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Chapter 5
Fame! - Part 5

Chapter Description: Sandra no longer has control, Is there hope as her life crashes? How many children experience they have no hope?

On Monday, Chloe picked up her car keys. She was about to collect Sandra at dance. Kevin already told her that the girls at dance all wore diapers. This didn’t bother Chloe at all. She looked at the nursery and smiled a bit. It was like the nursery that Sandra had when she was a baby, but everything was a bit bigger. The crib was bigger and the highchair was a lot bigger, while the playpen looked like a small prison cell, although it was cute. Not once did Chloe think what she was doing was wrong. It was definitely strange, but so was a girl that wanted to regress herself to a baby. While Sandra told her uncle that she didn’t want to wear diapers anymore, she was still wetting herself. Chloe convinced herself that she was doing this out of love. She was doing this to help her daughter through a stage in her life, as well as not make this phase last all her daughter’s life. Chloe felt helpless with this problem. She could better tackle if her daughter started smoking or was interested in boys, but acting like a baby was another thing. Yes, making a nursery for a 10 year old girl was strange, but she felt like she was doing something.

Sandra came out of the dance smiling and talking with her friend Jessica. Chloe noticed that Jessica was a bit bulky, showing that she was wearing a diaper. Chloe stood out of the car and opened the backdoor for her daughter. Her daughter just stood there and stared. Did her mum expect her to sit in a baby car seat? Sandra always was allowed to sit in the front. Her mother was stern and told her to sit in the chair and showed her that Jessica and other girls were also in baby chairs. Sandra protested saying that Jessica was special, but she could see in her mother’s face, that she was not going to get anywhere. Sandra sat in the baby chair and let her mother fasten the belts.

On the way home, Sandra didn’t want to talk with her Mum. She was embarrassed, mad and confused. Still her mother asked how it went at grannies. Sandra was forced to admit that she wet the bed and her panties a few times, but Granny didn’t get mad. She just told Sandra that some girls wet themselves, and it would get better. Chloe told her daughter that this was true, that some girls did not want to grow up, or their parents didn’t want them to grow up. Sandra didn’t say more, but felt her eyes getting wet as if she wanted to cry. Why was her mum suddenly different? It didn’t help that Sandra felt like she had to pee, and then a few seconds later she felt wet. She had wet herself once again. This made her start to cry, crying like she did when she was 2 years old. Chloe tried to calm her down, but it did not help. Chloe even handed Sandra a pacifier. This shocked Sandra. If it was a few weeks earlier, she would have been very happy, But now she decided that she was a big girl. A big girl in a baby’s car seat with wet pants, and her mum giving her a pacifier. Sandra threw the pacifier to the front of the car and shouted that she was a big girl.

Kevin turned on the spycams. He was interested in how Sandra would look when she seen her new room. At last he would be getting good pictures for his site. Sandra’s mum treating her daughter like a baby! He noticed the door open, and Sandra walked in with her Mum. Sandra stared at the playpen and highchair in the house, and asked her mum if they were going to take care of some baby. Her mum did not respond, just telling Sandra to go in her room. Sandra opened the door and just stood there. She stared at the crib and noticed that her computer was gone. She started screaming and crying and calling her Mum every name in the book. Her Mum told her to get on the changing table. Sandra refused. She was having a tantrum, or maybe it was a puberty outburst. Her mum lifted her on the table, amazed at how small her daughter was how little she weighed. It was no easy task, as Sandra was crying and screaming and calling for someone to help her. Chloe fought her and nearly slapped her a few times, but managed to tie her daughter down with straps. She stuck a pacifier in Sandra’s mouth, only to have it spit out. Chloe then warned her daughter not to spit it out and to calm down, otherwise she would be spanked. Sandra surrendered as her Mum took off the wet clothes, and started putting a big thick diaper on her. These were excellent pictures for Kevin, and he could just imagine how many people would buy these sets of pictures. He also wondered how stupid his sister could be. To him, this was obvious a form of child abuse. What did he care? It would make him rich and his sister’s perfect life was now destroyed.

Sandra was just in a diaper and footed PJs, when her mum led her out to the kitchen. Her Mum was about to lift her in the highchair when Sandra ran on the other side of the table. Her Mum asked if she should find the belt. Sandra was totally mad, yet confused. Her mum never spanked her. Once again, she surrendered as her mum lifted her in the highchair and put a bib on her. At least Sandra was allowed to eat by herself, but she was not allowed to use a glass. She was given a babies bottle.

“Things will be different from now on, “Her Mum explained while cutting Sandra’s meat into small pieces. ”I know that you have been interested in baby things. I know that you like dance because the other girls there are basically babies. I know that you have been wearing diapers and using baby things.”

“But mum, that is over now. I don’t want to be a baby or use baby things. I am sorry for not telling you, but it is over!”

“You may want it to be over, but you deep inside do not want it to be over. You still wet yourself. You are acting and behaving like a baby again. You are in fact just a baby. I will support you. From now on, you will be treated like a baby at home. You will sleep in a crib, you will wear diapers, and you will use baby things. If you fight me or protest like you done today, you will be spanked.”

“That’s not fair! That’s not right! You can’t treat me like a baby!”

“Your friends at dance get treated like a baby. I am your Mum and you will do as I say!”

“Am I not allowed to be big?”

“You will still go to school, but you will wear diapers. You will still do homework and you can still dance?”

“How long do I have to do this for?”

“Until I think you are ready to be a big girl again”

Sandra could feel her eyes get wet again. She felt like it was the end of the world. A few weeks ago, she would have been delighted at this, but now she knew that it was only a stage, and that she was a big girl. She also noticed that her Mum was different. She was more threatening than she ever was. She was not as loving or friendly. She was treating her daughter wrong. Still, it was useless. Sandra had to surrender, because she thought her mum meant it about being spanked. Maybe in a few days, she would change her mind. Still, there was one thing her mum could not take from her, and that was her feelings. Sandra looked at her mum with hatred and anger. Chloe could see this, and it cut her heart as she always had a good relationship with her daughter. But Chloe thought that she was doing her daughter a favour. She was getting this out of her system. She would be thanked in the future.

Neither daughter nor Mum said anything to each other all night. The only thing that happened was when Sandra turned on her favourite DVD about vampires. Mum turned it off and turned on the Disney Cartoons. Once in a while Chloe would put the pacifier in her daughter’s mouth if it fell out. The night ended with the diaper being changed, and Sandra put in the crib with a bottle of milk, a teddy bear and a large pacifier.

Life changed for Sandra after this. She was just like the other girls at dance. She may have appeared normal at school. But she had a secret life at home that nobody could guess. Sandra wanted to tell someone. Tell a teacher or someone like that, but then they would know that she was interested in diapers herself, and even bought them herself. Sandra smiled less than she used to.

The day started when Sandra woke up in her crib. She then cried and shouted after her Mum to help her out. Her Mum would come in smiling and hug her daughter and ask how she slept. Then Sandra would get a diaper on as well as her school clothes. She wore more baggy trousers now or longer skirts. Breakfast was at a highchair where Sandra ate some mashed bananas or something like that while drinking from the bottle.

Then she was out of the door, and suddenly could be 10 years old again. Elizabeth was the only one that knew that she wore diapers, but she did not know about the other things. Sandra was not as happy at school and was very careful who she spoke with. She was always worried that someone would notice her diapers. Still it was a break being at school. It was here that she tried to convince herself that because she liked diapers at one stage, it didn’t mean that she still liked them. School wasn’t a hell for Sandra, as she was good friends with Elizabeth, but she worried that it could turn into a hell on earth if everyone found out her secret life at home. Sandra got permission to visit her uncle at lunch. He then changed her diaper that was mostly wet.

When Sandra came home, she was once again on the changing table. She got a new diaper on and some clothes that a 10 year old would not be seen dead in. Sometimes her Mum put her in the playpen while she made dinner, other times she would be on the baby rug watching cartoons. Dinner came and once again Sandra was in a highchair. Her meat was cut and most everything was mashed. Sandra often thought why she had teeth. Sandra did her homework and that at least felt normal. After a few days, her Mum allowed her to chat with Jessica on MSN. This made Sandra feel a bit normal and it gave her a chance to let her frustrations out. Jessica tried to console her, telling her to make the best of it and reminding her that she loved diapers a few weeks ago. Jessica also told Sandra that it was not weird to be a baby, but it was just not common. It didn’t mean that Sandra or Jessica or the other girls at dance were worth less. Sandra was not allowed to stay up late. She was once again changed on the changing table and given some baby night dress or PJ on. She was put in the crib and given a bottle and pacifier.

Monday was dance day. It was very embarrassing for Sandra to be collected at school. She could feel a hundred eyes on her while her mum fastened her in the baby car seat. Otherwise dance was a good escape from everything. The other girls there were just like Sandra. Sandra didn’t mind that she wore diapers, or had to be changed, or drank from a baby bottle during the breaks. It was just part of the dance class. At any rate, Sandra felt like she was not such a weirdo here. This could make Jessica a bit mad, as she reminded Sandra that she was in fact obsessed by diapers and baby things. In fact she once said that she felt like a baby and loved being a baby. What was the sudden difference? Sandra said that people just had to act their age.

Kevin was having the time of his life. He was getting a lot of good pictures of a 10 year olds life as a baby. Everything from sleeping in a crib to sitting on a highchair, from being changed on a changing table. Kevin even went as far to get pictures of Sandra lying as God as created her, with little or nothing on. He could not see the problem with this, as it was not as if she entered puberty. She still had no lumps or hair to boast of. Besides pervs loved those pictures and were willing to pay more for those sets. Still her baby pictures were very popular and could be found all over the net.

Sandra thought that her Mums plan would be very short; however, it went on for a month and more. Sandra started changing during this time. She started to accept that she wore diapers, and let’s face it, when your bladder has become so lazy and weak as hers, then it was better having a diaper on then wet clothes. Sandra also remembered how comfortable they were and how secure she felt. Day from day, she became more and adjusted and indeed more happy that she was wearing diapers. Sandra didn’t mind sleeping in a crib after a while. In fact she felt more secure. She thought that she could not fall out. It made her feel special, like Jessica said they were. The same with the highchair, while at the beginning she was silent and angry, she just considered it like any other chair. After a few weeks, she started smiling more while she ate and started chattering like she once did. She even waited until her mum cut the meat or mashed the other things. In fact, after time she asked her mum to do it. She no longer wanted to see TV programs that her friends at schools seen. She was happy seeing Disney Cartoons or a Disney film. She wanted to see the Little Mermaid over and over again.

The fact is that her Mums plan worked and didn’t work. While she gave her daughter a chance to be baby once again, it seemed as if her daughter was becoming more and more like a baby. A Shrink could have said that her mind was now regressing, as well as her body. One thing was that she no longer had control of her bladder; another thing was that she was now starting to think like a baby. This could be seen in the way Sandra acted. She was happier playing with baby toys than speaking with Jessica on MSN. She was happier in the playpen than playing outside. She even started to think that the girls at dance were suddenly older. It was much harder for her to learn new dance moves. At school, she only spoke with Elizabeth and could not really understand what was being taught. Her grades plummeted. She was no longer the popular girl that she once was. She was considered weird and an outcast. Everyone also noticed that her language became simpler. No longer did she say mum, she said mummy. She started also to wisp. This would become worse as time went by as Sandra said less and less and just made noises. No doubt her Mum became very worried and thought maybe she went too far. At the same time, things had to become worse before they became better. The one benefit was that she was much closer to her daughter. Her daughter depended on her for her every need. This made Chloe worried, but at the same time she was happy. It was also great that Kevin visited so often. He was a kind uncle, and obviously loved Sandra. He took enough pictures of her!

One day during a break, Sandra could feel that her diaper was a bit wet. But she had to wait until Lunch to go home to her uncle. Then she noticed that everyone was standing around a laptop. They were all laughing as it was the best thing they ever seen. Elizabeth was the only one that was not laughing or even smiling. She called Sandra over. Sandra looked at the screen and from what little 10 year old brain she had left, she was shocked and embarrassed. It was a forum thread that had the title, “The Famous Baby Sandra”. It had pictures of her being changed, sleeping in a crib, drinking from a bottle and sitting on the highchair. Another man replied with the pictures he had. It showed pictures of Sandra fighting and kicking on the changing table. There were loads of replies with people posting the pictures they had, which also included earlier pictures of the first time Sandra held a diaper to a picture of her in a baby bath. There was even a nude picture of her while her Mum was drying her off. Everyone looked at Sandra and started teasing her. They were calling her pampers, baby, crib girl, and dummy (pacifier). One even joked that she had no boobs or hair and had the body of a toddler. Whatever state of mind Sandra was in, she knew this was serious. She remembered that she was in fact 10 years old. Where did those pictures come from? A boy read what one man wrote, “Thanks for these pictures. Sandra is one of the sweetest infantile girls on the net, and it is no wonder why she is the most famous.” Sandra realized that many people must have seen these pictures and more. It didn’t help when one boy suddenly lifted her skirt and showed everyone that she was wearing a diaper…. A wet diaper. Just as things could not get worse, a teacher suddenly came from behind and looked at the pictures. He took Sandra into the head masters office.

Then came a bombardment of questions from teachers and the headmaster. How old are you (Sandra needed a minute to think about this). What was life like at home? Who took the pictures? Why was she being a baby at home? Why was she now wearing diapers? Why did she have to visit her uncle every Lunch time? What did he do when he changed her? How did he touch her? Sandra answered the questions as honestly as she could, trying not to use baby words or lisp. She could see several teachers just stare at her, and a woman teacher rubbing her eyes, as she thought the story was so sad. After the inquisition, Sandra was asked to wait in the nurse’s room. After a few hours, a slightly overweight woman accompanied by a policeman came and led Sandra out of the school. Sandra felt like a convict, being led out by a policewoman and another woman .

In the car, Sandra asked if they were driving her home. The woman said in a cold voice that she was not going home. Her mother was at the police station answering some questions. The woman admitted that her mother was in deep trouble. Sandra started crying hard and saying that she wanted her mother. She told the woman that her Mum was the best mother in the world, and they loved each other. The Social worker just sighed and told the police woman that they all said that

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by: Dauphin | Complete Story | Last updated Oct 3, 2012


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