A diaper hero(ine)

by: malom_shlasters | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 31, 2014


A New Hero(ine)

Julie is a normal 16-years-old girl, that had always dream of being a sportgirl; unfortunately her body is not proper for practicing gymnastics. But a visit to an indian curiousity store changes her life forever... what does it mean that she'll have to fight "as a noble warrior"?

Jan 31, 2014


A diapered and heroic entrance

Julie understands that becoming a boy is a great responsibility, and she decides taking the role of becoming a diapered hero. After some training, she'll have to face her first challenge.

Jan 31, 2014


An intruder in my headquarter

Julie's (a.k.a.: Diapered boy) career reachs new heights, and she becomes her city's most famous hero and teen idol. But with fame, paparazzi came; this night she'll have to face an unexpected intruder on her headquarter. The boyish hand of justice will have to set a punishment.

Jan 31, 2014


Karla's mischiefs

Karla now knows the secret of Julie, her big sister. Unfortunately, Karla is not as mature and responsible as her sister. What kind of mischiefs will she commit when the magical Big Boy Diaper reaches her hands??

Jan 31, 2014


A nightmare on the alley

My mentor is suggesting me to draw from the hero life, since I have accomplished every possible goal. But I'm not willing to hesitate my privilege of transforming into a boy. This time I was heading for new horizons and face stronger challenges, but what I didn't know is that things were not going to work right.

Jan 12, 2013


A *sisters?* Weekend (Part 1)

Julie has a new ally and partner! And this time she will be able to spend a whole weekend with her. Beautiful memories of sister?hood in this episode.

Feb 27, 2013


A *sisters?* Weekend (Part 2)

Julie and her sister are still on their weekend alone. They decide to spend that Saturday night out at the mall. But their male forms could attract some good, and some bad things...

Jan 31, 2013


A *sisters?* Weekend (Part 3)

Sunday's on, and the Sister's Weekend for Julie and Karla is finishing. But perhaps they will find more peace this day than the others :)

Feb 28, 2013


Diaper terror!

Julie and Karla will have to face a real superhero-level menace...

Jan 31, 2014


The Final Battle

The final battle for survival begins

Jan 31, 2014


A Hero's reward + Epilogue

Julie's life will change forever.

Jan 31, 2014


Whatever happened with Julie and her family...?

Jan 31, 2014

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