Dania's Diaper Adventures

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Chapter 4

Chapter Description: INTERLUDE The story about Dania's Little Brother

After only six months of antidote magic milk breastfeeding, Dania had grew up from a 4 years-old baby to a 10-years-old little girl. Dania’s mother was really tired: she had to breastfeed her daughter all day long, without stopping a minute, for the magical milk does its effect. After those six months, Dania was still suckling in her mother’s tits, near to her little brother, who strangely was still a 4-years-old boy.

One day, Dania’s mother felt an urgent necessity of peeing and, having passed the signature 6 months, she knew it was permitted for her stop breast feeding the children just about 5 minutes. Dania’s mother, Kandee, removed the children’s lips from her nipples, and rubbed her boobies, feeling them sore. Silently, Kandee got up from bed, and went walking to the royal bathroom, next to the bedroom.

Dania had feigned being asleep, and as she felt her mother was getting up and going out from the room, she opened her eyes and looked the bed. Without her mother’s warming body near, Dania felt cold in her little bum, and quickly opened a cupboard next to the bed and took a pair of silk baggy girl bloomers, putting them on.

Dania looked her brother was trembling, so she put on knees over the bed and tucked up the boy with the blankets. Looking her little brother, Dania started to ask herself: “Why haven’t he grown up just like me?”.

And she got surprised as she watched her brother turned around and got up from bed, answering her with clear, yet childish, voice: “Maybe because I’m not your brother”.

Dania stood still, looking him totally amazed, and the boy answered: “I’ll tell you my story”.

“Originally, I was the prince of the Sorbona reign, and I was chosen to accomplish an important task: defeating the evil sorceress Hatma. As you can guess, I was an adult by those times, 33-years-old to be exactly. So, I wore my armor and rode in my loyal horse, holding with strong hand my sword in the right hand. I passed by the elvish woods, where I killed the horrid Samsara beast, who was feeding on people. Then, I crossed the dangerous damned Troll’s cave, where I fought with hordes of undead skeletons, but my faith kept me safe. After that, I met with the wizard Memelock, who gave me a powerful magic sword and a flying Pegasus, to fly over the clouds and finding the sky fortress of the evil witch.”

Dania was totally excited listening those courageous epic stories, what she could take a good example, when the baby nodded and said:

“Who could guess I would lose my strength due to a woman?”

Dania noticed the baby’s voice was turning sinister, and as the boy’s words were coming out from his mouth, Dania started to feel something terrible was about happening:

“I parked my Pegasus before passing by the cloudy rainbow gates, when I noticed it was blocked by a strong wall. I touched the wall and felt it just like a crystal or diamond stone, so I knew it was very difficult to pass through it. The wall was covering all the way, and there wasn’t possible passage.

I walked around the 1 km. wall, looking for a door to pass, when I noticed next to me was a hole, a little bigger than a human head. Curious, I thought looking through it to watch was beyond, but as I was getting my head closer to watch, something unexpected blocked my sight: from the other side of the wall, pair of human buttocks, a butt came out, and even more unexpected, it farted right in my nose.

“Naturally, I turned my head back, deeply disgusted by the awful joke, when I started to appreciate something more: It was just like a perfume, a sweet and precious scent coming out from the butt. I thought it was maybe my imagination and punished my conscience by thinking as a pervert. But then, concentrating, I realized my first approach was right: it was nothing but a perfume what was coming out from that anus. Then, I started to feel very attracted to it, but not in the vulgar terms: I could only think that was maybe a princess, a virginal princess ass, what was spreading out that celestial scent. I got near my head to watch more carefully: The buttocks were totally blocking the hole, maybe just stuck on it. By the forms I could know it was, indeed, a female butt, and I could even watch the feminine genitals down the buttocks, and a little part of the thighs at the sides to it. So, as you can guess, I imagined a princess was on the other side, his butt stuck in the hole, and by the position of it, the princess was clearly mouth down.

“Trying to hide my exciting, I talked to the butt, trying my voice could reach the other side of the wall, but I didn’t receive an answer: I just could notice the ass started trembling, or more exactly, shaking, making the buttocks bounce up and down. The movement was, truly, hypnotizing. “What can I do?”, I told to myself, “I’m just in here, with a beautiful female ass on front of me, and I just cannot pass”. Suddenly, I had an idea: as a prince and a knight I had a mission: save that maid in danger. How would I do this? Helping her to get out from the hole. I covered my hands with a robe and slowly tried to push the butt back, putting my palms on the “cheeks”. I started pushing it slow and weakly, hoping that strength would be enough. But it was not. I pushed a little stronger, but nothing happened. The butt was totally stuck in that hole. I tried to push with all my strength, but… Nothing happened: the butt was still stuck.

“I had another idea: I had heard (in my stance with the wizard Memelock) the stuck things can get out sometimes by lubricating them. Unfortunately, I didn’t have oil or water that moment, but my sinner mind told me another idea: lubricating the butt with her own vaginal juices. I thought it was the best idea ever; and I had to do that in order to fulfil my knight’s responsibilities. I passed a finger over the little cunt of the princess, and it convulsed violently. I thought I was going too quickly, so I started again, passing my fingers by the thighs, and that time, the butt trembled just a little. I continued caressing the thighs with the same rhythm, and I noticed the lady’s skin started to soften. I thought I was doing just right. Then, I suddenly tightened the woman’s thighs, only to verify she was trusting in me. And she was.

“Before passing to the wet step, I passed my tongue over the thighs of the lady, and she seemed to enjoy, rather than accepting it. I could feel the warming lust coming out from those buttocks, and I suddenly spanked them. Again, the princess’s ass trembled just a little, so I knew I was in total freedom to do her what I wan… I mean, in total freedom to set her free. Once passed that step, I started to tickle the princess’s cunt with my middle finger, and the butt shook just a little, then it started to move at a lustful rhythm, just like following my finger’s movements. It was, in effect, not just sweating: I introduced my fingertips inside the princess’s vagina and I verified it was segregating lubricant liquids. But it wasn’t enough. So, I started to masturbate that cunt, getting inside my fingers and moving them with musical compass.

The princess seemed to be delighted, and I could hear a little giggles, or weezing on the other side of the wall. In order to increase the segregation of lubricants, I started to caress the princess’s buttocks, and yes: the princess was getting more and more horny, and lubricating herself more. I started rubbing the buttocks, and sometimes spanking them, to make her feel even hornier, but despite the vaginal juices were dripping over all the princess’s bottom, I thought it wasn’t enough.

“Thinking about what to do, I remembered maybe she had just to relax her body, in order to haste and make easier the process. So, I inserted the edge of my hand over the line that was separating the buttocks, swiftly reaching the woman’s anus. To help her to be easier, I continued caressing her buttocks and rubbing her thighs, while moving the edge of my hand up to down, stimulating her anus. I noticed it was just starting to relaxed, and I knew the difficult process was just starting. So, I combined the two process –the anus caresses and the vaginal stimulation- in order to make the princess’s butt pop out from that hole. I pulled with all my strength, as I continued making her relax and segregate, often helping her by caressing with my tongue, at the point I was making her the oral sex. The giggles and weezing increased, and I was pulling with all my strength, I founded her “G” point, and roughly licking her clitoris, a miracle happened…

“I could watch the hole was getting bigger, like a magic trick, because it wasn’t breaking, it just widening. And violently, the legs of the princess who was at the other side, popped out and passed through the hole, to come right in front of me. And when that happened, the hole got tight again. The princess legs couldn’t stand on the floor, since the hole was a little far from it, and they stayed hanging, gracefully shaking and inviting me. I felt excited as I watched the legs were dressed into a pair of bright pink stockings of exquisite lingerie. I knew the work hadn’t finished.

My obligation was to save that maid in danger. I knew that time would be more difficult pull the legs, so I did what every man would think: I undressed myself, getting totally naked and slowly started to penetrate the princess’s vagina with my penis. It was dirty, maybe, but in that position, I would be able to pull her from the waist using all my strengths. It was totally necessary, not dishonourable.

“As I penetrated the princess, she sighed, and I started to do my work. With every deep penetration (-IN!), I gathered all my strengths, and by getting my penis out (-OUT!), I pulled once and once again. But the princess was still stuck. I held her thighs and lifted up with my hands as I was enforcing more and more, trying to get the princess out of the hole. After ten penetrations, the princess’s moans filled all the room, and when they started to come quicker and quicker, each time more high-pitched, she had her first orgasm. When the princess came, the hole opened by second time, and the princess back got out, but her neck and her head were still on the other side. I grabbed her big boobies with my palms and started to caress, preparing her to the next pulling.

“As she got totally excited, and I finally ejaculated, the princess’s head came out from the hole, and we both fell on the floor, exhausted but happy. As I saw her lovely face, moaning from the orgasm, I started to kiss her with all my love, and embraced her, making her feel secure. But, I fell asleep…"

Dania was listening the prince’s story totally merged into the fantasy, when she felt someone suddenly pulled down her bloomers. It was Dania’s mother, who gave a mischievous spank on her daughter’s buttocks, indicating her to get laid for listening the rest of the story. Kandee continued: “When you, Dania, went to your adventure, I was summoned to fight the evil sorceress’s forces, but she defeated me and imprisoned my butt in that magic wall. She said only a good-hearted prince would can save me, and a week after, this prince came to rescue me. He used all his strengths to break the spell, and she managed to set me free, but the princess’s damnation fell over him: the prince regressed to the 4-years-old. After defeating the sorceress, I took this baby to my castle and started to breast feed him, trying to help him to grow up again, but my efforts have been in vain. But when I had finished with your re-growing up, Dania, I’ll do a research to find the remedy for this spell.

Saying that, Kandee removed Dania’s bloomers and laid her down. Once again, Kandee started to breast feed her two children. “Sweet dreams”, said to Dania, as she started to yawn and fell asleep.



End Chapter 4

Dania's Diaper Adventures

by: malom_shlasters | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 28, 2011


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