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Chapter 4
Fame!- Part 4

Chapter Description: Sandra goes through her "baby stage". Will she get out of it? Will she be allowed to be big again?

When Sandra came home, she hid the diapers. Then she lay on her bed with a bottle in her mouth. She wondered what it would be like sleeping in a crib. As she was drinking from her bottle, she got a text message from her Uncle. He was quite mad that she didn’t come and visit him. He was ready to take pictures and she would have enjoyed it. Sandra felt a bit subdued and sent a message back that she was sorry and would come every day. It was not long until her uncle replied. If she didn’t keep her promise, then he would tell her Mum. Sandra’s heart sank. She felt like a slave and wondered why he wanted to take pictures of her. The only excuse was that he wanted to be a better photographer. But why did he want to take pictures of her in diapers? What would he do with these pictures? At the same time, she didn’t want her mum to know.

The daily routine was the same for Sandra now. She woke up and took off her diaper. She put on her normal panties and clothes. She hid all her baby things and then emptied the rubbish bin, so there was no evidence of anything. At school, she was a normal girl. Her uncle told her that she shouldn’t worry about her big secret, as everyone had secrets. She was still close friends with Elizabeth that didn’t suspect anything. The only thing that Elizabeth noticed was that Sandra was always sucking her thumb. Elizabeth didn’t like this as it made Sandra look like a baby. In fact, Sandra was sucking her thumb a lot. A teacher didn’t like it, and kept on telling her to stop sucking her thumb

Elizabeth also noticed that her friend didn’t walk with her all the way home. She always visited her uncle, which was something new. Elizabeth didn’t know why it was suddenly to visit her uncle. He hoped that he was not abusing her, like the teachers talked about. As for Sandra, she visited her uncle straight after school. The first thing he did was to put a diaper on her. It was embarrassing the first few times that he could see her private parts, but she got used to it after a while. Usually, after she got the thick diapers on, they had some coke or something.

Then Kevin would start recording his niece on a video. Then he could take some good pictures from the film when he froze it. First it was just pictures of her on a baby rug in the sitting room. Sandra would dance and slightly lift her skirt so her diaper would be showing. Then more and more, she would flash the diaper, and after a while she would take off her skirt. Sandra’s face would go red at the start, because she was very aware of the video recording her every move. But as time went, she would feel more comfortable and even forget that the video was running. She would then sit on the baby rug and play with pacifiers and bottles, and then some teddies and baby toys, all the time while her uncle was telling her how to sit and things like spread her legs or lean back or move on her hands and knees. Sandra thought it was strange, but after a few times she got used to it. It was fun acting like a baby

After a few days, Kevin took Sandra to the park. She was wearing a very short skirt and her big thick diapers with a t-shirt that had pampers logo on. Again, her uncle was recording her every move. Sandra didn’t care- However she noticed that sometimes the short skirt would show her diapers. Especially when she sat in the sandcastle, played on the swings or monkey bar. Sandra looked around to see if anyone was looking at her. She noticed a woman sitting on the bench looking at her. She most likely felt sorry for such a big girl that had to wear diapers. However Sandra was no longer a big girl. She was now a baby. She showed the woman this when her uncle came and put a pacifier in her mouth. It didn’t take Sandra that long to forget that she was 10 years old. She started acting and playing like a toddler. She forgot the world around her. It was fun to play on the playground.

This was Sandra’s routine for a few weeks. However her uncle started being more daring with her. At one stage, he had her in the mall where she would be sitting in a push chair. Everyone stared at the girl in a push chair with diapers on. Once in a while, Sandra would get a panic attack, hoping that her friends did not see her. Still all these public exposers were making her feel more and more like a baby. She no longer thought about her uncle taking pictures and recording her. She knew that he helped her put the big diapers on. At the same time, she wasn’t a total baby yet. She didn’t pee in the diaper. It only happened when she laughed so much that it just happened.

Kevin was delighted. Every day he uploaded sets of pictures and watched his bank account grow as more and more people dowloaded sets. He read in a newsgroup that Sandra was the most famous child model on the net. This suited him fine, as it just meant more money. He knew that hundreds of her pictures were being distributed in newsgroups and forums. That didn’t bother him. As for Sandra, She didn’t know about the website or the fact that she was famous. She just needed his help to buy the diapers and to put them on. Kevin was thinking of what the next step would be. How would he get Sandra’s mother involved?

After all, Sandra was acting more and more like a baby. The teachers were starting bugging her about sucking her thumb. Little did they know that she needed something like a pacifier in her mouth? After school, she would rush to her uncles where she would get a thick diaper on. Then she would play like a baby while her uncle was busy with taking pictures. Sandra would be a big girl at home, despite the fact that she was wearing a diaper. Then she would go to her room with her bottle and pacifier. You may think that this was strange, but the fact was that Sandra was happy. The only thing that made her sad was the fact that her mother didn’t know.

After a few weeks, Sandra was on her uncle’s bed as he was putting a diaper on her.

“I noticed that you are happier when you have a diaper on and can use your pacifier.” He announced

“I know. I don’t know why, maybe I am just a baby”

“Well, I think we should tell your Mum”

“No! She would never understand! She wants me to be a big girl”

“But you are not a big girl. You are a baby. You need to be treated like one”

“No. Don’t tell Mum”

“As you say, have you been wetting the diaper?”

“It happened a few times. It’s like as I know I have to pee, but I can’t get to the toilet on time.”

“You are losing control in your bladder. I think it’s best that you wear a diaper all the time. I mean you do not want to have an accident at school”

“A diaper at school? How do I change it?”

“Well, you can come here before school and get a diaper on and if you wet it at school, then just come to my house during breaks and I can change it”

“I suppose”

This was a new thing for Sandra. When she told Jessica on msn that she would be wearing diapers all the time, Jessica thought that it was a good idea, as Sandra would be teased at school if she wet herself. The next day, Sandra went to her uncle’s house before school. While she was getting her diaper on, she made up her mind to tell her Mum that night when she came home from school. Sandra looked in the mirror before she left her Uncles house. Maybe she should have worn a bigger skirt.

Things were going well for Sandra at school until Lunchtime. She was talking with her friend Elizabeth while they were eating their lunch at a bench. Elizabeth dropped her lunchbox, and crawled under the bench to pick it up. Sandra didn’t think too much about it, but the problem was that she did not close her legs when Elizabeth was under the table. Elizabeth picked up her lunch bag but innocently noticed what was between her friends legs. Elizabeth lifted Sandra’s skirt and was shocked that her friend was wearing a diaper. Elizabeth was shocked. She wore goodnights at night because she wet the bed, but they were pull-ups and she never wore them at daytime. She never told anyone. That is why she never had sleepovers. It was embarrassing. Now she found out that her best friend was wearing diapers, and they were baby diapers. She remembered the day when she seen Sandra use a pacifier, and wondered how much a baby her friend is. Elizabeth sat back on the bench and smiled. She decided that she would not say what she has seen, as it would just embarrass her. Sandra didn’t realize what her friend just seen.

After school, Elizabeth went to Sandra’s house. She had to talk about the diaper with her. It was bugging her since she seen it. She had to tell Sandra what she seen and offer her support. Chloe, Sandra’s Mum answered the door.

“Hello Elizabeth, have you come to visit Sandra?” Chloe asked


“Well she is not here; she is at her uncles doing some chores for him”

“Oh, I wanted to ask her about her problem.”

“What problem?”

“You know, the problem she has with her body”

“I am confused. What problem?”

“It’s OK; you don’t need to hide it from me. I saw them today.”


“You know her diapers.”

This shocked Chloe. What was Elizabeth talking about? Her 10 year old daughter wearing diapers. This was such a strange thought, but it explained lots of things. It explained the weight she thought her daughter gained around her bum. It also explained how strange her daughters felt when she tapped it. At the same time, she didn’t believe that her daughter would do something weird without talking to her mum about it. Chloe had to know the truth. She sent Elizabeth away and then went through Sandra’s room. She felt bad going through her daughters private things, but she just had to know the truth. She didn’t find any diapers, but found pacifiers and bottles in a drawer. This confused Chloe more. Was her daughter still using a pacifier? Chloe went to the bathroom, but there were no diapers there. Maybe it was not true. Maybe it was just Elizabeth imagining things. Then Chloe thought about used diapers. She walked to the rubbish bin at the back of the house. She started going through it when she found a diaper in a bag. Chloe went white. Her daughter wore diapers at the age of 10, and it looked like she also used pacifiers and baby bottles. Chloe knew that it would be challenging as her daughter grew up, but she never knew that there would be these types of questions. The question was why her daughter was wearing diapers and using baby things, and what would she do about it as a mum?

Sandra came home. Chloe decided not to say anything to Sandra yet. She needed time for everything to sink in her mind, and she needed time to think about what she would do. At the same time, she wondered if her daughter was wearing a diaper. Chloe found out when Sandra sat on the sofa. She was wearing a short skirt that gave a glimpse of her diaper when she sat down. Chloe went white again. Sandra was her usual self, chattering about what happened at school that day. Chloe didn’t really pay attention, but thought that her daughter was very happy.

After dinner, Sandra went up to her room. Chloe paced back and forth. She had no idea of what she should do. At one stage, she stood outside her daughter’s room. The door was slightly open. Chloe went white once again as she peeked in. Sandra was chatting on MSN. At the same time, she was drinking from a baby bottle. Chloe was going out of her mind. She decided that she needed some help. She told Sandra that she was going out for a few hours, and she could contact her on Cell phone, as she would be close by.

Chloe went to Kevin’s house. Her brother would help her; if not just listen to her. They both sat down to a glass of wine.

“I have a problem with Sandra” Chloe started


“Well, it looks like she has started wearing diapers and using baby things”

“Why is that a problem?”

“10 year old girls should not be interested in baby things”

“Well actually lots of children do. I know that several girls at dance to. It’s like a baby club there.”

“That must be where she started. I just don’t know what to do”

“I think that Sandra has regressed. It means that she finds it more secure and happy being like a baby.”

“How can I make her normal again?”

“I don’t think you should. It might harm her in the long run. I think you should support her.”


“Well treat her like a baby. Consider her a baby. Let her live like a baby”

“How do I do this?”

“Have her in diapers all the time. I would also buy a highchair and crib for her and change her room to a nursery.”

“That’s a bit farfetched. Surely she is too big for a crib and a highchair.”

“Actually not. She is small for her age. You can get baby things for preteens. As I said, she is not alone with this.”’

“It’s still a big thing. I mean what happens if she suddenly wants to act her age?”

“Then you should force her to be a baby for a certain amount of time. If not, she might regress again and it’s harder to treat her like a baby as she gets older. You need to get it out of her system.”

“I will have to think about it”

“I must confess that I knew about this for a while. In fact I have paid for her diapers. She did not want to tell you, because she thought you would think she’s weird. I should have told you but I wanted to respect her wishes, and at the same time support this phase as best as I can”

Chloe had to think about it. Kevin had some secret power over her. Everything he said sounds right, as bizarre as it sounded. It was like at some times, he could hypnotize her. But this plan of making her daughter live in a nursery and being treated like a baby was something big. It will mean lots of work and money. Money was no problem, as Chloe had enough money. Chloe decided to think about it for a few days. The following day Elizabeth was back asking for Sandra. Chloe asked her if she mentioned the diaper to Sandra anything about the diaper. Elizabeth did not. Chloe kindly said to Elizabeth that it would be best not to mention it for the time being. Chloe did not mention anything to her daughter either. She needed time to think.

Things continued for a week, and Sandra did not know that her mum or best friend knew about the diapers. Sandra admitted that it was fun being a baby, and she felt happiest when she was a baby, but it was hard hiding it at school and at home. Sandra felt like she was two people, a split personality. Besides that, she started to pee more and more in the diaper, and she was not sure that she liked it. Sandra tried to think rational. What happened if she started being more and more like a baby? She already noticed that she was forgetting her real age when acting like a baby with her uncle, and it was less acting and more being a baby. Sandra knew that her mind was thinking more and like a baby. She was turning into an overgrown baby. While Sandra felt happy being a baby, she knew that it could not last. What would she do when she was 30? She would probably be in a mental hospital for people that thought they were babies. Sandra made up her mind. She would stop wearing diapers and using baby things. It was time that she acted like big girl.

Sandra told Jessica (The girl at dance). Jessica understood and said it was probably a phase that she was going through. She also hoped that she could be a big girl someday, but didn’t know how to. When Elizabeth told her at school that she knew about the diapers, Sandra laughed and said she didn’t use them anymore and showed her panties. Elizabeth was confused, but was happy for her friend. She admitted that she wet the bed at night and wore pull-ups, and she felt very embarrassed about it. Sandra gave her a hug and said she is not alone, and they will always be friends. She would not tell others and they could always talk about it if Elizabeth needed to. Now that Sandra decided that she was a big girl and no longer needed to be worried and obsessed with diapers, she felt like she was a sort of big sister to her friends that wore diapers. In a way Sandra realized that she went through a strange phase, but it has taught her to respect others and to help them where she could.

Her uncle did not see it that way. He was on a roll for the first time in his life with her model site. Of course his niece did not know about this. As Sandra smiled as she told him that she wanted to be a big girl, he was raging mad inside. He wanted to shake her and tell her to get back in diapers. He wanted her as a baby! Instead, he just remained quiet and didn’t say a word. This of course confused Sandra. She was hoping that he would be happy. At least he would save money on diapers. Sandra tried to make him happy by saying that she will continue dancing, but she would be like a big sister for all the girls. Her uncle was still quiet. This prompted Sandra to say goodbye, although she was a bit sad that he was not overjoyed that her phase was over.

Kevin (her uncle) immediately sent Sandra’s Mum a text message, “Sandra thinks that she no longer needs diapers. You need to start treating her like a baby. If she relapses into a regression again, it will be far worse. We have to make sure that it is out of her system.” Chloe didn’t see it that way. She was delighted that her daughter was now finished with diapers and baby things. Life could go back to normal. However, deep down her brother still had a huge influence on her. Unknown to Chloe, he had planted a thought in her head.

The next few days were like the olden days. Sandra was back to her normal self. She was as happy as she always was, and seemed to be more at ease that she didn’t have to lead a double life. However she had a problem at night. Due to the weeks when she was obsessed by diapers, her bladder had become weaker. When she woke up in the morning, her sheets and her clothes were wet. Sandra has started wetting the bed again. It was impossible for her to hide the wet clothes. Her mum realized that she was wetting the bed, and this made her think if Sandra’s mind was still regressed, or what was happening? Sandra of course admitted to her Mum that she started wetting the bed again. Her mum tried to support her, but Chloe’s brothers warning that it will be worse if she regresses again was becoming stronger and stronger in her head. When Sandra wet her panties on the way home from school, Chloe decided what she had to do.

The next few days were busy for Chloe. She wanted everything ready for the weekend. She found the special store in the mall, and used a lot of her savings there. She actually wondered why she never seen the store before. It confirmed that other children had the same problem. Chloe bought a crib and changing table with straps on it, as well as a huge supply of the thickest sweetest baby diapers that she could find. She bought bibs and larger pacifiers as well as baby bottles. Chloe got in a shopping humour, and even found herself buying a highchair and playpen, as well as a large baby seat for her car. She was happy that her daughter was not that tall. It made things a lot easier. Chloe even considered buying a push chair that would be big enough for her daughter. It was only when she got a discount on this and baby reigns that she decided it could do no harm.

The Weekend came too fast. Sandra never noticed that her mum was busy with things at the mall. She never even wondered why her mum was measuring her room at one stage. Sandra was just in a happy mood, although she was worried that she wet her panties a few times. She decided that she would have to try to train herself to use the toilet again. Her bladder became weak after the phase with diapers. She was also a bit worried because her mum said she would be spending the weekend at her grannies. She would be coming home after school on Monday. Sandra wondered what would happen if she wet her panties or bed at her Grannies. What would her Granny think? Sandra decided that she would just have to go to the toilet a lot, whether she felt she had to use it or not.

Sandra was finally at her Grannies. Kevin came by shortly after she left. Chloe said that she would need his help for the weekend. He wondered why, but as there was not a lot he could do with the website, he had nothing to do. They started moving Sandra’s furniture down to the basement; Kevin was suddenly in a better mood when he helped doing this. He guessed what was happening and that made him very happy, although it was hard work. At midday, a truck came, full of new furniture. Some strong men lifted it inside and then left after a quick cup of coffee that Chloe made. The rest of the weekend was fixing Sandra’s room so it looked like a nursery. There was a crib and a changing table, with some baby toys on the floor. In the kitchen she put a highchair and in the sitting room there was a playpen. It took lots of work and money, but Chloe was happy at the result.

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End Chapter 4


by: Dauphin | Complete Story | Last updated Oct 3, 2012


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