Dania's Diaper Adventures

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Chapter 3
The Holy Diaper

Chapter Description: THE HOLY DIAPER SAGA PART III Dania's regressed taken to a Paradise over clouds. Would she be able to guard the Magic Diaper?

After passing one day in the kingdom, Dania was very excited about her wedding with the handsome prince. Dania knew the king and the queen were doing all the preparations for the wedding, what would be the next day.

That day, Dania was undressed and showered by the maids of the castle, but when they tried to dress her with a lingerie and regular underwear, Dania refused, because she wanted to wear her diaper always. After a short discussion, the maids agreed and diapered Dania, and then dressed her with a beautiful and enormous wedding corset and a veil. When Dania demanded for carrying the sword too, the maids couldn’t object anything.

So, Dania went out to the ceremony wearing a dress, and her prince joined her to walk the marrying parade to the altar. Some people said when Dania and the prince joined, the clouds started to darken, and when they gave the first steps, a lighting came down to the tip of the church. The wedding guests looked a little nervous and worried, and when the oaths were starting, all the lights vanished away. Despite this, the priest continued, but exactly when Dania was about saying her “yes”, a cyclone came out roaring from the skies, destroying the ceiling and making fly away the guests. When the storm stopped, and the prince woke up from his fainting fit, he could see only Dania’s wedding dress, empty, floating down to the floor.

About Dania, she remembers being quickly and violently undressed by something that looked like a giant bird. After that, Dania looked herself flying up to the skies, about one kilometre over the ground. She looked a great, beautiful woman dressed with an eagle suit and helmet, covered with feathers and flapping her large wings. That lady was deadly embracing Dania with her human arms, while grabbing her diaper with a pair of steel claws. Dania took the sword to defend herself, but the situation was too much uncomfortable and she couldn’t do anything. The eagle-woman snatched Dania’s sword and stored it on her belt, without stopping embracing her opponent, and grabbing the diaper with the other claw. Dania knew if she wanted to attack the eagle-woman, she maybe could fall down to the ground with deadly results. But, on the other side, she knew the magical diaper maybe would protect her.

Dania’s hopes went totally torn when, with her powerful claws, the evil eagle-woman ripped off the magical diaper and snatched off from her butt. Dania couldn’t believe that monster was mighty enough to destroy the diaper, but she realized it was the fact indeed, when she looked down, as her diaper was plunging down to the ground, floating totally ripen.

Dania was totally at the mercy of the eagle-woman, and she thought her adventures would come to its premature end, but suddenly she remembered the holy diaper advice; Dania tried to pronounce quickly the magical words to summon it, but she could say only “We-be-good”, or “Wind be gone”, finding too difficult to pronounce the correct summoning.

Suddenly, the eagle-woman smiled and pushed Dania’s head against her featherly breast. Dania was confused, but strangely felt a warming comfort. Suddenly, she didn’t care about the fact the eagle-woman hadn’t stopped flapping her wings, and they were still flying up to unexpected heights.

The eagle-woman pulled up her featherly shirt, showing Dania her great tits, covered in soft pink skin and with the tenderest nipples Dania had ever wondered. Dania couldn’t resist the temptation, and hugging the eagle-woman, she applied her lips to those irresistible gummies. The eagle smiled pleased, and started caressing Dania’s head, as she drank her hot milk squirts, that slipped over Dania’s cheeks. Dania felt a lovely sensation by sucking those gentle breasts, at the point she didn’t stop despite she noticed something strange was happening to her body: Dania started to grow down, shrinking with every mouthful.

After a while, Dania felt her body was the one of a 12-years-old girl, and the eagle-woman started to tickle her, compelling her to keep on drinking. Dania started to feel slumber, but continued sucking the eagle-woman’s milk, and feeling satisfied, Dania fell asleep.

When Dania woke up, she found herself lying down in a big nest at the top a topaz mountain. Dania looked herself and realized she was now a 6-years-old baby girl. Feeling cold, and not founding her mother anywhere, Dania started to cry loudly. After a while, Dania got up from the nest, still crying, and saw ten steps beyond the nest there was a cave. From that cave came out a woman: she looked like a heaven’s angel, with the body of a mature (about 34-years-old) mistress, with all the best feminine features: blue eyes, beautiful face, golden long hair and excellent shape (90-60-90); she was wearing a white silk robe, and had a large pair of cerulean wings sprouting out of her back. The angel headed to the nest and sat on it, picking up Dania in her arms. Dania, looking the beautiful angel, stopped crying and started to feel more secure. The angel hugged Dania against her breast and embraced the baby with her wings. The angel’s feather felt like a beating heart, and they were very warm, so Dania heated up and started to feel totally comfortable. The angel started to caress Dania’s body, from the feet to the head, and pushed Dania’s face against her breast. By pulling down her gown’s neckline, the angel made come out a pair of firm and strong tits with very attractive nipples, where Dania put her lips for feeding. When Dania felt satisfied, the angel sat her on her knees and continued smiling and caressing, kissing her on the cheeks lovely. The sensation of being hugged by the angel and embraced by her warm wings was almost heavenly. So, Dania passed a lot of days just giggling and playing with “her new mother”. And when the night came, the beautiful mistress tucked up Dania with a feathers blanket. Dania slept sucking her thumb, feeling happy and pleased all her desires.

The same routine continued by a week, having been Dania totally taken in care by the angelical woman. The only painful moment of the day was the time to go to the bathroom, cause Dania had to lean out her ass at the edge of the mountain, in order to pee or poo, feeling terrorized by the extreme height and the cold strong winds. Fortunately, in those moments the angel was always holding her by the waist, and when Dania discharged, the gentle woman pulled Dania back to her and with her caresses and kisses, wiped out Dania’s tears. Another strange moment had been when Dania, waking up from her daily nap and not founding her “mother” near in the nest, she crawled to the cave looking for her. When that happened, the angel came out from the cave and spanked Dania, telling her she must never leave the nest and specially coming into the cave. Hurt by the soft but strong hands of the mistress, Dania started to cry, but when the angel hugged and played with her again, Dania realized her mother truly loved her, so Dania understood the angel’s demands.

Dania was feeling so happy for having as affective mother. But one night, Dania woke up in the night, feeling necessity of peeing, and she didn’t find her mother near. As Dania turned around her head, she looked strange lights coming out from the cave. Curious and worried, Dania crawled into the cave, and she felt surprised when she saw another nest inside, where the angel was, like incubating a pile of golden big eggs with her ass. On the nest was too Dania’s familiar sword, keeping warm the eggs with its magic power. Hidden behind a rock, Dania could watch that the angel, with a malevolent smile on her eyes, got up from the nest and said, like praying, to the eggs: “Tomorrow, my little eggs, when you had hatch, I’ll feed you with the flesh of a holy heroine, so you’ll become just like me: children of mine.” And saying that, the angel laughed loudly, showing an insane countenance.

Totally afraid, Dania ran as quickly as she could to the nest, planning what to do. And feeling as nervous and terrorized, she lost control of her mouth and started to babble: “Uuu-hu-hhgaa, “gaa-hoo”, “shuu-ggaa”, and finally babbled “Wee-Bibble-goo-goo”. When she saw a ray of light appearing on front of her, Dania realized she had accidentally but gladly pronounced the summoning, and the holy diaper lie down in the nest. Dania looked the diaper, trying to find the special characteristics, but she thought it looked just like a normal diaper. Hearing noises coming out from the cave, Dania realized it was nearly dawning, and time for her first daily breast feeding was near. Quickly, Dania tried to put on the diaper, but her baby fingers were too clumsy to handle it properly. When Dania saw the angel was coming out from the cave, she tried to hide the diaper under a pile of the angel’s feather, and lied down on the nest, feigning sleep.

The angel came to the nest, and “awoke” Dania by telling her: “oh, my baby, wake up, little Dania”. Dania feigned awaking and she babbled: “mommy, need to pee”. The angel answered: “Ok, Dannie; mommy will take you to the edge”, just about picking up Dania. But Dania shook her feet and removed the pile of feathers where she had hidden the holy diaper. Surprised, the angel said: “uh, it seems you got a diaper”. And picking up it continued: “OK, I think it’ll work better”. The angel lifted Dania’s legs and applied baby powder to her butt, then started to put on her the diaper.

When the angel finished, Dania felt pleased, and a wave of holy light came out from the diaper, that transformed into a golden diaper, with silver strings. The light burned up the angel’s robe, ripping it, and plucked her wings, leaving the beautiful woman totally naked. After that, a ray of light came out from the diaper and got into the cave. Totally naked, the angel got furious, and it revealed under her clothes she had hidden a red dagger. Raging against Dania, the woman tried to stab her. But at the speed of light, four golden light spheres came out from the cave and one of them stopped the women, grappling her by the arm. Dania looked the light spheres were actually little winged babies, like cherubs; the little angels were two plump boys and two girls about 2-years-old babies, totally naked. Two of the cherubs brought Dania her familiar sword, and another one started to fly over her head in circles. Dania didn’t know what to do, and tried to take the sword, but she found again her fingers too clumsy.

The evil angel transformed to her real form: a horrible demon woman, with raven wings, and slapped in the butt the cherub girl who was grappling her, making her turn back. The devil got out from her mouth a large keen sword and faced Dania. The angel that was circling over Dania put a spell on her; Dania founded her growing up again, until transforming into a 12-years-old little girl, and now she could brandish the sword just right.

The devil charged against Dania in order to pierce her with the puncturing sword, but the four angels picked up our heroine by the diaper, so Dania could fly as her enemy. So, there was Dania: a 12-years-old little girl, wearing only the holy golden diaper on her butt, and being risen by the good angels, against that evil succubus. The fight was bitter, but with the angels on her side, and being protected by her reliable holy diaper, Dania finally could stab the evil angel in the heart.

Having the enemy defeated, the little angels explained: “Dania: that woman was a fallen angel. She was mother of the evil witch you had defeated before. She kidnapped us from heaven, and tried to incubate us as fallen angels too. But in order to do it, she was needing feed us with the flesh of a virginal saint hero. But now, thanks to your courage, we destroyed this evil enemy. God may have her in its mercy.” Feeling a little sad for loosing the one who lovely took care of her in those baby days, Dania watched as the devil came back to her first angel form; Dania started to cry and exclaimed: “Mommy: I’ll pray for you”, when the angel finally vanished in ethereal particles, returning to heaven.

The cherubs flied over the lands, holding the little girl by the diaper, and finally landed at the gates of the Dania’s parents castle. As the angels gave thanks to Dania, they got away back to the heavens. The spell effect ceased, and Dania grew younger again, being now a 4-years-old baby, still wearing the holy diaper, and having the familiar sword next to her. Harrier opened the door and recognized her daughter; after picking up her from the floor, he headed to Dania’s mother room.

Kandee was lying down on bed, under the blankets and totally naked (except for her big glasses), breast feeding a stranger baby. As she saw Harrier coming with Dania, Kandee felt glad and received the little Dania baby in her arms.

Hugging her and kissing her on the cheeks, Kandee took off Dania’s diapers and folded them, storing them on a cupboard next to the bed. Kandee tucked up herself and her babies under the blankets, and put one nipple in the lips of Dania, and the other one in the mouth of the stranger baby. Then, Kandee carefully embraced them in her arms. Dania slept full of love in that maternal embrace, resting from all her adventures.



End Chapter 3

Dania's Diaper Adventures

by: malom_shlasters | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 28, 2011


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