La Aventura (Beyblade: The Diapered Adventure)

by: malom_shlasters | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 31, 2014

Bladebreakers adventure into the unknown, and one of them will get back to its past. IN SPANISH ONLY. I didn't write this story, it was written by a friend.


Perdidos en el bosque (Lost in the forest)

Bladebreakers are lost in a haunted forest, where a magic powers dwell. Because of the intervention of that power, one of them will return to childhood.

Jan 31, 2014


De vuelta a la civilización (Back to civilization)

The Bladebreakers and baby Kai return to the city, but they will have to make a visit to the doctor.

Jan 31, 2014


Volviendo a la infancia (Back to babyhood)

Kai has to get along with his new condition. It will be so hard, because of many humilliating baby things...

Jan 31, 2014


Las travesuras de Kai (Kai's mischiefs)

Baby Kai gets in troubles again now with his new caretakers.

Jan 31, 2014

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