Adapting: The Adventures Of Kiki-Chan

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Chapter 3
The Painful Goodbye (Week 4)

Chapter Description: Michael's (now named Miki) bishonen success is interrupted by new changes in his physical appearance. Founding himself into a nightmare, he'll have to say goodbye to the college and his girlfriend.

Things started getting complicated that day… Monday of my fourth week at school, I said hello to Katsuri, live everyday; she’s a short and pretty girl, with a round face, black long straight hair dyed in light brown, and a hot, precious curvy body. As I told you, she was my girlfriend.

That day she had the idea of saying me hello with a passionate kiss… But I realized, different than the other days, her kiss didn’t make me hard at first moment. There was something in her kiss that made me feel uncomfortable. I thought it was maybe routine had ruined our sex life, but… Well, during the day I recovered my vigor and Tuesday we had sex once more. But that time wasn’t as good as the previous ones…

“Miki”, Katsuri told me (since Michael was harder to pronounce, and since I started becoming an Asian guy, my classmates started naming me Miki) “Is it something wrong with me?”.

I hugged her lovely… “It’s the first time it happens to me”, was the only I could say.

At home, my situation made me worry even more, as I couldn’t focus when studying; I got the sensation something was happening to me, and I couldn’t help it. Finally, I fell asleep without studying for my exam. Fortunately, I regained concentration and I finished the Wednesday exam, with not a perfect grade, but an acceptable one. I passed that day evading Katsuri.

Thursday received me afraid, frozen, on front of the mirror. That morning I had gone to pee, and when I untied my pajama I found my privates were barely covered by a light fur layer… It shocked me at first glance; I had become an Asian boy, but my scrotum used to be so hairy, and now I found that. Soon I realized pajama was too loose for me, and looking myself into the mirror I found my features had gradually become even finer. I was only barely recognizable as a male… I had turned into a completely androgynous bishonen.

That day I met Madame Hiru again; Nodoka ran away from me just as saw me, but fortunately Madame Hiru was sit in the table; I had to solve some questions.

“What’s happening to my body?” I asked her roughly, sitting down.

Hiru was drinking a cup of tea; after a slurp, she put it in the table and told me, smiling, as a joke: “Well, it seems it has happened to you because of your business with girls”.

Judging by that phrase, it was obvious Hiru knew exactly what was happening to me, but she didn’t want to tell me.

I put my hands at the table, getting up. “What’s happening to my body?!”, I asked again, desperate.

Madame Hiru took a sip of her cigarette, and after blowing the smoke out, she told me: “You’ll know soon, little anthropologist… now it’s time to go school.”

I got up sweating a lot, took my backpack and then got into the taxi to go school.

“Adaptation”, was thinking inside the cab, “anthropologic business… Maybe somebody can explain me at school.”

In the emotional state I was, I decided skipping classes, and then programming an interview with Dr. Nakamura, school’s best anthropologist. I stayed hidden in men’s bathroom to prevent Katsumi from looking at me, until time came. It was not difficult for me programming the interview, since I’m a good student, and my bishonen fame had spread enough so even the teachers knew of me.

“Mmmh… adaptation?”, the teacher asked.

It was hard for me, but I showed the teacher my photography at the moment I arrived to Japan. Dr. Nakamura stayed about one minute analyzing the photo, without looking at me. The features of that patient 50-years-old Japanese man, resembling a peanut, with eyes as little as peas, analyzing my case, made me feel strange.

“Well… there are some things implied”, said Dr. Nakamura. “You know there’s something named --- culture clash… So these things simply happen”.

Listening to my teacher’s explanation, my world almost crushed on pieces. I couldn’t believe how not even an Anthropology doctor knew anything about my case. As Dr. Nakamura said me goodbye, he gazed at me with a suspicious sign, and said: “Hiru’s house”; then he closed and locked the door.

My fear grew since now I was totally sure that Hiru had the upper hand on this. My terror made me forget everything, and I got away from school through the main door…

As the bell started ringing and soon I found myself on front of Katsumi: “Miki, wait!”, she said.

My legs were trembling, so I couldn’t reject the invitation.

“Miki: What’s happening to you?”, Katsumi asked me.

I really couldn’t answer. My voice was cracking, but it didn’t matter… Actually I didn’t know what to answer!! It seems Katsumi caught my feeling in midair, because she stood quiet, with a sad expression, as I walked away.

But then, she followed me: “Wait, Miki-San!! Can I escort you home?”. I didn’t reject.

It was 4 p.m., and the street was silent. My common feminine escorts had left me alone… Maybe they wouldn’t recognize me in my new form. Katsumi and I walked side by side; it seemed she had realized my decreasing size too…

Now I had to look at her up, while the previous week her brow was reaching my shoulder when we walked together. In a pond I watched my new appearance… I was a too fine boy, looking so young; only cute for my age, and almost no handsome.

We walked the whole road, silently, without speaking a single word; only feeling our hearts beating compassed, so close to each other. We arrived home at 8 p.m., as night had fallen. There, Katsumi said goodbye to me with a pure kiss in my lips. She didn’t say anything, neither I; she walked away in the night, and I only got in the house again.

That weekend was a nightmare; I couldn’t get up from bed. Drastic changes started taking place in my body; my chest started to hurt severely, and a cruel fever took over my organism. I spent weekend on bed, being took care by Nodoka, who patiently accompanied me in my pain.

The physical process was excruciating, but amidst that pain I could notice what was happening to me… my belly hurt like something was growing up inside it. Every time I went to bed, I looked as my penis shrank more and more… It had even lost its erectile function. At Sunday, it was about the size of a 6-years-old little boy. My bones felt like burning, and my muscular mass had drastically decreased. I knew my shoulders, my hips, my whole bones were melting to take a new shape. Sometimes, in between the painful strokes, I asked myself if it was a nightmare or reality.

On Monday I woke up without pain, just in time to catch the next school week. If I wanted to solve the mystery, I knew I had to do it by myself.

[size=4]TO BE CONTINUED[/size]



End Chapter 3

Adapting: The Adventures Of Kiki-Chan

by: malom_shlasters | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 16, 2014


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