Dania's Diaper Adventures

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Chapter 2
Diaper Warrior Dania

Chapter Description: THE HOLY DIAPER SAGA PART II Dania fights monsters in an hallowed kingdom

Lady Dania crossed the valleys, and then the dangerous mountains, evading the feral beasts that dwelled there. Her diaper had given her the necessary safety, but in her dreams she never stopped imagining those monstrous enemies her mother had warned her about.

It was the night when Dania crossed the river’s road, when she saw in the horizon a great cloud of fog obstructing the view. She supposed there must have been the kingdom, and remembering her mission, she adventured into the unknown holding her sword strongly.

As Dania was crossing the kingdom’s bridge, she saw in the lake strange haggard figures of women that seemed to emerge out from the waters, heading for the town. Dania’s diaper was waterproof, but she knew that only by destroying the boss monster she’ll could stop the invasion.

Dania walked through the streets of the city, where those pale green-skinned, wicked monsters were pulling out the citizens from their houses, tearing their clothes, forcing them to kneel on the floor, and then spanking them with the scaly palms of their hands. As Dania was passing the streets, going all the way that will take her to the royal castle, she slain all the monsters she could using her powerful sword. The people was getting up, rubbing her butts and saying: “she is our heroine! She is the diapered warrior that will save us from the evil hag’s claws!”

Dania was approaching to the castle, when a group of hags (the monsters Dania have seen before) caught her, quickly snatching her sword from her and pulling up her diaper with her filthy claws, trying to take it from our heroine. Dania knew only a great power could take her magical diaper off, and she struggled with the monsters; but them, helped by a pair of dreadful crocodiles, escorted Dania to her destiny, crossing with her through the gates of the royal castle. As Dania crossed the rooms of the castle, she saw, indignated, the situation was a true chaos: the servants and guards were on hands of the evil hags, who were getting fun by torturing them in every possible way: hanging them by the hands, spanking them with cotton whips, or just binding them to a castle column and tickling them until they couldn’t stand.

The monsters bound Dania’s wrist behind her back, and led her upstairs. Then, they opened the door of a tower and forced Dania to get in. Inside, there were a roaring pack of hags, distributed around a dozen of beds where there were laid maids and nuns from the castle. The hags were undressing them, and some of the maids were being spanked yet by the lustful devil women. Dania remembered her own stay on a monastery, feeling totally upset about the outrage of those virtuous women. Dania was thinking that when a group of four hags took her by her diaper, joining forces to take Dania’s diaper off. As the monsters pulled the diaper up, Dania felt a hard pain between her legs, and as it increased, a glowing light came out from the diaper. The monsters looked awfully surprised when a flashing discharge of magical energy came out from Dania’s diaper, creating a sphere all around our heroin that disintegrated the monsters. Angry and hoping save the women, Dania could break the bonds and move her hands, then took her sword again and fought again all the demons, killing them and setting free the ladies. Those ladies were really glad with her saviour, but she told them she was going to the royal room to save all kingdom.

After looking the tower was free from monsters, Dania ran across the passages of the haunted castle and finally found the throne room. Just like a panoramic view, Dania watched on the floor there were a lot of noble ladies, with their dresses totally torn and trying to hide their assess from the public; their butts were red, like burned by a flaming whip. There were two soldiers and lords scattered through the room in the same conditions. As Dania looked the throne, she found the king and queen laid down, like fainted, aiming to the sky with their butts, seriously injured, but fortunately all the nobles were still breathing. But there, sit on the throne there was a great hag lady, or more exactly a witch: a monstrous witch, with an astonishing body: really big boobies and a perfect figure, but with red hateful eyes and green scaly skin. She was wearing on her back the cape of the king and in her head was the royal crown. But what was more terrible: the witch had laid on her legs a young and handsome man (visibly a prince) with the clothes totally torn, and was spanking him in the buttocks.

"Young prince. When I have finished with you, the kingdom will be mine forever", Said the witch, while the prince was shedding tears from his eyes. "Ha ha ha ha!".

The evil laugh of the witch was interrupted by Dania, who declared loudly:

"You won’t, evil witch. You’ll return the crown to the kings, or my sword will slay you right now.

Disturbed, the witch put her hands off the prince, and watched the girl on front her: a naked beautiful, strong and courageous warrior, ready to dare her. Laughing a little, the witch stepped down from the throne, and answered to the challenger:

"You’re just too young for me. You’re still wearing diapers!"

But Dania kept her proudly demeanour, fit the diaper to her hips, tapped in her tushy and said:

"This is a magic diaper made by Harrier, the diaperer. My father."

The witch seemed alerted and was starting to take the fighting seriously. After a second view to Dania, she said:

"OK. You’re the daughter of a great hero. But you’re just beginning. And I’m a master of the pleasure arts and the magic."

"Let’s see who is better", said Dania, moving her bare feet without moving her place.

The witch ran to Dania, with the grace of a deer, and quickly displayed her lethal metal claws. Dania could dodge the attack, but soon she knew she had underestimated her rival. The witched continued attacking with the claws, and Dania blocked the strikes with her sword, but she was turning back with each attack. At last, the witch hit Dania with her boobs sending her flying in the air, finally landing right in the throne. Dania stayed a few seconds dizzy, and when she woke up completely, realized her sword wasn’t on her hands.

She started to look for it with the eyes, but quickly the hag came to the throne and took Dania by the wrists, subduing Dania easily, and forcing her lay over her knees as she sat again in the throne. Dania struggled to get free, but the witch strength was really great.

"Now, my fair warrior, let’s see what you hide under your diapee", said the witch, feigning a sweet voice.

Dania had a shock when the strong claws of the evil hag managed to pull down her diaper to the thighs, and she felt her butt exposed to the air. Dania shook and crossed her legs trying to hide her private parts, but nothing was successful. Looking Dania’s upset, the witch said sweetly:

"Oh, honey, don’t be so exaggerated. I think you need more discipline."

And folding over her claws, spanked Dania’s buttocks twice. Dania didn’t felt the hits were strong, but started fearing she can do something more terrible. The monster continued spanking Dania, gradually increasing the strength of the smacks, while saying:

"Like this? Like this?!"

Dania was suffering the strong slaps on her butt, but also noted the witch was gradually loosing control of herself: her nipples seemed to grow double than the normal, her skin was exciting and hardening, she was salivating more and more, and her eyes stared Dania’s ass with incomparable lust. Dania took advantage of the witch’s carelessness and with a boost of strength managed to reach with her arms the legs of her opponent. The witch got aware of that and to counterattack, started to display from her mouth a large red tongue, that seemed having own life. As Dania tried to pull the witch’s legs to make her loose balance, the witch caressed Dania’s anus with her hot tongue, making Dania feel a chill, and then introduced the tongue inside Dania’s butt. Dania couldn’t concentrate and started loosing control as the witch was slowly introducing her tongue more and more and tapping our heroine’s vulva, when Dania’s arm accidentally reached the witch’s bare armpit.

The witch’s body convulsed with laugh, making her tongue return to her mouth. Dania then knew: “this witch is all hate and perversion, she can’t endure laughing”. Dania continued tickling her enemy’s armpit, and the witch fell from the throne, involved into a labyrinth of laugh and giggles. Dania could get up and fit her diaper back, and got close from the witch to continue torturing her: Dania started aiming her fingers over the witch’s vulva, and then to her sensitive clitoris; the witch continued laughing while a strange effect took place: the witch was shrinking, growing younger; her body was turning from a mature 32-years-old woman to a girl that hardly could reach 20-years old.

Dania continued passing her hands by the now little, early sprouting witch’s boobs, swiftly tapping them with the palm, and then pulling weakly the nipples; the witch grew a little younger, turning into a 14-years-old little girl. Dania was pleased the witch’s powers were diminishing.

Dania finished caressing the little witch’s buttocks and passing slightly her finger by the witch’s anus. She couldn’t react again and loose totally control, at the point Dania didn’t have to continue tickling her: the witch was defeated, laid down on the flower, laughing and laughing without an exit. By that time, the witch was regressed to be an 8-years-old girl, but still retaining the monster features, green scaly skin and purple tongue.

Dania smiled happy her enemy was too easy to defeat, and without turning back, she got far three steps, while the diaper was storing a spell on it. Dania’s turned back, bowed touching her knees, and turned her head to see her enemy on the floor. Dania’s aimed his butt to the enemy and then pulled down her diaper, shooting from her buttocks a colourful magic beam that hit directly the little witch.

The effect of the magic beam was gradual: the skin of the little witch started to change its colour, and the scales detached. Dania knew her wish had been fulfilled: the witch had been transformed into a normal baby, because the regression continued until the witch turned up into a 4-years-old little girl. Dania then walked to the child, who was still giggling and moving her feet; Dania picked her up from the floor, lifting her on arms. The baby was glad, and lady Dania too; they exchanged smiles.

The prince woke up and got up of the floor, when he looked an angelical scene: That girl was the more beautiful woman wearing a diaper he had seen in his whole life. Our prince fell in love instantly. The prince met Dania, and thanked her for saving the kingdom from the swamp witch enemy. With the defeating of her boss, the hags withdrew again to the swamps, the fog cloud vanished from the reign and all the people were happily saved. The nobles, the king and the queen (still naked), got up and cheered up Dania, who had accomplished her first mission with total success. Then, a guard returned to her the lost sword, that Dania raised into her hand, while was holding the baby with the other arm.

Dania told the king and queen, she wanted the baby to be raised in the castle like a normal girl. They seemed to be disgusted with the idea of taking care of an enemy who had damage them too much, but as Dania explained the spell had transformed the witch into a normal, inoffensive baby, the kings felt a little better, and the order was accomplished.

The prince, on its own, fell in love with Dania, and the next day, in the celebration of liberty, he asked Dania marry him.



End Chapter 2

Dania's Diaper Adventures

by: malom_shlasters | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 28, 2011


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