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Misunderstood Fortune

by: Dauphin Last updated Feb 14, 2015

Boys should be heard and not seen, and a sister has a plan to make sure her brother is not like all the other boys

Life as a Penny

by: Dauphin Last updated Feb 21, 2014

The year is 2029. People are tired of criminals. They are regressed to children. Louis is one of these


by: Dauphin Last updated Jan 11, 2014

Dakota does not want to be a twin any longer. She wants a younger sister

Barbies Diary

by: Dauphin Last updated Nov 3, 2012

Read Ashley’s hertil secret diary to discover a boy whose life changed when he got a new step mum. He is being transformed into a girl. Parts of him hate this, parts of him like it. This is a story of the evil step mum, or is she evil? Barbie’s diary is full of twists and I hope will make you think.

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