A diaper hero(ine)

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Chapter 6
A *sisters?* Weekend (Part 3)

Chapter Description: Sunday's on, and the Sister's Weekend for Julie and Karla is finishing. But perhaps they will find more peace this day than the others :)

On Sunday, I woke up with a sleeping boy hugging me on my side. The sunshine and the strong hold of the little boy disoriented me a little until I remembered Karla had asked for letting her sleep in her male form. Now, the little boy was sleeping next to me, naked and snoring like a train. I remembered what had happened last night.

After coming back home, we hastily took our borrowed clothes off and threw them on the Harrison’s yard. We were almost sure they were going to believe a strong wind took them down, or perhaps a dog, who knows. Then we came back to my room giggling in excitement.

“Brrr… It’s cold!”, I said, running to the closet with my buttcheeks bare.

Then I took a pair of satin panties from a drawer and put them on.

“Hey you, don’t look!”, I ordered to my sister, who was laid on the bed waiting to see me transform.

What was with her? Had she got some interest on seeing half-naked girls or something? I somewhat blushed when I remembered what happened last night with Trixie, and the inappropriate reaction of my male body. Was Karla going to have an erection by seeing me?

A chill ran through my taint as soon as I thought that, and I almost felt my cock rising, but I could manage to counter the arousal as I start turning back into myself.

Soon, my nimble muscles deflated and were replaced by my plain boring girl body, while my long brown hair was unchained from my head and run over my back. I had covered my breasts with one arm to prevent my boyish sister to take a look at my body. My sexual feelings that night were confusing enough to stand a reveal of Karla gaining an interest in seeing me naked.

I turned back and put the pajama on, while Karla lazily wrapped under the sheets, resting like a total slacker boy.

“What’s with you? it’s time to sleep”, I scolded Karla. I had to fill the big sister role. “Aren’t you going to turn into a girl back?”.

Karla reacted by covering her face with a pillow.

“Oh, man… I’m so comfortable on this form”, she answered from behind the cushion. She rolled again on bed, wrapping herself into the sheets like into a taco.

“I’ll go brush my teeth, and when I come back, I want to see you a girl and wearing a pajama”, I gave the ultimatum as I went to the bathroom. “Or I’ll kick your butt out of my bed!”.

I must have spent more than 20 minutes on the bathroom, examining my facial features. Turning into a boy frequently could be sometimes very confusing. Now I think I started to notice some male features in my regular face, like I was both a girl and a boy at the same time. The feeling was weird and bewildering. But when I realized I had might became a paranoid, I rushed to finish the cleaning and went back to my room.

“Karla…”, I admonished her, as I saw her still under the blankets, covered entirely. “Karla!”, I repeated. Then I realized my sister was not listening, she had already fallen asleep.

The shape under the sheet rose and deflated alternatively, and I had no way of knowing if she was Karla or “Carlos”. I was ready to go to sleep and tired of dealing with my impossible sister, I just tucked up at her side and tried to sleep.

Now it was morning, and I shook my sister’s shoulder to wake her up.

“You, sleepyhead!”, I told her. “It’s Sunday, don’t you know?”.

“Aww, don’t be a bother!”, Carlos answered, still under the sheets.

“7:30, Mom and Granny are going to arrive 5 pm, we have things to do.”

Karla didn’t reacted much or answered, so I got fed-up and snorting, I proceed to get changed and go downstairs to make some cleaning.

It had been some time since I cleaned house alone. Normally, mommy and granny are the ones who do that, I only have to worry about eating and doing the school homework. But I had learned everything on the housewife routine and I knew how to do it alone.

First thing I did was preparing breakfast. I love waffles and it’s a house custom to eat them on Sunday before or after church. I think it was going to be a good idea to cheer Karla, so I put the apron on, and prepared them with maple syrup and berries. I also washed the dishes and ordered the kitchen, and 25 minutes later, Carlos arrived, to the kitchen, still a little sleepy, with her hair very messy and entirely naked.

“Breakfast!”, I announced, then I turned to see my sister lazily pulling a chair to sit down. “Where’s your briefs?”, I asked, a little annoyed.

“I don’t know”, she asked, without making much effort. “Where did you put them?”.

I reminded her that my diaper and her briefs where hanged on my room, where they had probably already dried up. She didn’t seem to care about it. I frown again but she didn’t seem to give a crap about the duties.

I thought on asking her to go put some panties and come back to have breakfast, but then I realized it was going to be easier to control her in that body.

“OK, then…”, I said, compelling. “We’ll have breakfast now, and then you will use that strength of yours to get all the training machines back to the garage, alright?”

She agreed, and during the breakfast she started to get out from her sleep and became herself again.

“These are delicious!”, she said, franticly, munching at the waffles with her mouth filled.

I ate them calmly with a fork and simply agreed, thinking about everything.

“Mmmh, do you think these are better than mom’s?”, I asked. It would be so rare, since mom’s a great cook.

“Yeah! I love these!”, Karla answered, with grains of bitten waffles spilling from her mouth.

I started to wonder if being a boy made things taste different. Perhaps the sugar content has more effect when she is 6 year old and a boy.

Truth or not, my sister finished 5 large waffles, licked the plate and raised it to me.

“Julie, can you make some more?!”, she asked.

“OK…”, I agreed, somewhat proud. “But only two and you’re going to help me with the gym stuff. Remember house must be ready by noon”.

After having breakfast, my little “brother” was chubby enough to roll to the living room, and could barely move.

“Oh, Julie… They were so delicious…!”, Karla said, rubbing her belly.

“Come on, piggy, move your ass to the work!”, I asked, slapping her spongy tushy; it felt just like ham.

So, my naked little brother went to disassemble all the training stuff while I got sweep and mope and proceed to get the house shiny.

House was dirty enough because our restless training last night. I had to vacuum the carpet to remove all the bacon bits we had eaten as snacks, and floor was sticky with sweat. We had also put out of place some decorations from the tables and walls while we moved all the training machines, so the work was even more extensive (the fact I didn’t remember how things were exactly ordered didn’t help me).

Fortunately, I had no homework for that weekend, because all that hard work kept me busy enough. But also it was kind of relaxing, performing all those women duties on such a big detail; it was a refreshing breath after all those months of fighting crime. From time to time, I saw my baby “brother” crossing the living, carrying things to the garage with his amazing strength. I gotta say it felt really compelling, my sister and I, entirely aware of our secret identities, working separately to make home clean. I really felt in family.

It took us about two hours to finish everything but at the end house looked splendid, and I knew mom and granny were going to spoil us because of our good work.

“Uuuf!”, Carlos came to the living room, wiping the sweat of her brow. Her boy body was literally shining on sweat, highlighting her male muscles. “It was just as tiring as kicking criminals’ butts, if no more”.

“I agree”, I said, bending down and resting my gloved hands on my knees. “But everything looks way cleaner now, don’t you think so?”.

Carlos took a look around, rose an eyebrow, and skeptically said: “Er? I see it just the same!”

I didn’t know if cry, yell or laugh… So I only sighed with irony. Yeah, that’s the male eye! ;)

In that moment, the phone rang. Excited, my sister and I ran to the phone and I picked up.

“Hello?”, I answered.

It was Mom and Granny. They started asking the protocol questions: how have you been, what did you ate, and other. My little “brother” couldn’t hear a damn thing but my saying “yes, OK” and the sort of things, and he looked impatient and eager to talk to Mom.

“Julie, give me the phone!”, she suddenly asked, in a loud voice.

The moment was uncomfortable.

“Er… What’s that?”, Granny asked. “Is there a little boy at home?”

Karla seemed to notice her mistake and covered her mouth with her hands.

“Uh? What? A boy?”, I responded, a little nervous. “Ah? That? No, it’s only… There’s a bunch of kids on the street.”

I felt like an idiot in just a second. Yeah… A bunch of kids on the street asking me to handle them the phone.

“Mmm? OK…”, Granny said then, a little cautious. Granny had always been so comprehensive with me, and I know she wasn’t going to ask me more. “Well, you behave, and your Mom says you don’t forget to go to Church, OK, Honey?”

“Yes, Granny, Karla and I miss you and Mom!”, I replied, with honesty. “Come back soon, please!”

“We’ll be there at 5 pm, Honey. Good bye and God bless you.”

Then we hung up the phone. Karla quickly turned to see me.

“Well, it’s time to get ready for Church”, I reminded Karla. “You go take a shower, and I’ll get your clothes ready, OK?”.

She nodded quickly and ran upstairs, her little ballsack and diminutive willie bouncing gracefully.

“Hey!”, I remembered suddenly, when she was already running upstairs in bare feet. “You’re going as a GIRL, Okey?!”

She didn’t seem to take a second to think about it and continued her run to the bathroom. As naughty as she is, my sister has always taken Church very seriously.

I took advantage to sit down on the couch, and rest and think a little more…

“What would Granny think when I reveal her my secret?”, I asked to myself, lifting my head to the ceiling. Because… There will be a moment when I’ll have to reveal this at my whole family, won’t it?

I took a deep breath and sighed. Of course, if I was going to tell someone about this, Karla wouldn’t have been my first option… I’ve always felt I can trust my grandmother. She’s a very wise woman, and has taken good care of me since I remember being conscient. But, in that moment, I knew I just was not prepared to tell her anything. Actually, I imagined myself delaying the revealing, until it was impossible keep on holding it.

Whatever, I decided it was time to stop wondering and take care of my duties. I went up to the room and bring some clothes I knew my sister would like to wear: A denim skirt with flounces, a lime-coloured blouse, a denim short jacket, purple thighs and pink leg-warmers. I also prepared her Converse shoes and cleaned them up.

Then, I , and according to my mood I chose to dress with sobriety: a long brown blouse, a skirt of the same colour and a black coat. For shoes, a pair of red heels.

I proceeded to iron every cloth with starch.

“Karla, time’s up!”, I screeched from my ironing place, to the bathroom.

My sister uses to get easily entertained on bathroom, and forgets what time is it. So it’s normal for me calling on her to remind her she has to get out one time in life.

For the moment she had came back to the room, wearing a towel as a skirt, I had already left my sister’s clothes in a place she could find her, and finished ironing mine.

“You’ll have to choose your underwear by yourself”, I joked, and she quickly ran, still in her male body, to look for a pair of panties.

I walked to the bathroom, took my clothes off and took a brief but refreshing shower.

When I came out, Karla was already dressed, and she was dressing her hair in a ponytail. I joined and put my clothes on, then started to dry my hair while applying discreet make-up: An almost-flesh lipstick on my mouth, very light base and only a little blush on my cheeks.

There were my sister and I, again 100% girls, getting pretty on the mirror side to side.

We finally complemented our look with a few collars and wristbands, took our purses and went out of home to walk to the Church.

We arrived still early, and sat side to side, like always. As the priest came, we took part of the solemn rite with total respect and dignity.

It felt so well having a good dose of spirituality again, after our last night escapade. We prayed together with the other members of our community, asking for our families and friends, and spent a good quality time together.

I thanked so many times I can’t count them, for everything: for sending me a gift of courage to allow me to help my fellows; for my new and invaluable partner; for my health and wealth; for Mommy, for Granny; for life itself… I felt happier than ever, and I knew all of it was thanks to God.

When Reverend was finishing his enlightening sermon, and sun was gently lying side to side with the window, I almost felt wants to cry. With modesty, I stretched my hand to touch my purse. I had brought inside my diaper and my sister’s boy briefs, in case of emergency, and I had a big plan for those treasures after attending service.

We went out of the Church feeling very happy. Said goodbye to our priest, to our old Sunday School Teacher Ms. Robinson, exchanged greetings with some friends from the community, and finally walked away.

“Wow!”, Karla said, with a shining expression. “That’s probably the best service I’ve been attended to”.

I smiled and agreed: “It must be because know we feel worthy of everything, Karla”.

We took a good walk around Church’s park, hugging each other shoulder in happiness, enjoying the perfect weather God had brought us.

It was our Sunday routine, yes, but before arriving to the path that take us home, I turned to Karla and asked:

“Would you like to take a little detour?”

We were just enjoying too much our time together. Karla turned back and smiled:

“Sure. Why not?”

I lead her then to a retired bush that looked nothing special at first sight.

“This way”, I said, moving the brush apart.

The path seemed dark and gloomy, but I knew I was right about it. I had a big surprise prepared for Karla, and it all depended on that secret.

“Okay…”, my sister said, getting into the bushes.

We followed the little trail of ivy and penetrated into the forest. A ceiling of interwined tree branches crowned the way, letting bubbles of sunlight shower us from above. Wooden sticks cracked under our feet, but we had only to follow the light to find the oasis I was looking for.

When I counted 70 steps, I turned right, and getting my hands into the foliage, easily tore it apart, revealing my secret place to Karla.

I couldn’t feel more joy when saw her glad and delighted face, when she noticed a clear patch of grass in the middle of that dark forest, where light was flowing golden, making everywhere a bright stage as comfortable as outdoors. Noble trees sprouted everywhere, with green juicy leaves that made everything look alive, and a pond of fresh and crystalline water, of the size of a house pool, was filled on the middle by the gentle gush of a cascade.

“This is… Incredible”, Karla said, listening to the melodious birds’ chatter, that framed everything like it was on a fairy tale. “How did you discover this?”

“I don’t remember. Maybe from a dream”, I answered.

“Well… This place is an authentic paradise!”, she continued, excited, while turning round to contemplate the beautiful landscape.

Then I took a step forward, and laid a hand on my little sister’s shoulder affectionately.

“It’s not only a paradise…”, I whispered. “This, is Our paradise. Our secret one.”

Karla turned round and we hugged again, and wrapping our arms at the other’s waist, we walked to a spot under a tree’s shadow, just next to the pound.

Karla quickly laid down on the grass, feeling the fresh air filling her lungs. I kneeled on the ground next to her, and put her head on my lap, where I started caressing her hair.

“This place is marvelous, Julie…”, she continued. “… I’m so happy for being able to share this with you”.

We looked each other in the eyes, sharing our happiness. Then she closed hers and focused on enjoying my caresses and the sounds of the nature. I felt so connected to my sister, and maybe for first time in my life, I felt I could actually take care of her like I was supposed to. My sister could be somewhat untamable… But she also knew how to appreciate everything I did for her. I almost shed a tear about our new relationship, but instead I only could laugh, with genuine happiness.

My sister cuddled in my bossom, and for a moment I thought we were going to fell asleep again, as sister and sister, in that Paradisiac place. But then, I listened how she started to whispered, her voice partially covered by my belly:

“There’s so many things I’d like to do here”, Karla said. “Do you think we could move to this place?”, she asked, again in her playful attitude.

“Sadly, I don’t”, I answered, amused. “But this Sunday, and maybe all others, we could come here”.

“Could we bring Granny and Mom?”, she asked then.

“I already told you… This is our personal place”, I replied.

“Too bad…”, my sister continued. “But… I think you’re right. I enjoy being here alone with you. I would love to stay here with you forever”.

I felt equally glad, and kept on petting her, until the sun rays seemed to bother her.

“Oh, darn… I’ve grown tired of this”, Karla said, getting up to stand on her knees. “This felt just like an eternity.”

We had probably spent only 15 minutes there. But the sensation was actually that lasting. I took my purse and opened, then took out a pair of sandwiches and apples and bananas, plus two bottles of water.

“I brought this for lunch”, I said, presenting the food to my sister.

“Excellent!”, Karla said, quickly unwrapping her sandwich.

We laid down and had lunch in silence, only enjoying each other’s company and the beauty of that glade.

After we finished, Karla rose up and started stretching.

“Oh, my Goodness…”, she said. “This was so good, now I have to take down all this food”.

I always admired my sister’s dynamism. Without thinking twice, she run by the field heading to a tree, and tried to climb it with energy.

“This place’s incredible!”, she began saying. “You know this would be great to…?”

But for that moment I had already arrived to her side. And realizing that, she looked down from the branch she was climbing, and saw me. I had spread my purse, revealing the tokens I had brought with me.

“Oh!”, Karla said, equally surprised and glad. And jumped down from the tree on a second. She quickly took her pair of briefs out (properly bright clean, ironed and starched) and extended them in front of her face. “Are we going to train here?”,

“Not exactly”, I admitted. “Let’s say we will… Just PLAY”.

And then, Karla rose her face up to me, and gave me the most innocently funny face I had ever seen.

Hastily, we started to take our place, and after getting naked, at the same time she pulled her briefs up to her crutch, while I put my diaper on and clipped it. A radiant glow went over our naked lady bodies, shaping them in more concentrate and focused forms. The clock ran backwards for our bodies, and with our heights and ages decreased, we had quickly turned in young boys again.

Then, we turned to see each other again, in the same but different eyes.

“The last one climbing the big tree’s a rotten egg!”, my little brother said, jumping to grab a wide branch. The weather was gentle on our bare splendid bodies, and we crossed the high branches like apes, chasing each other and taunting the other to repeat our acrobatic feats.

“Check this leap!”, I told my sister, with a challenging attitude when we were about reaching the end of a branch.

Then, I accelerated and performed a somersault, while holding my knees with my hands. I landed strongly on the next log, with my bare feet stomping with uncanny strength, only to keep running.

I turned back expecting to find the envious face of my sister, but I couldn’t find her anywhere.

“Top this, Julie, look!”, Carlos screamed, with an impossibly wide smile, while swinging on a vine like she was Tarzan, in her cute little briefs. – You’ll never make this, poopy-face!

“Ah, yeah?”, I asked, smiling maliciously with a sudden idea.

“Well, now give me a ride!”, I asked, when I saw her coming to me, and with a powerful leap I hopped aboard, riding with him while we both laughed hysterically.

Of course, the vegetable rope didn’t resist much, and we fell from the tree, rolling on the grass. There, like two little rascals, we wrestled with puerile and innocent aggressiveness.

“You idiot, I hit my bum!”, Karla joked, while hugging me with great strength.

“Your fault for being a boaster!”, I answered, tickling her soft armpits.

Laughing, we didn’t realize we were rolling downhill, and unexpectedly, the wrestle finished on a tall splash of water.

We separated under the pond, and quickly rose up to the surface to take a breath.

“Haaahhh…”, I sobbed while grabbing the border of the pond.

But, as naughty as she was, Karla emerged from water climbing by my back, and with a push kick on my head, she drowned me again.

“There you go!”, she laughed.

As I could rise up again from the water, I saw my little sister standing on the glade in her male body, her hair and briefs entirely wet and spilling water. But she looked still funny and having a great time.

“The water’s delicious!”, she said in her high-pitched boy voice. And in a single move, she bent down and pulled her briefs down. With a swing of her hand, she threw them to a tree branch and rushed naked to the pond again. And, at the end of the run, she dived like a professional swimmer.

“Ha ha ha!”.

My diaper was getting heavy because of the water too, and after making an effort of getting out of the pond, I ran and hanged it next to my sister’s briefs too. There, a voice alerted me again.

“Julie, this way!”.

I turned round and saw Carlos swimming in a graceful way, she was turned back to me, with the upper part of her body leaning out of water, plus her little naked bum also aiming to the sky, like she was a duck.

“Let’s see who’s a better swimmer!”, she challenged me, while shaking her feet and butt to swim away.

I run to meet my sister, and we spent almost half an hour exercising underwater. We did everything two little boys can do there, first swam, then fought, wrestled, laughed and finally we came back to the border hugging each other, exhausted of such amount of action.

Again, we laid down under the tree, but this time entirely naked, as two boys, and sobbing on so much fun and exercise.

The sun and wind did the job of drying our wet bodies, and while resting, we talked of every stupid thing on our lives, laughing so much we thought we would never feel calm again. The sun was setting and the heat was enrobing us like a motherly blanket, and Carlos curled against me, rubbing her naked body against mine.

“This was so cool, brother”, Karla said, her head on my chest.

I wrapped my arms around her back, sobbing still tired, and cuddled her little bushy head against my neck. Carlos then curled like a little kitten, like she was trying to sleep, and I could feel her knee just in my navel.

“Mmmm”, she said, with delight, to my ear. “I love you so much, brother”.

Yeah. It was an amazing experience being able to love each other, both as sisters and as brothers.

“Me too”, I said. Then, I tap her little buttocks twice with my rough masculine hand. “Me too… Man”.

We arrived home little before 4 pm, and gave some last adjustments to house. We had told so many things each other we had probably nothing more to say. An hour passed and the recognizable sound of my Grandma’s motor started reaching our ears. My sister and I were each one on our rooms, and as soon as the bell rang, we ran downstairs to hurry to the door.

The entrance opened, showing us a puzzle piece of that sunny evening, cut away by the rotund silhouettes of our mother and grandmother. We stood on our place, holding our hands on our backs, to greet our loving family.

“Hellooo, girls”, my mommy said, with a big smile.

Mommy and Granny then tapped our heads with affection. They couldn’t see more than the modest-clothed pair of girls their daughters and granddaughters had always been. The secret was safe and sound between us.

“So”, Granny asked, while getting in the house and taking her coat to hang it. “Did you enjoy your sisters weekend’”.

The answer was one, the same and in unison by my sister and I:

“You bet!!”.

[size=4]TO BE CONTINUE[/size]



End Chapter 6

A diaper hero(ine)

by: malom_shlasters | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 31, 2014


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