Adapting: The Adventures Of Kiki-Chan

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Chapter 4
A stranger at school (Week 5)

Chapter Description: Michael, now openly known as Miki-Chan will have to start a new life outside university. He has become now a High School nerdy girl. What might be Ms. Hiru planning; and why Nodoka acts so strange?

The first thing I saw when I woke up at next Monday was Nodoka’s butt getting out of my room and then her closing the door. I started stretching my body and… Happily, I noticed the pain had gone! I was only feeling a little numb, but I had regained the joy of moving. Now, of course, I felt even lighter, but… When I looked at me to the mirror I noticed I was now even more feminine than before. Now, only a crazy person would mistake me with a boy: My face was round and my cheeks were hollow, but girlish; my hair had straightened even more, and grown as long as to reach below my shoulders, getting even finer. Then I looked down… my chest was now more sensitive, and it had inflated as two little mounds. I felt a chill when I looked to my crotch: My penis was now as tiny as it belonged to a four years old boy!

I suddenly remembered I had to go to college, so I looked for my clothes, which Nodoka usually puts on my desk’s chair. When I took my clothes I surprised again: It was not my usual University’s uniform… It was a girl’s shirt and skirt, with a High School logo! Was that a joke?! I got up to ask for an explanation, when an ID card fell down from the shirt’s pocket… It was a High School’s tag, it read: “Miki Hiru”, and it had my picture, indicating my gender as an “F”.

I took the pile of clothes in my hands and went to the hall, where I saw Madame Hiru sitting in a chair on front of the table, waiting to receive me.

“Hello, Miki, good morning”, she said, almost smiling.

I was really upset, but I tried to control myself.

“Hello… Well… I think Nodoka made a mistake…”, I said, blushing while trying to control my anger, “she gave me these clothes to wear”, I finished, handling them to her, so she could see.

But Ms. Hiru simply smiled, and she didn’t care for the cloths.

“Oh, Miki, that’s not an error”, she said, sitting comfortably in her wooden chair, “don’t you think that’s your proper uniform now?”, and she turned to the hall’s mirror.

I turned to the mirror too, and I looked at me… I was now even shorter than before, and I was now… A GIRL! I looked again to the ID; it said that my age was 17 years old!

“But I… I am… I mean I was…”, I muttered, hoping everything was a nightmare, “… I am… When I came… I am… I am 21!”.

Ms. Hiru got up and walked to me, taking me by my arm…

“Mr. Miki. Have you now understand what it means adapting?”, she told me, as she walked me to the kitchen. “You must live according to your identity… And what do you see in that mirror?”

I had not the guts to answer.

“Is it ok?”, she asked, looking me in the eyes, maliciously, but motherly at the same time.

After ten seconds, she asked again, “are you going to wear that uniform?”

I blushed, and answered, too shy… “I think… well… I guess I will”.

Ms. Hiru smiled again, looking so malicious, and told me. “Ok… what are you waiting for?”

It was too embarrassing, but she stood still on front of me as I took off my pajama and put on my girl’s uniform.

“Don’t worry about your underwear”, she said, as she looked that I was still wearing briefs, “Next week everything will be fixed for you”.

I got dressed as quick as I could and then had a milkshake for only breakfast. The taxi took me to my new school.

Kimihari High School was not for me… They were only a lot of snobbish and shallow boys and girls. Well, the first I missed was my bishonen fame… all the other boys were more handsome than my new self, and the girls were… Well, they were not bad, but… I madly started to think I was not that well equipped as they were… For a moment I envied their breasts and legs… When I compared, I was nothing that an ugly duckling. BUT!!! What was I thinking?! I AM A BOY!!

A teacher quickly came to me; he was a nice guy and he told me hello effusively, then giving me the hand. I shook hands with him… well, for about ten seconds. He looked like he was waiting for something. Then he addressed me again and introduced himself: “You can call me Hitogure Saito; I’m the superintendent; nice to meet you, Miki-san” (in Japanese, of course).

“It’s a pleasure”, I said, bowing like always. He seemed to freak out again. But then he gave me a quick walk for the school, taking me to my new classroom before saying goodbye.

In my classroom, my new teacher received me, as kindly as the superintendent. She introduced herself as Ms. Kawara, and I had to introduce myself to my new schoolmates. Standing on front of a young class while wearing a skirt was not something I had even imagined.

So I got nervous, I refused to bow in front of them, feeling my skirt was too short and worried about how much air made its way under it… And I couldn’t say more than my name… “I am… Miki”.

The classes were really boring, except for the History Class; I was really impressed of how the Japanese appreciate their history, and I really got enthusiastic. Since I was now in High School now, more of the contents were long-known to me, but History was a major hit for my learning; I tried to ask as much as I can, earning my schoolmates’ discomfort and annoyance. I was really looking as a nerdy girl!

Then I had to go to the Electronics Workshop, and man, how hard it is! I was easily the worst student in the class. I was impressed too by looking how Japanese teenagers are overwhelmingly skilled with electronic works. I was so bad that the teacher recommended me changing my Optional Subject to Sewing and Embroidery. It seemed too easy, so I agreed.

I came back home very excited for the History class. I was learning everything that seemed so beautiful and unknown to me! I didn’t even notice my room was somewhat different… In the afternoon I wore my usual summer clothes: Shorts and a T-shirt, and I tried to find Nodoka to discuss about History. What could he tell me? She was a traditional Japanese maid! I wanted to learn everything about her outfits.

I found her doing the laundry and I, considerably excited, talked with her for about two hours. She seemed to be freaked out at first, but then, she started to talk more openly with me… She told me a lot of stories, even some intimate ones… How her parents took care of her while she was a little girl living in an agricultural village, then the way rural schools organize in Japan prefectures, and her problems moving to the city, everything adorned with different hints for the historic moment, cultural movements and even traditional parties and songs that she sang to me. When I told her hello for first time, I felt she was more than a friend: She was maybe the most interesting and nice people I had known. And now she looked so happy too!

I went to the bed thinking about everything had happened that day. I realized I hadn’t even thought about sex in all day, while when I was a boy I couldn’t think about anything else. I surprised myself when I noticed I didn’t even miss having a penis. So… That’s how girls feel like? Sex doesn’t seem to be much of a topic for them… Intrigued by that, I went to sleep.

That day I didn’t see Ms. Hiru again, and the next school day I felt better. I could even explain some things I had read to my teachers, and they encouraged my participation. My schoolmates, on the other side, were impressed but not that interested in me. I had to introduce myself to some new teachers that Tuesday, but Ms. Kawara called me to instruct me in private. She told me I was bowing wrong, and I had really bad manners “for a young lady”… I suddenly understood: I was acting as a boy, but other people were considering me now a girl! I blushed and felt kind of sad when I listened that, but Ms. Kawara encouraged me with her kindness… OK, I had to learn how to behave now, and I think that would not be a big deal.

At recess I tried to befriend with some of my classmates… girls, for being precise. Most of the girls that were interested in befriending with me were actually… a little ugly… and nerdy. But despite of that, the next days I tried to talk to every classmate, even the popular girls and boys… When I and some classmates stayed at the classroom after classes to do the clean, one shy girl with big glasses advised me… “You should not try to be with those persons… they don’t like you, because how you look”. I was cleaning a window, and then I looked at myself: Yeah… I was now an ugly girl, and no one seemed to be interested in me. If I was a normal guy, I wouldn’t feel appealed to talk with a girl like that. I finished my tasks in silence, feeling a little sad.

When I came back home, I started with my Embroidery homework… Fortunately, there was a sewing room in that big mansion, were I could sit to work in silence, with the house’s geisha maids. When Nodoka came into the room, she automatically noticed something was going wrong, but I didn’t want to explain her on front of the other geishas. She joined to the Embroidery circle, and we talked only a little, when I found her words very gentle to me. At night I went to finish the other home works, when Nodoka came to my room… I explained her everything: How I looked that handsome to my friends in the University, and how my High School classmates found me that ugly, but I didn’t told her anything about my gender change. I ended up crying… Everything was so different now!

Nodoka held me on her arms, and as she caressed my hair she explained me those guys were too superficial, dumb, and that the looks is not the only thing that matters… I was perfectly aware about all that, of course, but, I didn’t know why, I just couldn’t stand it. When I finished crying, Nodoka wiped my tears, and smiling at me with the shiniest smile I had seen, she told me: “you’re not ugly at all… I’ll tell you how to exploit all that beauty you have. I’ll teach you how to dress yourself, tomorrow, what do you think?”

The idea was for me a little strange, but… Honestly, that could be funny and interesting… in the anthropological view, of course. I hugged Nodoka and she corresponded to me with perfect affection. I slept very quiet that day.

Wednesday was the most embarrassing experience I had since I came to Japan. Wednesday is the P.Ed. Day in Kimihari… have you seen P.Ed.’s uniform for Japanese girls??

I felt a chill in my groin when I looked all the prettiest girls of the classroom, getting out from the dressing rooms with their long hair, wearing white and curvy shirts that visually enhanced their breasts, and tight and tiny red sport shorts. Their long legs made me had an erection… a girl’s erection! My penis was now that little that my erection tickled me just in the thighs… but the worst was that I forgot I’d have to use that uniform too.

I tried to delay the moment the most I could; I didn’t want get out of the dressing room… and with those tight shorts, my little pickle was instantaneously coiling to anyone’s eyes… I only tried to concentrate to stop my erection when we were running through the road, and it worked almost perfect, but… then the gymnastics began with the horse jump!

I was forced to see how girls after girls jumped the horse, spreading her legs as they mounted, in those short shorts that almost made their buttocks plop out, and that wrapped around their cunts… When my time came, I was too afraid, first, wondering if somebody would notice my little plopper (I was covering it with my t-shirt until my turn came); since I was the last one in the list, everybody was watching at me, expecting me to fail… And second, my testicles had shrunk, but they had not disappeared… a bad jump and I’d be absolutely nutcracked…

I ran as quickly as I could, with long strides, feeling the waddle of my new long legs, I leaped over the horse with my heart beating… and then I hit the horse with my legs, falling to the floor. My classmates didn’t laugh, but I knew they were doing that on my imagination. I was almost recovering from my fall when… the gymnastics teacher, Ms. Shijo, came to aid me. When she was trying to put the horse back on its feet, she accidentally caressed my bulge with her hand! I instantly reacted and I stood up as quickly as I could, and I literally went out of school running, only stopping when I arrived home. I had ejaculated in my underwear, and I was deeply afraid… did somebody noticed…?

I took about two hours to rest, and then I took a shower to relax myself. The cold water calmed me… everything was so quick. Nobody could tell me anything. As fresh I was, I went my room and lay down on bed, just relaxing and wondering…

When the hour came, Nodoka came to my room, to teach me how to get made up. It was actually too interesting; I had not known anything about women beauty in my whole life, and Nodoka was extremely careful and patient with me. We spent about three hours trying new hairstyles, and she even cut me the hair according to the best fitting look for me… I decided making half a ponytail and the rest of the hair loose. Just as the African tribes. Then, make-up was an ancient Japanese art, which Nodoka crafted with special skill… I couldn’t believe how magic it was the make-up. I looked… well, very pretty, for looking like a girl.




End Chapter 4

Adapting: The Adventures Of Kiki-Chan

by: malom_shlasters | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 16, 2014


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