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In memory of Scottish Wildcat

by: username Last updated Apr 21, 2021

The cat burglar is feeling somewhat ancient these days. Maybe she needs a little pick-me-up?

Jimmie's Mom

by: username Last updated May 14, 2021

Jimmy's experimentation with diapers causes his mother to take extreme measures. Story edited on 5/14/21 for grammar.

Jungle Jim The Adventurer

by: username Last updated Apr 15, 2021

Jim is exploring some ruins one day and finds something interesting. (This started out as a quick little one paragraph, believe it or not!)

Kasumi's surprising reunion

by: username Last updated Apr 23, 2021

This story is based on a picture I found on Danbooru (picture link in the chapter). Kasumi meets up with Ash and finds that he hasn't aged. I'm by no means a Pokémon expert, so there will be bits that don't jibe with the canon.

Kim Possible: Three Cheers For Shego!

by: username Last updated May 18, 2023

Kim and Ron foil the latest attempt by Drakken and Shigo to take over the world, but Kim soon discovers that world-saving isn’t without a few difficulties.

Little T

by: username Last updated Apr 6, 2018

Anthony Tyrone Green becomes a victim of his own success.

Loli Impossible

by: username Last updated Jul 6, 2022

Marjorie Phelps is an aging assassin with a new mission.

Lower Decks: Tales From The Creche

by: username Last updated Nov 12, 2022

The crew is called in to clean a sister ship and make it ready for turn-in to Starfleet. Along the way, they find out something very interesting.

May's Spider Tale

by: username Last updated Oct 17, 2021

A bit of fan fiction that takes place in the Spider Universe. What might happen if aunt May is reverted to a teenager? (I got the idea after noticing that with each new Spiderman movie, her character is replaced by younger and younger actors.) As always, enjoy!

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