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Arizona River High School is featuring a new discipline system that consists in a special treatment to fix immaturity issues. Join Breeze Harper, member of the Cheerleader Council, and follow her work as immaturity therapist with the use of the brand-new Age Regression Waters

Chapter 1
Take him to the... AR SHOWERS

Chapter Description: Mark is a hot-tempered and inmature football player. So, the Cheerleaders Council sends Breeze into a Mission.

[size=4]“Take him to the...

AR SHOWERS!”[/size]

...Said the coach. Mark, the Quarterback, hadn’t stopped complaining about everything, and totally upset, the trainer decided he would have a special punishment. The trainer summoned Breeze, the cheerleader, and entrusted her the task.

“Ok, coach. I will take him.”

Breeze was only 17 years-old, 1.55 meters tall, golden hair hairdressed in two twins little ponytails, soft white skin, absolute beautiful face and a sexy body, very solid medium-size breast, and a butt like heaven; and as she was wearing her cheerleader uniform and miniskirt, it was the fantasy of every sane man. Got used to treat with infantile boys every time, Breeze looked her new recruit: about 20 years old, not too much bold, but muscular, height: 1.70 meters, short blonde hair and blue eyes. A handsome boy definitively, but too arrogant and courageous.

When Mark watched Breeze, her eyes rolled over and then he stared her with lustful eyes:

“Hey, chick. Where are you going to take me?”

Breeze smiled maliciously and took the quarterback by the arm, with both hands.

“Just follow me”, said to him, sensually swaying her hips.

Mark followed her and they arrived to the player’s showers.

“You mean... The showers?”, asked Mark, a little nervous.

“Yes, tiger”, answered Breeze, totally confident. “I’m authorized to get in. Now, let’s enter.”

“Mmh, OK”, mumbled Mark, totally nervous.

What they saw first was the welcoming room: a white room without nothing but a locked closet, and the door that leads to the corridors. Mark had always asked himself why they put such a useless room. His question was answered when Breeze took out a silvered key from her blouse’s neckline, and opened the mysterious closet. Mark tried to see what was inside, but Breeze deliberately blocked his sight. Quickly, Breeze took out a sport suitcase from the closet and then closed and locked the door.

Mark replied: “Why do you act like that? I just wanted to...”

“Maybe I will let you watch after a while”, Breeze interrupted him; and hanging the suitcase on her shoulder, Breeze ordered Mark: “Now, get naked”

Mark felt a chill and his legs trembled. But, recovering, said to Breeze: “Ha! You must be kidding... I won’t get naked...”

Breeze put on four and crawled where Mark was, suggestively standing on front of his crotch. Mark looked down and saw Breeze was lustfully smiling to him.

“... On front of you”, finished Mark, feeling so excited and regaining confidence.

Breeze started to unbutton Mark’s football pants, and Mark started to take off the football armor, beginning by his t-shirt.

“Ok, girl; I will do what you want”, said Mark, feeling like in a sex game.

As Mark took off all his upper armor and bowed down to take off his shoes, Breeze had placed behind him and was pulling down the boy’s underwear. Mark felt excited by looking his own erection, and took off his shoes, getting totally naked.

“And... Now it’s your turn”, said Mark to Breeze.

“Only in your dreams”, said Breeze, laughing. “Follow me to the showers.”

Breeze took again Mark by the arm and tried to hurry him to pass to the lockers and dressing rooms. But Mark disagreed and didn’t move of his place.

“Wait. You said we would...”, he started to say, angered, to Breeze.

“I didn’t say anything, blockhead”, answered Breeze, terminative but funny. “I’m only doing my task: the trainer told me to take you to the AR Showers.”

Mark was a little confused, and angry. But he knew it was the truth.

“Hey, and where is my towel? I can’t go in the showers being naked, don’t you think so?” - asked Mark, upset.

“Your towel would be so little”, giggled Breeze. “I mean... Sure you can... There is nobody inside but boys... And I am watching you naked right now, and it doesn’t seem to bother me. So, go through naked.”

Mark thought maybe everything was a sex game, or a prize by the trainer, but he wasn’t sure...

“Now, if you are that intelligent: Just go shower and let’s make this end”, said Breeze, placing aside the door.

Naked and bored, Mark walked and passed through the door. When he was passing by, Breeze gave him a swat right in his naked buttocks.

“Hey!”, complained Mark.

He turned back and saw Breeze blinking an eye to him.

“Maybe we will have fun together after all this”, said Breeze gladly, taking Mark by the arm and giving him a walk.

Excited, Mark had started to enjoy the trip.

In the dressing rooms there were a lot of corridors, signalized by the lockers where the player’s use to store their clothes and other stuff. On front of the lockers there were a lot of boys, some of them totally naked, or getting dressed, others getting naked or wearing a towel only. Mark and Breeze passed on front of them, but they seemed just ignoring them. Confused, Mark realized Breeze wasn’t taking him to the player’s showers.

“Where the hell are you taking me?”, He asked to Breeze.

“To the showers, naturally”, she answered.

“But, the showers aren’t that way”, Mark commented.

“Yes. I’m taking you to the showers. To the AR showers”, answered Breeze, giggling.

Mark and Breeze had come apparently to a dead end. But Breeze took out again the key and touched with it a block of the wall, that removed and showed a secret lock. Breeze introduced the key and opened the secret door.

“Are these the...”, Mark asked, “... AR SHOWERS?”

“Yes. I’m sure you’ll like it”, Breeze said to him.

They passed through the door and saw a tight corridor were there were standing other three women: another cheerleader, one teacher and other unidentified women.

“Hello, Sandra”, Breeze said to the other cheerleader, nodding her head.

“Hi, Breeze. What’s new?”, said Sandra.

“Just bringing on another boy. You know”, answered Breeze.

Mark was still naked, standing nervous on front of the women. But they weren’t looking at him, they were looking through a big crystal window, to the showers. Mark saw on the wall a set of devices, handles and joysticks. The women were handling them carefully and looking through the glass, concentrated.

Breeze called Mark:

“Mark, come on here”

Mark came to her side and Breeze indicated him the door at the end of the corridor.

“Marky. Go behind that door. You’ll see the showers. Just put under one of them and... take a shower. There’s soap, shampoo, hot water... I’ll come for you when you have finished, ok?”

“Mmmh, sure. I will”, Mark answered, a little confused.

As Mark passed through the door and placed himself under the shower, Breeze took her place on a chair. “Ok: let’s see”, said to herself, as she started to handle the devices. “He’s just like a kid”, thought, adjusting the control in the number “6”.

Mark saw asides of him there were other naked boys, taking showers too. Relaxed, Mark closed his eyes and started to rub his head with the shampoo. As he was showering, he noticed something like a strong radiation was acting on him. It was someway relaxing, just like it was cleaning him so deep.

Mark was rubbing his legs with the soap, when he noticed his hair was getting thinner; he noticed then his muscles were reducing its size, and he was feeling the water was dripping from even higher. Desperate, Mark torn away the shampoo veil from his eyes, and saw through the showers steam that his partners were shrinking too, just like they were growing younger.

Hurrying to finish, Mark rubbed his body quicker and quicker, seemingly causing the shrinking acceleration: This time Mark noticed his body was thinner and more fragile than before, just like a girl’s or a kid’s one. His pubic hair started to disappear, and his penis size was reducing too. But, strangely, Mark felt clean, too much cleaner than before: the effect of his masculine hormones was getting weaker and weaker: the anger, the lust, the arrogance, all those feelings were cleaning from his mind, torn away within the water, as his body was getting younger and younger...

“That’s all, friends. The AR process has finished”, said Sandra to Breeze and the other women. The women moved a lever and the water stopped raining.

Mark was now a 7-years-old boy, and he stared so glad at his naked body and their friends’ too: he did not need now to feign anymore; no more fights for the girls, any more dates or work, no more challenges to prove his maturity.

Breeze unzipped the sport suitcase and took out a little blue towel from it. Mark watched as Breeze came into the shower room with a big smile and wrapped him within the towel, as she lifted up him in arms. The other women did the same with Mark’s shower partners.

Mark was very very happy now, and grateful with the woman that made all that possible. Breeze hugged him lovefully and kissed him in the cheek, as she walked away to the door. Tapping Mark’s little butt over the towel, Breeze said:

- Now, little Marky. Ara you ready to start elementary school again?




End Chapter 1


by: malom_shlasters | Complete Story | Last updated May 13, 2009


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