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Chapter 2
Take her to the... AR BATHS

Chapter Description: The cheerleader Sandra had disobeyed the Code of the Regression Council, and it's Breeze's duty to punish her. Would Breeze be able to regress her best friend?

“Take her to the...

[size=4]AR BATHS![/size]

... Ordered the assistant principal of the Arizona River High-school.

Dr. Richards (32 years old and very hot woman) was the lead scientist of the AR Waters Project, and creator of Rejuvenation Water Technology. She created the age regression water devices as an experiment, and after that formed the Age Regression Discipline Council in order to regulate the technology’s usage. The primary purpose of the Council was to use the technology on all students who displayed maturity problems. The project was approved by the principal, and the AR Waters Team hid Rejuvenation Water Devices around the school. One year, and about 50 student regressions have passed, and soon Dr. Richards would have to present the results of the project to the principal.

That afternoon, Dr. Richards was analyzing a chronic case of disobedience. The name of the delinquent was Sandra Connors, one member of the Cheerleaders Group. Dr. Richards had to create a special investigation group in order to find those students with attitude problems, so the Undercover Cheerleaders Group seemed perfect for finding immature male students. Sandra (18-years-old) was one of the dormer members; her delicate skin, red glossy lips, gorgeous pouty face, lusty curves, firm breasts and a great hot butt made her perfect for the task of seducing sports athletes. Add to this a mini-skirt, a ponytail in her brown hair tinged with orange highlights, and a tight cheerleader top, and Sandra was the perfect bait for immature men. But one week ago, Sandra broke one of the principal rules of the Cheerleadering team: she used the Regression Technology on a teacher, for personal gain. The incident was well-known among the Cheerleaders, but they had remained silent about what had happened. Sandra took her Geometry Teacher (who had given her detention) to the AR Showers, and regressed her to the tender age of a 4-years-old little baby girl. Dr. Richards knew what she had to do: she summoned one of her closest allies on the Cheerleaders, Breeze Harper, and delivered her the task of taking Sandra to the AR Baths that same afternoon.

However, Breeze felt confused and disappointed by the destiny of her friend. Sandra had been her mentor when she joined the Cheerleaders. She taught her everything about investigation, detection, seduction and regression. Breeze would have now the task of regressing her to a little girl... But the Council was above everything: Sandra had broken the rules with premeditation, so she deserved her just punishment. Breeze knew that, as a Cheerleader and as a friend, the task of applying justice and setting an example of a rogue cheerleader was her duty and responsibility.

Sandra had been talking with a boy on the basketball team, and came out of the gymnasium at 3:55 p.m. She was still wearing the cheerleader uniform, and carrying her bookbag. As Sandra took out her car keys and opened the trunk, three Cheerleaders caught her. Sandra struggled, but was outnumbered. The cheerleaders led her by the arm to the Detention Building.

“Set me free! I’m your leader! You can’t do this to me!” ordered Sandra.

But the members of the Cheerleadering team had received their orders, and they obeyed them fully.

The Cheerleaders opened a backdoor of the Detention Building, and entered into a dark room with their captive. They threw Sandra to the floor and quickly left, locking the door behind them. In the darkness, feeling panic, Sandra trembled, imagining her final destiny. Suddenly, she heard a voice, and realized she wasn’t alone.

“Sandra: Please don’t struggle.”

The voice seemed so familiar. Soon, the lights turned on, and Sandra could see her friend Breeze, standing in front her, tapping the floor with her foot, arms crossed, and wearing a reproachful stare. Sandra felt embarassed at first, but then, the shameless cheerleader began to appeal to her friend.

“ Breeze! I’m glad that it is you! Please! Help me out!” she begged, showing herself humility and helplessness.

But Breeze’s attitude didn’t change. She frowned and put her hands in the hips.

“ I’m sorry, but you have disobeyed the Code of the Undercover Cheerleader Group and the Council. It is my task to punish you, Sandra. I won’t disobey the Code.”

Knowing her destiny was inevitable; Sandra sobbed on the ground, in a desperate attempt to inspire pity. But Breeze remained firm.

“What a shame, Sandra. Now you’re throwing a tantrum, just like the little baby you are.” Walking to Sandra, Breeze took her by the wrist and made her stand up.

“I’ll take you to the AR Baths right now. Maybe that will dry your tears.”

Trembling, Sandra was led by Breeze down the corridor, soaked in tears.

The AR Baths, located behind the Detention Cabins, was the perfect place for the regression processes. The AR Showers were perfect for regressing normal delinquents, but the showers were only the 92% effective. This would imply that there was an 8% chance that a regressed student, placed back in elementary school or kindergarten, would eventually progress back to their normal age prematurely. To prevent this, there were some spies and undercover students at those schools, watching over those regressed students to correct any unwanted age progression. On the other hand, the AR Baths system was the next generation of AR Water Technology, and it guaranteed the 100% effectiveness. The AR Shower was a slow process: it taking about 20 minutes for a 10-year regression. The AR Bath process took less than 10 minutes, and the effectiveness was undoubtable.

Breeze opened the door to enter the preparation room, and made Sandra enter first. Then, Breeze locked the door behind them.

“Now, Sandra: you must get undressed,” she said coldly, loosening her grip on Sandra.

Sandra nervously glanced around a room she had led many students to before, but never herself as the victim. Sitting on the bench to start undressing, Sandra was taken aback and curled up into a fetal position against a corner of the room.

Breeze snorted, annoyed, and walked to the rogue cheerleader. Sandra was trembling, apprehensively taking a look around the room. When Breeze took her by the arm, Sandra suddenly got totally quiet; with a hopeless stare, breathing anxiously, and her body went totally slack. Breeze had to drag her friend to a bench.

“Oh, you bad girl! Can’t you cooperate a little?!” asked Breeze to her friend. But, totally distracted, she didn’t answer.

With some force, Breeze sat Sandra on the bench, and tried to take her off her tennis shoes. But at the first touch, Sandra reacted with sudden hysteria, and tried to kick Breeze’s face. Breeze dodged the foot, and put her hands on Sandra’s shoulders.

-“Please, Sandra, just be quiet!”

But Sandra reacted violently again, and Breeze had to act. Sitting on the large bench, Breeze grappled Sandra from behind, immobilizing one of her arms. Breeze had the advantage, because a part of Sandra’s mind was still distracted. Struggling with her free hand, Breeze tried to pull up Sandra’s top, but Sandra struggled and rolled over Breeze’s legs, making her lose her advantage. Ironically, Sandra ended laying over Breeze’s knees. With Sandra’s butt exposed, Breeze had a great advantage, and it was easy to apply righteous discipline. So Breeze raised her hand and swatted Sandra on the buttocks; Sandra popped up in place, and struggled again, but Breeze’s arm was holding her taught.

“Now, be quiet!” she said, again spanking Sandra’s unloyal butt.

Little by little, Sandra started to control herself, relaxing. Breeze took advantage of this, slipping her hands under Sandra’s skirt, reaching her panties’ waistband, she pulled them down taking Sandra’s underwear off. In order to make Sandra react, Breeze continued swatting her friend’s naked butt, a little softer, in the middle of the two buttocks. Moments after, Sandra had stopped struggling and remained quiet, sighing. Breeze then sat Sandra on her knee, and undressed her quickly from the waist up, exposing her flesh.

Unexpectedly, Sandra started to take off her own shoes, so Breeze knew she had surrendered. She put her down on the bench and began untying her ponytail, so that Sandra had her back to her. Breeze did not notice Sandra’s shady expression.

“Can you help me with the socks?” asked Sandra, as she finished taking off the shoes. Breeze didn’t understand the reason Sandra was asking for help, but she was not suspicious.

“Of course, I’m coming,” said Breeze, standing up and going to the other edge of the bench, where Sandra’s legs were resting.

Sandra was unnaturally quiet; Breeze sat in front of her legs, feeling a little ashamed of directly facing her best friend’s private parts. Grabbing Sandra’s sock’s, she told her:

“Ok, this will be the last step...”

But when Breeze pulled Sandra’s sock, Sandra suddenly lunged at her, grappling Breeze strongly. At first, Breeze thought everything had been a trap, but soon she realized Sandra wasn’t grappling her: she was only hugging her tightly, crying quietly on her shoulder.

“ Breeze...” cried Sandra, “I don’t want to be regressed... I know everything was my fault but... I don’t want to be a silly little girl again!”

Moved by the declaration of her friend, Breeze felt a little sad. But she knew the justice had still to be applied.

“Don’t worry, Sandra,” Breeze explained, rubbing her friend’s bare back, “You won’t be a silly girl again. You’ll have another chance, learning again from the beginning.”

Sandra stopped crying a little, but she was still sniffing, tense, hugging her friend tightly.

“You’ll be a very pretty girl again. You can re-learn arithmetic in kindergarten, so you won’t fail anymore,” continued Breeze, “You’ll can play again at school, and you’ll feel safe and protected anytime. And maybe when you grow up again, you’ll be able to join the Cheerleadering team again.

“Are you sure, Breeze?” asked Sandra, doubtfully.

“Yes, I am, Sandra,” answered Breeze, smiling, “I promise I’ll be the leader of the Council someday, and I’ll let you join the group, when you are the right age. Now, do you feel better?”

But Sandra’s tears were still flowing.

“Oh, baby, please don’t cry, “ said Breeze, gently kissing her friend’s cheek, and caressing her head. Sandra started to wipe her tears and smiled at Breeze. “You’ll be in a good place, where everybody will take care of you.”

Sandra nodded, and started to get up with some help from Breeze. Walking through the passage that would lead her to the AR Baths, Sandra passed a mirror, seeing for the last time her well-toned naked young womans body, soon to be gone.

Breeze used her Cheerleader Key on the access lock, and the door opened. Breeze entered, leading Sandra by her wrist, and exchanged greetings to the other council members who were in the room. In the main room there were about five members of the Regression Discipline Council: cheerleaders, teachers and club members. Two of them were, just as Breeze, leading naked girls by the hands to the tubs where the AR Bath Process took place. Another member was regulating the regression valves, preparing the bath, while their girls-to-be-regressed were just standing, waiting, afraid and nervous. And the other two members were at the regression tubs, bathing girls, whose ages were about between 20 and 8 years old, depending of the degrees of their current regression.

“Wait a moment for me, Sandra,” asked Breeze, gently, “I’ll go for your toys”.

Breeze walked to a locker and started to take out a pair of tiny flip-flops and a little Disney Princesses’ pink towel. She was choosing the best bubble shampoo, when she saw a young boy next to her; he was an African American, about 18-years-old and handsome student, carrying on his arms a pretty 5-years-old little white girl, wrapped in a towel. Breeze recognized him immediately.

“ Hi, Ethan,” stated Breeze, smiling, “ I didn’t know you’d come by here today, darling.”

The boy came near and kissed Breeze on the lips. His name was Ethan Crane, and he was part of the Regression Discipline Council; he was leader of a school band, and his tasks were almost the same as his girlfriend, Breeze.

“ Hello, sweetie,” answered Ethan, rocking the baby girl in her arms, “You know: I had a work to do... Do you remember Karla Evans, leader of the Fashion Club? “asked Ethan, showing the girl in his arms, “Oh, It seems she has fallen asleep. I must go now, sorry. Phone ya later!”

Breeze said goodbye her boyfriend, chose quickly the bath accessories and returned to Sandra.

-“Do you feel ready now?” asked Breeze.

Breeze took Sandra by her hips and lifted her, helping her into the tub. The tub was too little for an adult woman, and the water hardly reached to the navel of a sitting girl, but once the process had started, the body would start getting littler. Sandra was in the tub, enjoying the hot water on her body.

“Good girl. Now, I’ll turn on the radiator,” said Breeze, moving the lever.

The generator turned on and the water started to shine little by little.

“ Now; let’s bath you, “ stated Breeze, taking the soap in hand.

Sandra was distracted but enjoying the bath. It was refreshing, a purifying bath. Breeze lathered the washcloth with soap and started rubbing Sandra’s back. Sandra felt the freshness of the soap and the softness of the cloth. Beside her, she could see other members of the Regression Discipline Council bathing the other girls, who were being age-regressed at an impressive rate. Some of the girls-to-be-regressed were trembling, others were crying... but the members of the Council were bathing and taking care of them, doing their best, with all the respect and love a warden could offer. Then, Sandra realized everything Breeze said was the truth: where Sandra was going to be, people would take care of her.

No longer worried, Sandra began giggling. At that moment, Sandra’s body was that of a 17-year-old teenage girl. She put the rubber Donald Duck on the water and started playing with it.

“Hey, hee hee,” giggled Breeze, “Sandra, don’t splash as much!

Sandra was playing in the tub as a baby would, kicking her legs under the water, and splashing a lot. Breeze took the soap in her hand.

“Now, Sandra. Raise up your arms”

Sandra giggled and did, and Breeze started to wash Sandra’s armpits. Sandra couldn’t help giggling, and Breeze accompanied her. Breeze continued washing Sandra’s arms and breasts, while she was playing with a toy boat. Sandra was now a 14-year-old girl.

“Now, turn around, Sandra, and raise your bum a little. We need clean your legs and peepee, “ said Breeze.

Sandra continued her giggling, and showed Breeze her bare ass. Breeze rubbed Sandra’s cute buttocks with the cloth and then cleaned ,with her soaped hands, Sandra’s genitals. Sandra couldn’t stop laughing hysterically. Breeze introduced the little bar of soap in Sandra’s butthole, and started rubbing it from inside; Sandra giggled loud, blushing from all her body.

“ Don’t feel ashamed you, naughty girl!” laughed Breeze. “You must take care of all your body.”

Breeze continued rubbing Breeze’s thighs with the cloth. By that time, Sandra had been regressed to an 11-year-old little girl and the water level of the tub had reached her incipient boobies.

“Now you fit better in the tub, baby,” said Breeze, pleased.

Then, she lifted Sandra’s legs to continue washing them, and washed carefully Sandra’s little feet and toes. Once finished, Breeze tickled Sandra’s feet. Sandra rolled in the tub, laughing a lot and splashing more. At that moment, Sandra was a cute 7-years-old little girl, and she was floating in the water; her feet couldn’t reach the floor.

“We have almost finished” announced Breeze, “Now, let’s shampoo you.”

Sandra sat quiet, as Breeze lathered her hands with bubblegum shampoo and rubbed them on Sandra’s head. The bubbles started to fill the tub and Sandra was playing and laughing, pleased and funny. Breeze rubbed Sandra’s face with soap, then grabbed her face and kissed her soundly in the cheek.

“Good girl!”

A naked little 7-year-old girl dived in the tub, swimming through all the bubbles in the shiny water, and then, rose up as a Venus from the foamy mount, a 4-year-old naked baby girl, bursting out from the water and jumping directly into Breeze’s arms.

“Your regression has been completed, Sandra,” said Breeze, picking up the baby in her arms and taking her out from the water.

Sandra looked totally amazed from the apparently new world, looking with baby eyes everything outside, with a big smile on her face. Breeze kissed her on the cheek once more, and wrapped her with the towel; Sandra had started sucking her thumb. Breeze put her on the pink flip-flops and helped her to stand in the floor.

“ Now, let’s walk, honey, “ cheered Breeze, taking her by the hand.

Clumsily, little Sandra stepped on the floor and took her first steps, with Breeze guiding her.

“There you go again, Sandra, “ Said Breeze, smiling.




End Chapter 2


by: malom_shlasters | Complete Story | Last updated May 13, 2009


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