now envious when she had mocked about my body right before. “I don’t think so. This is a very advanced exercise, you could get hurt”, I explained.

Then I came back to my position, jumped down from the bars and landed perfectly on the mat floor we had installed.

“You have to get accustomed to your male body first”, I told her. “Let’s start with the regular exercise first”.

Again after an adorable tantrum, Karla joined me to make some easy calisthenics.

Me in my diaper and she in her briefs, we stretched against the wall, made some crunches, jogged on our place, performed aerobics, helped each other for the sit-ups, and finished with some squats to tonify our masculine buttocks.

I oversaw Karla, and watched how she seemed fearful and awkward first, moving erratically and lacking precision, but gradually as we progressed to new exercises, she seemed to gain confidence and started to understand how her new body worked, until she moved with grace and naturalness.

“¡Uuff, that was something!”, she said, wiping the sweat out after we finished the warm up.

I noticed I still had the upper hand; my body was not as strong as Wonder Boy’s little hulk, but I had more stamina and I hadn’t got tired at all after the first exercises. Or was it only because of the practice?

" Now, let’s check how powerful you are", I told Karla, while turning round and walking towards the bench press.

Looking forward to it, Karla moved her bare feet following me, and stood next to the machine, that had a big barbell resting on it. I took a pair of 2 kg weights, and installed them on the barbell. When it was ready, I turned to Karla.

"Let’s see how Wonderful you are, Boy" I said, helping her to lie down on the bench.

Karla lied down and took a deep breath, when I lifted the barbell and carefully placed it on her hands.

" Take it easy, sis", I warned her. I knew she was strong under his boy body, but I was afraid of causing an accident.

"OK", she said, grabbing the barbell on her hands.

I let the barbell go slowly… Only to find it didn’t made any difference. Karla herself seemed impressed on how she could lift the barbell up without taking any effort, like it was a sack full of feathers.

"Hey! Look at this!", she exclaimed, proud, lifting the weights with a hand, then with only 3 fingers."Ha ha! Can you give me some more?"

Interested, we changed the weights to a pair of 10 kg ones.

"Still too easy, sis", she said, lifting the barbell again with almost the same ease.

I was amazed. Next, we tried 20 kg ones. Then 30. These last ones seemed to start to make force and grunt.

"Sure this isn’t painful for you?", I asked Karla, seeing how she started to make force.

"I’m OK, see?", she said, finally getting the rhythm and lifting and putting the barbell down with relative ease.

We tried next the 40 Kg, and after some tries, Karla could lift them too. But by that moment, she was getting tired.

"Can we now try with 50 kg?", she asked.

"I don’t think so", I explained. "I think you could make it, but this is your first time, you better take care. It’s not bad if you want to train with the other machines. Maybe we tried with the 50 kg in a week or so."

"Alright , Julie", Karla finally accepted.

I was proud of my little sister’s courage, and supervised how she used the other machines, lifting weights with her arms, legs and hands. She seemed very concentrated on testing her skills, and eager toward using them on her heroic career, what pleased me.

By myself, I performing flips, double and triple somersaults, cartwheels, climbs, balance exercises and other interesting routines, giving all out for the training.

That way, and thanks to the great power Shikhandi had given us, we spent the afternoon training one next to the other, entirely concentrated.

"Julie, check this out!", my sister often called on me, and I laughed and applauded so hard when I saw her upside down, with her legs spread and arms crossed, lifting some weights on the cable machine solely with her feet.

I also saw how Karla used to stop her training from time to time only to see me performing my acrobatics, cheering me to perform more exciting moves.

We both felt empowered by getting into action on our male bodies. All that training made us see and feel like actual virile athletes, from the Greek era or any other. We just were great at being boys.

We had a great time training together like good sisters (or, let’s say, “brothers”), until we got realized how much time had passed. It was like 5.30 P.M., so we realized we had spent more than 5 hours exercising.

Thanks to the great stamina our Magic Diaper and Briefs had given us, we did not experienced pain or hunger for hours, but after all that intense exercise we were hungry, covered in sweat and dirt, but nonetheless satisfied and proud of our great training.

Still, our bellies asked for food and rest, so we moved our butts to the kitchen and made some extra big sandwiches. I got a huge glass of mango juice to drink, while Karla took a box of Nesquik. Then, we came back to the room and sat on the rug on front of the TV.

"Oooph", Karla said, finally sitting back again."My butt is pulverized. I hope this won’t hurt tomorrow, I’d love to be able to train again".

"Ha ha", I responded. "You better don’t abuse, everything has to have a balance".

I took the remote and put a show on. Usually, we watched together some soap opera or something, so I put Sony Channel on and we caught up the middle of the New Girl marathon. But... This time it felt so different. After a few minutes chewing our food and watching the show, entirely uninterested, Karla broke the silence:

"Don’t you think this show’s a little boring?", asked, after taking a suck from her straw.

"Yeah… Actually. Maybe now we should watch something more…", I said, taking the remote.

"... Ballsy?", Karla completed with her loud boy voice.

We put some Extreme Sports Chanel and suddenly we found ourselves shouting excited like stupids. While finishing meal, we watched Extreme Motocross Racing, Deadly Stunts, then changed the chanel to Mixed Martial Arts Tournament, and finally put on some heavy metal channel.

"Whooo!", Karla shouted, jumping on the bed as the metal guitars filled our ears.

"Heey!", I replied, equally entertained."You shouldn’t, your soles are dirty!".

"Why not?! Let’s get crazy!", Wonder Boy said, coiling harder while banging his head and performing air guitar.

"Tee-hee… Okay", I said, getting on my knees and crawling like a baby with a big diaper, as the bed shook with Karla’s moves.

"Weeeoueeh Weeeoueeeh!", the funny boy my sister was started , shaking her head and sticking her tongue out, and later taking a big suck of her chocolate milk.

"Don’t drink Quik on the bed, you’re going to spill all out!"

But again Karla, her youthful testosterone spreading because of the heavy music, didn’t obey. She performed a high jump and lied down on the bed, sticky chocolate dripping from her mouth and the box straw. The bed got stained on slimy drops of muddy chocolate, and I frowned.

"Now we’ll have to wash all this out!", I admonished her, but she was just lying down on the bed, arms and legs spread, breathing accelerated and with a satisfied look on her eyes.

"What’s the problem, Julie?", she asked, almost laughing. And then, her boyish belly inflated and she let a loud burp to escape.

"Eww!", I exclaimed. "Karla, please, don’t be so gross!

As a response, Karla sat up and looked me in the eyes."

"Why not?", she said, with a big smile. "Now we are boys!"

It rendered mute, as I couldn’t argue nothing against it.

"We better have some manly fun!", she said, leaping to my arms.

There, she tripped me and made me lie on the bed, while we laugh at the same time.

"Let’s see how skillful you are now, OK?", Wonder Boy taunted me, while grappling me.

"Ha ha ha! Karla, no!", I laughed, reacting to her tickles.

We rolled on the bed wrestling with the hard rock music on the background, and it actually felt so good and natural. I had never had fun that way with my sis (well, maybe when she was six years old or so), and the fight was more enthralling that I had never remembered.

"Ha ha, the fight is for the one more flexible!", I said, bending my arm behind my Karla’s back and performing an irresistible lock, my face next to her butt, covered with her boy briefs.

"Ooohh-ho-ho!", Karla responded, having much fun."But now deal with this: Bombs away!"

My face was blown away when Karla put her kneels on the mattress, raised her bum and let a thunderous fart out of her butt. Shocked, I closed my eyes let her go.

"Yuck! Karla...! That was just…!", I said, deeply offended. But I only could only hear her giggling and sense how she jumped down from the bed.

When I could snapped out, I didn’t see her instantly, so I turned round to the bed, and in that moment, something hit me right in the face. I could feel it was bland fabric, and when I could take it out from my face I realized it was nothing but my sister’s briefs!

"Grrrrrhhh… KARLA!!", I screamed.

They were so sticky and dirty I frown my nose as I identified them, and a sound of giggles came to my ears. I raised my sight only to see how “Carlos” was already running away, his little naked tushy crossing the door already with his chubby feet moving at max speed.

"If you want to take revenge, you’ll have to catch me!", I managed to heard.

"Karla!!", I called her, getting up to chase her."That was not funny!"

By the moment I crossed the door, she had vanished from my sight. Where had she gone? The Bathroom? Granny’s room? I walked slowly, taking a look, when I heard some off giggles downstairs. My bare boyish feet adventured to walk down, while I turned round looking for my sister.

"Karlaa!!", I started to recall her, a little worried. "Come here!!"

Again, a giggle ringing came to my ears.

"Mmh?", I reacted, and looked down to the lower stairs. I didn’t find anything.

"Karla, this is not funny…", I said, but I had no answer.

Silence longed for more than expected… Had something happened to her?

Suddenly, I turned round, thinking I heard something on the right side of the stares. Doubtful, I approached, and looked beyond, but I found nothing.

"Karla… Come out, please…", I asked.

Still, obeying my sixth sense, I approached even more, then I bowed down to look down…

And in that same moment, I felt something pulled my diaper!


"Ah!", I gasped.

When I turned round, I felt suddenly naked! And behind me, there was the little naked boy I called Karla, with my diaper on her hand. It had detached so easily I couldn’t do anything!

"Ha ha ha ha!", Karla laughed, funny, while boasting my diaper waving it on her hand."I can see you, Nakey McSausage!"

"Ah!!", I gasped again, covering my male privates with my hands. "Karla!! Give me that back!!"

But Karla was already climbing upstairs, singing and dancing in childish fun.

"Nah-Nah-Nah-Nah!", she mocked. "Now I have yours, where’s your diaper, silly boy!!"

"Karla, That’s enough!!", I said, infuriated.

"I’m sorry, but I won!", Wonder Boy said, blinking an eye with a big smile. Then he raised my diaper up and stared at it. "Oooohhh… Now I have the magic diaper. What would happen if I put on? Maybe I would become the bigger brother…"

"Er… Karla…", I objected. But it actually had left me doubting of what would happen.

"Ooohhh… Let’s see it closer", Karla said, taking the diaper closer to her eyes.

Then, suddenly, she frown her nose.

"Yuck!", Karla said, sniffing at my diapers. "‘Tinky, tinky!", she mocked, pinching her nose with her fingers.

"Ha ha, very funny", I observed, sarcastic."Well, yours don’t smell much better", I added, showing her his briefs I had collected.


"Well, our underwear might help us transform, but otherwise is regular cloth", I explained."We spent the whole afternoon doing exercise. It’s normal they now stink."

"Really?", Karla asked. "What do you do when it happens?"

"Well, I have to wash my diaper every night", I narrated. "I think it’s a good moment to do it. We could take a shower too."

Sensible, Karla nodded. Only to right after raise her arm and aim her nose to her armpit.

"Uuf, Uuf", she said, sniffing."Well, that’s right, I smell like a boy!

"Let’s go", I asked.

"No", Karla added."I’ll go first!!"

Then, my sister cheerfully ran upstairs, fully naked and laughing like a stupid boy.

"Karla!", I asked. "Wait for me!"

She didn’t seem to listen.

"Holy Lord", I said to myself."Thanks she was not a boy from the beginning."

I picked the diaper up and went to the laundry room. I washed my diaper and my sister’s briefs, using some detergent, then hanged them on a clothespin and let them dry. Next, I headed to the bathroom.

"Water’s still cold", Karla said, when I ran the curtain and found her naked.

"That’s why I asked you to wait for me", I explained.

We stood like two minutes on the tub waiting for the time hot water came. It was sort of boring, at least for me. Karla had started watching around, mainly interested on our naked bodies. She explored her thighs with her hands, then her entire legs. She seemed so fascinated.

For some reason, since my first transformation, I had not curious about the senses of my male body; for me, the only thing that cared was the physical potential and power of my new body. But as a pubescent girl, Karla seemed more interested on that part.

Suddenly, I felt how her little hand laid on my chest. I chilled and trembled, then turned round and looked my sister in the eyes.

"Your chest feels smooth, yet strong", she babbled, fascinated.

Of course, it was very uncomfortable for me.

"Cut it out, Karla", I answered.

She obeyed immediately. We were never familiar with that kind of contacts, even if we were sisters we didn’t use to touch each other.

But I understood Karla, as a mischievous girl, was curious about my male body. We were only sisters, and we didn’t know other male familiars to play with. So, her will to learn more about boys was justified.

"I wonder if Nick’s body will feel like yours", Karla said, low.


Who the hell was Nick? I didn’t use to talk about intimate feelings with my sister, but I could guess that -boy?- was something important for her. Did I care? But Karla, now as a little boy, looked deeply abstracted on her feelings and sort of melancholic. I felt a little bad.

Why had I never talked with her about any of that until we turned into boys? I mean, I could have showed more interest on her and her… Feelings. But, until last night, I think I had never actually taken her in serious. I just thought of her as my “hateful sister”, because of her mischiefs and shenanigans. Now, I was discovering her actual values and feelings.

It was kind of absurd I hadn’t started appreciating her as a grown girl until she turned into a little boy. But –at least- I thought that was an advance. Maybe I should give her more space from that moment on.

"Ah, look", I said. "Hot water is running."

It was almost night, and very peaceful to take a shower together as boys with my little sister. She looked so funny with her boyish hair covered in soap foam, and was a total disaster of taking a shower (I think it was the first time in long ago I saw her taking a washing herself).

"There, let me help", I said, and helped her to rub the shampoo of her hair off while she wiped her eyes.

Her boy hair was light and straight, actually tickled my fingers, and I couldn’t help smiling at the nice experience.

"Hey", I said, when I looked down.

Karla had her little penis on her hand and seemed to rubbing them a little more than necessary.

"Don’t play with that", I adviced her.

"Mmm", she answered, losing a little interest. "It feels weird."

"I don’t wanna know", I answered, and got more serious.

"Why not?", she countered."Look at yours!", she pointed, then.

Surprised, I looked down to see mine, and I found it erected and pretty hard and long.

"It’s enormous!", Karla said, laughing.

I blushed, embarrassed. It should had been something involuntary, maybe simply because of the nice feeling on rubbing Carlos’s hair.

"Let’s not talk about that, right?", I proposed.

"Why not?", Karla giggled again.

"Just not very interested", I said, sincere.

"Well, I am, is that bad?"

"This body is not for that. Remember what Shikhandi said."

"Come on."

"That could be considered a vice", I adviced.

"Or a experience!"

"A bad experience", I corrected her.

"Why do you think it’s bad?", Karla yelled.

"I don’t think it’s what Shikhandi think about “heroism”."

"Why not?", she asked again. "Do you think Shikhandi never experienced with this?"

"Why would he had?", I asked in a rethorical way.

"To know more about her new body, moron", she answered. "I remember I read something about it. Shikhandi married, even had sons."

I went quiet. Karla was right. I had read about that too, but I just overlooked her.

"Just not on front of me", I asked her gently.

Whatever, Karla had finished playing, and we continued showering. I still let her to help me by rubbing my back and legs… only to give her the experience of touching a “boy”, and she was actually respectful about it.

I helped her to shower too, it was kind of funny because she looked like a midget and I think I actually enjoy taking little kids on arms.

Finally, we finished the shower and after closing the nozzle, I gave her an affectionate little spank to indicate her to go out.

"There you are!", I said.

"Aaaahhh", Karla said, feeling very nice after the delicious shower.

She looked very cute as a clean little boy, I actually started to think I could have been proud of her being my little brother from the beginning.

We took our towels and dried ourselves, then came back to the room.

"So what’s next?", Karla asked.

"I don’t know. We trained, bathed, had dinner…", I answered. - We should put our panties on and do our homework.

"Awww, come on!", the irritating little boy cried. "It’s Saturday!"

"What’s your plan?", I asked. "Ordering pizza?"

"We could go night out", she answered, excited. "What about that, Julie, let’s hit the streets!"

"Well, I don’t see why not.", said back. "Let me go for my purse. Do you want I iron your skirt?"

Wonder Boy put Chinese eyes on.


"You know what I’m talking about."

"So", I deduced."You want us to go out as boys?"

"Can’t see why not?"

"Mmmm, it could be not convenient they know our secret identities."

"They haven’t seen our faces yet, you said! We have fought at night."

"Er…", I tried to object something else


"It could be useful", Karla rushed to say. "You know, to… Investigate. We could go undercover."

"Well… ", I responded. It sounded reasonable enough. And after all, I thought a single night out wouldn’t be a problem. "OK."

"It’s a yes?", the wonder boy asked, with a big smile.

"It’s a yes", I answered.

[size=4]TO BE CONTINUED[/size]



End Chapter 6

A diaper hero(ine)

by: malom_shlasters | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 31, 2014


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