A diaper hero(ine)

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Chapter 4
Karla's mischiefs

Chapter Description: Karla now knows the secret of Julie, her big sister. Unfortunately, Karla is not as mature and responsible as her sister. What kind of mischiefs will she commit when the magical Big Boy Diaper reaches her hands??

Hello, I’m Karla and I’ll tell you something that happened 1 week ago.

Well, first I’ll tell you about myself: I’m 11-years-old, I study Elementary school and I tend to get up to mischiefs.

But now, what happened at night, 1 week ago, was something that you won’t believe, and that started to change my life.

It was two in the morning and some odd noises woke me up; I keened my ear and I realized something was happening at the next room. It was my big sister’s room. It seemed to be like child voices, and I felt really warn of it, so I stood awoke, listening to them and trying to understand something clearer. After one or two minutes, it started to sound like a baby cry, even stranger.

I waited ‘til the noises ceased, and then, sneaking I walked out of my room, spying through my sister’s door. I found nobody –not even my sister- was inside, and I found the window open and the moonlight enlightening the bed; some boy’s cloths were scattered on the floor. I looked through the window and stared some person’s shadows in the yard, but the tree’s leaves blocked my view. I wondered what were those clothes doing there, and I even found some girl’s wet panties on the floor… I feared somebody had done something bad to my sister, when suddenly I turned round and I saw him, entering by the window.

He was the diapered superhero from the news!!

We both stood frozen on front of the other, and I didn’t know what to say, or even what to think. I had heard he was a kind guy, but where was my sister? Why those clothes scattered around? And the girlish panties wet on the floor? I was starting to think the worst, when he interrupted me:

“Karla: wait, please don’t shout”

I didn’t surprised too much when he told my name; instead, I asked him:

“Where’s my sister?”

The Diapered hero stood there, and sighed; he seemed to be confused or thinking.

“Where’s she?!”, I asked, louder, “and what are you doing here?!”

The Hero seemed to hurry and he stood on his place, explaining worried:

“Please, Karla, just don’t make a mess…”, he said, trying to get calmer. “Well, I think I must say it…”, he said, slowly.

“Say what?!”, I asked. “You won’t trick me…!” I was getting really worried about my sister.

The Diapered Hero suddenly interrupted and told me:

“I AM your sister”

I just couldn’t believe that, but I had nothing to say or even react.

“Yes, believe me, please… I can show you…”, he said, indicating me to relax myself.

That was so freaky, but what could I say?! If he was going to say a lie, he should have thought a better one.

“Karla, give me one of those panties”, he asked, referring to the ones that were leaning out from my sister’s closet shelf.

I blushed, and told him, almost shouting: “You are a pervert! A pervert!!”

He was getting more nervous that someone heard us, and then he walked tow steps away, hurling himself to the bed. He covered himself with my sister’s blanket; I couldn’t imagine what he was planning to do.

“Please, Karla: trust me; I’ll show you in just some seconds”, he said, indicating me to throw him the panties.

I obeyed… he had put himself in a non-dangerous position, so he could barely do something risky. I took that risk… “My sister??”, I started to wonder.

As he got the panties, he introduced his arms under the blanket and started to make something. I realized soon that he was detaching his diapers; I blushed and I even thought about covering my eyes… but maybe that was his plan; so I decided keeping my eye on him. For the case he was trying to trick me, I approached to the door.

“Karla… now I’ll show you”, said the Diapered hero, taking the panties in his manly hands, stretching them, and introducing them inside the cover.

I blushed even more, and I couldn’t object anything… What was that boy trying to do…?! Was him an actual pervert?!

I had not too much time to guess, since in less than three seconds, he popped up under the blanket and announced:

“It’s done!”

What did he wanted to say?... But then again, I had no time to guess, since I really started to see what has happening: second to second, those boy’s features started to change; was he getting younger? His features went finer, his skin silky, his height taller and his shoulders… more feminine? In question of seconds, he transformed into… My sister Julie!!

I actually was mute for some instants; but she was there, under the blanket, covering her breasts with it… She was actually my 16-years-old Sister!!

“Was really her…?”, I asked to myself, but when she received me with her most shiny smile, I had no doubt: My sister… My big sister was the Diapered Hero!!

I ran next to her bed, speechless…

“How did you..? Is this…?”, I tried to ask, confused. Was that a dream…?

My sister, still glad, but getting more serious, told me:

“Please, Karla, please don’t say anyone. But yes: I am the Diapered Hero”. She told me that with total honesty, and even some proud.

“But how did you…?”, I started to ask; then interrupted myself: “OMG; so, you have… balls and that…?”, I said, covering my mouth.

My sister laughed low, tapped my head and told me:

“It is complicated, I promise I’ll explain you everything… But you have to make the promise you won’t tell it anybody, even under any circumstance.”

I promised her, with all my heart. But I really wanted to learn the secret.

That night my sister told me about the Hindu figurine she bought, and the diaper that helped her to transform into a young boy, and then a little about her training and superhero achievements, emphasizing her new responsibilities that came for being a boy and powerful “noble warrior”.

I found that too amazing, and I really grew excited with the secret… it was just like a superheroes comic… and my sister was the protagonist!!


Next morning I woke up knowing my sister’s secret, and I did all that was on my capabilities for avoiding telling to anyone, not even my best friends. I had to bite a bun when my friends started to talk and wonder about the “famous and handsome diaper hero”; I felt tempted to tell them that I was the sister of the Diapered Hero, so they’d envy me… but I had promised to my sister that I was not going to tell anyone. And I knew that all my friends were gossip-mongers.

When I returned home and I met my sister again for dinner, she seemed to be happier; she didn’t tell me anything, but she didn’t stop smiling at me in the table, revealing with her eyes the secret we held together.

I learned too the reason for my sister used to sleep in the afternoons, since she has to patrol at midnight. She was too busy that week, so we didn’t talk a lot. But Wednesday, she told me she was glad for having someone to share her secret.

Friday, I was, once again, bothered by that hateful Nick Reynolds, a boy from my school who is always trying to catch my attention. Well, he’s not that bad… I have to confess since I saw him first time, I quickly feel attracted to him. But his attitude is mean and immature, so I tend to hate him more that falling in love with him. I was having lunch in the cafeteria with Kimberley Rogers, and I was explaining her why spiders are better pets than rabbits, when that hateful boy, who had just finished his wrestling training, approached from behind and put on my head a used jockstrap. I got confused and then feel nauseous; my friend was amazed, speechless; and Nick and his training friends laughed at me.

I went too angry, so I ran to him, when he was walking away, and I kicked his leg. He was not expecting that, so he could not react, and seemed to be aching from his leg. He turned round to me, while his friends, impressed, circled us, and he pushed me against a table, where I landed.

I felt still wanting to fight, but suddenly a teacher came on and the circle dissolved. That silly Nick! Always abusing on his strength; I had a good revenge since my kick hurted him so much.

But when I came home I couldn’t think anything else than Nick… I had to give him a better lesson! One that he would never forget! But how could I do it…?

Instantaneously, I remembered my sister’s magical power… As she told me, she only had to wear that magical Big Boy diaper to transform into a powerful hero. Yeah! Nick was maybe one of the rudest boys in school, and a wrestler too, but I had no doubt that diaper would grant me enough power to beat on him (just look at my useless and weak sister! The diaper transformed her into the greatest city’s hero!).

Since wrestling classes are at morning, and my sister only opens her shelf to take the diaper out at night, I easily would be able to borrow the diaper at morning, then returning it to its hidden place at afternoon. My sister was not that dumb; I knew that she had hidden the diaper, since she doesn’t totally rely on me and my mischievous mind, but it wouldn’t be a great problem finding it. I spent the Saturday looking for his new secret hide, and I managed to find it. So I feigned I didn’t know anything, and planned to take the diaper to school on Monday.

I woke up early that morning, moving the toes of my bare feet, excited, under the cover. I addressed as usual, but I waited until my sister went out to school. Then, I got into my grandma’s library and opened The mask of the zorro book, and took the diaper out, that was still carefully fold. I packed the diaper under my books in my backpack and then I went walking to school.

Wrestling class was after recess, and I was nervous on encountering Nick before the match I had planned, and just sat quiet in the cafeteria. Nick’s group came out later, walking next to my table. But surprising, he didn’t show me any animosity; he limited to discreetly smile, feigning on not looking at me.

I even started thinking about cancelling my plans, but I thought maybe I would never have another opportunity like this again. So, when the bell rang, I said goodbye to Nicole, telling her that I had to go to the dentist so I wouldn’t stay for the whole day in school.

I feigned I was leading to the exit door, but when I made sure nobody was watching, I sneaked behind the gym. I could open easily the backdoor, and since the boys were at the class, I was sure nobody would find me. I sneaked through the door to warn about everything, and then I got in!

I could enter the dressing rooms, and there, I locked the door and took off all my clothes: my skirt, blouse, socks, my pink Little Pony panties (what’s the problem?! I like them!)… All! I put them inside a locker and then I took the diaper out of my backpack. I breathed deeply and then I started to put it on. It was about my fit, but so bulky for a girl; I adjusted it to my hips and hop in, when… Gradually I felt being pushed by a powerful pressure, and then I felt how my body started adjusting. It was like somebody was pulling my muscles down, in order to compress them. I don’t have enough breasts or hips, but when the process finished, I felt different.

I had transformed into a 12-years-old boy, wearing a bulky diaper! My body was not too different, so, I was a skinny guy, actually, but still I felt powerful enough to do whatever. I looked myself into the mirror: my ponytail had disappeared, I was a short-haired naughty boy; I couldn’t help smiling, since I was going able to take revenge with nobody being able to recognizing me.

I opened the uniform locker and took out the maillot uniform, in red color, and I proceeded to put it on. It was too difficult since the diaper was so bulky… by the way, if I removed the diaper was I going to turn into a girl again? I didn’t know exactly; but if something works, don’t touch it! I stood with the diaper on!-. Later, I put on my socks and tennis shoes again (luckily, they were not girlish enough) and I ran to the arena, looking for the other boys.

When I came, the training had finished, and the trainer was forming the wrestling matches. There were boys of every grade in school, and there was Nick too. Coincidentally, the trainer found that Nick had no a match to do, but then I came…

“Reynolds, you are going to fight the new boy. What’s your name?”, he asked me.

I answered, trying to sound boyish and tough: “Er… Carl, Carl Crellman”. Oh, my God! Was that my voice?! I couldn’t believe I had that grievous, badass voice.

“Be welcome”, the trainer said, and wrote my name in his notepad.

The wrestle matches started in rows of three. I knew Nick was not one of the most distinguished wrestlers of his grade, but it was clear that he was more experienced in Greco-roman wrestling than me. So, I passed my time watching the wrestles to learn something about, and I could learn at least the basics and a couple of useful moves. I was really excited for fighting with him.

“Peters vs Wyndham; Tadd vs Clarence; Reynolds vs Crellman”, the trainer whistled, and I ran to get in the arena. My legs were trembling, but I felt I was able to win.

“Let’s see what you got”, Nick said, trying to tackle me.

But I knew how to counter that maneuver, and I spread my legs and crouched when he came to catch me. It was extraordinary: I reacted with such reflexes and strength that I didn’t even felt I was in danger.

Nick tried to push me down, but with great dexterity, I grabbed one of his legs and push down the other one. He had to kneel to keep the balance, and I pushed him down to the floor. I couldn’t believe it was too easy for me to maintain my position; I, a former skinny girl, was beating on wrestling my all-life bully!

I threw myself to the floor and trapped Nick with a grapple I had learned, embracing his legs with my arms and pulling them to punish.

“Come on..!”, Nick said, trying to get free by struggling with his arms.

“No, you won’t!”, I said, and I caught his left hand with mine. He was doomed!

“Oh, come on, you!”, he said, between struggles,

“Crellman…! That’s enough!” I could see Nick’s face on front of me. His face had gotten red and mucus was dripping of his nose; he was getting what he deserved.

“That’s for you! For being a girl-bully!”, I said, before releasing him. He was defeated.

The trainer blew his whistle. “That’s enough. Good work, Crellman, great for being a rookie!”

I got up with such easiness, while Nick was rolling in the floor, breathless.

“And you, Reynolds… what a shame!”, the trainer said. “I advised you to train more. With that level, you won’t be able to defeat a kindergarten girl.”

I giggled while Reynolds recovered. The trainer blew his whistle again.

“OK, we are over, Tigers [that’s the school team’s name], well done. Now, I want you to go for a shower.”

The boys were tired and they walked slowly to the shower… was I going to lose my opportunity… well, it could be dangerous, but I was curious too. And I was that excited by my victory that I wanted to share my experience with the other boys. They were great too.

The other boys got in the dressing room and they started to take their uniforms off. I about started blushing, but for them, it was the most natural of the world.

“Hey you, Crellman?”, a boy said, “don’t be shy and join”, a 6th grade boy said. I walked to the group, carefully.

“You were great”, said another one, a black boy, “are you new? Were you in the wrestling team of your previous school”.

I didn’t know how to answer, but I just nodded. In the other bench it was the Nick’s group, joking with him. He seemed to be jealous from me; I felt proud.

“What are you waiting for?”, said another 6th grade boy, that came into the room wearing only a towel. “Let’s go shower”. The black boy tapped my shoulder and got up.

He was wearing only white briefs! I almost didn’t realize all the boys were only half-naked or wearing briefs or other underwear. I was the only one that had not started to undress. Well, I, Nick and a few others of his group.

The 6th grade boys got up and went for their towels; and one of them was wandering naked, with his bare buttocks exposed…! (and he was not bad… ;D). Then, the Nick’s group walked to me… I imagined that something bad was going to happen, but I continued taking my shoes off. But I was wrong… they came to greet me! Well, everybody but Nick, that was still humiliated.

“Hello, Carl, I think you showed us how to wrestle, didn’t you?”, a thin boy said to me.

“Mmmh, thanks”, I managed to say with my most masculine voice, feigning not caring about, when I was really proud and exciting.

“Oh, do you wear THOSE…?”, another boy said, laughing. He was wearing boxers.

I didn’t noticed that I was taking my uniform off, therefore showing everybody my big, bulky diapers. I felt, again, that they were going to mock me. But…

“Hey, leave him. That’s authorized underwear”, said a serious boy that seemed so smart, without turning. He was sit in the other side of the bench, taking his uniform off.

The other boys got calmer, and started to joke.

“Oh, well… sure, you are like the Diapered Hero. I think we know now the origin of your powers”, he said. The other ones laughed… including me.

“My sister wears diapers too; she’s on 2nd grade, too”, and so on, they referred the other boys and girls of the school that wore diapers in honor of the Diapered Hero.

When everybody finished on undressing, we had to go for the towels. I walked by the corridor, wearing only my bulky diaper, and took one. Next, I waited for the other guys went to the shower; I put the towel over, took off the diaper and locked it safely with my other clothes. It was too important the diaper remains safe. And then, I ran to the showers, wearing my towel.

It was too interesting for me, a regular girl, actually, participate in the boy’s showers activities. They were totally naked, showering all together with soap and water, and talking about the most stupid stuff. When I took the towel off, I tried to not see how my genitals were now; If I got an erection, I was going to enter in an engaging situation.

So, I limited to shower myself and listen for the others’ conversations. Well, it’s sure that they have fun; their talks are naughty, often funny and stupid. I’m not really interested in them, but I enjoyed their feeling of comradeship… I even felt included, as one of them.

I made an effort to don’t see their penises, even some of the boys were… well, athletic, muscular and handsome. But still, I managed to take some glimpses of their booties… well, I confess it, I enjoyed looking at them.

A pop suddenly erupted, and the showers stopped squirting. A 5th grade boy, skinny and unattractive, had started the towel war. He ran behind his opponents, whipping the towel against their buttocks. Even it was so cruel, because the guy that was hit got their buttocks bright red, the other boys seemed to enjoy it. Soon it became a chaos, with guys and guys naked or in underwear, running with the towels and trying to hit the others.

I ran to save myself, but… Nick intercepted me. He seemed to be angry for the defeat, and tried to hit me once and again. I had to grab my towel and counterattack, and I managed it! I whipped his butt twice!

Then, I got in the dressing room. After drying myself, I put the towel on, and took my clothes out of the locker, storing them in the backpack. Then, I went away to find a way to put my clothes on and escape.

I wandered through the gym about for 10 minutes, but I couldn’t find a good place to turn into a girl again not too much risky for they see me. So, I waited for the other boys got dressed and come out of the gym.

It was boring; I stayed hidden in a corner, when I heard the noise of the crowd going away. The dressing room was free again. I got up and walked by the corridors, sneaking to find maybe some guy that had delayed, but I couldn’t hear anything. But, when I was passing on front of a room, I heard other voices. I hid and listened:

“Ok, Nick… It’s time for your massage.”

Was Nick going to have a massage? I couldn’t help get involved! I love being naughty. I put the diaper on again, and opened the door carefully; there, I saw a big fat man, dressing white clothes; he was manipulating lotions and other products. He was the masseur, for sure.

The masseur opened a door that was like a closet, with some shelves full of other products, and started to arrange them.

“Wait for me, Nick. I’ll be there on a minute”, the fat man said, without turning. I realized he had headphones on, and he was really distracted.

“Ok, but don’t be late!”, I heard Nick’s voice. It came from the other room.

I walked silently by the corridor, and took a look at the other room. Nick (it had to be Nick) was laid, mouth down, on a massage table, with a towel on. And the masseur was too distracted. I ran quickly and grabbed a chair, while running. Then, I silently closed the door and locked it with the chair. He wasn’t going to be able to go out in a while.

The masseur was too busy arranging the products that he didn’t even notice. It was my perfect chance; I walked to the other room, closed and locked the door, and headed to the table where Nick was.

“it was time!”, Nick affirmed, in a tired voice, without turning round. He pointed at his neck with his index.

“Start here, please. That new boy made me a mess”.

I couldn’t believe what I was going to do. I took a lotion from a nearly table and smeared it on my hands. Then, I started to massage Nick’s body. It felt soft and muscled… I got blush.

“It has not been the best day on my life…”, he stated. “you feel the tension?”.

I really noticed that; I was massaging Nick’s back, feeling it too solid and tight.

“Hahhh…” he said, “carefully!”. I think I had excited and pressed to strong.

I started massaging him with circular movements.

“That’s better, Joe. You’re the best.”

When I was pressing Nick’s muscled biceps, he started to moan, feeling too pleased. And I couldn’t help: Under the diaper, I felt my first, strong erection. I felt like losing control. But I contained my masculine strength.

“You know, Joe? He accused me of being a girl-bully…”, Nick started.

I diminished my rhythm, interested in what he was going to say.

“It must be for Karla…”, he said…

My heart started to beat hastier. I had blushed again, and my anus contracted, powering my penis. My balls shrank and I felt a knot on my throat.

“But… I just cannot help. You know… she’s that pretty…”

I couldn’t contain my strength; I massaged his low back frenzy.

“I… Just love her… If she was my….!”

That was enough! Trembling, I stretched his perfect buttocks, under the towel, with my boyish hand, and I just ran out of the room, blushing. I don’t know if he managed to see me when I went out; but on the run, I grabbed another chair, and when I went out, I locked the door with it.

In the main room, the masseur was hitting the door and shouting for somebody let him go. I was glad that he couldn’t go out by his own strength. The gym was alone. As quickly as I can, I got in the dressing room and took the diaper off; my penis was hard as a rock. But when I covered it with my pink panties, it shrank until disappear. I was a girl again, and I was blushed and excited; I put on my clothes again and went out of the gym, running as quick as I can. I had the magical diaper safely stored in my backpack. The school looked almost alone (all the students were still at the classrooms), and nobody saw me.

I came back home, with my heart still beating. I had got my revenge, but I had learned something more than that…

I store the diaper again where I find it, promising myself to not wear it again. Of course, it had been a great row of mischiefs, but judging by the final consequences, it’d be better that Carl Crellman stay away from the school for at least one year.

Being a boy is great thing, but I’d better leave that responsibility to my bigger sister. I slept that night thinking about Nick… what was going to be tomorrow? More revenge? Or maybe my first… romance??




End Chapter 4

A diaper hero(ine)

by: malom_shlasters | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 31, 2014


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