Adapting: The Adventures Of Kiki-Chan

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Chapter 5
Miki rises to popularity (Week 6)

Chapter Description: Miki's transition through adolescence has not finished: The boy-turned-girl will become interesting as he starts to develop feminine features actually better than the average girl... how would he be able to adapt to the females social universe??

My first weekend as a girl passed quickly, and I felt glad I learned a large amount of beauty tricks… Honestly, I only wanted to look nicer to my schoolmates, but after the first time, I found myself encouraged to look the most beautiful I could. Each time I looked myself into the mirror, pleased of looking like a pretty girl… As I told you, I actually don’t know why. Of course that, as a normal guy, I enjoy looking at pretty girls, but having those features on me… I don’t know why but they made me appreciate my own beauty like never before. That sounds odd, I know…

But, when I presented at school next Monday, I had no words to describe my enthusiasm and joy… since I entered, every boy took a good look at me… yeah, I felt self-confident, but I didn’t know exactly why. I had not longer the idea of me being an androgynous, since that morning, when I looked inside my briefs, I found nothing but a boring girl’s vulva… You, as a boy, may feel shocked about this, but believe me, in my situation it was a great relief: At weekend, my penis had gotten as diminutive as if I was 2 years old, it was no longer erectile, and as I told you last time, it was a terrible problem on my Physical Education Class… So now, you may guess, feeling like a real teenage girl in needs of feeling accepted, the full disappearance of the last remains of my former male gender was well received by me…

When I walked through the corridor, no one seemed to not recognize me; they, who even laughed at me last week, now seemed impressed by my view, as if they were thinking “Is she the girl that…?”

Yeah; I closed my eyes smiling, with my heart beating warmly inside my chest… the make-up and manners classes of Nodoka had perfectly worked… I was not longer an ugly duckling; I was now a nice, nice girl… for all the ones who were looking at me.

Seeing that one boy (“who was him…? He didn’t recognize me?”) told me hello friendly, my tender nipples got erected, rising up from my soft, in-grow, feminine chest… I corresponded the greeting, raising my hand with grace and femininity and smiling at him with shiny eyes… it was actually too fun being the center of attention. But I didn’t want let that feeling control me; I tried to not scandalize, so I went straight to my classroom.

With my sight aiming to the ground, I looked at my legs… they were not the same than before; I always had somewhat plumpy, hippo-like legs; then, my transition to a bishonen boy at my first month in Japan, made them firm and skinny… in my first week of girl identity, they stood unpleasantly tan, boyish and too thin and ungainly, too tall for a girl’s height, too… but that Monday, they really showed off below my schoolgirl´s skirt: They had whitened and all my body’s skin got slightly smoother and clearer… I focused in the feeling of the air’s freshness on my long legs… then above them, till I found the bizarre sensation of the air entering under my skirt’s, caressing my groin over the satin panties Miss Hiru had made me wear since that Monday… a delicious sensation started to stimulate me… And then it was time to enter the classroom. With such easiness I had never experimented in my entire boy’s life, I could control my sensuality and concentrate in the class…

I decided to sit in front row, with the idea that now everybody would be able to see me… I don’t know why, but that idea someway obsessed me… And you won’t believe me, but I really think I was right!

When the Geometry class teacher asked any of my male schoolmates to repeat one concept regarding that day’s lesson, they seemed like suddenly being awakened, and rarely answered right…

I even felt my Language teacher –a man in his late 30s- was sweating and distracting his sight from me… And how was I doing? I was really fine; the enjoyment of being noticed made me feel freed, and helped me to concentrate in the class. I tried to keep my integrity and I participated the more I could, always receiving good commentaries from my teachers; I behave as decent and professional as before, refusing even to cross my legs, hoping that wouldn’t distract my classmates and teachers.

As the recess time started, I was the last one in getting out of the classroom; when I walked to the exit, feeling a great joy, I looked at myself reflected in the glass… I was a pretty 16-years-old girl, with a cute and innocent face, even a little prettier than the Japanese magazine’s ones… I actually didn’t have a great female body, but my sole face would be able to impress anyone. And when I went out of the classroom, there was a little crowd of fans waiting for me.

A group of boys was standing just on front of the classroom, clearly dissimulating, but they were noticeable interested in looking at me; it was composed of three boys from my classroom, and about eighth boys from other classrooms and grades; they were just chatting in a low voice, but clearly trying to get a gaze of me. And next to the door, there was a group of six girls: the most popular of my grade. Those girls, who the previous week didn’t even bother in see me, now looked eager to deal with me… of course, I didn’t hold any grudge against them, so I just told them hello in a good manner.

“Well… Miki?”, the leader of them asked; she seemed a little nervous about talking to me, but with her best face, she told me: “Mm, I like what you did with your hair”. She was so nervous! And didn’t even notice that my hairstyle was the same than the previous week… (ok, maybe she didn’t even noticed me in the first week).

“Wanna go to the cafe?”, she asked me, with all her friends waiting the big answer. Feeling deeply glad, I tried to behave spontaneous:

“Sure”, I answered barely smiling, and walked straight making my way between them, and heading to the cafeteria. They followed me quickly, while the boys group hurried to take another position.

That was the way I met my new friends: Saya (the leader), Kini (a wealthy silent girl), Shizune (a honestly irritating and somewhat stupid girl, but too rich and pretty), Midori (a nice and shy girl) and Nanase (a hyperactive and smart “ganguro” girl, expert in new fashion). I have to admit than in my entire life I didn’t expect being as close to the girls (and even less to THAT POPULAR girls) as I was in that moment… I enjoyed the new experience, it was a perfect way to investigate –from the anthropologist focus- how the Japanese high-school girls’ life was.

I noticed they put extreme attention in social life, with Nanase informing the group with all the gossips about dating, the most recent purchases of the top school girls, and family life in general. Inside that group, the germ of being great housewives and society ladies was more than present. It was just like the school’s watchtower, with everything being seen and rated by a precise judge (Saya)… and, how was I being judged?

Even when I didn’t talk too much, it was clear in that moment I was someway the center of attention; my interlocutors were expecting me to take part in the conversation. They started asking me basic questions about my life: Where I was born, what was my father’s job, and then… I answered with the entire true: I was born in North America, I was there because of a student exchange, and my father was an astronomer. I talked smoothly, without showing off, but they seemed to like it.

Then the girl’s stuff started.

“And how are American boys?”

“Are they handsome?”

“Are they rich?”

Of course, I didn’t miss the chance of telling them about Mike Barrows, a very handsome, funny and intelligent guy that has very large penis (well, I didn’t told the last thing, but I felt tempted), and they seemed satisfied. Then that silly girl Shizune asked about how parties were in America, and I answered from the focus of a normal high school boy (I certainly was one…) Nothing really exciting, but they were actually entertained by everything.

Later, I learned that girls just wanna have fun; when the JPop’s fashion song started to play in the cafeteria, they danced on their places, with fairly ridiculous moves, and laughing at themselves; but the other boys and girls in the cafe seemed to admire them… Even I felt a little proud seeing all those beautiful, silly girls having a good time without worrying about anything. They were, certainly, on the top of the food chain, and it was their right to.

As we had some sushi rolls, some different groups of boys and girls came to see us: Other popular girl cliques, from my grade and others, and even 3rd grade girls (mmmh, THEY were at the top of top of the trophic chain), who my friends revered with the traditional female rivalry. Those girls seemed interested in me, but only as a teenager interests in a cool pubescent girl, not really impressed… and you can figure they were the most prepared, self-confident girls in high-school, and they truly had the best bodies…

But the fun began when the sportsmen group came to say hello… it was Hiroaki Utada, the baseball player and most popular boy in the institute… He said hello exclusively to Saya and Nanase (perhaps the last one was a long-time friend of his?), while the others talked to him collectively. The girls were particularly easygoing with him, and of course, he wanted to meet me… Come on! It is true that I smiled at him and even told him it was a pleasure meeting him… but this guy kissed my hand like I was a princess, trying to do the comedian…

Yeah, and then he went away with a bow of courtesy… Yes, what a great guy! Well, he was actually not the great personality I had heard; he was just a funny guy trying to impress the girls, but not particularly interesting, smart or nice… oh, but he was very handsome and had the perfect looks…

And just as he went away, the girls held their nervous giggling with their hands. When he was completely gone, they hurried to say: “Wow!! He kissed you?” “How did you find him?”, “isn’t he a dream…?” Way out! They hurried to make like I was that buffoon’s girlfriend…

“Gotta say”, I told, half angry and half wanting to take revenge, “I don’t even think he could resist one of my bat’s smack on the buttocks…”

The girls remained silent, with their mouths gape; but then they released a machinegun laughter, amused at what I said… I couldn’t wonder the effect my words would have: Some of the girls blushed, but kept on laughing; others gave me a cheerful punch in the shoulder… I think they found me funny, and they really liked me…

But actually, girls are boring. I arrived home ready for dinner. There, Nodoka served me the food, smiling at me, shiny as always. Miss Hiru looked at me with pleasant eyes, greeting me for how good I looked, and I told them how my day was… I know that as an exchange student my duties are studying, so I decided telling them nothing about my new friends… but something made me think that they wondered about it, maybe because of the indelible smile I sported all day.

I did my homework and spent the rest of the day taking care of my new body: I clipped my nails, experimented with different styles of make-up and hairstyles, I took a long hot water bath, and I shaved my legs. I had to keep the status I had in school…

Tuesday I woke up and looked at myself into the mirror… Something popped out to my sight in the first moment: I GOT BOOBS!! Back then on Monday, my chest was fairly flat, and I didn’t know exactly what happened when I slept, but I couldn’t believe the results…

They were medium-size breasts, and they looked… pretty! As you may guess, I hurried to pull my blouse up and tickle my nipples, that got erected instantly… my new breasts were firm and bouncy, my skin was smoother than before, and it was clearer too!! It was really great: Monday I had surprised everybody, but Tuesday… They would really faint when they looked at me!

And that was not all; I noticed a flesh increase in my buttocks, and because of how my pajama fit around my body, I realized my hips and butt had developed equally. I was now not only face-pretty… My whole body would be hot for… guys?

I hurried to get dressed in the school uniform and went downstairs to have breakfast. My heart was beating, and I was really excited to know how my schoolmates would react to my new appearance. Nodoka noticed my changes, not by looking at my breasts or butt, but simply because of my new expression of impatience and joy; I blushed when she smiled at me with the best of her soul, and hurried to drank my milkshake and get in the taxi. From the cab’s mirror, I saw how the taxi driver looked at me so happy, and he seemed in a better mood just by looking at me; he behaved too gentle in the way to school.

Tuesday I decided to exploit all my feminine appeal I could, walking slowly and with great grace; I had not overseen the make-up process, so my appearance was truly perfect. Since I arrived to school, Ms. Kawara greeted me with more cares, but without saying a thing about my appearance… but inside of me, I knew she was too much impressed by my new self.

I can only define my encounter with my schoolmates as a polar reaction. This time, my increased beauty left boys and girls totally frozen… they were completely stunned, unable to believe how beautiful I had become… when I walked inside the classroom, everybody moved apart; the teacher herself offered me the best seat… and all my classes seemed too much boring by my side. Even the teachers (both men and women) couldn’t focus or find a way to make the class more interesting, since I was the main attraction. My curvy new legs, my perfect breasts, my gorgeous face, and my new, perfectly pitched voice with an enchanting melodic laughter… all of those elements completely drew the whole classroom’s attention to me.

Saya’s group was more than happy with my change, and they became excited just for being friends of mine. To abridge, Saya stopped being the most greeted girl in recess… I was the Alpha Female now. The boys didn’t group like before; they knew a beauty as mine can only be enjoyed in loneliness, and they literally lost their breath when they saw me walking near them. Yeah; I was the sensation. And that same day I was introduced to Megumi’s group: It was the 3rd graders group, and they received me with the same interest (or even more) that Saya’s group showed to me the previous day; for Saya’s fortune, her group was included in the social exchange, only for being friends of mine.

That day I realized girl’s society is just the same as the animals’: When a new Alpha Female (Me), joined the group, everybody else submitted to her. Megumi was not longer the Alpha Female in that group: we were Alpha Twins… was I too smart? Was I too nice? No! I was only a cunning guy, yeah, but I had better looks than any other female… It was only the sight and natural selection; nothing more than that. And I realized Saya’s group was actually nothing compared to Megumi’s social sphere. She was one of the smartest girls I had known… She might have no culture, but she had all the right acquaintances among young and adult people, and she knew how to treat with every one of them… but, of course, she only knew the social cream of the crop… only that 5% of the society that rules over everybody else.

I decided to join the game: I’d go to all parties I was invited; I decided to get along with every sector of the top youth of Japan, if it was necessary… My possibilities as an anthropologist were unlimited now.

That evening I came back home, to organize my week: I was invited to 5 parties and social meetings of popular girls. I spent a great part of the day adding teenager’s numbers in my cellphone, and adding people to my social networks… then, I spent the other part of the day choosing accessories from Hiru’s closet, to offer the best look I could.

Next day I ignored Hiru, Nodoka and everyone else in the house. I didn’t focus in classes, either. I even skipped off some classes to go fix some party details with Megumi and her group, with Saya’s clan always following us as dogs to their masters. And when school finished, I sent a message to Hiru’s number and went to buy dresses with Megumi’s group. They even bought for me new clothes: A green sleeveless dress and a cocktail/disco black skirt.

Then I hanged around with the girls all day, until night came, and I arrived home at 10.00 p.m. As I prepared to go to sleep in the mirror, Nodoka came to me:

“Miki-chan… why didn’t you told me anything…? I was worried that something happened to you”, she asked, almost weeping.

“Come on, what’s the matter? I left a message at Hiru’s cellphone”, I told her rudely.

“Hiru-sama was out for a… business’s travel”, she answered… “Please, don’t ignore me again…”, she said, almost collapsing.

But I didn’t take care of her. I had better things to do.

Thursday I woke up even more impressed… My boobs had become huge melons! My whole body, for a 16-years-old girl, looked more like the one of a 19-years-old super busty girl. I rejoiced looking in the mirror my new glossy lips, and seductive eyes… nothing would beat that! I was not only the hottest high school girl in the city… I was becoming the TOP WOMAN of the entire Japan.

My butt grew huge and so did my hips; my waist kept its slim shape; my curvaceous legs were now completely overflowing with tender flesh. I was 90-60-90! And my cunt… I even spread it to proof her extra-shining pink color and fleshiness… I passed a whole hour in the morning admiring my body and touching it, without putting on any clothes… then I put my uniform on (it felt a kiddy uniform for me) and called the taxi, without having breakfast or even see anyone at home.

I arrived to school in between a hail of applauses and ovations… School was completely mine. Megumi surrender at my feet; boys, men, women… all them fell on my charms.

The rest of the week I went to every party in the city, escorted by guards, in my limousine. I was the ultimate socialité: I met important people, ate at the best restaurants, drank alcohol and danced as a professional in every disco… Everything seemed to be being swallowed by an endless twirl of passion and success…

Friday afternoon, I was taken home again by two Miss Hiru’s escorts. I felt dizzy and had a terrible hangover after days and days of party. The henchmen threw me to Hiru’s room; when they closed the door, I caught a glimpse of Nodoka next to the door, crying. Miss Hiru stood right in front of me, showing me a paper:

“Little lady: Here it says”, she started, with a menacing pose, “you didn’t present your Math exam”. Tapping with her foot on the floor with her heeled foot, she looked me in the eyes, waiting for a good answer.

“I… I was…”, I tried to answer. But I was still disoriented by that endless week of party …

Miss Hiru sighed. “You were…”, she said, starting calmly, “you were only partying with your friends and all the rest of the city!”, she finished, furious.

Then, she rushed to me and she submitted me with her strength, holding me by my wrists. I had no means of defense, in the conditions I was, and she pushed me against the bed, then sitting on it and laying me over her knees, with my butt aiming upwards.

“You, little whore…”, she started to see, lifting my skirt up and pulling down my G-String, “… You haven’t been studying as our deal said…”

And then, she raised her other hand, willing to spank my huge and firm buttocks.

“You have been making me and Nodoka worry!”, Hiru-Sama said, delivering the first swat in my rebel butt, that sounded just like a whip strike. For being a woman, she was extraordinary strong, and her first slap left the skin of my buttocks burning.

“I don’t even want to know how many guys you have got laid with, you little slut!”, a second spank made me shout in pain. My buttocks were trembling and had turned bright red because of the spanking.

“We maintain you! We received you in this home and this is how you pay us!”, she continued, with a hard smack in the buttcheeks, that finally broke me and I cried loud.

I turned my head to the door, hoping someone would come to my rescue; there, I saw Nodoka standing behind the door, peeking at the pitiful scene of my punishment. Her face reflected a deep sorrow because of my painful screams, so much I felt that sorry for her.

Without mercy, Hiru gave me other five consecutive spanks, until nothing was left of me… She took me my dress off and threw me to the bed, where I laid down, crying and exhausted.

“You’ll stay there until you become a good girl!”, she ordered, approaching to the door.

I turned round to answer her, angry at her punishment.

“No! You can’t stop me! I am…!”, I shouted.

But she, smiling maliciously, went out of the room, and locked the door…

“It doesn’t matter what you ARE… It only matters what you WILL BE, soon…”

I spent the whole weekend recovering of my brutal punishment, locked in that room without lights or any mirror, being fed only with the basics, and feeling how my body started to change again…

Was that what I deserved…? In my memory, everything I had done was nothing but a reckless outburst of arrogance… Did I really treat Nodoka that bad…?

In my dreams, her image, crying, haunted me… and I began to understand and regret at what I had done… the fame and power of being a great woman with a hot body is actually too much to handle for a silly boy. My adaptation had been a total failure… Would I have a second chance to fix my mistakes…?

[size=4]TO BE CONTINUED[/size]



End Chapter 5

Adapting: The Adventures Of Kiki-Chan

by: malom_shlasters | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 16, 2014


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