Barbies Diary

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Chapter 4
Babrbies Diary - Part 4

Chapter Description: So what happend?

Court Case


Transcript of Prosecutions last statement

“Ladies and gentlemen

This lady here is accused of Child abuse and Killing her husband. It is one of the worse cases that I have ever prosecuted. It is an easy case. Ashley’s diary and his home page is evidence enough to put this evil woman away for life.

The first question we have to ask ourselves is did Ashley want this treatment. Did he want to be humiliated, teased, forced to be a girl and later os a girl half his age. Forced to be exposed to thousands of people on the web, the answer is no.

Maybe he wanted to be a girl. We have heard testimony in this case that he could have had a gender disorder. In other words where he was feminine. If his new step mum was compassionate and loving, she would support this in small steps and guide him. Ashley must have been confused if it is true that he felt like a girl in a boy’s body. This is an important part of the case. Was Ashley met with love and compassion? No he was met with abuse and brainwashing.

His experiences that we all read in his diary were driven by one thing. Revenge. Testimony from this case shows that his step mum went to school with Ashley’s mother. Like in many schools, there is teasing and bullying. The Step Mum was bullied by none other than Ashley’s mother and my heart goes out to her here. It must have been a horrible experience. But I will remind the jury that this was not Ashley’s fault. There is no excuse for the revenge we have seen. Two wrongs do not make a right especially when it affects an innocent boy.

When we see the evidence, we can see the tools that Ashley’s step mother used. Slowly but surely she brainwashed the boy. We are lucky we can see his most inner thoughts through his diary. At the beginning he was confused and upset about the humiliation, the teasing and the feminisation of the boy. Through the diary we can see that he accepts it and becomes happy with it. As he accepts it, even the drastic transformation into a young child. His step Mum is being nicer as he accepts it. The more he accepts his situation. The more she is nicer.

Another part of this complex case was the incontinence of Ashley. Doctor reports show that he has a small and weak bladder. This means that Ashley using diapers at night-time would have happened anyhow. But his step mother also managed to use this as a means of subduing Ashley and punishing him. Was there any reason why he should wear diapers when he did not need them? Was there any reason why he should use baby things? The reason that Isabella used them is not an excuse. By using diapers more and more, he became more dependent on them. This can only be described as one thing. Using a medical problem and making it worse. It is evil.

This is a tragic case. But there is more. Ashley lost his mother. He lost his room. He lost his pride by being humiliated. He lost his gender. He also lost his father. Step Mothers revenge and hatred knows no bounds. What is the greatest thing she can take away? First she makes Ashley’s father lose all respect for his son. Ashley needed his father to stop this. Now she had one further plan. To make sure he had no father. Evidence showed that she has poisoned his father and in fact murdered him. Does her revenge and cruelty know no answer?

We have seen that this abuse has not been private. It has been documented on the Barbie boy home page. Thousands of people have seen this and followed his degradation. Step Mum made a fortune on this. She profited from a boys abuse. Can things become worse?

The family moves to another part of town, where no one knows them. In other words no one knows Ashley is a boy. Here he is humiliated once again. He does not even get his own room. He is forced to sleep in a crib. Forced to lie there and see Step mums many boy friends in action. Words cannot express how evil this is, especially when Ashley paid for the place through his web page.

I know all this is hard for you jury members to understand in your heads. It is important to think that Ashley lived through this and will for the rest of his life.

Ashley is forced to go to a school. Investigations have led to that this school was the worst kind there is. Girls were taught how to be submissive. They were taught how to be objects. This could be seen with Ashley. He made many new friends there. A bright light in his new life was the many new friends.

Last, it is like seeing a sci fi film, when we see what the doctor did. I was shocked when I read that this could even be done. The tragedy is that this doctor, inventor and chemist used his knowledge to create such things. Making a twelve year old into a child for the rest of his life.

There is one answer for this case. Pray for the victim and put the evil step Mother away for life “

Few days later the prosecutor held a press conference

Reporter: Do you think the father let Ashley down? Prosecutor: Yes of course, think if it was your own son. Would you not do something? I think if his father was alive, he would also be tried for neglect. Remember those that looks on and does nothing is also a part of the problem.

Reporter: Who else can we blame?

Prosecutor: I think that his old school should be blamed. They must have seen something. The fact is that they have chosen to look the other way is disturbing.

Reporter: What has happened to Isabella? His step sister?

Prosecutor: She is also a victim. She would have been just as evil as his mother. She is now in a foster home and gets some counselling. She still has contact with Ashley, but is more like a sister than she was. I think she deep down feels sorry for the boy.

Reporter: What about Ashley?

Prosecutor: Ashley is now a girl. Unfortunately they were unable to reverse the changes so he will be a girl for the rest of his life. He is being given medication so that he can grow. He will never be that tall or his body may not develop as much as it can. Ashley is also getting counselling. He does think boys are cute. He still sees Philip and they are very close. I will not say how close they are. Let the boy have some privacy. Ashley is now in a foster home. They are very kind to him and I hear that he wants to sing in the Church choir. He is also happy for ballet. The good news is that he is very happy. He considers himself a girl and is happy that the bad times are over. The great news is that he no longer wears diapers during the day. He wears them at night and his new parents say that he still likes the dummies. Maybe it’s time I stop calling him him. Ashley is now a girl. The journey was an evil one, but the future is looking good.

Reporter: What about the school?

Prosecutor: The staff of the girl’s school has been fired. Now a group of Nuns are running the school. Ashley still goes there. This is a good thing because he had many friends there.

Reporter: Can we expect more prosecutions?

Prosecutor: The Step Mum has received life for murder and abuse. The doctor is expected to get a lot of jail time. The Shop keepers where he got his girl clothes from case are pending. His old school is under investigation. The spider web of justice is falling and justice will prevail.

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End Chapter 4

Barbies Diary

by: Dauphin | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 3, 2012


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