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Chapter 3
Take them to the... AR POOL PARTY

Chapter Description: Ms. Aileen Richards, leader scientist of the AR Waters Project, has the plan of expanding her work to new horizons. And she's planning a new operative that will dismantle the Regression Council... ironically, they're ordered to be regressed. Would be someone able to stop her?

“Take them to the...

[size=4]AR POOL PARTY![/size]

... suggested the Arizona River High School principal.

Dr. Richards, the head scientist woman from the AR Waters Project seemed sceptical. The end of the school year was coming, and the special commission for Age Regression hadn’t had any work for about a month. The reason appeared to be simple: Every immature student has been regressed, and no more students needed the Age Regression treatment. At that moment, Dr. Richards and director Alfred Sheppard were contemplating the fate of the commission.

“I know these boys are about to graduate”, explained Mr. Sheppard, “but we must ensure the confidentiality of the project. These teens can not go out from this high school. The only option is inviting them to a secret AR party and turning them into babies”.

“But... Mr. Sheppard”, argued Dr. Richards, “You must know the AR project has developed excellent results by this time, and it seems the immaturity of the high school has been reduced by 99%. You can’t stop our investigations like that!”.

Dr. Richards was a hot-tempered woman, and Mr. Sheppard knew she wasn’t going to cancel her whole life project.

“Of course not, Dr. Richards”, Sheppard said finally. “Next school year new volunteers will be selected, and the project will continue like before”. Sheppard seemed nervous; Dr. Richards stared at him, intimidatingly.

“I hope so, Mr. Sheppard”, said Aileen Richards, going out from the director’s room. “I’ll organize the pool party.”

Breeze, the head cheerleader, received the invitation to the Great Pool Party, an exclusive event for the members of the Regression Discipline Council.

“Ethan, are you going?”, Breeze asked by phone to her boyfriend.

“Uhm...Yes, of course”, he answered, a little doubtfully. Breeze noticed he was hiding something.

“Can you tell me why are you acting so strange?”, Breeze asked, a little angrily.

“It’s only... You know, that Sheila asked me out before”, Ethan explained, quietily

“And what’s the problem? I’m your girlfriend, and she’s your cousin!”, Breeze answered; she was tired of the problems that girl generated.

Breeze remembered the time she regressed Kyula, Sheila’s best friend. That girl was so violent, and Breeze thought Sheila must be the same way. But that was before Breeze asked Ethan to be her boyfriend... Sheila wasn’t only Ethan’s cousin; she was his best friend since childhood, so her jealousy of Breeze had grown in that time. Sheila asked a recommendation of Ethan to join the Age Regression Cheerleaders, so her rivalry with Breeze had continued since then. Breeze was almost convinced that Sheila was hoping to get a chance to regress her into a little baby girl.

“We’re finished for now... I’ll see you at the Pool garden at 8 p.m. Bye”, finished Breeze.

4 p.m.

The scientists from the AR Waters development team were working at Sheppard’s house. Alfred Sheppard walked up to Dr. Richards, who was supervising.

“Now my scientists are placing the special radiators at the pool’s bottom,” Richards explained.

“But I know the radiation is quite luminous”, Sheppard objected. “The teens will realize that they’re in a trap.”

“Don’t worry, Mr. Sheppard, I have everything planned”, said Aileen. “I contracted DJs with smoke machines, lighting and sound systems; the boys will be focused on the show, and they won’t realize they are actually being regressed.”

Mr. Sheppard seemed impressed: that Machiavellian intelligence was more fitting of a criminal mastermind, not a scientist. Mr. Sheppard contemplated her hot body, fine features and long black hair of the 30-year-old single woman, and knew she was a complete femme fatale. The cynical smile on her gorgeous face, adorned with crystal glasses, as she placed them over her nose, with her tender slender fingers, long nails, painted crimson red... Mr. Sheppard knew he had to do something.

Suddenly, he took Aileen’s wrist.

“Dr. Richards.” Sheppard started, nervously. “I would be pleased if you accompanied me to the party.”

Dr. Richards didn’t show feeling, she only said: “Naturally, Mr. Director, I’ll be there to watch every phase of this experiment.”

And shaking Alfred’s hand, she went to overlook the installation.

8 p.m.

Breeze’s motorcycle crossed the street at extreme speeds, and stopped at Sheppard’s door. Most of the men present were attracted -and so sceptical- to the hot woman’s body totally clad in a black motorcycle leather. She walked with her black boots to the doorman, but he didn’t want to let her in.

Only when she took off the helmet and her long blond hair spread under the moonlight, every man seemed convinced of letting her in. Smiling, she unzipped her suit and undressed right there. All boys where whistling and clapping, and the women and other cheerleaders looked upon her jealously, as Breeze stood only with in a U.S.A. flag bikini.

The doorman let her in. As Breeze was heading to the garden, a lot of boys were around her, admiring her. But when she came to the pool area, every man left her. She was heading to meet her boyfriend.

The party seemed to be a lot of fun: about fifty members of the AR Council, a great location and a huge pool, where every guest could fit. Over one border, a great sound system sat. Everything seemed to be perfect.

Ethan was a hot 20-year-old African American boy, and that night he had decided to wear a blue thong; his powerful physique striking to nearby females, who were circling him coyly. As Breeze got near, the circle dispersed, except for one girl...

Breeze walked aside Sheila, who was talking up Ethan, totally ignoring Breeze. Ethan felt afraid of Breeze, but he stood still.

“Sheila: Honey. Don’t you have something else to do? A boyfriend, perhaps?” Breeze asked, feeling furious.

Everybody else were looking at the tense scene.

Sheila turned to Breeze, and with malevolent voice answered: “I’m sorry, but you are late. Lose yourself. Ethan is all mine.”

Breeze looked at Ethan, but he didn’t say a word.

Alfred Sheppard was sitting in a foldable beach chair, next to Aileen’s. Mr. Sheppard looked at her; she was wearing a one-piece swimsuit, big sunglasses and a beach hat, the picture of self-confidence. Aileen was holding a cocktail glass in a hand, sucking at the straw, demurely.

Alfred looked to the tense scene that was taking place at the pool.

“It seems there’s a problem at the pool.” And glancing to his watch, said: “I think maybe it’s time to start with the DJs’ show”.

Quietly, Aileen took the walkie-talkie, and ordered: “First phase: start!”

The lights over the pool turned off, and a laser show began. Everybody, even Breeze and Sheila, focused on the show, and suddenly the electronic music started. A great African American DJ arranged the best tunes, and everybody swam to the center of the pool, to listen and dance.

Breeze looked at how Sheila took Ethan by the arm and dragged him to dance with her. Ethan turned his head and with his expression seemed to say her: “I’ll be with you very soon”. So, Breeze sighed and let him go. As Ethan and Sheila started dancing in the center of the pool, Breeze walked away and rested at an edge of the pool, jealously watching the couples dance.

About 15 minutes passed, and almost every member of the AR Council was in the pool, enjoying the amazing show. The _blinking lights and lasers, and the smoke effects filled the atmosphere. Totally devoted to the music, couples and groups of boys and girls were dancing, hypnotized, in a kind of ecstasy.

Dr. Richards had planned everything with precision: the loud and hypnotic music would make them not realize the imminent regression. The lights and the lasers would mask the glowing lights from the regression devices.

“I think is it time”, said a nervous Mr. Sheppard.

So quietly, Dr. Richards took the walkie-talkie and ordered: “Second phase: let’s activate the AR radiators”.

Sad and silent, Breeze watched the last couple swam to the center of the pool. Ethan had disappointed her... Beyond the smoke and lights, Breeze watched her boyfriend, so excited, dancing with that evil, lustful bitch. A tear ran down Breeze’s cheek, and she moved away, to cry. It was the first time Breeze had been rejected, so she cried of shame for a few minutes at the pool’s border. As she got quiet, she noticed a familiar buzz in the air... But she didn’t care. Breeze had decided: She was going to confront Sheila, and take back her boyfriend once and for all.

Furious, Breeze decided to take action, heading to the center of the pool... But as she got nearer and nearer to the place, she noticed... each light blink, Breeze noticed that the teens in the pool looked a little younger. At a second glance, she noticed they had regressed about one year!

“Oh, no! What’s happening?! Somebody must have activated a regression device...”, thought Breeze, looking to her boyfriend, now a 19-year-old boy.

Breeze’s first instinct wasn’t to escape... She had to warn Ethan!

“Ethan! Get out of the pool! Ethan!!” Breeze shouted, spending all her strength. But the music was so loud, and she was too far from the center...

“Come on! Everybody! Get out of the...!!, Breeze continued shouting, but everything seemed to be useless! Breeze didn’t surrender: She had to save her boyfriend, even though he had disappointed her. So, she swam at full speed across the large pool, trying to reach the center and Ethan as quickly as possible.

Breeze was far away about 50 meters, and as she had advanced about the half distance, Ethan’s muscles were now alomost totally gone; he was a big-headed, skinny 17-year old boy... and Sheila’s curves were disappearing too; she was now a 15-year-old pubescent girl. But they were dancing and didn’t realize what was happening!!

“Ethan is now almost my age... But Sheila is too young for him, I must hurry!”...Thought Breeze, but she didn’t realize her own body was being regressed too, and at that moment she was a 16-year-old girl; her face was getting kiddy little by little, and in a few moments her bra was going to deflate considerably...

“I hope nothing will interrupt the regression”, said director Alfred Sheppard, watching with interest at the advances of the regression process.

“Everything seems to be alright”, declared Dr. Richards, drinking again from the straw. “I will order them to start draining the pool when they reach 10-years-old... We don’t want them to drown, do we?”

That last phrase was full of a total disrespect for the students’ health. Alfred got up from the chair, sweating.

“I have to go for another drink... and some cigarette”, said Alfred, trembling,

“I don’t know why you would say that, Alfred”, continued Dr. Richards, laughing a little. “We have everything under control”.

Silently, Alfred Sheppard sat back down behind Dr. Richards’s chair, and extended his arms touching its back.

“I’m sorry Dr. Richards, but you leave me no choice, I have to do this!”, and he pushed Dr. Richard’s chair, making her drop into the pool.

Soaking in the radiated water, Dr. Richards lost her composure.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing, Sheppard?!!”,she shouted, surprised, as she tried to swim and get out of the pool.

“I know I just can’t let you stay at this school! You’re crazy!!” answered Mr. Sheppard, pushing Aileen back to the pool.

“I will make you pay!! you...!!”, said Aileen, hysterical. But her threats were silenced by Alfred, who submerged her head into the pool.

Alfred knew that at the borders of the pool the radiation was minor, but if he could make Aileen drink some of the water, the process would hasten notably. So, he stood fighting with the tigress.

Breeze reached the center, anxiously looking to Ethan’s face. By that moment, Breeze had noticed she was shrinking, and her body was almost a 14-year-old girls, with almost no curves or muscles... her body was getting plane! That explained why even the other people was getting shorter, she looked at them almost at the same height.

Suddenly, Breeze was staring at a couple of African American teens; she realized Ethan has been regressed to be a 10-year-old little boy; his physical appearance was sad: he was only a thin boy with a childish body and an innocent face, not the athletic masculine muscled boy which Breeze had fallen in love with him. And Sheila was now a 9-year-old girl; her feminine features had blurred, and now she looked only as a dumb and pedant big-lipped little girl.

The other guests were almost those ages, and Breeze could only watch their young faces, still excited by the dancing... They hadn’t realized yet!

Breeze interrupted, breaking up the couple and took Ethan by his wrist. Sheila noticed the interuption and tried to start a fight, taking Breeze by her back. Breeze, having foreseen this, and not wanting to lose time, turned back to Sheila: “Look at your hands!”

Sheila looked at her own shrinking hands, and became so scared. She swam away, trying to get out of the pool as quick as possible. Breeze kept swimming; Ethan suddenly talked to her:“What are you...? Breeze?!”, Ethan said... but immediately he stopped himself, terrorized of his own, now so kiddy voice.

“Let’s get out of here, my love!”, said Breeze, helping the child to swim, and getting away from the center as fast as possible. Breeze noticed the group of dancers was dispersing; some of them were almost reaching the pool borders, and other were reacting to their new changes. But, some other dancers didn’t seem to notice anything strange yet; not even their new lightness and swimsuit looseness. They just kept on dancing!

“Third Phase: Let’s drain the pool”, said Alfred, talking with one hand into the walkie-talkie, while fighting the 20-year-old woman named Aileen Richards. The Drs. womanish curves were disappearing, and her physique was getting weaker, but her malevolent bad girl face was still fighting with the principal.

Away from the lights and loud music, Breeze had reached the edges of the pool. The transformation seemed so obvious now: Ethan was an 8-years-old fragile boy, and he had lost his blue thong about 5-meters-ago; and Breeze was a 10-year-old prepubescent girl, with her ridiculously little breasts exposed, having lost her bikini top. Moaning out of the edge of the water, the two childish faces now remembered more two little siblings, instead the teenager couple they had been 20 minutes ago.

Breeze was having great difficulty holding her bikini bottom up with one hand. Reaching the edge, Breeze noticed the draining of water...

“Oh, no!, the waters are getting drained...”, she managed to reach the pool stairs, losing her bikini bottom in the process, and helped little Ethan to climb up them.

“Breezey... I think I’m a child now.....”, said Ethan, almost crying, climbing the last steps of the pool.

He looked actually like an elementary school boy, and his skinny voice agreed.

“Don’t worry, baby... I’m now just a couple years older than you, but we are still...”, said Breeze, nervously, as she bent down helping Ethan to climb out of the pool.

As Ethan stood out of the pool, suddenly, Breeze felt something push her butt strongly, and she was thrown into the pool again. As she regained her composure, she saw a naked tender black girl about 6-years-old, running away from the pools edge, with her tushy naked.

“That damned Sheila, she is a...”, Breeze started to say to herself, swimming back, trying to grab the stairs. But the waters were draining, and with the regression, it was difficult to swim against the draining current...

Courageously, Ethan reached into the pool, trying to grab Breeze’s hand. By the time they had climbed back onto the stairs, Ethan was almost a 6-year-old kindergarten ridiculous boy... and Breeze, a 4-year-old little girl, with her light blonde hair covering her childish cheeks and nose. And they weren’t out of the waters yet!

Aileen was now a 14-year-old skinny and slippery girl. She bit Alfred’s hand and managed to get out of the pool, thanks to the agileness of her new body.

“I’ll come back, you old man”, said Aileen, trying to run.

But her wet feet betrayed her. Alfred took her by an ankle, and dragged her to a beach chair. Then, he took her by the waist and laid her across his lap.

“You won’t go anywhere, malevolent girl”, he said, raising his hand. “I’ll make you pay for your wicked experiments”. And he swatted at Aileen’s pubescent buttocks with his bare hand.

“You won’t make me anything!”, screeched Aileen, “I’ll invent an age progressing machine and I’ll get my revenge on you!!”

Alfred continued with the sound spanking.

“Do you think so? You have drunk enough water to regress into a little baby girl”, he confessed; and continued spanking, “It’s only a matter of time!”,

As the spanking continued, Aileen started to cry loud, and her body was still regressing, getting less solid, more tender and clumsy: soon she was 11, 10, 9, 8...

Breeze was now a 2-year-old chubby baby girl, hugging Ethan’s legs; her long blonde hair was now only a light bunch of golden rims that reached her shoulders. Ethan had become a 5-year-old little child, a kindergartenner with a body more proer of a girl than a boy; he had short black hair, in a flet top, instead the perfect long hairstyle from his adult form.

Ethan looked at the pool; almost totally drained. Only about twenty-five 1 or 2-years-old babies were there, splashing in the waters. The radiator devices were now turned off.

Ethan could see somebody who looked like her cousin Sheila, now a 1-year-old black baby girl with a curly mop of hair, rolling on the floor, crying. She had drunk some water, maybe. Taking a look around, Ethan saw little groups of survivors: about seven 12-year-old boys and girls, and twelve 8-year-old boys and girls. Everybody was now naked, wet and disoriented; their memories would soon be gone.

But the music charm continued! The party wasn’t over!

“Fourth Phase: Take the survivors”, said Alfred by his walkie-talkie, holding the crying Aileen’s 6-year-old wrists.

The access doors suddenly opened and a joyful music filled the place. A happy-punk band, with electric guitars, basses and drums, and good vocals, started to play a youthful song.

At the other side of the pool, a light show, live music, magicians and clowns entered onto the scene, with funny animals and amazing acts.

Two groups of boys were organized into two inflatable pools. The two groups ran, excited to enjoy the shows. The prepubescent teens were in the inflatable pool, whistling and hopping to the sound of the music, totally naked, in a celebration of freedom and youth. While the little kiddies sat in the other mini-pool to see the magician’s and clown’s shows, in a contemplative and tender infantile scene. Their funny and amazed face seemed so full of joy, when the radiators were turned back on...

By the back pool entrance, a group of 25 middle-aged uniformed female nurses (mostly plump mistresses about 40-years-old) came into the place, picking up the babies from the pool’s floor, and carefully started taking them to the room that functioned as a nursery.

Ethan stood hugging Breeze, who was crying loudly. A nurse came and took them in her arms. As he was carried by the nurse, Ethan could see the work of the other nurses. When a “survivor”, currently being regressed in the AR waters inflatable pool, reached 4-years-old, they picked them up from the pool and took them to the nursery. The older teens enjoying the concert were being carried over to the kids show, When they got young enough to no longer enjoy the happy-punk concert. There, they would continue to youthen, and as they get the 2-years-old, they’d be taken to the nursery. The last thing Ethan remembered seeing as he was carried, was a 7-year-old girl’s little buttocks, slightly spread, showing her cute little -a little hairy- anus as she was hopping in the inflatable pool, swaying her long brown hair to the rhythm of the music.

The blonde 42-year old plump nurse who carried Ethan and Breeze took them to the nursery and laid them down on changing tables. She first assisted baby breeze, taking her by the ankles and lifting up her little butt; then powdering. Finally, the nurse diapered Breeze, who giggled a lot during the process, and seemed now so happy for being attended to. Next, the nurse lifted up the black boy’s ankles and powdered his buttocks, but as he was an older boy, the nurse put him in a pair of white briefs, instead of a diaper. The nurse took the kids and helped them to satnd up; she mischievously spanked playfully at Ethan’s butt, indicating him to wander. Ethan looked at all the nurses, so busy with their work, while more and more babies -members of the AR council before- were coming to be diapered.

[B]8.30 p.m.[/B]

Director Alfred Sheppard came into the changing hall, carrying in his arms a little 2-year-old baby girl: Dr. Aileen Richards. Alfred addressed the babies:

“Students: the party has been a success. Your parents have been phoned, and they will come to pick you up in one hour.”

Alfred left the hall, and he talked to baby Aileen, as he was carrying her to her new baby room: “I will be your daddy now, and I’ll take a good care of you. Maybe your great intelligence can be used for a good cause.”

And hugging the baby, he kissed her cheek, and closed the door from the inside.




End Chapter 3


by: malom_shlasters | Complete Story | Last updated May 13, 2009


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