Stories by Dauphin

Baby Blues

by: Dauphin Last updated Jun 22, 2012

A mother is tired of her 11 year old sons arrogance and rudeness, She has an extreme plan to solve this

Barbies Diary

by: Dauphin Last updated Nov 3, 2012

Read Ashley’s hertil secret diary to discover a boy whose life changed when he got a new step mum. He is being transformed into a girl. Parts of him hate this, parts of him like it. This is a story of the evil step mum, or is she evil? Barbie’s diary is full of twists and I hope will make you think.


by: Dauphin Last updated Oct 3, 2012

This is the story of how Sandra becomes a famous diaper child model at the age of 10. Its in 6 parts (I gave it a X rate, because many will be mad at the girls family. There is no sex though)

Life as a Penny

by: Dauphin Last updated Feb 21, 2014

The year is 2029. People are tired of criminals. They are regressed to children. Louis is one of these


by: Dauphin Last updated Jan 11, 2014

Dakota does not want to be a twin any longer. She wants a younger sister

Mama's Boy

by: Dauphin Last updated Oct 21, 2012

Two Boys going down the wrong path. Their mothers take them in a world of magic, brainwashing, threats and more. The Mothers want their sons to be baby daughters. One boy accepts, one boy does not accept. Who would you be?

Misunderstood Fortune

by: Dauphin Last updated Feb 14, 2015

Boys should be heard and not seen, and a sister has a plan to make sure her brother is not like all the other boys

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