A diaper hero(ine) - Raid in the Regression Lab

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This story takes place after the end of A Diaper Hero(ine): http://www.ararchive.com/index.php?option=com_ewriting&Itemid=7&func=storyinfo&story=639 But it's pretty much a stand-alone. Julie (aka Diapered Boy) is trying to catch the remants of the evil organization once menaced the city. But she will find the wonders of science...

Chapter 1
Part 1

Chapter Description: Diapered Boy is in the run to catch the last high-profile criminal. But he doesn't know he will get right into the wolf's cave...

The laboratory was enrobed in darkness, just like the full moon floating over the sky. Then, the moon itself was eclipsed by a familiar figure, that moved like a cat in the night. Slender, well-toned and handsomely masculine, our teenager hero, (twelve years of pure male energy) climbed over the window of the seemingly abandoned factory.

But he knew it wasn’t that way. He and his ally had been researching for weeks in order to discover the whereabouts of the last of the fugitives from the massive security prison breakout that shook the peace in the city two months ago.

They had captured the first one, Muslim terrorist Abdul Al-Jazeerah, during a dangerous terrorist attack on a public school. Next, they had infiltrated to a secret base to catch the head of the group, the infamous mafia woman Dorance Batelo, who was later regressed to a baby girl as a divine punishment for her crimes.

Now, Dr. Cecilia Bolaños, a criminal genius that experimented with biotechnology, was the only missing part of the puzzle… The Diapered Hero, also known by his civilian identity Julie Charles, had became the hero of the city, but he knew his people would never be able to live in peace until the mad scientist would be put in jail.

Climbing the rusty ladders of the ruined building, Julie took a look by the stained central window, which led to a dark corridor. His keen sense perceived a slight, unnatural vibration at the end of the aisle, so he knew it was at least worth of a further inspection.

With an agile move on his legs, he turned upside down, and opened the windowpane with his bare legs, then began to get inside, starting by the legs, followed by his bulky white disposable diaper (a gift from an Hindu god/dess). With a last hurl, his upper body went inside without making any noise, at closed the window at the same time. Next, Julie sneaked by the corridor, looking for the one he had to punish.

And only a few steps ahead, he recognized the source of the vibration. So, walking little steps, the Diapered Hero approached to the gate, to take a peek of what horrid experiment might be taking place. As his eye got access to the scene, it was slowly revealed to him:

The room was filled with weird machines and all kinds of machines and lab equipment, from big electric coils crossed by purple lightnings, glass flasks with colored chemicals substances boiling inside, and chalkboards filled with math formulas. And before a huge computer console, manipulating buttons and levers, there was a figure, the one of a long-haired blonde woman wearing a white lab coat. She had to be HER! Perfidious Dr. Cecilia Bolaños!!

Feeling his blood boil because of the science aberrations the evil scientist was more than surely performing, and thinking he had the upper hand, in a sudden decision, Julie hopped inside the room, announcing loudly:


The scientist took a time to notice, and then turned round with a surprised expression on her face. Bolaños was well-built, slightly chubby, her long straight hair dyed blonde; her eyes covered with glasses, her mature face assured she was on her late 30s or early 40s, and she was wearing a plain black blouse and a khaki skirt under her lab coat.

But no matter how innocent and normal she would look, Julie knew she was the author of two dozen illegal experiments. So, with all his courage, he stepped forward stomping the floor with his bare foot, and called:

“Dr. Cecilia Bolaños, I came here to stop you from your evil deeds!! “, he called, aiming his finger to and talking with all his courage: “SURRENDER!!”

But, to his surprise, The Diapered Hero’s command was received by the doctor with a light laughter. Shocked, Julie tried to hold her stance, but was too confused to be able to.

“Awww… That’s a pity, my dear”, said the doctor calmly, walking away from the computer and holding her elbows with her hands. “Because it seems you’re the one that fell to my trap!”

And then, a metallic sound came out of Julie’s back. Alarmed, The Diapered Hero turned around only to see a massive iron door had closed her way back. And he had not even a time to react when another wall, this time of transparent glass, fell ahead of him, trapping him inside.

“Ha ha ha, how predictable you are...”,the evil genius laughed, walking slowly towards her prey, swaying her hips and fleshy legs sensually. “Just like a little mouse to the cat’s mouth.”

Desperate, The Diapered Hero ran to the glass wall, and started slamming it with his closed fists. But not even his superhuman strength was able to make a dent on it, and the surface barely moved!

“Now, I want to introduce you to my newest experiment…”, the fatale scientist said, with delight. “… For the one you’ll be the Guinea’s pig!”

A bright light rose under Julie’s feet, and as he looked down to learn what was it, he realized the floor under him was crossed by weird lightbulbs, that had starting emitting some kind of radiation, with a creepy buzzing sound.

“No… NOOO!!”, Julie cried, punching the walls more and more, in complete desperation, as the mysterious light covered him. “PLEEEAAAASEEEE…!!”

The only response was the scientist’s evil laughter, as Julie’s senses were numbed by the blinding light…

Inside of its warm current, the Diapered Hero felt like his body was changing, even moreso than Julie’s regular transformations into the male hero. Now he felt like he was floating, and his body was contracting over itself; his well-toned legs started to get thinner, the same as his arms and pecs. The slight pubic and facial hair covering parts of his body was disappearing, and the features of his face felt looser, like turning into putty. His sexual organs were shrinking, too, and moreso, the diaper over his hips started to slip and fall down his thighs…

And as she could go out of his frozen scream, the current of light and the buzzing sound started to slow down, and finally ceased… Leaving him helpless, on the floor.

Next, with a screeching sound, the glass wall was lifted again. Knowing that the process had been completed, Julie opened his eyes, feeling completely different. The first thing she did was looking to his hands anew: Now, they were little, spongy, with chubby little fingers barely sprouting of them.

The sound of steps came to his ears, so he tried to raise the eyes. His sight was now almost at the edge of the floor. Her disposable diaper was there on the floor on front of her, open and unarmed; now, it looked huge!!

A pair of women heels came towards her, belonging later, she learned, to shapely and curvaceous woman legs. Impressed by the size of his gigantic mate, Julie tried to look upwards. Above the wide skirt there was a big and soft female belly, and over them, a pair of gigantic breasts didn’t even let him to see the face of the owner, only two cascades of straight blonde hair falling over the shoulders.

“Oh, here you are, baby…!”, a voice came from above, theatrically.

Julie raised her eyes, taken aback, to see how the woman crouched over him:

“Come with mommy, dear…”

A pair of perfectly female hands, with long and fine fingers topped by bright red fingernails approached towards him. The back-then Diapered Hero couldn’t even move to refuse help, so the mistress held her under his armpits, and picked him up.

There, he finally saw it: On front of her eyes, it was Dr. Cecilia’s face, but now, it looked gigantic. Overhwelmed by the weird phenomena, Julie could only stare at it, as her enormous blue eyes looked back at him, in a comedic grimace:

“How you… Baby…?”, the woman asked, at the verge of laughing.

And then, Julie couldn’t react when a intense smooch of her bright red lips almost covered half of her face. The Diapered Hero shook in displeasure, followed by the funny laugh of the villain only.

“Choo choo choo…”, Cecilia chanted, taking the little Julie to her breasts, and cradling him on his arms. Then, the scientist walked out of the laboratory, with his little guest in arms.

And, to Julie’s surprise, he found himself suddenly comfortable with his new place. Surrounded by that soft feminine flesh, warmly kept under a fragrant bossom and cooed with a calming rocking, Julie couldn’t help not wanting to escape. Instead, she interred her body more into her cradle of female flesh, getting as comfortable as he could, like it was a warm and safe uterus…

As they went through the corridors, Julie didn’t care to see his new form on the reflective surface of the polished chrome that covered the walls: the one of a chubby, almost bald, naked tiny baby boy…


Four hours later on that night, a new shadow landed on the top of the building.



End Chapter 1

A diaper hero(ine) - Raid in the Regression Lab

by: malom_shlasters | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 31, 2014


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